This is Only the Beginning

A fic by Angel's blue eyed girl

Rating M

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The dream:

Soft candlelight basked the room in a soft, romantic glow. On the large king sized bed was a beautiful couple. They were naked, their bodies standing out in stark contrast to the crimson silk sheets that adorned the bed and tangled around their legs. Lying on their sides, face to face, they cuddled playfully like only lovers do. The scene was very intimate as the couple was obviously basking in the afterglow of post-coital bliss.

Laughing softly at something Sookie said Eric stroked her cheek lovingly. "You're so beautiful," he said softly, and then just as quickly he became serious and intense. "I almost lost you."

"No, you didn't," she replied softly, stroking his jaw before smiling at him impishly, determined to bring back their playful banter. "So I'm beautiful am I?"

"Very," he responded, placing a hand on the curve of her naked hip.

She snuggled deeper into the pillow, her eyes never leaving his as she batted her lashes at him coquettishly. "Why Mr. Northman, I bet you say that to all the girls that catch your eye…"

He grinned, sweeping a lock of hair out of her face before he tucked it behind her ear. "Never. Only Sookie."

"Not even the real pretty ones?" she teased, but obviously fishing for a denial just the same. "I know how all those fang-bangers just love to follow you around…they're like a bunch of randy sheep just hopin' you'll throw 'em at least the tiniest scrap of your attention."

Chuckling, he leaned up on one elbow and let his fingers trail along her bare shoulder. "Jealous?" he asked with a smirk.

"Maybe I am," she admitted, "but they can lust after you all they want because I know something they don't…" She paused, scraping her nails lightly along the ridged lines of his abdomen, up and over his hip. He hissed in pleasure and her grin turned naughty as she let her fingers trail lower, down his belly again before running one nail up and down the tiny blond hairs that made up his 'treasure-trail'.

He sucked in his stomach as she got perilously close to his rapidly rising erection. "Really…what's that?" he asked his voice rough with rising lust.

She took note of his excited state and let her fingers dance along the rigid length of him. His hips bucked and Sookie's smile widened. "I know that I'm the one who makes that dead heart of yours go 'pitter-pat' so let them chase after you all they want…" She leaned forward to nibble at his lips. "You're all mine," she drawled.

He nodded. "I am," he confirmed. He slid his hand to the back of her neck. "This is only the beginning," he said kissing her heatedly. His tongue moved along hers teasingly, tasting her thoroughly before pulling back with a grin. "Pitter-pat, huh? You really think there is a part of me that dares to go 'pitter-pat'?"

A bit breathlessly Sookie nodded. "I don't think it does…" she replied, placing her palm flat against his chest, directly over his heart. "I know it does."

"I thought you said I didn't have a heart."

"Yeah, but that was before I realized you're nothin' but a big faker." She said running her hands up along his chest again. She teased his nipples with her thumbs before trailing her fingers across his smooth, but firm pectoral muscles. "Now I know what really makes you tick and it ain't all that killin' you're always talkin' about."

His brow shot up. "Oh? Do tell…" he said, taking one of her wandering hands and bringing it to his lips, obviously amused, yet intrigued too.

Sookie crawled up the bed so that she was lying on his chest. She folded her arms and rested her chin there so that her eyes were level with his. "You try to pretend you're just all cold and heartless, but it's nothin' but a lie. You love, Eric." Their eyes locked and he swallowed, his adam's-apple bobbing in his strong throat as she continued. "You think I don't know you would have died out there with Russell, but it wasn't all about revenge." He stared at her, silent, but he didn't deny her words. She brushed her lips across his. "You did it for me—to protect me from him. I know it, so why don't you go ahead and admit it too…"

Eric ran his hands up her naked back, pulling her closer. A purr rumbled in his chest. "I couldn't let him have you," he told her planting soft kisses along her brow.

"You didn't," she said, tilting her head and catching his lips again. The kiss was gentle. "You saved me."

"And you saved me," he whispered back.

"Yeah, I did. I did it because I couldn't lose you. No matter what, I couldn't see you die like that. I won't."

Eric groaned and hauled her up his body until she was straddling his hips. He gripped her head, burying his big hands in her tousled blond hair before taking her lips in a deep, wet kiss that sent both their senses spinning. They moaned softly, hands groping and stroking as their tongues battled for dominance. In seconds their heated exchange had them worked up all over again. In one swift move, Eric rolled her under him, bracing himself on his arms above her. He gazed down at her, petting her face with the softest caress. "I do have love in me, Sookie—for you," he admitted, slipping in between her spread legs.

"I know," she replied, gripping his hips with her knees and cradling him to her center. She wrapped her legs completely around his lean waist and arched into his hardness, while sliding the soles of her feet along the backs of his thighs. "Show me…" she whispered, urging him on.

He didn't need a second invite. "Sookie…" he growled and thrust into her hard.

It was magical. Sookie cried out and her back bowed at his deep penetration. Fueled by the pounding lust slithering through her blood, she writhed under him, clawing at his back. She met him thrust for thrust as his thick, hard cock plundered her slick channel like the Viking he was. As always the passion between them was electric and she felt her belly clench as he hit that sweet spot inside her effortlessly. "Eric!" she screamed. "Please-please…"

He gazed down at her, his expression intense as his hips pistoned in and out of her with hard, firm strokes, racing them headlong into another mind-blowing orgasmic moment. He hooked her legs higher on his hips, angled his body and redoubled his efforts to get her off. One hand slipped between their bodies, seeking and finding that little nub that was her 'pleasure zone'. With a flick of his thumb he played that bundle of nerves like a virtuoso. In seconds he had her screaming. He grinned and slammed into her harder and faster. Sookie dug her nails into his back as she braced her feet along his lower spine and arched up, tilting her hips to allow him into her deeper and harder than ever before.

His fangs dropped and she felt the throbbing ache to have him buried in her with both cock and fangs. Nothing on this planet felt as good as having Eric inside her in every way and she wanted to experience that perfect bliss once again. "Eric…" she moaned, breathless and panting. She palmed his face and brought his mouth down to her wildly fluttering pulse as she turned her head to the side, exposing her neck.

Eric growled and rose to his knees; he brought her with him so that they were kneeling on the bed, face to face. His arms wrapped around her back, rubbing the soft skin there as he pounded into her. Sookie looped her arms around his neck and her legs were planted on either side of his narrow waist while she bounced in his lap. The sound of flesh meeting flesh was loud in the room as they moved together as one.

"Fuck. So good…" he panted, plunging in and out of her tight wet heat. He brushed the hair away from her neck, licking his lips as he watched the vein pulse there. "Sookie…" he growled again, biting his wrist and offering it to her. She didn't hesitate. Whimpering, she latched onto his wrist and sucked hard. Eric's head fell back for a moment and he let out a guttural groan.

"So sweet," Sookie murmured, sucking at his wrist like it was the only course of her last supper. Every nerve ending in her body was live. Goose bumps broke out along her flesh and the harder she sucked the more her core throbbed in time with her drinking. It was ambrosia at it's finest and Sookie wanted more…

Growling constantly as she fed on him, Eric buried a hand in her hair and tilted her head for his bite. He ran his tongue along her jugular, savoring her moans of pleasure before he scraped his fangs along the hammering pulse there. Sookie angled her head, giving him a clear invitation. One he didn't think twice about refusing. He suckled at her pulse, feeling it beat hard against his tongue before he bit down and sang his fangs into her flesh.

As soon as he penetrated her, Sookie exploded. Her breath caught and held before it left her in a *whoosh* as her orgasm slammed into her with the subtlety of a freight train. "Eric!" she screamed as she came…

The Awakening:

The room was dark, bathed only in the soft glow from the moonlight outside. The only sounds were the heavy breathing and strangled moans coming from the petite blonde who tossed and turned in the Queen-sized bed. Sookie flopped over onto her back. Her hips lifted, trembling, hanging on the edge of orgasmic release. Her legs tangled in the soft cotton sheets and she clutched at the covers when it hit her. Her body tensed, arching off the bed almost completely and she cried out 'his' name as she climaxed. It was so good. Pleasure unlike anything she'd ever known washed over her. Tossing her about in a maelstrom of sensations as wave after wave of sweet relief flooded her senses. It was enough to send her bolting upright in the bed, gasping, panting and sweating as the dream continued to taunt her with its throbbing culmination.

She ran a trembling hand across her brow. Her heart was still hammering in her chest and her body was humming with the aftershocks of her orgasm. Sookie flopped back on the bed and let out a shuddering sigh. 'Oh sweet Jesus Christ-Shepherd of Judea, will I ever stop dreaming of that man?'

It was then that she heard it. A tap-tap-tap coming from her window.

She froze. Surely God could not be this cruel? But a few seconds and then there it was again. That dreaded God-awful Tap-tap-tap.

"Lord, just kill me now…" she muttered, pulling the covers up to her chin as she wished desperately for a hole to magically appear and swallow her (and her embarrassment) up whole because she knew-just knew there was only one person/vampire that could be hovering outside her second story house, and she really wasn't sure she was ready to talk to him on a good day, much less after such a dirty dream.

'What if he'd heard her?' Her face flamed and she huddled in bed, closing her eyes and praying he'd just go away. It had been over 3 months since the explosive day when she'd almost been killed by Russell Edgington only to have her heart ripped out later that evening when the entirety of Bill's lies and deceit were brought to light.


"Oh for Pete's sake!" she snapped sitting up in bed and tossing the covers off. He was persistent. She knew this, so she might as well see what he wanted. 'Please God,' she silently prayed. 'Please don't have let him have heard me-I'm a good girl. Go to Church every Sunday. Surely you'll have mercy on me here and have suddenly made him deaf or somethin'

Taking her courage in hand-Gran didn't raise no coward-Sookie got out of bed and padded across the room to the window. As expected there was Eric hovering outside the window. He smiled slightly when he saw her. She didn't return it.

She shoved the glass up, grunting when the old wooden window stuck in the grooves and refused to budge. She bent her knees and gave it a good push and with a groan the window finally slid up and open. And there he was. Larger than life; all six foot four inches of Viking sex-God. Eric. She wanted to tell him to go pound sand, but in truth she was curious as to why he'd finally decided to pay her a visit. She hadn't seen hide nor hair of him since that awful night when Bill had tried to bury him under a thousand pounds of concrete.

"What do you want?" she asked without preamble, arms akimbo as she stared balefully at the handsome blond floating outside her window.

"Sookie…pleasant dreams?" he purred knowingly and any hope she'd had that he hadn't heard her went right out the window.

She rolled her eyes in response and without commenting went to shut the window.

He grabbed hold of it stopping her. "Wait. I need to talk to you."

Her eyes narrowed. "About what and let me tell you if it's to tease me because I still dream about you—you can just save it. It's not like I can control the darned things and really it's all because of your damned blood anyways!" she spat. Warming to her argument she wagged a finger at him as if scolding a recalcitrant child. "The way I see it this is all your fault so don't be comin' over here rubbin' my nose in it. I wish you'd have just kept your darned blood to yourself- you big jerk!"

He smiled, clearly enjoying her outburst. His eyes focused on her sleeping attire, taking note of the overly large Fangtasia shirt she was wearing. "No, I didn't come here to tease you, Sookie…but it was interesting to say the least," he said, his smile broadening until it was positively lecherous.

She snorted. "I bet. Well now that you've had your fun, I'll be headin' back to bed. Goodnight, Eric," she said and went to leave.

He reached inside and grabbed her wrist. "That color suits you by the way," he said softly, eyes roaming her intently like he was starved and she was a nine course meal. "I'll have to get you a few more of those…you're by far the best advertisement I could ask for."

His voice was positively decadent-sinful. It made her stomach flip-flop. Sookie yanked her wrist back and crossed her arms over her chest protectively. Quick as a cat her temper flared. "Listen, I'm really not in the mood for this tonight, so either you tell me what you want or I'm gonna' leave you hovering out here and go back to bed!"

He sighed and his expression turned thoughtful. "I see you're still upset with me. I'm sorry for that. I told you before I never meant for you to get hurt, but since I haven't seen you since that night…" He paused and Sookie thought he almost looked unsure for just a moment. As if he was almost nervous or something, but he recovered and quicker than you could blink his expression became detached again. "I simply wanted to make sure you were okay," he told her, surprisingly, without his usual leering smirk. "If this is a bad time…"

He started to turn away, ready to fly off into the night and Sookie wasn't sure why, but she suddenly didn't want him to leave. She had so many questions regarding 'that day' and he was the only who had the answers. Well, besides, Bill, but he was the absolute last person she wanted to speak with, so Eric was her only option. "Wait!" she said, stopping him.

Eric raised a brow, his penetrating blue eyes seemingly staring straight into her soul. 'He really is pretty…' she thought idly as she briefly battled internally with what she was about to do. Finally, after a few seconds, Sookie took a deep breath and before she could re-think it or change her mind, she said, "Please…come inside, Eric."


Eric's face showed his surprise. He hadn't expected her to give him an invite to her house so soon after he'd used her to trap Russell, but he certainly wasn't going to look the gift horse in the mouth and refuse. Gracefully he floated inside the window. Once he was on solid ground, he looked around her room. He'd never been upstairs, much less her bedroom so he took a moment to study it, observing the antique doll house, and stuffed animals piled onto a rocking chair in the corner. That made him smile-it was so Sookie. The furniture was older, but obviously lovingly taken care of. It had a southern hominess to it that was quite charming. His nose twitched as he detected the scent of fresh paint-good at least she was being constructive and not wallowing in grief. He nodded. Yes, the room suited her personality, even if he personally thought she'd look far better naked, lying on black silk with a fur wrapped around her delectable body rather than Afghans and flowered quilts, but maybe that was just him.

"Well?" she said, interrupting his heated little fantasy.

Eric turned to look at her. She had a suspicious brow raised as if she knew what he'd just been thinking. He resisted smirking at her, barely. No need to tip his hand this early in the game. "So how are you?" he asked conversationally, idly walking around the room and glancing at the pictures she had on her dresser. He picked up photo in a heart shaped glass frame. It was of Sookie and an older woman sitting in a porch swing. They were both smiling and had their arms around each other. Eric noticed it was taken on the swing of this very house. The elder had Sookie's smile and there was a spark in her eyes that caught Eric's attention. "Is this your Grandmother?"

Sookie snatched the frame out of his hand and replaced it on her dresser. She swallowed hard, stroking the photo lovingly. Gran's death still made her all teary eyed. "Yes," she choked. "She-well…"

"I know what happened to her Sookie," Eric said, cutting her off. Making her cry was not his objective tonight. "I am the Sherriff of this area; it's my duty to know everything that happens here." He glanced at the picture again then turned his head back to Sookie with a somewhat sad expression. He raised a hand as if to stroke her cheek, but she took a step away from him and he let it drop back by his side. His fists clenched and he cursed under his breath, muttering in his native tongue before getting a grip on himself. "I am sorry you had to endure that," he said softly, sincerely. "If I could, I'd kill the bastard all over again for you." His words were spoken in a whisper, but the growl that rumbled in his chest left no doubt that he was telling the truth.

"Eric…" she breathed, utterly locked in his gaze.

He took a step closer so that he was completely in her space, towering above her. Looking straight down into her lovely features he put his hands on her shoulders. "No one should have to go through what you've endured, Sookie Stackhouse, yet you've done so with a courage I have rarely seen in vampires, let alone humans." He shook his head in a sense of disbelief. His hand cupped her stubborn little chin and he smiled when she raised it a notch. "Where do you get that tenacity?"

He was a bit too close for her piece of mind. Retreat seemed the safest option. Sookie pulled back, putting a little more distance between herself and the far too tempting Viking invading her bedroom. "My Gran always told me to stand up for myself and what I believe in," she said with a sad, wistful little smile. Her voice was soft and husky and Eric's gut tightened at the raw emotion there. "She said no matter what, I should be proud of who I was, but still be accepting of others and their differences. I try to honor her words, though I have to confess…" She glanced pointedly at Eric, "sometimes it's hard to do that."

Amused; Eric chuckled softly. He hadn't missed that look. She was definitely directing that comment at him. Well fine. He'd much rather have Sookie spitting and hissing at him like an angry kitten than sullen and depressed. "Your Grandmother sounds like a wise woman. That is very rare…" He paused and his lip curled wickedly. "For a human," he added just to watch the spark light up in her eyes.

Her eyes bugged and smoke practically steamed out her ears. "Do you always have to be a horses' behind?" she spat, advancing on him now. She poked him in the chest with a finger. "Just when I think you're being nice, you have to go and be a big A-hole again!"

Eric didn't mind her temper. This was the Sookie he craved. Feisty and full of fire; he loved it. She needed him to get her riled up-she was starting to become as depressing and boring as her ex. 'What a fool Compton was,' Eric thought with a roll of his eyes, 'to allow a treasure such as her slip through his fingers…idiot!' Eric would not make the same mistake. "My darling Sookie, while I enjoy seeing you so…excited, it was not my intention to insult either you or your grandmother," he said. "Quite the opposite really."

"How's that?" Sookie demanded. "And I'm not your 'darling-anything'!" she added, chin tilted at that angle that fairly screamed 'stubborn'. With her hands on her hips, she squared off against Eric as if she wasn't half his size.

"Because," he explained, "when I said it was rare for a human to be so insightful-I was merely speaking a truth. Most humans generally react without thought or the insight to the bigger picture. Their entire thinking process is based on petty emotions. I was merely stating that your grandmother appeared to be above the usual pathetic drivel associated with most breathers." He smiled charmingly. "How is that an insult?"

Sookie eyes still shot daggers at him, but since he wasn't really trying to fight back with her, she sighed, feathers un-ruffling a bit. "Coming from you I guess it's not, but…" she added, her defiant little chin rising even higher, "if you could kindly keep your not-so-nice comments about humans to yourself—we'd sure as heck get along a lot better."

"Duly noted, I'm all for better…um...relations," he said, cerulean eyes twinkling. She simply shook her head at him and he took the moment to let his gaze roam over her again, slowly, his very gaze a caress that sent shivers up her spine. "But then again, I have never lumped you in with the rest of the breathers I have met, Sookie. You're special and it appears so was your Grandmother."

She gaped at him, jaw hanging open. Eric's lips quirked and he chuckled softly. It was a rare thing to actually stun her into silence and he took advantage, closing the distance between them again in one long stride. "Now that we've established you're different from any other human I've met…" He brushed his knuckles along her cheek, "why don't we discuss why you are still denying me and yourself the pleasure of my bed when we both know you want me."

Her tummy fluttered with a tingly sensation that was commonly referred to as 'butterflies in your stomach' and she took a hasty step back, ignoring the dull aching throb of her pulse and between her thighs. He followed, stalking her until her back hit the wall. Sookie froze as he pinned her there, one big hand planted against the wall on either side of her head. He leaned in, overwhelming her with his size while effectively boxing her in. With no where to run, Sookie, gazed up at him noticing idly that his hair had grown out a bit in the last three months and he was sporting the few days' worth of stubble look again. It suited him, and she couldn't help but admit he really was a beautiful specimen of manhood. His eyes were so blue, her breath caught. 'Stop it, Sook; this is just what he wants. He wants you out of sorts and uncomfortable. Arrogant, overbearing Viking!' She wanted to smack that smirk right off his face, might have too, if (so help her) he wasn't telling the truth. She did want him. He was just too damned sexy for his—actually her own good!

She pushed against the solid wall of his chest, but to no avail. He simply wasn't moving. Heart pounding, Sookie ducked her head, trying to dash under his arm, but he had obviously anticipated this move and side-stepped, blocking her path with his body and halting her escape.

"Eric Northman, you back off right this minute!" she demanded.

"No," he growled huskily. "I've done far too much of that already," he said. Before Sookie could even think of a reply he swooped down and captured her lips in a searing kiss that made the 'butterflies' explode in a frenzy of sensation.

She moaned low in her throat. Her hands came up to grip his biceps while her toes curled into the hard wooden floor. He was ravenous. Feasting on her like a man long deprived of sustenance and for several long seconds she was lost to everything but the Viking plundering his mouth. He deepened the kiss even more and Sookie thought she actually might faint.

'Jesus-sweet Shepherd of Judea-the man could kiss!' she thought, running her hands up his arm to clutch at his shoulders, his solid bulk was the only thing keeping her on her feet as his magical tongue made melted butter of her insides. A whimper escaped her throat and Eric growled, pressing even closer, the hard length of his body flush against hers so that Sookie could 'feel' how much he was enjoying the kiss. His hand tangled in her blond locks, cradling her head and angling it so he could have an all access pass to her mouth.

His hands slid to her hips as he held her, making her knees buckle with the voraciousness of his domineering mouth. He gentled suddenly, stroking her tongue with a mesmerizing grace that spoke of his many, many years of sexual expertise. Sookie's hands tunneled into his hair, clenching and releasing as her body was overwhelmed with a wet, pulsing ache that was centered between her thighs. Eric pulled back just a fraction of an inch. His fangs were drawn and he looked positively hungry.

"Sookie—need you," he breathed heavily, nipping at her bottom lip and drawing a bit of blood there. Eric's deep groan was harsh as the scent of her exquisite essence hit his senses. He thrust his hips against hers as he suckled her tongue, lapping at the tiny drops of blood he found and letting out deep rumbling purrs all the while.

Sookie's head spun-she couldn't breathe. Her heart was thundering in her chest and it was too intense. All of it was too much-too soon and with a gasp she pulled back, panting. "Wait!" she told him, taking deep, ragged breaths. She placed her hands flat on his chest to hold him at bay when he started to surge forward again. "Eric, I mean it—wait just a dang minute!"

He stopped, closed his eyes and seemed to try and gather his scattered bearings. His broad chest heaved with breath he didn't need as he reigned in his raging lust. A few tense seconds later and several muttered curses in a language Sookie didn't understand, he regained some measure of control and opened his sky blue eyes again. They were magnificently bright, blazing with emotion. His arousal was still very evident, but he wasn't panting anymore. He latched onto her shoulders in a grip that was just shy of painful. "Why are you denying what is between us?" he asked, hunkering down so that they were eye to eye. "I know you have feelings for me," he said, his voice rough with thwarted desire. "You let me kiss you—even kissed me back. Even when you'd thought I'd betrayed you—you saved me from the sun. We both know you wouldn't have done these things if you despised me as you claim," he added, clenching his jaw so hard a muscle ticked there. He looked dangerous and…sexy as hell too.

Sookie openly stared, fascinated for just a moment that she could bring about such a reaction in this seemingly omnipotent creature before she came to her senses with a jerk. Eric could hurt her—really hurt her and she'd had just about enough of that, thank you very much. "I don't want you," she said, but her words were more husky than heated and Eric sensed it.

He gave a little growl and his hands slid down her sides to grab her hips again. With one sure tug he yanked her against his erection, holding her there. Her breath caught and her eyes snapped shut as tingling little pulsing waves of desire radiated from her belly and between her legs. His hand slipped under her shirt and went straight for the juncture between her thighs. Her panties were soaked and he growled. "Liar," he breathed into her ear, stroking her softly. "You want me—I can feel it."

She bit her lip to keep from screaming as he slid his fingers along the lacy edge of her underwear. She knew she was wet and her legs felt like they were made of rubber. She was a hairsbreadth from giving in when Eric scraped his fangs along her neck and Sookie was forcibly reminded she had a horny vampire on her hands. She wasn't ready for this. "I—"

He cut her off. "You are the most honest human I have ever met. Look me in the eye and tell me you do not want me." he slipped his fingers out of her panties and held them up. They were glistening with her juices. He purred and inhaled her scent before licking his fingers. "I you can…" he challenged.

Her face turned the shade of a ripe apple when he did that and Sookie tried-she really did-to tell him she wasn't attracted to him, but he was right, her innate honesty wouldn't allow her to give voice to such a blatant falsehood. "I can't," she whispered.

Groaning deep in his throat Eric took advantage of that admission. His head dipped and once again he claimed her lips with his. She should shove him away, but his mouth, his kiss-all of him was heavenly. Not to mention he felt so darned good and she was so turned on. 'He sure knows how to get a girl all hot and bothered…but after a thousand years, Sookie supposed it was more than logical that he'd perfected the art of love-making." On the heels of that thought came, 'What the heck am I doing? I'm sittin' here letting Eric Northman kiss me senseless is what!'

"Eric stop!" she cried, managing to push him back a step so that their nether regions were no longer touching.

He looked beyond frustrated now, like he was seriously giving thought to shaking some sense into her. She was playing with fire here, but truth be told she was frustrated too. A part of her wanted nothing more than to let him have his way with her, but she wasn't that kind of girl and with that thought in mind, she pushed aside her traitorous needs for the moment.

If, and this was a big if here, but if her and Eric were to see each other then this was a talk they needed to have. Sookie raised her hand, noticed it was shaking and hastily dropped it again. She maneuvered herself out of his embrace. "Okay, obviously there's…an attraction between us…" His expression immediately turned triumphant and he smirked, as if saying 'you think?' but she held up a hand warding off any comment before he could utter it. "But," she stressed the word, pacing back and forth as she struggled to put her thoughts into words, "that doesn't mean I'm ready to just hop in the sack with you, either!" she told him. "I'm still dealing with all the crap Bill did to me—you too, for that matter," she added with a huff." He opened his mouth to respond, but Sookie stopped her pacing and placed a finger over his lips. Her eyes implored him to hear her out.

"I'm not sayin' I'm not attracted to you." She shrugged. "I guess it's pretty obvious I am. I mean I have eyes…you're beautiful, but I'm not lookin' for a rebound relationship, Eric and I don't think you'd settle for that anyhow," she drawled, smiling softly. He nodded and she went on. "Give me some time. I'm not the casual sex kind-a girl. You know that, so just let me get my head on straight." She shook her head as if debating what she was saying. "I mean, heck, I'm not even sure I want anythin' more to do with vampires, much less start seeing one of ya'll again!"

Eric cupped her face in his hands, forcing Sookie's gaze to his. "I understand and I will give you this time you ask for, but make no mistake…" he said, stroking her bottom lip with both his thumbs, "there is nothing casual about you and I, Sookie Stackhouse." She let out a shuddering breath, swallowing-hard and he smiled. "We have fire. A passion between us that burns hotter than anything I have felt with another. You were meant to be mine and I can promise you, I would make you forget Bill Compton in one night if you'd let me," he bragged arrogantly.

She didn't doubt him for a second. 'Lord, have mercy on me,' she thought, looking away from those magnetic eyes. 'Whew! He was by far the most arrogant-seductive man she'd ever met and he was hell bent and determined she was going to be his! What was she going to do?'

Eric took her silence as acquiesce. "Usually I do not do…" He grimaced, "the dating thing. I have never had the need, but..." He shrugged, apparently resigned, but not entirely happy with the concept. "I'm sure I can...adjust if that is what you really wish."

Sookie's jaw about hit the floor before she snorted with laughter as she imagined Eric Northman showing up at her house with flowers!

His eyes narrowed. "You are playing with fire laughing at me, lover."

She bit back her mirth. "I'm not. It's just-" If anything his scowl darkened and Sookie let it drop. "Okay, fine, I get off work tomorrow at eight. My cars' in the shop, maybe you could pick me up at work, or…will you be busy at Fangtasia," she asked, giving him an out.

He brushed his lips across hers. "I will pick you up at eight, lover," he said.

"Don't call me that!"

"What-Lover?" he asked, amusement sparkling in his blue eyes as he toyed with the collar of her 'Fangtasia' shirt.

She swatted his hand away. "Yes. That. You haven't earned that right."

He smirked and leaned down to place a lingering wet kiss along the delicate shell of her ear. "Yet…" he whispered.

Sookie gasped loudly, but before she could form more than a single thought of how to rebuke him he was gone. Vanishing with that damned vampire speed of his.

Sookie stood there, arms hanging loosely by her sides before she brought a hand up and touched her swollen lips. Her knees still felt like jelly and her nether regions were absolutely aching in an almost painful throb. "Oh brother," she muttered to herself as she made her way back to bed. She fell back on the bed and gazed up at the ceiling. "Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire…"

She climbed under the covers, her mind going over their last exchanges. While she wasn't as mad at Eric as she was the night he'd 'spilled the beans', so to speak, on Bill, she wasn't sure if she wanted anything to do with him either. Yes, she had kissed him in his office, but it wasn't so cut and dried as to suggest it was more than physical. Just as she'd rushed outside to save him when he'd been so hell bent on killing Russell he was willing to die right along with him. Even now, the memory of him outside, burning on the hot asphalt of Fangtasia's parking lot caused a lump in her throat that threatened to choke her. Her mind raced at the implications. Oh God-did she have 'those' kinds of feelings for him? At one point Sookie would have responded with an emphatic 'No way!' But ever since Dallas—on the roof with Godric, she'd had to admit there was far more to Eric than she'd first suspected. Yes, he was still ruthless and cunning when he wanted something, but he was also capable of love, even if he didn't believe it.

She huffed out a long deep sigh and decided she couldn't think about it anymore. It was far too confusing and in the words of her favorite heroine, "tomorrow is another day…" she'd deal with her newfound feeling for Eric Northman then.

Closing her eyes, she snuggled deeper into her pillow, trying to keep her mind off a certain vampire… Her body still hungered for his touch and Sookie exhaled a frustrated breath. "Lord, that man is going to be trouble," she muttered, but a small smile graced her features. "And Gran would say 'you've really got yourself in it now'." She licked her lips, still tasting him. She curled up in a fetal position, hugging her pillow tight. "But Gran also said if you don't take a chance you can't ever claim the prize…"

Sookie liked that. She smiled again—what would have Gran thought of Eric? She probably would have said he was trouble too, but she'd have given him a chance…Gran gave everyone a chance no matter what." And that's what Sookie was going to do. Instantly the tension drained and she settled down. Her Gran's words of wisdom calming her, as they always had. It wasn't long afterwards that she was again fast asleep and this time when her dreams were invaded by a certain Viking sex-God, she didn't mind so much…

**The End**

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