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All that Lelouch saw was light after his death. Then, the next thing he knew he was surrounded by clouds with yellow background wearing his emperor cloths. Then the former Zero said, "Where am I," thinking that he was alone.

Then a familiar voice came from behind him, "You are in the world of C my ungrateful son." Lelouch knew this voice; it was the voice of his father, it was the voice of Charles zi Britainnia. The black prince turned around and he saw his father right in front of him.

"The world of C? What am I doing here? And what are YOU doing here? I thought that I was supposed to be dead!" the prince said while yelling at the 98th emperor of Brintainnia.

"You're here because I want you to be here. And I'm here because I have the Code. I'm here to tell you that the world you build is a good one… maybe better than the Ragnorock connection, but it will not last." Lelouch was stunned and surprised by his father's reaction.

"Wha-What do you mean it won't last? How do you know this anyways? So countless live have DIED FOR NOTHING!" Lelouch scream furiously because his father saying that the peace will not last.

"Are you that DUMB WITTED? No peace lasts forever that is made by a person or man kind. But I'm going to tell you this, I brought you here to help you fix on what is about to happen."

Lelouch had a questioned face, how is Charles, his father, going to help him? "Okay first you still didn't answer my question, how did you know that I was going to die? And how are you going to help me anyways? I'm dead!"

"That is what the Code is for my stubborn little son. And to answer to your first question I knew you were going to die cause you're my son, you weakling. I'm going to give you my code in order to send to the other world. I'm doing this for myself and YOU! So that I can see Marrian again….."

The black prince was dumbfounded by the answer that Charles gave. "You really loved mother didn't you?" And the 98th emperor gave a nod as his answer. "And what makes you think that I'm going to let you send me to the real world…father?"

"Hmph… this is the first time that you've actually called me father." This moment seemed almost perfect, but then, "I'M GOING TO FORCE YOU TO TAKE THE CODE IF YOU DON'T WANT IT! Unlike you I don't have a body in the real world, my body was absorbed! By the world of C! And besides, there is going to be one person that is going to be real happy to see you."

"Oh? And who might that be?" Then it hit Lelouch's mind, C.C….

"Hehehe, now you see? This is a gift and my final punishment to you, now hold out your hand." As the former Zero held out his right hand to hold his father's hand that had the code, the mark of the code started to glow on his face. (Note that the prince could only see a red light coming from Lelouch's forehead)

"Oh and before I forget, the enemy is greater than anything that you've faced. He has both the code and geass. Just like you have," said his father. Lelouch was shocked. But he was even more shocked on what he heard next. "You also have both, so this will be an even battle between the people who has the both the code and the geass. We call you people the Code Geass."

"Wow, seriously? That's dumb"

"Don't argue, it is what the higher arcs called them"

"The higher arcs? What are they?"

But Charles ignored the question and said, "Our time is up, good luck in the real world." Before Lelouch could say anything, Charles disappeared and the black prince lost consciousness.

Lelouch has awoken from his slumber. He realized that it was dark, even though his eye was open. He tried to move his hand but was blocked by a wooden board. Then he realized that he was in a coffin. This was a problem. How am I going to get out of here? Lelouch thought to himself. His train of thought was interrupted by a sudden Thump! "So someone is grave robbing me… how ironic." Said the black prince to himself.

When the coffin was opened, he had to frown, he couldn't see well, because the light was right in his eyes. When his eyes were adjusted, he was a black haired boy, around his age with a shovel at his had, and wearing a black T-shirt with blue jeans. Lelouch was about to use his geass but was interrupted with this statement, "Don't even try, its going to be a waste of time Lelouch vi Britainnia." Lelouch stood frozen. "I'm a friend that your father sent to help you just incase, and even you tried to use your geass it won't affect me cause I have the code myself."

"What is your name?" Lelouch said as he was finally able to bring himself to talk to the boy.

"My name is N.N., and I brought a hat and some cloths for you to change to. And you should hurry, C.C. is in trouble." After hearing that, the former Zero quickly took the the blue robe, blue pant, a hat and a white t-shirt with a tie.

"Thank you. Now where is she? Tell me on what I need to do for now."

"Oh so the great Zero need guidance?" Hearing that made Lelouch furious and was about to yell at N.N. but…"Don't worry I was kidding, you just have to go straight here, by the time you get there you should be ready to use your geass," said the black haired teen pointing at the direction, straight from where Lelouch was facing. (Note they were buried in a open green field with one wide rode that goes about 3 meters) "And here is a wagon to help you." said the boy as he pointed to the wagon with 2 horses. Make sure you get to Jeremiah's Orange Farm with in 2 days." With that N.N. walked the other direction.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going to get supplies that will be important for future plans. Oh and make sure you tell C.C. that I said hi." With that N.N. walked away.

"Well mind as well get C.C., though I wonder what am I suppose to do after? Oh well I'm sure that something will come to mind or something will happen, right now I need to get C.C." With that Lelouch walked to the wagon and rode it towards the farm. He had to get there in 2 days or it will be too late…

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