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She punched his chest with vigour wanting to hurt, wanting to mark and scar him. Claim him. How could he do it? In front of everybody, humiliate her like they had humiliated others countless times, destroy her like she was nothing. Like she was nobody. Had he forgotten where his loyalty lay, where his bed was?

She pushed at his solid chest again and again, barely creating movement. She roared and raged at him and he stood his ground, his eyes a mask of hate and anger, his fists curled ready to mark his antagonist.

Her long raven hair swung across her shoulders as she took a swing for him, cracking him squarely across the jaw. Billy tried to grip her as his rage boiled over but she yanked herself away as she headed for the door.

Steph didn't get far before Billy seized her shoulders swinging her around to face him; he was met with the palm of her hand crashing into his sunken cheek. He held her petite shoulders tightly as she squared up to him, screaming up into his face like he was nobody, like she had no fucking respect. Unsuccessfully she tried to match his towering height as she shouted vicious words laced with venom.

Billy's anger spilled over, he roughly pushed her backwards sending her crashing into the old stained wall. Her head bounced off the crumbling bricks just as he staggered over to her tripping on an empty vodka bottle and tumbling onto the bed backwards.

Steph's drunken eyes widened as she watched Billy stagger onto the bed whilst she flew into the wall. Quickly she dived onto the bed, her fists flying everywhere, attacking every part of him that she could reach; Billy took hit after hit as he struggled to contain her soaring fists. Once he had her wrists tight within his own strong calloused hands he yanked her off him, throwing her down beside him as he jerked himself on top of her, his hands still holding her tightly, and his knees holding her calves down painfully.

She laid beneath him snarling as he leaned closer, whispering threats into her delicate face; with no warning Steph shamelessly spat up into Billy Darley's face.

His piercing eyes widened in rage.


Steph laid on the bathroom floor her long dark hair fanned out beneath her, her eyes were red and puffy and black smudges smeared her cheeks from her mascara that was supposedly waterproof. Her sore bruised cheek rested gently on the cold dirty torn plastic tiles that had been laid years before she and Billy had ever dreamed of getting an apartment.

An empty bottle of vodka lay beside her, she fingered the empty rim carelessly, her mind wondering elsewhere.

How had Billy and her ended up the way the were? So fucked up and broken? It was not meant to be that way, it wasn't what she had planned.

Ever since she could remember she had wanted, no needed to get out of Southie and she had planned on doing that on her sixteenth birthday; she had craved to not have to walk down the streets with fear in her stomach, with her head down hoping to get by without being noticed by the gangs on the street corners.

And then she'd met Billy when she was fifteen and she was hooked, he was like nicotine; she craved for him when he didn't come around, she ached for him. Soon, he became her reason to stay in Southie, her birthdays passing too quick for her liking, any chance of leaving getting smaller and smaller as they days rolled on.

And Billy, well he was enthralled with her from the moment she had charged through the underpass like a hurricane before punching Joe square in the mouth, claiming he'd fucked one of her friends and never called. Billy had been amazed by the way her long thick lashes brushed her cheek as she blinked angrily, how her wavy hair swung around her as she charged like it was dancing, how her fierce grey eyes lit up like lightning as she raged. Of course with Billy being nineteen at the time he had tried to avoid her like the plague, she was a walking guilty verdict, and he really didn't need that on his record any time soon.

As the weeks had rolled on since her brave attack on Joe, Billy had found himself picking Joe up from school in the chance of seeing her again. He got his wish and after a few short months of them dancing around each other Billy had began fucking her, and had claimed her as his own to the few people that knew about them.

By the time she was seventeen everybody knew who she was, who's arm she was on and that she was to be respected, if they didn't want Bones' Darleys vicious and calculating oldest son's wild temper unleashed on them.

Steph breathed deeply as she heard the front door slam close and the bathroom door squeak open, the sound of heavy breathing coming from the doorway. She heard him lean down, his calloused fingers running against her hip before he put down a small brown teddy that had a long white lily taped to the back of it. She wondered if realised that she knew that every flower he had ever got her had come from the cemetery.

Billy stared down at the crumpled mess he had left behind not three hours ago, he watched as she slowly reached out and touched the teddy before turning it around and sniffing the flower. She turned onto her back letting Billy see the purplish bruise that was forming over her left cheek bone, he couldn't help but wince looking down at her like that and knowing that his storming temper was the cause.

"C'mon," Billy murmured as he scooped a drunken Steph into his arms and headed into their bedroom where he gently placed her on the bed, her head lolled to the side where she watched him undress.

She watched as he whipped off his black shirt revealing his tattooed arms and torso, the silver cross she had bought him many years ago hanging from his neck, a reminder that she still at least hung over his heart, even if she wasn't in it.

"Don't ya ever do that again to me," she spat, her wide silvery eyes staring daggers at him. They both knew she wasn't on about him hitting her.

Slowly he eased himself into bed but leaned on his side so that he was looking down at her delicate face. "I had a rough fuckin' day, forgot ya were at the bar," he murmured like that immediately justified his behaviour.

"Ya forgot I was at the bar?" she questioned angrily. "I can deal with your crap Billy, I can deal with this shitty life you have dragged me into. I can't fuckin' deal with you getting some fuckin' whore to suck your dick in the shitter whilst I sit at the fuckin' bar!" She was yelling now and her jaw was clenched firmly.

Billy didn't reply he just lay there watching her as she quietly fumed. Slowly he leaned down and began kissing her shoulder tenderly; she slapped him off her once, twice before giving in and letting him trail kisses up and down her side. He scrambled on top of her as he nibbled on her neck making her let out a reluctant moan, she still fucking hated him and wanted him to know, but she couldn't help but bite her lip as she felt his hardness against her.

She wanted to tell him he was on his last chance, his millionth chance, but before the thoughts had even properly formed in her head he was inside her and she was gasping. "I fuckin' love ya, Billy."