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Just The Secretary

Chapter 1

I had just sat down when the phone rang. I smiled to myself and quickly picked up the handheld, placing it to my ear even as I started up my laptop. My day had already started and I was now up and running. I kept my voice light and pleasant as I chimed the usual, "Mr. Kaiba's office," into the ear of the person on the receiving end. I drummed my fingers on my desk lightly as the caller finally spoke.

"This is Ryozo Kuchizuke of Kuchizuke Industries. May I speak to Mr. Kaiba?" The man's voice was gruff, probably that of an older gentleman, but was light and easy-going. I could almost see this man with his large belly, dark hair speckled with grey and possibly balding, and the laugh lines around his wisened eyes, even though I had never heard of him.

I hummed softly. "I'm sorry. Mr. Kaiba is in a meeting at the moment. Shall I take a message?" I reached for my pen and clicked it, prepared to write on the only available surface, the large write-on calendar on my desk.

"Oh, no, that's alright," the man laughed, "I understand; meetings can be very tedious. Can you just tell him to call me back at this number at his earliest convenience?" He recited the number, which I then jotted down and repeated to Mr. Kuchizuke to be sure I'd gotten it correct. I was rewarded with his ample laugh and an affirmation. "That's it! And who am I speaking to?" he asked.

"Leena Marr, sir." I swelled with anticipation of his next words.

"Ah, thank you for your time. I'll be sure to put in a good word with Mr. Kaiba about you," he grinned, and I couldn't help but grin back. I thanked him and hung the phone back on the receiver. I twirled my pen and took a long sip of my coffee, glad for this man who'd seemed so eager to reward me for simply doing my job. I wouldn't dream of complaining; I desperately wanted to be in Mr. Kaiba's good graces, but not for the reasons most would think.

I loved my job at Kaiba Corp. Where once I was a simple first floor lobbyist, within the short span of a year, I'd climbed the ranks and floors until I made it where I am today: sitting in a nice desk by myself just outside Mr. Kaiba's office, serving as his secretary. My father couldn't be more proud of me; it's not a common occurance that a nineteen year old sits in such a high rung on the ladder of success. Though my salary measured only five figures, I was positive that it would only increase the longer I stayed here.

But that's not why I wanted to stay on Mr. Kaiba's good side.

Most people don't get to see the side of him that I do. Day in and day out I watch him stroll right past me into his office with barely a word exchanged except for my ever-cheerful greeting and his simple, monotonous directions and requests. Every day I watch his eyes soften when his younger brother strolls up to him, I watch him hide his laughter with a blank stare when Mokuba tells me a joke that's slightly less than funny and yet I laugh anyway. He's not a nasty crank that many people could take him for. He's a direct, ruthless businessman, yes, but never cruel.

As long as I've been employed in his service, he's never driven me away by his temper issues; I deal with him at his finest and at his most frustrated. I grin and bear it all because it's the reason I've stayed here so long. He could never scare me away with his tantrums.

The reason I stay close to him, the reason I still wake up every morning and consider myself the luckiest person in the world to work for him, the reason I put myself in the way of his wrath and bear it is all because I am utterly devoted and completely, truly, and deeply in love with Seto Kaiba.

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