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Break Me

Just break me. I have nothing left to lose.

I have lost Tohru to Yuki. I lost everyone I cared about to Akito. Everyone was just gone. I didn't even have to think about where they went. I just knew they were gone. Gone. Gone. Gone.

Akito took them from me. They didn't want the cat any longer. No cat for them. They could make me and they could break me. My true form would keep anyone from even looking at me.

They took my safety, the bracelet I once wore. They held me in this body against my will. That bracelet held my true form against its will in a prison of my own making.

They should've just killed me. Better off killed than left to live and put the vicious ideas of the cat's mind into the hands of another Zodiac.

Another Zodiac. What a joke.

Akito had decided to kill off anyone even remotely related to the Zodiac.







Anyone within range had wound up dead.

Akito had even taken a dagger to his own heart, not bothering to search for extra family members before ending the Zodiac for good.

I was the only one left. With no family of my own and no siblings or cousins or parents or aunts or uncles left, the Zodiac was dead, leaving me the last remaining member.

The last member capable of resurrecting the Zodiac.

The only one left standing.

The cursed one.

Akito. Gone. Dagger to his heart.

Yuki. Gone. Sniper put a bullet in his head.

Tohru. Gone. Poison in her basket of fruit.

Momiji. Gone. Rabbit trap on a cold day.

Kisa. Gone. Wrapped up in a blanket, tied with a rope and thrown in a river to drown.

Shigure. Gone. Neck slit with a sword as he slept.

Hatori. Gone. Smothered with a rag in his office.

I was the last one left. I knew how every single one of them had died. Because I had been the one to kill them. On Akito's orders. He had promised me Tohru. He had promised me that she would love me if I took care of Yuki and everyone else and Akito would clear her memory of everyone else in the Zodiac. And I could have her. She would be all mine. No one else would be able to touch her but me. I would be the cat, the one left to hold the princess and have the feast.

Akito killed her. Then took a dagger to himself so our vendetta could never start nor last.

The last remaining one of the Zodiac. Left to rot in the realm of reality.

A revolver in my hand, I said my last prayer to the ancient members of the Zodiac and pulled it to my head. The prayer died on my lips and I pulled the trigger, falling in the river below to join Kisa at her final resting place so that she could never be alone again.

Just break me. I have nothing left to lose.

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