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Schneizel was standing over a canyon. He was wearing his royal outfit, he was there with Kanon who wore another royal outfit. It was about 9pm during a fall time. "Sir, you sure that B.B. will show up here with the weapon?" asked Kanon.

"Yes I'm sure," replied Schneizel as he stared down at the canyon.

"But shouldn't we at least bring some Knightmares?"

"Than that would cause a commotion and our plan will be ruined if Lelouch finds out…" said Schneizel

Then a very large, blue, metallic dragon came out. It had 2 blue crystal wings, red eyes, 2 arms and 2 legs. And the dragon had a long snake body.

Schneizel then kneeled down towards the blue dragon and Kanon followed his lead. "Welcome back master B.B." said Schneizel.

Then the dragon opened its mouth and stood B.B., wearing a blue shirt and blue pants. "It's good to be back… ehehe… looks like that Lelouch forgot that the immortal like myself has 2 chances against another matured Code. Ehehehe…. Time to start phase 2…" said B.B.

"Of course…" said Schneizel still kneeling down

"Come Schneizel, it's time to finish everything that I started since the beginning of time!" yelled B.B. as he went inside the blue dragon robot, and then it grabbed Schneizel and Kanon without crushing them and flew away.

48 hours later….

Everyone in Japan, no, everyone in the world was partying. Since the mastermind that broke the peace is no more… or so they think right now…. In Japan, everyone was partying outside in the streets. There are fireworks, ice-cream, popcorn, even movies projecting outside, and everything else that you can think of that'll be the best parties, yes including some people who plays laptop, they had foods, etc…

Everyone was enjoying the party. There was also a ball place for some people to dance. Suzaku and Euphi were dancing, Euphi wore a different wig, a black wig with the same hair style, and yes the citizen of Japan were told that Suzaku was alive and was forced to work for the evil emperor, this caused the rest of the Japan not to kill him. Kallen and Gino were dancing, Anya was recording everything going on, Orange boy and Sayako also started to dance including Milly and Rivalz together…. And C.C. was eating pizza, everyone has forgotten about C.C. besides Kallen, Gino, etc... and she was wearing the black knight's outfit from R2… Everyone was happy and was having fun except for Lelouch. He was inside a room that was inside a building, just next to the ball dance. He was wearing his R.R. costume except his mask. Lelouch couldn't be seen by the outside world anymore, for even if he were to wear his R.R. mask, everyone will crown around him and ask him question and thank him. He did not want that for his own reasons. And if he went outside with a wig, Kallen will be able to recognize him and tell everyone. And everyone else in the world hated Lelouch vi Brittainnia, even Lelouch Lamperouge.

Cecile and Lloyed were able to create a geass canceller that went world wide. It even freed Suzaku from the 'live' geass. Btw Suzaku was wearing his knight of rounds uniform, so was Gino, Euphi was wearing a school uniform, Kallen was wearing the black knights uniform, Anya was wearing her school uniform as well, Jerimiah was wearing the royal outfit, Sayako was wearing her maid outfit. And no one thought that there clothing was wrong…

Lelouch was looking outside smiling, smiling that everyone else was having a great time. Then N.N. showed out of no where. "God! Don't scare me like that!" yelled Lelouch as he jumped out of his chair.

"Don't use that name in vain Lelouch, and beside you should be having fun! Talk to your old friends, or dance with C.C.!" said N.N.

"I wish I could, but-"

"I understand, on the mess that you're in, being the enemy of the world, being R.R., and everything else," snapped N.N.

"Anyways as long as they are having fun I'm happy for them…" said Lelouch looking out in the window, and noticed that C.C. was gone. "Hmmm… she must've went to the bathroom or something," thought Lelouch.

"You do know that you should take things easy for awhile," said N.N.

"How are you alive anyways?" asked Lelouch ignoring the question.

"You'll find out soon, but for now relax!" said N.N. as he patted Lelouch in the back.

"You sound like Milly," said Lelouch.

"Because that's what she told me when I saved them."

Then C.C. came inside the room, and said, "So this is where you were!"

N.N. smiled, and said, "Of course Lelouch would like to dance with you!"

Lelouch looked at N.N. with a 'what the hell?' look. Then C.C. grabbed his arm and said, "Good, now lets get going warlock, and make sure that you get your mask."

"C.C.! be a bit more reasonable! Think! If I go out there with my mask on and with that weird voice translator, I'll make a fool of myself! And some people will get suspicious and will do anything to get to see my face!" said Lelouch.

"I'm okay with that," said C.C. as she started to drag him away.

"Wait! My mask!" yelled Lelouch as he tried to struggle himself free.

Then N.N. passed the mask towards Lelouch, it landed right on Lelouch's head. "Have fun now…" said N.N. with a teasing voice.

"N.N. I SWEAR…" Lelouch was about to say some stuff but the door closed as Lelouch and C.C. went out of the room.

"Have fun while you can Lelouch…" said N.N. as he sat down in the chair and turned on the TV.


"Ugh wait C.C.!" yelled Lelouch as he still tried to struggle himself free.

"Fine, what do you want now?" said C.C. as she released Lelouch in the stairs, making him fall down.

"Damn it witch!" yelled Lelouch as he got up. Still with the mechanic voice. Then Lelouch took off his mask and started to look something inside it.

"What are you doing?" asked C.C. as she went towards Lelouch.

He ignored her. Then they head a click. "Alright!" yelled Lelouch as he put back on his mask.

"What was that suppose to do?" asked C.C.

"I made this sound more like my previous mask except with a deeper sound producer," said Lelouch, sounding somewhat like Zero but with a lower voice.

"Alright, let's go warlock!" yelled C.C. as she grabbed hold of Lelouch again and dragged him outside.

When everyone saw R.R., everyone went silent, and stopped on what they were doing. Suzaku, Euphi, Anya, Jerimiah, Sayako, Anya, Kallen, and Gino started to clap. Then everyone else followed.

"Please," said R.R. "This is a celebration, let's try to be a bit more formal."

Everyone then went to do on what they were doing. C.C. then took R.R. towards the dancing ground. Then they started to dance. C.C. could see Lelouch's purple eyes through the red geass symbol on R.R.'s mask.

They said nothing, but just dance. Everyone was minding there own business. Except for Kallen who then started to think if R.R. is Lelouch since C.C. does not dance or like to be around any other guys besides Lelouch. But she didn't care at the moment. C.C. leaned her head toward R.R.'s chest. And everyone kept dancing, but then a large TV that was in a building not faraway from where the ball dance were turned on and it showed B.B.!


"No,NO,NO,NO,NNNOO!" yelled Lelouch and C.C. in her head.

N.N. then just smiled and said, "Finally you showed up."



"Yea take off your mask!" yelled everyone.

Kallen stood frozen, not knowing what to do or think of, then Gino brought Kallen inside a building.

Suzaku, Euphi, Anya, Jerimiah, and Sayako sneaked towards R.R. and C.C. to stop the uprising crowd. "Please stop this! If B.B. is really the good guy then why was he trying to kill the Black Knights?" asked Suzaku.

Then B.B. said, "THE BLACK KNIGHTS SIDED WITH LELOUCH SECRETLY… IT WAS ONLY RIGHT TO KILL THEM! AND SUZAKU, THE SECOND ZERO WHO SUPPOSED TO KILL LELOUCH SIDED WITH HIM IN THE END! I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT HE DID! SO CITIZENS OF THE WORLD, DO YOU GUYS STILL DO NOT BELIEVE ME? THEN TELL R.R. TO TAKE OFF HIS MASK!" and then on the TV of the entire world showed R.R…. "Damn it! There's no way out of this! Maybe N.N. will bring his knightmare! No… then that'll lose the distrust of everyone, I got to think of a way and fast!" said Lelouch inside his head.

C.C. looked at Lelouch. She knew that he didn't have a choice. He also knew that he didn't have a choice. "Verywell… guess I've lost this one…" said R.R. as he put both of his hands on his mask.

When he took it off, everyone was in shock. Then the all started to charged at Lelouch. Suzaku and the other tried there best to hold them back. Then B.B. said, "WHAT YOU GUYS GOING TO DO NOW?"

"KILL LELOUCH VI BRITTAINNIA!" yelled everyone of the world.

"Lelouch! Now is the time to use your plan!" yelled Suzaku.

"Very well," said Lelouch, then he took off his contacts, "I, Lelouch vi Brittainnia, commands you all to be on my side!" yelled Lelouch activating his geass. Then everyone backed up and said, "Yes your majesty!"

Suzaku and the others then calmed down, then C.C. asked, "Why couldn't you do that before?"

"Because I had my contacts on…" said Lelouch.

"So what now?" asked Rivalz.

"Rivalz how are you not affected by Lelouch's geass?" asked Jerimiah.

"Because he is already on my side, Kallen and Milly are too…" said Lelouch.

"I see…" said Jerimiah.

"Hello? I just asked a question here!" yelled Rivalz.

"I need to talk to N.N…." said Lelouch.

Gino checked outside and saw that the cost was clear. He then turned to Kallen who just kept shaking her head. "Kallen are you okay?" asked Gino.

Kallen's eyes were flashing red on and off. Lelouch used his geass on Kallen to forget that Lelouch was R.R… Now the geass effect was wearing off in a weird process.

Then Gino shook her, "HEY KALLEN YOU OKAY?"

Then she finally broke free of the geass and returned to her senses… but luckily the refrain part of the geass was still intact to her. "Y-yea I'm okay… Where is Lelouch?" asked Kallen.

"He ran off somewhere, and it seems that he used his geass on some people…" said Gino.

"Then I guess we just wait until he finds us," said Kallen

"Why wait?" asked Gino.

"Because to him, we are just his chess pieces for world peace… nothing more nothing less…" said Kallen looking down.

"Hey, he may treat us like chess pieces but we still have our own minds to make Kallen," said Gino.

"Alright… thanks Gino," said Kallen looking at him in the eyes while smiling.

"No problem."


Lelouch ran up the stairs and to the room on where N.N. is supposed to be. Suzaku and Jerimiah tried to restrain Lelouch since there was a dark sense going around him. But Lelouch used his brain wisely to break free. He, then, kicked the door, revealing N.N. wearing a white shirt and blue pants. "N.N. you knew about this didn't you?" yelled Lelouch.

"Yes I have," said N.N. going to the refrigerator and grabbing a soda.

"Then why didn't you say something?" asked Lelouch.

Then Suzaku and Jerimiah came inside the room. C.C. was trying to find Kallen and Gino. "Because if I told you, you would try to find him, and that'll be a waste of 2 days since he was somewhere you won't even expect," said N.N. taking a drink.

"Then you knew where he was!" yelled Lelouch as he tried to lunge towards N.N. But Suzaku stopped him by grabbing his arm. "LET GO OF ME SUZAKU!"

"Lelouch you need to calm down!" yelled Suzaku.

"Master Lelouch, with all do with respect, you really need to calm yourself," said Jerimiah.

"Lelouch I did not know the location, but Charles told be not to tell you… since it'll just exhaust you out when B.B. is about to make his move… and besides, all of us wanted to let you guys enjoy your freedom…" said N.N.

"Woah, woah, woah, what do you mean by 'us'?" asked Suzaku

"Me, Marianne, and Charles," replied N.N. as he took a seat.

"Wait you can communicate to them?" yelled Suzaku. Jerimiah just stood there surprised and confused.

"Yes, me, Lelouch, and C.C. can talk to them anytime we want to," said N.N., "But unfortunately about 15 hours ago, someone disrupted the communication…"

"B.B.!" yelled Lelouch.

"Precisely… in other words his at C's world right now… or was…" said N.N.

"What do you mean was?" asked Jerimiah.

"He is going to try to destroy everything, he is planning on a massive FLEIJA… but not just a regular FLEIJA… his going to put a special geass chemical that'll destroy both our world and C's world… inother words…" said N.N.

"Our deceased friends will be in trouble…" finished Lelouch.

"Exactly," said N.N.

"Then we need to stop him!" yelled Suzaku as he tried to run out.

"Do you know where he is then?" asked N.N.

"N-no…" said Suzaku as he stopped right outside the door.

"I sent Xingke and his army to try to hack into a satellite orbiting our earth to find the Damocles location…" said N.N.

"How do you know that the FLEIJA is going to be in the Damocles?" asked Lelouch.

"Because isn't that where the FLEIJA is built?" asked Jerimiah.

"That's what I thought too, but think about it, why would anyone hide a dangerous weapon in the most obvious location?" asked Lelouch.

"I see where you're going, I'll contact Xingke right away," said N.N. as he went outside the room.

"Jerimiah, get C.C., Kallen, and Gino to come to Gamma Base," said Lelouch.

"Right away your highness!" yelled Jerimiah as he ran out.

"Suzaku I need you to find the best kightmare pilots and those who are willing to die for the world," said Lelouch.

"Gotcha!" yelled Suzaku as he ran off.

"Damn it! Never expected B.B. to be alive! No wonder that he died that easily! Japan is the only country that is free from B.B.'s control right now… that's all I need… B.B. I accept your last challenge!" said Lelouch to himself.


When B.B. went into a room it showed the blue dragon. "Soon, my old friend… soon this will all be over!" said B.B…


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