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Billy sucked sharply on his cigarette, the addictive nicotine instantly pouring into his blood, the sweet smoke flooding his lungs. He blew the smoke out of his plump lips as he started the engine on his beloved car; it roared to life, the well-known grumble engulfing the street in heavy noise.

As he thundered down the street he ran a calloused hand warily over his shaven scalp; he was worried. Shit, it wasn't often that Billy admitted to it, but on this occasion, he could feel his nerves tingling as he headed home to Steph. He wondered idly if he should have ever told her that it was her 'special' friend Brendan that had killed her dear Aunt. Fuck, he was surprised she'd believed him, he'd had that kid down as a no balls pussy from the moment he laid eyes on him; he could of told her it was anyone, a crack-whore, or a homeless bum, anyone would have been better than the boy she had brought into all of their lives, anyone else and it wouldn't of hurt her so god damn much.

Anyone that is, except for the actual murderer.


Billy knew it would physically kill Steph to know the truth about her brother's dirty little secret, would tear her whole world apart- well more than it already was.

He had told her it was that fuck Brendan to help cover up Robbie's actions for her sake, for her well-being. Billy knew that whoever he told her was the culprit she would want dead, and Billy had wanted Brendan dead for a long ass time. He just hadn't counted on another of his lies hurting Steph so badly.

With a screech he pulled up outside the apartment complex, his cold blue eyes staring blankly at the light of their living room for a few seconds, before slipping out of the car and into the cold evening's air. He wondered how she'd be that night, would she be sitting in a pool of tears sobbing her heart out, or would she pounce on him the second he walked through the door- a pitiful attempt to fill the hole inside her heart with him. Every day when he'd come home, he'd found Steph in a different sort of frenzied state, each individual one ending with her silent and blaming herself.

Cursing that the front door was open, he took a deep breath before pushing it wide and stepping inside.


Steph hated cleaning. For years it had been the bane of her life, a constant job that never seemed to end-, an endless job she had to undertake alone- Billy did not clean- muttering under her breath as she scrubbed away. It was a meaningless job, the moment the apartment would be sparkling Billy would tear through it like an angry tornado creating havoc and mess, and she'd have to start all over again. God she hated cleaning.

But she hated dirt even more.

Steph stood stretching on a stool her tiny height working against her as she stretched with a damp cloth soaked in bleach scrubbing at the ceiling. Her small muscles throbbing as she pulled at them, aching for her reach to get further.

"What the fuck ya doin'?" Billy asked making Steph jump and drop her cloth. Slowly she craned her neck around, her silver eyes glistening with tears that she wouldn't let fall.

Her eyes were so beautiful, so wide and moist, always overcast and stormy, able to cut through a man with as much as an angry glare, able to brighten a dull room with so much of a glance.

The two eye's Billy could lose himself in narrowed in on him. "I'm cleaning the fuckin' ceiling Bill, am I the only one who can see the yellow fuckin' stains."

Billy slipped a cigarette into his mouth as Steph jumped down off the stool lunging at him before ripping the cigarette for his mouth. "That ain't gonna' help the stains." She snarled tossing the cigarette on the table before walking away and picking up her cloth.

Her hands shook insistently as she climbed back onto her stool before continuing to stretch whilst barely actually touching the ceiling. Slowly, he shrugged his jacket off before walking over to her, placing his large calloused hands on her smooth small hips, rubbing circles over them with his thumbs. He put his head against her lower stomach, still holding her to him; for a second he thought she was going to continue cleaning, but before long she rested a hand lightly on the back of Billy's shaven head, her hand holding the cloth falling limply to the side.

"I love you," she said almost monotonously.

With a sniff Billy pulled himself away from her flat abdomen, his icy eyes flicking upwards to meet her equally cold ones.

Her lips were pursed in an angry tight line, her eyes empty and blank.

"Tonight's the night," he mumbled, his voice hoarse and ragged. Her mouth opened wide.

"I wanna be there," she announced loudly. "I wanna be there when you kill that cunt."

Billy took a step backwards to full take in her exquisite form though his hands still lingered on her hips.

"Steph, baby," he said loudly. "Ya know ya can't be there."

"What?!" She growled, jumping to the floor and taking a step away from Billy.

With a huff he ran a hand over his head before sniffing and wiping under his nose. "Ya too emotional," he watched as her face returned to stone, as if trying to prove she was the absolute opposite of emotional. "Ya won't be controlled, ya won't be able to leave when we have to get out of there, and ya won't be able to be invisible."

"What the fuck does being invisible have to do with anything? No I won't be invisible, I want that little prick to know he messed with the wrong family."

Billy strode close recapturing Steph between his strong hands. "And what if there's fuckin' camera's huh? And that fuck shows even the tiniest bit of recognition, ya don't think the cops will look in to it? Ya don't think they'll put the pieces together?" his voice was barely a whisper.

Steph slowly nodded, knowing deep down she wouldn't be able to just kill him and go, and there was no way they could kidnap him, torture him and have him disappear off the face of the earth the way she would of liked. No, little rich kid's like him didn't just 'disappear' they'd have the whole force looking for him.

"Just make sure it hurts okay?" She mumbled, wrapping her arms around Billy's waist.

"I'll let Joe know," he said leaning down to press his lips to her full ones.

She pulled her head back. "What? Joe?"

"He's gonna' do the fucker as part of his initiation," Billy began to lean in again. "Kill two birds with one stone."

Steph let this new information wash over her before leaning back towards Billy. "Well, as long as there is some killing," she pressed her lips onto Billy's her hand trailing down his chest stopping on his hard bulge.


Billy looked down through narrowed eyes at the blonde who was on her knees in front of him, going where countless women had gone before. Unknowingly he let out a grunt as release overcame him; he leaned back against one of the underpass' wall's his head rolling back as he began to do up his zip, watching the skanky blonde stagger to her feet, a giggle playing on her lips, her hand wiping the corner of her mouth.

She leaned into him, her body pressed against him seductively as she leaned towards him her lips puckered ready to assault his mouth with her tongue. Billy watched as she got closer and closer until the final second he raised his hand pushing the women away from him. She staggered sideways, still giggling thinking it was all a game.

With little effort he pushed himself off the wall his boot's thundering in the small space as he began to walk towards his car. He needed a drink, a strong one and then he needed to head home to see Steph, to beat himself up for being such a prick whilst looking down at her porcelain face.

"Hey wait," the women slurred. Billy stopped in his tracks letting out a huff knowing full well the skank was following him. He felt her stumble into his back before he turned around quickly, his trench coat spinning with him, and laid a balled up fist into her jaw.

She staggered to the floor with a loud wail, holding her jaw. Fucking dramatic, Billy thought, he didn't even really swing at her.

He began to walk away again before stopping and digging in his pocket, he pulled out a balled up ten dollar bill and threw it at the whining women before turning on his heel and continuing his way to his car.

Before he even realised where he was he was heading into his apartment, his jaw locked and his face unreadable.

"In here," Steph voiced chimed from the bathroom.

Billy poured himself a whiskey, letting the fiery liquid pour down his throat before he headed in Steph's direction.

He could hear her singing lightly to herself completely out of tune and when he walked into the bathroom and found her in the tub, her long hair piled high on top of her head, loose waves tumbling down into the hot water. The bath was filled bubbles and he could only see one toned tanned leg sticking out of the suds.

She smiled up at him, her face alight and her eyes bright. "Hey baby," she said lightly as he leaned down kissing her gently on her head. He began walking out of the room as she called him, he turned around with a frown etched on his hard face. "Come and scrub my back?" she said suggestively.

He couldn't help but smirk. "In a second, babe," he walked into the bedroom and leant his forehead against the wall hating himself for what he continually did to her. Hating himself for being such an asshole, hating himself for being weak for caring, hating himself for not being able to stop himself when it was offered to him, and hating her for being so god damn beautiful.


Joe sat silently in the corner of the room trying not to draw attention to himself, trying the look cool and collected when inside his stomach was doing backflips and his heart was kicking at his chest begging to jump out.

He swigged at his beer bottle in an attempt to put at least one of his nervous hands to use before he let his big brown eyes wonder around the small living room.

The guys all sat around drinking heavily, a few joints were being passed around the room idly and Heco and Tommy say playing cards- though what game Joe really wasn't too sure.

Billy was in the bedroom with Steph and Joe didn't know if it was calming her down, comforting her during one of her ever so recent tearful breakdowns, or if he was giving her one last going over, one last fuck encase he got reprimanded by the law. Billy always said that Steph was his good luck charm, and how much luckier could you get than to be inside that charm.

It had become a sort of ritual before Billy ever did anything premeditated that might get him a long stretch. So far it had worked as well.

Before he had even looked away from the bedroom door it opened with a creak and out walked Billy, a familiar smirk playing on his lips, followed by Steph who held an old rusted machete in her young delicate hand. It hung by her side as she walked straight over to Joe, her big eyes never leaving his muddy ones.

"I want ya to use this," she said casually as if she handed over a machete every day. She put the handle of the old weapon in Joe's hand before she placed her hand in his stubbly cheek. "I want ya to hurt him," her voice cracked.

"It will Steph," Joe replied shakily, gripping the offensive tool with both hands. "I promise."

Steph let the faintest of smiles pass her lips before she spoke again. "I know we've never seen eye to eye, and I know I've been a horrible bitch to you. But your Billy's baby brother and that makes you family." She stopped, let out a deep breath before continuing. "And Rainey was my aunt which made her your family," she closed her eyes for the smallest of seconds. "Don't forget that."

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