Title- Hello Again
Characters/Pairings- Sally Sparrow (FTW!) and 10th Doctor
Rating- K+
Summary- An old acquaintance reappears in the Doctor's life...

A/N- This is just a little drabble I cooked up. If you like, you can consider it a sneak preview of a longer fic I intend to write, featuring the adventures of Ten(nant) and the incomparable Sally Sparrow.

It had been a fairly standard day, all told. Rough landing on twenty-first century Earth, a couple of renegade Sirilaxi attempting to feed on a nuclear power station... same old, same old.

Or at least, it had started out that way. Then, of course, ridiculous things started happening.

Thing, specifically.

Person, really.

He managed to get himself into a rather tight spot, with the Sirilaxi about to slice him apart with their extraordinarily sharp teeth. He had a plan, of course. He always had a plan. Even if he hadn't thought of it yet... But the point was, he'd have managed on his own just fine.

Before he could make his brilliant (and as yet un-elucidated) escape, a hurricane of blonde hair came blustering to his rescue. Not, of course, that he'd really needed it. In any case, she came hurtling down from the ventilation shaft in the ceiling, wielding a switchblade and a water pistol fully loaded with formic acid.

When the Sirilaxi lay twitching and unconscious on the floor, she grinned down at him and extended a hand to help him up from his place in the corner.

"Hello again, Doctor," Sally Sparrow said with a cheeky grin on her face. "It's good to see you again."

A/N- What do you think? You interested in seeing more of everybody's favorite Angel-fighting bibliophile back in action?