Authors Note: Ok because of popular demand and because Dean wants to be reunited with Steph I am starting the sequel now. Hope you all enjoy :)

The lightning struck just as quickly as the thunder came right after it. The wind was blowing the sand around; the waves were crashing on the bank as the rain hit hard on the earth. As all this was going on a figure crawled out of the ocean. The figure struggled against the waves and the wet sand, crawling and digging their hands into the sand trying to keep themselves up. The figure coughed up water and crawled as far from the ocean as possible and once they were far enough they rolled onto their back and coughed more.

Stephanie Valentine opened her eyes and her light blue eyes stared up at the dark clouded sky. The rain was still pouring hard on her face. Her black hair was covered in sand and some seaweed. She was still wearing her black suede jacket, her light denim jeans, black boots and white t-shirt that she wore the day she died but it was all sticking to her from the salt in the ocean and the rain.

A few feet away a figure was walking up to her. She continued to lay on the sand not knowing where she was or worse…who she was. She sat up and looked around her and she saw the figure walk up to her. They stopped next to her and kneeled down.

He had the brownest eyes, almost chocolate, and he had the kindest smile on his face. She felt at peace staring into his eyes and looking at his smile. The other thing that had stood out on him was his whitest white hair against his tan skin.

He leaned towards her ear and whispered in it and with the snap of his fingers they were both gone.

Dean woke up from the thunder crashing outside. He sat up and got out of bed. He looked at his watch and saw that it was five in the morning. He sighed as he looked out the window and saw the storm starting to subside. He got down on the ground and began his morning routine of doing pushups.

As he went up and down his muscles flexed and he felt the burn. After his pushups he went on his back and did his sit ups.

Once he was done that he got into the shower and let the warmth of the spray relax his muscles. After his shower he pulled his clothes on and went into his jacket pocket and pulled out the necklace with Steph's ring on it. He pulled it over his head and it fell against his chest. He looked at it for a second before placing his shirt over it.

Sam and Bobby were sitting at the kitchen table drinking their morning coffee. They heard Dean walking around upstairs doing his morning routine. Sam sighed shaking his head, "He's been like this for almost a year now."

"His heart is broken kid," Bobby said, "you remember how it was with Jessica."

Sam nodded remembering all too well, he just didn't think his own brother would be going the same road.

"Yeah but Jessica wasn't murdered by Lucifer."

"Lucifer is a demon, the angel of demons; it's almost the same thing."

Bobby and Sam stopped talking as Dean walked into the kitchen. Things were definitely different with Dean Winchester.

Later that day after the storm passed Dean had went to town to order four new rims for his car. Once he left the storm he had his keys in his hand when he heard a familiar voice, "Ok I'll see ya later."

Dean looked up and saw what he thought was Steph hugging a girl after they walked out of the café down the street. He blinked a few times seeing if he was seeing things but there she was standing just a few feet away. He watched the girl's part and Steph walked down the street as the one girl walked up towards him. Dean watched Steph continue to walk down the street as her friend passed him.

He turned to her friend and jogged up to her, "Excuse me miss."

She turned around and smiled at him, "Yes?"

"Um," he didn't know what to say. He couldn't just go up to her and ask if that is his dead wife down the street, "who-uh, who was that girl you were just talking to?"

The girl looked at him strange, "Excuse me?"

"I'm sorry it's just that she looks so familiar and I was just wondering her name."

"I don't know if I should be telling you her name…"

"Look if it's who I think it is then I'm an old friend."

The friend just arched an eyebrow and crossed her arms across her chest. Dean looked back down the street hoping not to lose sight of her.

"And who do you think it is?"

Dean bit his lip looking back at the friend, "Stephanie Valentine."

The friend looked at him shocked, "How do you know Steph?"

"Went to school together."

"You went to Bucksman High? That's funny I don't remember you."

"Uh, well I was there for like a couple weeks. I moved around a lot but uh, thanks." He quickly walked towards the car as the friend looked at him strangely.

Dean quickly pulled out of the parking spot and watched Stephanie get into her car. It was a blue punch buggy and he had to laugh. "Oh…oh really Steph…a punch buggy? If you could really see yourself right now you would be kicking your own ass."

He followed her careful not to be seen by her and when she finally pulled up to a small house he drove by slowly and parked a few houses down. He watched her through his side mirror. She looked just like Steph, according to her friend that was Steph but how? He burned her body himself deep in the woods at Bobby's. He spread her ashes down at the beach and what he saw after that…he didn't know. He never told anyone about what he saw but why now? Why after a year is he now seeing Steph? If this was really Steph.

He watched her walk up to the mailbox and grab her mail. She looked through it and he watched her roll her eyes and walk over to her trashcan and throw them out. He chuckled, that's what his Steph would do.

When Steph turned from the trashcan she noticed the black Impala and stopped in her tracks. Dean thought he was caught. She stared at it for a few seconds and a feeling of familiarity came over her staring at it. She quickly looked away from it but as she continued to walk up her driveway she kept peeking over at it. Why did that car look so familiar?

Dean watched her, her facial expression towards the car, like she knew it. Something was going on and he wanted to get to the bottom of it. If that was Steph then he wanted to know how she was back and why she didn't come to him once she was.

Sam looked up at the door when he saw Dean running through it. "Get the holy water, silver, guns, stakes anything you can get your hands on."

Sam looked at him strange as Dean ran into Bobby's den. He followed him, "What is going on? What happened?"

Dean didn't know what to say he just continued to grab every book of exorcism Bobby had in his den.

"Dean slow down what the hell is going on?"

"I saw Steph."

Sam looked at him shocked, "Steph? Wait, Dean…you must be hallucinating or something, Steph is gone, ok? She's gone."

Dean slammed a book down and looked at Sam, "I know Sam! I'm the one that burned her! I'm the one that put her ashes in the ocean! I know she's gone but somehow, someway she's back!"

Sam looked down at the books then glanced up his older brother, "And you want to exorcise her?"

"She can't be human. She just…she just can't. I burned her Sam. There is nothing that could do this except a demon, shapeshifter, revenant…anything is freaking possible! But I know that is NOT her! That is NOT Stephanie Valentine!"

Sam could see the stress in his brother's face, the pain of seeing his dead wife, his lover out there on the streets walking around.

"Ok, let's just relax ok. Calm down and let's think this over."

"What's to think Sam? Either you're going to help me or not. What is it?"

"To help kill your wife?"

"She is NOT my wife!"

He watched Dean walk out frustrated and angry. He followed to make sure he wasn't going to do anything dramatic. "Let's call Cas ok, let's figure this out with him. Maybe he knows something. Maybe she is really back…"

"Sam I swear to God if you say it's Steph one more time…"

"Dean! You're not really going to go up to her stake her, stab her, shoot her or exorcize her without knowing the truth are you? What if they brought her back and you go and do this and she either thinks you're crazy because you tried to exorcize her or she dies because you stabbed her, shot or whatever. And are you really gonna have the stomach to do that to her? To kill her?"

Dean stood there thinking of his options. Sam was right, but how could it be Steph? That question has been running through his mind all day. "Alright," said Dean dropping the bag on the ground, "alright, let's stake her house out. If anything strange is going on then we'll go in alright?"

"And if not?"

"Then…then I guess we go knocking on her door and ask where the hell she's been and why hasn't she come home."

Sam could tell this was really killing his brother. If it was Steph why didn't she come back to Bobby's? Why didn't she go looking for Dean? There were so many questions and they were knee deep in them without a shovel.