Harry Potter:

Surprise Mate...Literally

Chapter I

To most people Harry would seem over excited to be going back to school, but Hogwarts was his escape, his home. The only thing that dampened his mood about going to Hogwarts was that he left his aunt to the wrath of Uncle Vernon. But Aunt Petunia literally pushes him to the train station every year so she doesn't have to worry about waking up one day and finding him beat unconscious.

Harry was waiting on the platform for Ron and Hermione, when he felt a brush of heat against his neck, almost like he was being pulled somewhere along the platform. He tried to shake off the feeling but it wouldn't leave him so he decided to ignore it instead when Ron and the other Weasleys started towards him. Before he could get a greeting out of his mouth he was pulled into Mrs. Weasley's bussom. It took him every ounce of control to stop moaning in pain. His uncle had done some heavy damage on his ribs and left welts on his back from his belt. Though he was use to the pain, have pressure applied to it was almost unbearable.

"It's so good to see you Harry." She told him as she gave him one last squeeze than pulled away. "You're still to skinny. I hope your time at Hogwarts will fatten you up some. What do those muggles be feeding you."

Harry almost let the truth slip but he held his tongue for a moment then he spoke. "The doctors put my cousin on a diet so my aunt Petunia had to change what she cooked."

"Oh dear, and she put you on it too? Doesn't she know you are too skinny?"

"She had no chose, my uncle wasn't going to have Dudley suffer by himself." Harry said bitterly

"Those people need a good talking to."

"It's okay Mrs. Weasley, I only have one more summer before I never have to go back."

"It's still unacceptable dear. Something is going to have to give."

"Leave him be mum, Harry has one more year than he doesn't have to worry about the muggles anymore." Ginny told her coming to Harry's defense. Harry gave her a smile of gratitude as Hermione came over to them.

"Hey Harry, hello everyone." She said giving them a smile in greeting then went to hug Mrs. Weasley. "We better find a compartment before they all fill." Hermione said turning towards Harry.

"You mean so I could sit alone for half of the ride while you and Ron are at the perfect meetings?"

"Just about."

"You could sit with Luna and me while you wait for them."

"That's alright Ginny, I need some time to think anyway while I wait for 'Mione and Ron."

"Okay, but come looking for us if you need to." she said giving him a warm smile

"I'll do that."

With one last hug from Mrs. Weasley they all left for the train. Everyone went there separate ways, Harry going to look for a compartment, Ginny going to look for Luna and Dean Thomas and Ron and Hermione going to the Perfects meeting.

Harry looked through just about every compartment all were full. He really wanted to be alone to look over his injuries his uncle caused him, but there was only one compartment with room and that compartment held Draco Malfoy. He felt a smile spread across his lips and butterflies fill his stomach as he looked upon the face that kept him from giving up all summer. He and Draco had formed a friendship during the middle of their fifth year. Both need a shoulder to lean on...well in Harry's case a chest since he was almost a foot shorter than Draco, which annoyed him to no end. But through this friendship Harry begun to notice his feeling begun to get stronger for the blond Slytherin. But fear of rejection always kept him from acting on it. He had been rejected enough in his life he didn't need another from the object of his affection.

"Hey Draco. Do you mind if I sit here all the others are filled." Harry asked shyly.

Even with the friendship formed between them it was kept in private he was always fearful of the public humiliation Draco may but him through, but he never did, he usually just stayed away from the Golden Trio to avoid putting Harry through that though Harry didn't know that.

"I don't mind Harry, but when your friends come in here we are going to have to be indifferent."

"Unfortunately I know. Where's Pansy? I didn't get to write her this summer."

"She probably on her way. How was your summer Harry?"

"It was like it usually is Dray, nothing spectacular. Didn't get to go to the Burrow this summer because the Weasley's were abroad all summer. So I was at home helping my Aunt Petunia around the house." Harry said slightly curbing the truth.

"One of these summers Harry, Pansy and I are going to take you out for a real summer vacation. We are going to show you the world." Draco told the Golden Boy with a smile.

Harry returned the smile his eyes lighting up at the thought of traveling the world with Draco and Pansy. "Well you know I don't need you and Pansy's charity, I can go see the world on my own." Harry teased.

"You could, but how fun would be without the two most sexiest Slytherins you ever met?" Draco said seductively.

"Two of the sexiest? I was only informed of one, and she is quite beautiful." Harry said teasing Draco.

"You wound my ego Harry." Draco said feigning hurt.

"Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?" Harry mind almost went dizzy at how daring he was being it.

"I think it would require more than one kiss little Gryffindor. I may need a whole make out session."

"We'll I guess we have to set up an appointment with your Mediwizard than."

"As long as he is you than I think I would gladly take the appointment."

The pair didn't realize they had been leaning towards each other till the heard the compartment door opening and sprung apart just as Pansy entered.

She had a big smile on her face and rushed to hug Harry, like he did with Mrs. Weasley he held in his moan of pain from the contact.

"It's good to see you Harry. I was worried all summer when I didn't get an owl from you."

"Sorry, my uncle has a problem with all things magic and forces me to keep Hedwig in her cage for most of the summer."

"Bastard, I'll show him what magic is as soon as I turn seventeen." Pansy said as she went to sit next to Draco.

"I don't get a warm and fuzzy greeting?" the blond asked when she set down. "Do I mean so little to the both of you?" he said his eyes filling with fake tears and hurt.

"I swear you could be a Hufflepuff. You are to good an actor of your emotions." Harry tried to hold in a laugh at Pansy's word and the look on Draco's face as if she had lost her mind. "But we love you anyway for some reason only Merlin knows." Pansy said kissing the blond on the cheek. "So how was your summer Harry? I didn't get an owl from you and Draco was practically breathing down my throat with worry throughout the whole summer?"

"The same as usual Pans, my uncle is still an ass and I spent most of the summer if not all cleaning and cooking with my aunt. That man doesn't let me do anything, all his time and effort goes to Dudley, and my aunt is powerless against." Harry said with a sigh. "But enough about my summer how was yours at Malfoy Manor?"

"It was awesome, you should see it. Oh my God they have everything there everything my parents would never let me have. The summer you don't have to return to them we should all go to the Manor before we go travel the world."

"I'll like that, but before you invite me Pans don't you think you need to talk to Draco about it?"

"Why? It isn't like he is about to protest, is it?"

Before Harry or Draco could respond the compartment doors opened. Standing there was Ron and Hermione.

"There you are Harry, we just wanted-" Ron said but stopped when he saw Draco and Pansy. "What are you doing with the Ferret and Pug-face?" Ron asked his eyes snapping back to Harry.

"You know Weasley, unlike you Potter happens to know how to act civilly considering that we are all on the same side."

"Despite the lies your father has filled Dumbledore's head with I do not believe that you are totally without your Dark Lord. Everything you Slytherins do is for your own benefit."

"Indeed it is." Draco said his eyes taking a moment to travel to Harry, making Harry cheeks turn pink. The actions were missed by Ron but not by Hermione. Her suspicions were almost confirmed she would have to talk to Harry alone when Ron was no longer among them.

"So you admit that you are not totally loyal to the Light?"

"Do not twist my words Weasley. I was only applying I have my own reasons to turn sides. And my father would not begrudge me on that right so he followed with me as did Pansy. My turning was solely for selfish if not dire reasons." His eyes once again landing on Harry for a moment than flickered back to Ron. "I do not need your approval Weasley but you will respect my decisions." Draco sneered. "Pansy dear, lets vacate this compartment, there are far to many Gryffindorks in here." Draco said reaching his hand towards her.

She gave an apologetic smile to Harry before taking Draco's offered hand.

"Granger, Weasel." he said inclining his head to them, then turn to Harry his features softening but no one could see except Harry. "Harry." in his eyes Harry could see that their meeting may have been cut short but they will meet again later. Then he and Pansy was gone leaving Harry with Ron and Hermione.

"Really Ronald do you have no tact?" Hermione reprimanded him. "Must you always be on the Defensive?"

"I don't trust him Hermione. Those snakes are always playing the field to make sure it comes out in there favor. It would do you both some good not to let your guard down around him."

"Snakes I can handle Ron, I do after all speak their language. It you do you some good not to think I can not look after myself." Harry told him his voice held no warmth, then he turned to Hermione his voice softer warmer. "What are you to doing here anyway I thought you had a Perfects meeting?"

"Oh we do, it doesn't start for a while we wanted to make sure you found a compartment." Hermione told him.

"Well I did and I was going to have civil company as well but it appears I will be sitting here alone, thanks to Ron being tactless and rude." Harry said his gaze blazing into Ron. "Sometime Ron it is best to try study the snake to judge the potency of its venom."

"Well we all know those snakes are deadly vipers and when they bite you, you will surely die."

"Honestly Ron you wouldn't know a garden snake from a viper if both of them stared you in the face. Know your enemy Ronald, or it will you that will be bitten and left to die." Harry said standing then turned to Hermione. "I will talk to you later 'Mione." he said kissing her on the cheek than turn to Ron his gaze cold. "When you have thought on what I said Weasley than come and find me." than like Pansy and Draco he was gone.

"Really Ron you bring this on yourself. You need to control your temper. You probably ruined his attempt to get close to the Slytherins to asset the danger of them."

"He didn't have to be so cold about it." Ron said in a huff as he set down neck to her. "I was just trying to watch out for him."

"Harry is a big boy I am sure he can look after himself. He is not the scrawny clueless kid we knew when we met him first year. Harry has learned and suffered through many lessons, it would do us both some good to start realizing that."

When he left Ron and Hermione in the compartment he went to find some place where he could get some fresh air. His injuries still pained him a bit so he was hoping to find someplace where he could look them over without being seen. When he found a window that would actually opened and was somewhat secluded he lifted his shirt up and examined his bruised torso. He was black and blue all over and he was sure one of his ribs were close to puncturing a lung from how much it hurt to take deep breaths. Casting a low grade healing charm on himself that also eased some of the pain he slid down the wall. With his legs stretched out in front of him and his head leaning against the wall he gave himself a chance to think and relax before he would step into another year of craziness.

Harry didn't realize he fell asleep until he hit the floor and groan in pain the the jolt caused his ribs. He didn't realize he had company till he heard a familiar voice that had brought butterflies to his stomach.

"Sweet Harry people will get the wrong idea if the see you lurking in dark places." said the familiar drawl.

Harry couldn't help but smile to himself, "They'll probably think I started hanging out with Slytherins and actually enjoy the company."

"Would they be lying?" Draco asked as he offered Harry his hand.

"Not entirely." his voice low as he tried to keep it from sputtering.

"Never thought so." Draco said with a dazzlingly smile than kissed Harry hands on the knuckles. He was about to lean in to kiss Harry when Pansy interpret them causing them to jump apart.

"We need to go before all the carriages fill up. And your friends are waiting for you Harry. Weasel is still pretty upset and Granger just seem to be taking it in strides." Pansy said rolling her eyes.

"Thanks Pans" he said kissing her on the cheek. Then turned to smile at Draco. "I'll see you both at quarter to one in the Room of Requirements."

"Sure thing Harry, be sure to bring a change of clothes it is unlikely we will be going back to our dorms."

"I will Pans, see you tonight." Harry said as he turned to leave then turned back "Oh, Draco, I got you something for your birthday that I couldn't owl to you. Pansy I think you will find your gift among your things." he winked at her then left.

"Have you told him?"

"What that I am irrevocably and irresistibly and hopelessly in love with him? Or that he is my mate?" Draco asked as the followed after Harry when he had disappeared into another cart. "No I haven't told him, and I don't think I plan on it in the near future. Harry still has a lot to focus on, I do not need to burden him with being my mate."

"You know the reason I am pretending to be your mate for snake face is for that you might actually might have a chance with Harry. Don't be throwing that in my face Draco."

"I won't Pans, but give me a moment between my dad and the threat of Voldemort I just not sure I want to burden him."

"Sometimes you need to just let go and jump."