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"I owled Ronald. He's meeting us for dinner at eight with Neville, Luna, perhaps a few others. Is that fine?"

He nodded. "Of course. I'm not having a single drink tonight."

"I'm proud of it. Now, where should we go? I should find something to wear..."

Hermione had, the day before, brought over a bag of things. Since their profession of love to each other, the idea of not sleeping beside each other had become ridiculous, almost depressing. She'd attempted - she really had - but had instead apparated back into his flat with a rather large bag of things. She was apparently staying for more than the weekend. He didn't mind.

"I have a place in mind."

"Wizarding or no? You're forgetting, with Luna..."

"Right. Never mind. There's a new place in Diagon Alley... I'll owl them while you get ready." He watched her grab things from her bag, tossing shirts and skirts over her shoulder, and walk around the room twice before he finally stood and reached the door.

"Looking for something?"

"Harry please, I can't even remember what I'm trying to find! We're about to have dinner with Ron - who, if you hadn't noticed, believes I didn't leave him for you."

"Did you really leave him for me?"

She glared at him, he laughed. "That's beside the point. I did leave him and end up with you - it's going to look like it. He's going to be angry. It's why I skipped on your lunch last week. I wasn't ready."

"He knows you're living with me, you know."

Hermione dropped the pile of clothes tucked under her arm. "What are you talking about?" She hadn't looked so scared since the Mountain Troll incident.

"He's been by your place a few times - your wards still let him in, you know."

"I forgot about that... I left a note for anyone who might come looking for me..."

"And Ron did. Honestly, I think it'll be easier than you think."

"You're not the one that has to tell him." She shut the bathroom door just in front of Harry, and it took every bit of willpower not to laugh. She was right - as always.

It only took just over a minute from Ron's smile to turn into a grimace. Hermione had been expecting that she'd have at least an hour, but when Harry had insisted on sitting beside her and very openly holding her hand on the table - he practically forced her into it. Ron took one last look between the two of them before motioning to Hermione, who had been listening to Neville talk about a new plant strain he'd discovered that could cure Spattergroit faster.

"Hermione, I need to talk to you. Like, now." Hermione nodded, her hand finally released by Harry, who only looked down into his lap. She could see him solemnly trying to balance between laughing and biting his lip. It wasn't pretty.

Ron grabbed her by the same hand that Harry had held.

"Are you and Harry... together?"

"Ron, I..."

"Just give me a straight answer, please Hermione. I can't take the waiting."

"Yes, Ron. We are."

"Then you did leave me for Harry?"

"Yes and no. Originally, no - I just wanted to care for him. But we'd been together once in the past, before you and I even liked each other, it was... I couldn't stop it."

"Hermione, I really want to be mad at the both of you. I do. But... with how Harry's been? Getting dumped off by my sister, and finally stopping the drinking? I can't blame anyone."

"I shouldn't have done it. You... you're really a great guy Ron, we're just not great together."

"I need someone more... my speed, I think you're saying."

Hermione smiled, patting Ron on the shoulder. "Something like that. Harry and I are both very serious people."

"And I've still got some growing up to do. It's... fine. I'll get over it." He gave her a weak smile and lead her back to the table. Harry looked up as if to ask her, but said nothing.

Hermione only sat beside him, took his hand once more, and smiled across the table at Ron. In some twisted way, nothing could have made her happier than Ron understanding everything.

"Do you remember when I asked you what it would be like if we'd never met the Weasleys?"

He felt Hermione stiffen beside him. It had been a few months since that had been brought up - since the two of them got together, really.


"I've decided I'm glad we did. If we hadn't, Ron wouldn't have mucked up so bad - even in first year! - and we wouldn't have saved you from the troll, and..."

"I think I get it, Harry. Without whatever happened before... we wouldn't be where we are now. I know."

"I'm glad. Hermione?"


"How different would this be if we'd never... been together before?" Christmas? Or before the war?"

"I don't really know. I don't think we'd have been together without that, either."

"Would you say that I get to blame this entire thing on firewhiskey?"

"Don't push your luck." She snuggled into his side and he responded only by pulling her in closer, chuckling.