This Is Only The Beginning

A fic by: Jen

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters. I simply like to take them out—play with them and hopefully put them back happy! :) Also, I make absolutely no profit from this fic. It is written purely for my own, and (hopefully) others' entertainment.

A/N: Okay, now I know I've been gone awhile, but the last few months have been rough for me. I lost my father in a tragic accident on Dec 13th and I was pretty depressed for quite a long time after that. Recently, I have gotten back into my writing. I finished a Buff/Angel fic I had going. Wrote another for The Vampire Diaries and now (Yay just a few more months till the TB premiere) I want to finish my Eric/Sookie fic. BTW: I saw a trailer for season 4 and it shows Eric wandering a deserted country road half naked… (Can't wait) AB had better take that to where the books went. Book 4 was where Eric and Sookie finally get together and if he doesn't go there (because of his weird love for Bill) well, I swear, I'll form the lynch mob myself. lol! Okay, that's all I have to say on that.

To all the readers who've been waiting for an update—I'm very sorry it's taken me so long. I really do apologize, it's just…sometimes RL has a way of kicking you in the teeth, if you know what I mean. I want to thank you for all the amazing reviews this has gotten though. I know I let this sit—actually I let all my fics sit while I was dealing with my grief and RL drama, but I'm working to get them done now, so I hope you'll forgive me for going AWOL.

Now, enough of my chatter…on with the show…right? Right.




Okay, I'm going to jump right in, so this begins right where the last chappie left off. Eric and Sookie are on their date…

Chappie 3:

Eric put a hand on Sookie's lower back as he led her towards the exit. Monsieur Henri Argonaut; the Maître-D' hurried to intercept them, placing his, at best, five foot five inch frame directly in front of them. His smile was pure ass-kissing at its finest. "Monsieur Northman, Mademoiselle Stackhouse, I hope everything was to your satisfaction?"

Sookie couldn't help thinking that if his smile was any bigger, his face would crack, but her innate kindness and good manners made her smile almost as brightly as she replied in kind. "Oh yes, thank you, I swear, everything was just amazin'. I think that was the best meal I've had in…most likely ever…" she paused, "except maybe my Gran's homemade shrimp gumbo, but then that's a family recipe and I may be a bit biased," she told him with her easy going charm.

Eric's lip curled. The man practically swooned over her response. Normally he'd have no patience for a breather fawning over either himself nor someone he considered his, but with Sookie, it seemed there was no end to the things he found himself putting up with. His hand slid to the curve of her hip and lingered there. Sookie's heart-rate increased and a ripe blush spread across her cheeks. Eric bit back the growl that wanted to erupt from his chest.

"And you, Monsieur Northman? Le était sage, oui?" Henri asked eagerly, switching to French in his nervousness.

"Oui, Henri, tout était raffiné," Eric replied, switching to French too as he informed the man everything had been fine.

The little man bobbed his head like a bobble doll. "Mercie, monsieur."

"Ont fait vous trouver tout arrangé pour moi et mon dame semblable à moi demandé?" Eric demanded, making sure his orders for the rest of the evening had been taken care of.

Sookie's jaw dropped and that dull ache between her legs started up again. He spoke French. Her heart fluttered and she resisted the urge to fan herself. Well, of course he did. The man was a walking-talking-sex-God; it just figures he could speak the language of love like native too. Somehow that didn't seem fair. Was there anything Eric couldn't do well?

Henri nodded enthusiastically. "Oh, oui, monsieur, we have the—"

Eric's body went taut. "S'entretenir dans Anglais!" he interrupted, snapping at the man to not speak English. "Ça c'est une surprised et si vous ruiner le moi seront très mécontenter contrarier," he said, warning him that tonight was a surprise and if Henri ruined it, Eric would be most unhappy.

Henri visibly gulped. "Ah, oui, mon defenses, Monsieur Northman," he said hurriedly. Eric nodded, accepting the man's apology as he palmed Henri another hundred dollar tip. The tiny man practically fell to his knees in relief, before discreetly pocketing the bill. He swept a hand towards the street exit. "Tout a été préparé pour vous. Votre villa c'est arrange, et votre dames wagon c'est à l'extérieur de attente," he gushed, letting Eric know his surprise was waiting just outside as he'd requested.

Sookie glanced from Eric to Henri, not understanding a word they were saying, but the little Maître-D' was once again sporting his best brown-nosing grin and Eric didn't appear tense anymore so she supposed everything was okay, what exactly that meant though, she couldn't say.

"Bon," Eric replied, dismissing the man with a flick of his wrist before taking hold of Sookie's elbow and leading her towards the exit. "Ready?" he asked in that low, sexy purr that sent chills racing along her spine.

Not trusting her own voice, she nodded and allowed him to lead her out of the restaurant. Once they were in the lobby, Sookie glanced up at Eric. "What was that all about?"

"What was what all about?" he asked, with a feigned look of innocence as he opened one of the glass double doors. He motioned for her to precede him.

Always with her manners, Sookie thanked him as she exited, but as soon as the door shut, she rounded on him. "Don't give me that wide eyed look, Eric Northman," she told him, poking him in the chest, "the last time you were that innocent people still thought the world was flat!" He chuckled huskily, but Sookie wasn't through taking him to task yet. "Ya know," she told him, putting her hands on her hips, "it's not polite to talk in front of people when they don't understand a word you're sayin'. In fact, it's just plain rude!"

"I spoke in French because I didn't want that little breather to ruin my surprise."

She rolled her eyes at the derogatory term he used for the sweet little French man. Eric didn't even offer up a token look of remorse. But then the word 'surprise' hit her and she forgot all about being mad. "Wait, what surprise?"

"You'll see," he said mysteriously, grinning like the 'cat that ate the canary'.

Sookie almost demanded to know, but gave up with a small huff. Eric could easily be as stubborn as she was.

When they reached the sidewalk, he suddenly put his hands up over her face and covered her eyes.

Sookie stumbled a moment when her world went black, but he kept her upright easily. She grasped his wrists and held on as he guided her towards a now unknown destination. "Eric, what on earth are you up to?"

He brushed a heated kiss along the side of her neck, just under her ear. Sookie shuddered and he gave a husky laugh. "I told you…" he whispered into her ear, "it's a surprise."

He took his hands away and placed them on her shoulders, turning her so that she could see.

Sookie's eyes widened when she saw the opulent horse drawn carriage waiting at the curb for them. It looked like something out of Cinderella. Two matching white steeds were attached to a white and gold open carriage. Red roses lay along the back of the carriage and the driver even tipped his hat at her. A ridiculous giggle threatened to burst forth at the setting. It was all so…sweet. And so not Eric-like. "Oh my…" She glanced at him over her shoulder. "You're kidding me, right? You didn't really do this. Is this some kind of game?"

He frowned, apparently genuinely perplexed at her reaction. "You do not like this idea?"

She shook her head still wondering if maybe she'd stepped into the 'Twilight-Zone'. "No. I absolutely love this idea, but…" Sookie's usual sharp tongue seemed to have deserted her as she floundered for words. "I mean…I just never saw you as—"

"The romantic type," he supplied with a smirk.

She flushed a bit, but admitted, "Well, yeah. You're not exactly Prince Charming, Eric," she said, almost defensively.

"Of course not," he returned, his smirk turning quite lecherous. "I am far more desirable than some fairytale Ken-doll."

Sookie didn't deny his statement, but she continued to stare at him as if he'd suddenly sprouted cloven hoofs and horns atop his head. The Eric she'd gotten to know and the sexy vampire making her heart flutter right now just didn't mesh. How could he be the same person, yet so different? Sookie had a new word for the day—conundrum and its definition was Eric Northman!

Eric frowned when she remained silent. He put a finger under her chin and turned her head so that he could see her eyes. "Sookie, I do know what a woman desires. You cannot live as long as I have and not gain knowledge on what makes a woman melt, just because I have never had to put it into practice does not mean I am incapable of it." He pulled her back against his chest. "I can be romantic," he told her, brushing his lips against the tender outer shell of her ear.

She trembled like a leaf in the wind. "Since when?" she asked breathlessly.

"Since the moment I realized you were more than just a passing infatuation."

"Oh Lord," she murmured, heart pounding like a bass drum in her chest. The man was dangerous—in more ways than one.

Eric chuckled huskily in response to her accelerated breathing. "Now," he whispered to her, "would you like to take our tour around the city or would you rather we stay here and debate my past behavior?"

Sookie took a deep breath and took a leap of faith. "I'd very much like to take the tour, Eric," she said, blushing prettily.


As they clip-clopped their way through the French Quarter, Eric pointed out landmarks and buildings, telling wild, colorful and sometimes bloody tales about the city's past or about the battles that had happened around the area during the Civil war. When she asked if he'd actually been there, he'd shaken his head no, but he explained how he had researched the event.

"Why?" she asked, intrigued at the glimpse she was getting inside his usual impenetrable wall.

He faced her, his face a gorgeous, but stony mask. "Because, Sookie, I'm a vampire, I exist off human blood and anytime a large populace of the human race decides it wants to exterminate itself in a senseless war, I take an interest in it."

"Oh," she'd replied. So not the answer she'd been expecting and Sookie decided not to pursue the subject further. She was having too good a time seeing the other side of Eric to be brought back to earth by a reminder of how cold he could be. "Do you mind telling me more about the city?" she asked instead.

He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her to his chest. "If you agree to remain here for the rest of the ride," he told her.

Sookie gave him an eye roll, but stayed put as they continued their tour of the city. To her enjoyment Eric was actually quite knowledgeable about New Orleans and sometimes even amusing in his story-telling. She was so caught up in their ride that she almost failed to notice he wasn't really at all interested in the passing sights. His gaze remained mostly on her and it became obvious he was simply doing this for her benefit. She supposed that at over a thousand years old, New Orleans' little scrap of history might seem rather trivial, but she appreciated the effort he was putting forth. They were just entering the center of Jackson square where the statue of Andrew Jackson himself stood, when Sookie made up her mind. She was going to sleep with him tonight.

She turned to look up at him. The moonlight and the old-fashioned lantern style lamps of the square gave him an almost ethereal appearance. Sookie's belly clenched tight as her flesh broke out in goose-bumps. He really was a beautiful, beautiful man. 'Sweet-Jesus-Shepherd of Judea was she really doing this?' Yes, she was.

"Eric, I think I'm done with the tour," she said softly, laying a hand on his thigh, so that he had no doubt as to what she meant.

His head whipped her way and his blue eyes darkened imperceptibly. "You are sure?" he asked. She nodded. A slow, lusty smile spread across his face and all of a sudden the relaxed pose he'd had all night was gone. It was like a jolt of electricity had gone through him at her words. He abruptly leaned forward and ordered the driver to take them to St. Anne St. and drop them at D'hôtel de les Littoral.

If either Sookie or Eric noticed how gruff his voice sounded—neither mentioned it.


D'hôtel de les Littoral:

As soon as they entered the Hotel, Sookie immediately knew why Eric had chosen this place, it obviously catered to vampires. The Hotel itself was enclosed in a large tastefully decorated dome. Once inside the gates, they entered a courtyard that housed cottages and in the center was an Olympic sized swimming pool. Even though it was night outside, inside the hotel it was bright as sunshine and Sookie's eyes widened as she looked skyward. The dome of the hotel was like an imaginarium. Eternal blue skies and bright sunny days was all this courtyard would see. It was amazing; she could even hear birds chirping.

Beside the pool several vampires and humans alike lounged and she detected more than a passing interest in both herself and Eric as they headed for the lobby.

A tall, twenty-something, leggy brunette sitting at one of the cabanas suddenly stood up as they passed by. "Oh my sweet hell…is that the Northman?"

Eric barely paused, but Sookie couldn't help herself and glanced over her shoulder to see her scurrying after them wearing nothing more than a black bikini and a sarong knotted around her waist. "Eric! Eric stop!" she cried, taking off her sunglasses and waving them frantically as if she was a runway tech trying to flag down a 747!

Sookie could see the woman/vampire was going to chase them right into the hotel if Eric didn't deal with her. "Eric…" she said, digging her heels in so that he would either have to drag her behind him like a sack of potatoes or stop.

Eric growled, but stopped. He spun on his heel to see who his nuisance was and Sookie almost laughed out loud at the look of sheer annoyance on his face.

The tall brunette barreled down on them, neatly pushing Sookie aside to propel herself against Eric's broad chest. She wrapped her arms around him and hugged him with a voracity that had Sookie letting out a little growl of her own.

"Eric! It's been an age," she murmured, laying a wet, smacking kiss on his lips. "What brings you to New Orleans, love?" Her hands wandered quickly along his chest before sneaking around his waist and heading south. Eric grabbed them, effectively keeping her from copping a feel on his ass.

Sookie crossed her arms over her chest and her foot made a tap-tap-tap on the linoleum, glaring at the way the she-dog was getting all touchy-feely with her date.

"Penelope,' he said, quickly extricating himself from her clutches. "How…" he paused here, "…nice to see you." Sookie rolled her eyes. He might as well have said 'no it isn't!' But his obvious distaste went right over the bimbo's head.

She batted big, fake lashes up at him. Sookie thought they looked like big black clumps of spider webs. "You too," she gushed as she tried to mold her body to Eric's once again, but this time he was prepared and easily took hold of her upper arms to keep her at arms length. She pouted, but didn't give up. "I heard you were in Shreveport." He nodded. "I'm sorry about that trouble with Russell." She made a face. "You know I voted in your favor, right?"

He inclined his head and smiled. "I did not, but I appreciate that."

Penelope's green eyes flicked to Sookie and she scanned her up and down as if she were looking over a horse she was about to purchase. "And who's this? Your meal for the night?"

Sookie felt more than a little hostility towards this woman who'd just relegated her to a 'happy-meal'. But her Gran had bred good manners into her. With her usual gusto, she stuck her hand out. "Hardly. I'm Sookie Stackhouse. Pleased ta meet you and you are…?"

Eric simply smirked. He was used to Sookie's 'take the bull by the horns' approach to life, but the brunette vampire looked nonplussed for a moment. She stared at Sookie's outstretched hand for a heartbeat or two before gingerly taking it and giving it a dainty shake. Sookie rolled her eyes, but the arrogant brunette didn't notice. "Penelope Van Bueller," she said, raising her chin in a haughty manner. "Sookie Stackhouse…why do I know that name?" Suddenly she glanced to Eric, a sly smile spreading across her face. "Oooh, she's the telepath, right? The one Sophie Anna wanted."

Eric took Sookie by the elbow to steer her away. That whole debacle was the very last thing he wanted to get into. "It was a pleasure seeing you again, Penelope, but we have some business to attend to." With that he turned on his heel and started to walk away without answering the woman's question.

"Eric, wait! Don't you even want to have a drink with me?" she called to his retreating back.

He turned and gave her a beautiful, but blatantly fake smile. "Perhaps that can be arranged. I will call you," he said.

She waved. "Oh…okay. I'm in bungalow twelve…"

Eric gave a half-hearted nod and they were once again on their way to the lobby and the front desk check in.

Sookie clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles. "Oh, you're so not gonna call her."

He smirked. "You and I know that, but she does not." He explained. "She has a position with the Authority and I do not want to put her out of my corner. She has always voted in my favor when I needed, but she…"

"Is all hot and bothered for you," Sookie supplied.

"Yes," he answered, not exactly arrogantly, but pretty darned close. "And since I do not want her chasing after me the entire time we are here…"

Sookie nodded. "So, in this instance, honesty is not the best policy."

He shrugged. "Something like that, yes."

"Did you sleep with her?" Sookie suddenly asked.

Eric sighed. "Yes."

You could almost see the wheels in her head turning. "When?"

"Sometime ago," he replied, not at all wanting to discuss this now.

"Do you still want to sleep with her?"

"Does it look like I want to sleep with her?" he countered.

Sookie hemmed and hawed. "No," she admitted.

"You are correct. I have had no desire for her for some time." He stopped just inside the lobby and cupped her cheek. "There is only one woman I want to sleep with and that is you. Now does that satisfy you?"

Sookie bit her lip. He was brusque, but he didn't lie to her. That was one thing Eric did not do—at least with her. He may evade the truth if he could, but when asked a direct question he had always, always told her the truth. "Yes," she said softly.

He gave her a curt nod. "Good, because I sincerely hope we are not going to have a conversation like this every time we see a woman or vampire I have slept with. The list is rather long, Sookie."

She made a face. "Can we just forget we even started this conversation?"

"Gladly," he agreed.

They reached the front desk and Eric quickly got them one of the more expensive bungalows.

"We have number eleven and two available."

"Two," Sookie spoke up. Eric turned to her with a smirk and she simply met his stare with one of her own before turning back to the young man working the desk. "We'll have number two. Eleven is an unlucky number,' she added with a smile at Eric.

When they were walking away with their room key, Eric leaned down so that his lips were by her ear. "And that unlucky number wouldn't have anything to do with Penelope being in bungalow twelve would it?"

Sookie snubbed her nose at him. "Not at all," she denied, doing a pretty good imitation of Penelope's earlier haughty sniff. "What makes you think that?" she asked, daring him to call her out on it.

"Hmm, maybe it was the way you growled at her when she was groping me," he said with a teasing wriggle of his brows.

Sookie didn't reply, deciding he was arrogant and cocky enough without adding fuel to the fire.

Eric led her to bungalow two. He paused outside the door, looking down at his beautiful companion. Yes, he decided that was what she was. His companion. Sookie would never be a pet and he didn't want her as such. She had a fire in her that drew him like a moth to a flame and Eric could scarcely believe that he was only moments away from getting what he'd wanted ever since Bill Compton had been foolish enough to bring her into Fangtasia.

Sookie; naked and in his bed. As he slipped the key-card into the slot, Eric almost purred at how well this night was going…


As soon as the door shut, it was like that soft click sent a wave of panic shooting through Sookie.

'Oh sweet lord, what am I doin?'

She put a hand over her chest as if that alone would still her racing heart. She was about to sleep—no, scratch that—she was about to have sex—wild, primal, and most definitely passionate sex with Eric Northman. Sleep with, sounded ridiculous since Sookie highly doubted there'd be any sleeping going on at all. Especially, if even half the rumors she'd heard around Fangtasia were true…if they were…then Sookie was in for a long night, because gossip had it that the Viking could keep it up all night long.

"Good lord," she muttered softly.

Eric set the card down on the table near the door. In seconds he was behind her, placing his hands on her shoulders. Her tension was radiating off her in waves that made his fangs ache. He pulled her back against his chest. "Do not worry, lover, I can promise you tonight will be a night you will never forget."

'Great-as if she wasn't nervous enough!'

She pulled away from him. "Eric, can I have a drink?" She glanced at the mini bar. "Maybe a gin and tonic. They got that in there, right?" she asked, ignoring his frown.

"Do you feel the need to become inebriated to have sex with me, Sookie?" he asked bluntly.

She about choked. "No!" she all but yelled. She took a deep, calming breath. "No," she said more quietly. "I'm just nervous." She licked her lips. "I've—Eric I've only been with one man." She held up her index finger. "One. And you…well, you've been with Lord knows how many women…" she said, waving a hand.

His brows drew down. "Do you think you will be a disappointment?"

Sookie might have been insulted if he didn't seem genuinely concerned. She shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe."

He smiled, but made her the drink anyhow. "You will not. Trust me. I'd never let that happen," he almost purred, handing her the requested beverage.

Sookie couldn't help the answering smile that quirked her lips. God bless the man-he sure was arrogant. She took a small sip and then another and then another.

She was about a second away from just tossing the drink back when Eric came to stand in front of her. "Look at me," he demanded.

Now normally, Sookie might have taken offense at that high-handed tone, but she was about as nervous as a blind vamp in a room full of sharp and pointy wooden objects! So instead of bristling, she let him tip her chin up to meet his sky blue eyes. "Eric, I do want this..I want you. It's just—"

"Ssshh," he said, placing a finger over her lips. He took the drink from her trembling hand and set it on a table behind her. His big hands cupped her face and slowly, almost like he was approaching a fractious filly, he lowered his head until their lips were a hairsbreadth apart. "Let's start slow," he murmured, settling his lips on hers. "This is simply a kiss…"

His mouth took hers so masterfully, Sookie's head reeled, her knees wobbled and she almost scoffed at him. There was absolutely nothing simple about Eric's kiss! It was deep, and wet and so good her toes curled in her Jimmy Choos'. But, it did take her out of her own head and with a soft moan of surrender, Sookie wrapped her arms around his neck and gave herself over to the bone-deep desire he sparked in her.

Eric knew the exact moment she became his. Her body melted into him and she gave a breathless little sigh of acceptance. He growled low and deep in his throat and pulled her even tighter to him. His hands tangled in her hair as his tongue swept into her mouth over and over, mating with hers in a dance as old as time itself.

He backed her up towards the bed, dominating her mouth with his own while his hands slid up her back to the zipper of her dress. With practiced skill he had it off her without breaking the kiss. Sookie pulled back, gasping for breath as her dress slid down her slender frame to land in a pool of silk at her feet. She stepped out of the dress and Eric took a moment to let his eyes roam her tanned and toned body. He licked his lips, keeping his fangs at bay only by the sheer force of his will.

"You are a goddess," he growled, snaking an arm around her waist and tugging her forward so that they were meshed together, the hard bulge in his pants pressed firmly against her tight belly. He kissed her again, drugging her senses with his talented tongue before scooping her up in his arms and carrying her to the bed.

Eric laid her down and took a step back to admire the view of Sookie laid out in nothing but the sheer black bra and panties set, garters and those sexy high heels. Her golden hair was fanned out around her head like a halo. She looked like an angel. His erection throbbed painfully in the tight confines of his pants. He'd never denied himself anything like he'd been denied Sookie. Now she was here—she was his and he wanted to savor the moment.

"I wanna see you…" she murmured softly, her dark eyes glittering with lust. She sat up so that she was reclining on the bed, leaning back on her elbows. "Take off your clothes."

Eric smirked. He didn't take orders well, but hearing Sookie demand for him to strip—well, that was one order he would comply with. He shrugged out of his jacket, tossing the expensive Armani garment over his shoulder, completely oblivious and uncaring of where it landed. Next was his shirt. He flipped open a few buttons before tugging the shirt out of his dress slacks.

Sookie licked her lips, obviously enjoying his strip-tease, so he made a show of it, taking his time and exposing his hard muscled chest one tiny piece of pale flesh at a time. He paused at the last button. The scent of her arousal was heavy in the air and she swallowed thickly as the last button was undone and he opened the shirt, finally giving her a full view of his spectacular chest. She'd seen him naked before…seen everything he had to offer, including his 'gracious plenty', thanks to her little trip to Fangtasia the night Bill went missing, but seeing him like this—knowing he was getting naked for her—Sookie felt light headed.

Eric was not shy. He was confident in his skin and the effect his naked body had on women. But having Sookie looking at him like he was treat she wanted to gobble up was beyond satisfying. He toed off his shoes, unzipped his pants and let them drop to the floor before kicking them aside. Hands on his hips, Eric stood proud before her, comfortable in his nudity as he allowed Sookie to get her fill looking at him.

She couldn't help staring. He was so well put together. From the top of his head to the tips of his toes…he was a perfect. "Sweet Jesus, you sure are beautiful," she whispered.

A small smile quirked her lips upward for a moment as she realized a question that had niggled its way into her head ever since the dreams started had been answered tonight. 'Nope, the man obviously did not believe in underwear.'

Eric crawled up the bed, all sleek muscle, rippling as he stalked her. He was a predator. It was in his every movement. Like a lion, he was graceful, but deadly and Sookie couldn't help but sympathize with the gazelle that froze in the face of such deadly grace. Her heart fluttered and her tummy tightened at the intense look of desire stamped across his Nordic features.

Eric kneeled in front of her, he pulled Sookie up into a sitting position so he could kiss her again. His hand buried itself into the downy soft hair at her nape and he tugged her head back. His lips trailed down her throat, leaving goose-bumps in their wake as he placed wet, open-mouthed kisses along her neck and across her collarbone. Sookie's back arched and she couldn't stop the small moan that burst forth when he nibbled at the spot where her shoulder met her neck. While his mouth and tongue got her engine revving, his other hand made short work of her bra, flicking it open with a single twist of his nimble fingers. Sookie gasped as it sprung loose. Eric growled against her flesh as he tugged the lacy garment off her and threw it behind him. That too landed somewhere on the floor along with the rest of their clothes, but neither of them cared at that point.

It was like Christmas and Eric couldn't help but compare undressing Sookie to un-wrapping his most desired present ever. Every article of clothing he removed exposed a hidden treasure he was dying to taste—experience first hand to discover if she was as spectacular as his dreams. His mouth moved down her chest to her breasts and he showered his attention on each one, swirling his tongue around the areola before flicking each pebbled peak with the tip of his tongue. Sookie gripped his head, pressing him closer as she writhed under his ministrations.

"Yes! Eric…oh sweet lord, yes!" she moaned when he finally took a coral tipped nipple into his mouth and suckled it, using his tongue and teeth to make the experience a delicious mixture of enticing rapture and titillating pain.

Sookie had never thought she could orgasm from someone playing with her breasts, but she swore Eric was about to prove her wrong as delightful tingles raced along her spine and a dull throbbing ache pulsed between her thighs with every draw of his mouth on her. She gasped and arched her back when he nearly took her entire breast into his mouth, voraciously suckling on one breast, while his hand kneaded the other until she cried out his name and climaxed.

He didn't wait for her to come down. Quick as a fox he had her panties off and positioned himself between her relaxed thighs. She was still trembling, muttering unintelligible words of amazement that she'd came without him even touching her down south.

Sookie blinked open her heavy lids to see Eric braced above her, his weight resting on his strong arms. Her eyes started to drift closed. She was beyond relaxed. "Sookie," he said to her gruffly, getting her attention again. "Look at me, lover."

He guided the head of his weeping cock to her entrance, gritting his teeth against the primal urge to just thrust inside and claim her with every bit of the hunger he had for her. But she wasn't some fang-banger. She was Sookie.

When she felt him pushing inside her, Sookie's eyes widened and her hands flew to his shoulders, squeezing him as he pressed forward, entering her. She groaned as her inner walls stretched to accommodate his size and girth. It was almost like the first time all over again because Eric's 'gracious plenty' was quite a bit more plentiful than Bill.

Eric paused, half way. She was wet, but so tight, he briefly wondered just how many times Bill had actually had her. He almost would not be surprised to find her hymen intact she was so small. "Sookie, you and Bill…you did have sex, yes?"

"What?" Her brows drew down. "Why are you asking me that and now of all times?"

"Because you are very tight," he replied with blunt honesty.

Her eyes popped and she flushed about twelve shades of red. "Or maybe it's that your so darned big!" she retorted with her usual spunk.

He chuckled huskily. "This is true." He didn't add that obviously, Bill was not, but it was a piece of information he tucked away to possibly use at another time to torment the younger vampire with.

"Very well," he said. "We will take this slow too." He eased out of her a bit, before giving a shallow thrust forward again, letting her get used to his thickness first, before forcing his length into her.

It didn't take too long for Sookie to adjust and soon she was moaning softly on each forward movement of his hips, tilting her own hips up to accept more and then even more of him inside. When he decided she was ready, he sank forward, impaling her with his full length, burying himself to the hilt inside her.

Sookie let out a small yelp at how full she felt, but it didn't take long for the aching to stop and she was left with a sense of complete and utter goodness. Eric, wanting to help ease her pain, slipped his hand between their bodies to where they were joined and distracted her by working her clitoris. He used his thumb to put pressure on that sensitive little button, rolling it between his fingers, pleased when almost immediately Sookie started to squirm under him, overwhelmed at having his fingers on her sweet spot and his cock inside her at the same time.

When her second orgasm rocketed through her, she raked her nails down his back and begged him to give her more—give her all of him. Eric was only too happy to oblige, especially since his control was hard pressed and it was becoming a struggle to keep his fangs at bay. Only his age, his willpower and experience kept them in his gums. He planned on biting her, but in his own time. His powerful hips drove forward, thrusting inside her over and over again, the force behind each stroke inched them up the mattress until Sookie's head was at the edge, in danger of bouncing against the antique cherrywood headboard. Eric pulled out and quickly repositioned her so that she was kneeling with her belly pressed against the carved wood. He took her hands in one of his and pulled them above her head so that they were pinned against the wall. With a quick snap of his hips, he was deep up inside her again. He began to move at a leisurely pace, thrusting inside her with deep, steady strokes, pumping his hips and angling every move so that he could hit her 'G' spot and really send her into orbit.

Sookie gave a keening whimper at the sudden change of positions and how this position made his cock hit something inside her belly that was insanely good. Her belly clenched and a deep ache began to pool there. It was unlike anything she'd ever felt before. "Oh my…what's that?" she panted. The sensation was building and Sookie began to tremble. Her body tightened and she tipped her head back so that it rested against his chest. She gave a strangled gasp when his penis continued to rub against something—a spot inside her sheath that was literally 'out of this world' good! "Oh-oh-Eric, oh God-it feels…it feels…so good…" she mewled, pressing back into each and every thrust of his hips, eager for him to hit that place again and again.

The sound of flesh slapping against flesh was loud in the room as Eric's pace got faster and harder. She was on the edge, her inner muscles were clamping down on him with tiny little butterfly flutters, signaling her approaching climax. And now he wanted his own. He had waited long enough to possess her.

With a click, he allowed his fangs to drop. "Yes. You are mine," he growled, pressing her hands against the wall with one hand and gripping her shoulder with the other as he pounded into her, not quite at vamp speed, but close.

Sookie was too far gone to dispute that statement and with one particularly brutal thrust of his hips, Eric hit her G-spot dead on and Sookie's eyes bugged and she gave a garbled cry when the most bizarre sensation—almost as if she was going to pee—hit her. She started to protest frantically, but then this intense wave of rapture washed over her. It was like nothing she'd ever experienced before. It was so intense, running over her with the subtlety of a train wreck. Her toes curled and she came, gushing fluids, soaking herself, Eric and the bed beneath her. "Oh my sweet God! Eric!" she hollered, her body jerking as she was swept away on a tsunami of sensations.

The sudden rush of hot juices nearly made Eric's eyes roll back in his head. "Oh fuck, Sookie!" he groaned, sliding his hand to her neck to hold her still as he sought his release. He was on the edge when he lowered his head to her neck. "I want to taste you…" he gritted out, licking the exact spot at the crook of her neck where he intended to bite.

Nearly incoherent with the overwhelming power behind her climax, Sookie could only whimper and nod her head.

Eric's answering purr made her clench around his cock even tighter. "I want you to taste me too," he murmured.

"Yes. I want to taste you…" she gasped, trembling every time his wonderful shaft stroked her inside, making her feel things she'd never dreamed possible.

Eric let go of her hands as he bit into his wrist and placed it at her mouth. Sookie lapped at it at first until the rich, sweet taste made her head spin and she grabbed his wrist, held it to her mouth and began to suckle at the wound with vigorous abandon, moaning in ecstasy as his blood sent her into another mind melting release.

Her climax was swift and hard and Eric groaned. "Mine…" he growled, before sinking his fangs home, finally claiming her as his.

Her blood exploded on his taste buds and he was lost. Nirvana. She was sheer perfection. The sensation was similar too someone who'd existed on plain oatmeal all their life and suddenly had a buffet of spicy Mexican food, Italian and any type of tangy, sweet fruit to feast upon. This time, his eyes did roll back in his head as he drank from her, savoring her magnificent blood and shuddering in the throes of an orgasm the likes of which he'd never-ever experienced in all his thousand years. He gave a rough groan against her flesh as he blanketed her back and shot his cum deep inside her,


Sookie was sprawled across his chest, one arm flung across his lean waist and Eric's hand was idly trailing up and down her back, his fingers dancing along her spine. The silence wasn't uncomfortable, but there was an underlying tension as each of them mulled over what they'd just shared.

For Eric, it was a confirmation of what he'd always felt between them, from the moment he'd laid eyes on her. He had always known Sookie was meant to be his…and now she was. The trick was going to be getting her to admit it.

For Sookie, there was a tangible fear of letting him in. She knew he could be ruthless. Cold and calculating too, but he as he'd shown tonight he could be wildly romantic and so sexy it made her teeth hurt. But the biggest obstacle was how he'd professed to not understand the concept of love. That more than anything struck a cold numbing terror in Sookie. She never wanted to go through the kind of heartache Bill had caused her. So, how could she commit to Eric, give him her heart, when he'd practically told her he'd never love her?

And there was her word again…it was a conundrum.

But Sookie was not a coward and finally she broke the silence between them. "Eric?"

"Hmmm?" he replied, glancing down at her.

Sookie folded her hands on his chest and rested her chin there. "You told me once you didn't understand love…"

He frowned, not sure he liked where this was going. "I remember," he acknowledged.

"Do you still feel that way?"

He brushed her hair back and tucked a stray lock behind her ear. "It is maybe not that I do not understand it so much as that I have never experienced it," he admitted.

"What about Godric?" she asked. "You loved him." His eyes narrowed, but she rushed on. "I know you did, Eric. I saw it."

"What you saw was a childe trying to save his maker. It is a different thing than falling in love. As a childe you have no choice but to worship the creature that made you." He tilted her chin up. "Do you understand?"

Sookie's face fell, but she had to ask him one more thing. "So you don't think you could ever…" She swallowed, "love me?" she asked, holding her breath as she awaited his answer.

Eric pondered the question for so long, Sookie started to squirm. Finally he said, "If it is possible for me to love, it would definitely be you that I would fall for Sookie."

Her heart started to pound. "So you're sayin' it's possible, then?"

He realized how very important this was to her and smiled almost tenderly. "I am not saying it isn't."

She knew she was risking getting her heart broken again, but his response was more than she'd hoped for. "So where do we go from here?"

He took that as a literal question and not the metaphorical way she intended. "Well, it is almost sunrise so I must rest and then I will take you home and—"

She giggled. "No, silly," she said, slapping him on the chest playfully. "I meant you and me…where do we go from here? Are we together. If I'm yours are you mine…you know, things like that."

He wasn't sure he appreciated being called silly. As a matter of fact, he could not remember when any woman had dared call him such a thing, but since it was Sookie doing the name calling, he let it pass. "Yes, you are mine and I am yours. That's generally how it works. We will share more blood and form a bond. That way no one can ever take you away from me."

Whoa, and she'd been worried about him making a commitment! He was talking blood bonding—wasn't that permanent? Yikes! She wasn't even used to thinking of him as her boyfriend yet! "Umm…Eric, I'm not so sure—"

He sat up, and she was almost toppled off him, but he caught her before she could tumble off his chest. He pulled her up to lie on top of him so that she was at eye level with him. "You are ready for me, Sookie, but you are scared too." She started to shake her head, but he gripped her chin and forced her head still. "You are too honest to lie. You are scared that I will hurt you like Compton did." He waited, his gaze intense as if daring her to deny the truth.

He was right. Sookie was far too honest to blatantly lie, so she kept quiet and he nodded. "We will bond and then you will have the commitment from me that you desire."

"But what about love?"

He sighed. "Sookie, do words really mean so much to you? Bill said he loved you over and over, yet he betrayed you." Her lip jutted and she started to analyze that fiercely as he went on. "I, on the other hand, would never do so. I will protect you and keep you with me always. What are words when my actions tell you what you mean to me."

"I.." Sookie was at a loss. "I guess I never thought of it like that before."

He seemed pleased. "Exactly. Maybe someday I will understand those words…maybe not, but I will promise to never betray you and I will always protect you and…" The smile that curled his lips upwards was so delicious it curled Sookie's toes too. "And most of all, I promise to give you amazing orgasms until you are too weak to move." He raised a brow, "Happy?"

Sookie settled against him. Well, that may not have been an undying declaration of love, but baby steps were better than none as Gran always said. And not asking her to be his pet was definitely a step for Eric. Sookie nestled her head against his pectoral muscle. She was relaxed, even peaceful as she said, "Okay…then. Eric, I am yours."

In moments she was asleep.

Eric studied her as she slept. She looked well loved, his Sookie and he wondered if he'd ever tire of looking at her. She wasn't the most beautiful woman he'd ever been with, but there was something...effervescent about her that just...sparkled. He rolled his eyes at himself. If Pam could hear him now-he'd never hear the end of it!

He would have to leave soon to rest, but before he got out of bed he placed a tender kiss along her brow. He smiled down at her as she began to snore softly. She was human, yet she captivated him. She was Sookie and she was his. He withdrew himself carefully from her embrace, ready to embrace his own sleep. As he tucked the covers around her, he said quietly, "You agree with me as if you ever had a choice, Sookie, my lover." He smirked, knowing she'd get all riled up if she could hear him now. "You didn't know it then, but you were mine, from the moment I saw you…"

The End

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