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Dark. Aloof. Damned. These were the constant feelings eating away at his very soul. He had long ago lost his emotions which left him traveling in a constant state of bleakness. He had no values or morals, so any chance of having a self conscious was lost to him. He had no regards for anyone's life, so it's either they stay out of his way, or die a bloody, gruesome, and painful death.

He cared for no one and loved no one. He had no family, no associates, no mate, nor any alliances. He had no companions nor did he wish to have any accompany him. He hated the thought of even coming into contact with another being. He was a loner. He was born a loner, he lived as a loner, and he would remain as a loner.

He merely existed, if that's what many called it, because he was not living. He didn't enjoy life nor cared to experience the joys of it. A mate… He had never wanted the company. Children… He didn't need or want the liability that came with nurturing and protecting them. Family… He didn't have the time or tolerance.

There was, however, one exception at one point in his life before he was completely consumed in darkness. Her warm brown eyes came to mind and he scowled. She caused foreign feelings within him when she was around. He didn't understand nor like it. She was the only person who had come in contact with him and survived. She died because of the hands of another demon being the weak human that she was. When she was around his life had meaning… or did it? His feelings towards her always puzzled him and he was relieved that she was gone. He didn't need her slowing him down or deferring him from his quest. He would not fall prey to that weakness again.

At one time, he might have been considered having a soul, but that was before he became addicted to power and bloodlust. He was tainted, dark and foul, but he accepted his nature; and he welcomed it with open arms. If the places called heaven and hell even existed, if there was an afterlife, he knew he would head straight to hell to burn for the rest of eternity.

He was a monster. He only cared about obtaining supreme conquest. He didn't care about anything else, nor did he own that ability. He murdered anything that stood in his way. Nothing and no one was going to neither distract him nor tear him away from his mission. There was only one person who he came in contact with and fought who sustained their life. He always managed to escape with his life all of the times that they crossed paths. Just the thought of it caused his blood to boil.

When was the last time that he annihilated something? Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, centuries, he didn't remember. He never had much use of keeping time, who needs it when you are an immortal? However, he needed to kill something soon. He was growing agitated with the boredom of it all.

Peace. He had never known it. From the time that he was born up until now his life was always sought after. He was a threat to any and all who happened to be so unfortunate to stumble into his path. His power scared everyone who knew of him. There were more assassination attempts on his life than he could count. Then again they were the ones to blame, because they created his bloodthirsty nature.

How many demons and humans alike have he slain? Thousands, millions, billions, trillions, he lost count. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, all types of beings lost their lives to him. He didn't care who anyone was or what their story was, he killed them all without remorse.

He didn't have emotions. He didn't need them. He wasn't born with them. Emotions were for the weak minded and he wasn't weak.

He didn't have a heart. The organ that most had that pumped blood throughout their bodies wasn't present within him. He had a cold stone where people's heart belonged. It pumped venom throughout his veins. He didn't care about anyone or anything other than himself, supreme conquest, and bloodlust.

He was superior. Everything was beneath him. Humans were far from his greatness. Demons although immortal like himself did not hold the type of power that he wielded. In fact he wouldn't even consider himself in rank with either of the creatures. He was death. He lived to kill, but even that wasn't enough these days.

He was never satisfied. He had power, he had money, he had land, yet he wanted more. He wanted all of the power, all of the money, and all of the land. He had taken countless lives, yet he wanted to kill more.

There existed within him a beast. One that was greedier than he, and whatever it wanted he obliged. It craved blood more than he did. It craved sex, more than he would care for. It craved not only the earth, but the universe. It was wild and untamed. It was never kind or weak and that is why he didn't have a problem with it occupying his body. He was the beast.

When the beast reared its head and roared he gave in to the temptation and somebody died. He was…content for some time when he let the beast take over. Unlike him the beast favored torture and dragging out people's suffering, whereas he grew impatient with the pitiful creatures and killed them all too soon before he was even close to halfway being satisfied.

He was currently resting under a very large and old tree in a heavily forested area. Its overhead branches full of leaves shielded him from the stars and moon that shone from up above. The night was a deep blue. It wasn't often that he just rested somewhere being that he was always on the move. He got bored easily, thus compelling him to travel all over, killing and improving his powers.

The beast within him shifted with unease. It urged him to continue his travels. Normally he would comply, but for some reason he couldn't find the will to move. The beast growled with agitation at his lack of response threatening to break free from its current confines. He closed his eyes with the intention of ignoring it. The beast roared and he knew that he could no longer refuse it.

He stood slowly and took a step within the night. Small rodents scattered through the forest floor and birds flew from their home to escape him and his power. He had a deadly calm about him, quite the opposite from the beast that resided within him. When others sensed his double deadly aura of him and his beast they avoided him…or tried to.

Confused as to where his beast was trying to lead him, he took uncertain graceful strides. He had never once traveled with a destination in mind, but this was entirely different. The beast nor himself was rushing to spill blood, so why did it want him to leave from resting? His beast was more anxious than anything. He continued into the direction that he was being led into and suddenly he felt why his beast was in so much anticipation.

It was a compulsion. An unknown force called to him. He couldn't explain the pull, but he had to follow it. His uncertain steps filled with purpose and he increased the distance that he covered with each step. Each step created tension within his mind and body as if he wasn't moving fast enough. He increased his speed. Whatever was pulling him by this invisible, unbreakable thread now held his interest and that rarely occurred. He had to find the source.

Naraku had become intrigued.


Hopeless. Trapped. Exhausted. These horrible feelings ate at her mind and spirit. She hobbled through the forest, unable to run any longer. Her feet hurt from the blisters and cuts that covered the soles of her feet. Her ankles hurt from the shackles that were chained together. Her legs hurt from the miles that she ran. She was malnourished and weak from the usage of energy. She broke through the forest and dropped to her knees in front of a flowing clear river.

She had no hopes or dreams for the future. She was already dead inside. She spent every waking hour, crying from the pain of it all. She was cursed with misery with no one to lean on, nor did she want to.

She trusted no one because of the cruel acts that was committed against her. She was alone in her world; others only brought pain. She grew cold inside because without the defense of it she would have gone insane. She had nothing good to keep her here on this earth.

Her family and friends were dead. They were murdered and she was sold into slavery. She had been a slave for some time now, she didn't keep track of the time that had passed since that horrible day.

Today was the day that she would no longer be dragged back to her owner by her hair, kicking and screaming. She would no longer be considered a slave. She would end her horrid existence of being starved, raped, and beaten. She would emancipate herself from all of the sleepless nights, the millions of tears that she cried, the pain and abuse of her body, and the degrading of her mind and body. She would no longer be considered property or somebody's bitch.

What had she done so wrong to deserve the life that she was given? Heartless demons had long ago had beaten the fight and will to live out of her. They stole her innocence. They stole her childhood. She didn't know who she was anymore.

She had long ago forgotten how to smile. The sun no longer held warmth. The stars no longer granted her silly wishes. The gods had turned their backs to her. What compelled them to allow a child to endure such hardships? Just… why?

She glanced into the river at her reflection and flinched from the sight of it. Her pale skin was dirty, her body covered in cuts, bruises, and scars. Her hair was a matted mess of dried blood and dirt. She wore a ragged dirty dress like clothe that stopped just above her knees.

The river rippled with the tears she had been unaware of that ran from her eyes. Her eyes were cold, old, sad, and weary from all of the cruelties that she had witnessed in her young life. She was tired of it all. She no longer possessed the will to live.

She wiped her eyes with the backs of her hands as resolve settled in. She refused to return to the life of slavery. She would not return, but she was tired of running. She was tired of living in fear every second of her existence. She grabbed a small dagger out of a pocket that was on the side of the dress and stared at the silver shininess of it. This would be her escape. The shackles on her ankles classified her as a slave of the body, but they would not get her soul. The dagger glinted in the moonlight, and for a moment, she only watched. With small pale hands, she calmly pressed it to her wrist.

"YOU CAN BURN IN HELL! I AM NO ONE'S SLAVE!" The young woman's shout seemed to reach the heavens. More tears streamed down her face before she slowly dragged the cold blade across her skin causing a crimson line to form. Finally—finally, she would finally be free…

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