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"Ok, ok," Kathryn's resolve was waning. It had been days since the accident had happened aboard Voyager that had caused the death of Crewman Jacobs. Grant it, he wasn't well known to her, but he was well liked among those who knew him. There didn't seem to be any plausible, logical reason why the accident had occurred, and she hated the idea that, once again, one of their own might have been responsible for the disaster. "Tuvok, I realize that all the evidence points to possible sabotage, but I just don't believe that there is anyone on this ship that is a traitor or a murder, at least not any more."

"Need I remind you, Captain, of the incident with Ensign Sudur or the incident with Seska, or the incident regarding myself?" Tuvok was trying his best to have a logical discussion with the Captain, she knew that, but it was still agitating. How could anyone here be responsible for this? Why? "It is possible that there is a traitor among our ranks."

"But, Tuvok, we've been here seven years together. Surely, by now, we've weeded out all the 'bad seeds', so to speak."

"What about those crewmembers from the Equinox?"

"Do you think one of them could have been involved?"

"It is a possibility. After all, they do have a motive."

"Yes, but how could that motive justify killing another crewman? Jacobs didn't hold any standing that would put them into a tactical advantage should they take his life. Where is there a motive for one of them to kill him? It would be more likely for them to go after one of the senior officers or even me."

"Indeed, this does bring up an interesting prospect, Captain. Perhaps it would be wise to post security with you and the other senior officers until this crime is solved."

"No, I don't think so, Commander." Tuvok raised an eyebrow of disapproval. "I realize that our safety may be at risk, but, if there is a traitor on board again, who's to say that it isn't one of our security officers? Besides, I don't want to raise undue suspicion."

"I feel it necessary to point out that, as you put it, good news travels fast. I would hypothesize that most of the crew is now aware of the situation, if not all of them."

"Yes, I've been thinking about that as well." Kathryn sighed and sat down on her ready room couch with a cup of coffee. She paused trying to gather her thoughts and glanced in the direction of the chronometer. "Look at the time. It's almost midnight." It was an observation, something to divert attention from the problem for a moment.

"Perhaps you should get some rest?"

"You sound like Chakotay. I think the two of you have been spending too much time together."

"I am only offering a logical suggestion to your fatigue, Captain, as the Commander does frequently."

"I know. I wonder how he and Seven are coming along with the scans of that conduit?"

"They reported in only an hour ago. I am sure they have either gone to their quarters for the evening or will report back in a few minutes."

"Chakotay to the Captain." Tuvok gave his all-knowing look as the hail came in.

Janeway rolled her eyes and hit her comm badge. "Go ahead, Commander."

"Captain, we still haven't come up with anything, but we've decided to call it a night."

"Understood, Commander. You two can pick up on it tomorrow."

"Right, oh and Captain, one more thing."

"Yes, Commander?"

"Perhaps you should take our lead and try to get some rest yourself?"

"Now I know you and Tuvok have been spending too much time together. He just made the same suggestion."

"What can I say? Great minds think alike. Maybe you should take this great advice then?"

"I think I will. You have my word, Commanders."

"Good, Chakotay out."

Kathryn dismissed Tuvok and then finished up some final data on this enigma of a death.

As she entered her quarters, she could feel the strain of the days. Slowly she changed clothes and went to bed hoping that tomorrow they could figure out what had happened so they could stop trying to find the killer and, instead, begin to try to find away back home.

"Sickbay to the Captain." The hail roused Kathryn out of a dreamless but heavy sleep. "Captain, please respond." She looked desperately for her comm badge and then remembered it was still on her uniform jacket half way across the room. "Captain, are you there?" Quickly, she lunged out of bed in the direction of her jacket catching it on her way to the floor.

In a heap of bedding, pink nightgown, and uniform clothing, she finally answered the Doctor. "Yes, Doctor, go ahead."

"Ah, there for a moment I thought you might have been attack as well; good to know you weren't."

"Doctor?" Kathryn was trying to get out of the mess she'd caused clamoring for her comm badge, but every time she tried to get up, something would just trip her and send her back down to the floor.

"Commander Chakotay was attacked last night."

"Is he alright, Doctor?"

"I think you should come down here before I answer that question, Captain."

Quickly, Captain Janeway dressed and rushed toward sickbay. Was this the same 'person' who'd attacked the Crewman? What was happening on her ship? She hated it when something was going on, and she didn't know what it was. Not even Lt. Paris could hide something from her, and he was very good at thinking he could. What was happening?

Janeway rushed in behind the whoosh of the sickbay doors.


"The Commander is in a coma, Captain."

"I see."

"Ensign Kim found him this morning in front of his quarters and had him transported here."

"Why is he in a coma Doctor? How did he get this way?"

"Well, it seems as though someone was able to access the medical data base and replicate a drug that has put the Commander in a coma."

"Did you check the replicator and sensor logs to see who it was?"

"Yes, and there is no evidence of anyone using the replicators, no evidence of anyone accessing the medical database, and no records of anyone being around the Commander when he was attacked."

"Then how do you know he was attacked and drugged?"

"Well, it's simple really." As the Doctor walked toward the Commander, Janeway noticed that Tuvok was in the room.

"Tuvok, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there."

"Nor did I make my presence known."

Kathryn contemplated this for a moment. "And why didn't you, Commander?"

"I, too, was deep in thought when you arrived. I simply was not aware of your presence. My apologies, Captain."

"Don't worry about it, Tuvok. I think we're all a little distracted as of late."

"If you'll look at the Commander's upper arm, Captain," the Doctor's annoyance did not go unnoticed, "you'll see a mark." Kathryn could see a distinctive red mark, a thin, short red line, on Chakotay's upper arm. "This was made with a needle."

"A needle?"

"Yes, a device used in the 20th century to give injections of certain kinds of medication much like a hypospray does today."

"How can you be sure, Doctor?"

"Because," he turned and retrieved something from his medical tray, "I retrieved this from his arm." It was a small thin piece of metal. "If you'll look, it's hollow. That's how the medication was injected, through this hollow metal tube via a piercing made by the same in a portion of the patient's body." He showed a diagram of it on one of the view screens in sickbay. "Do you see how the angle of the wound on the Commander's arm in down and toward the back of his arm?"

She examined the mark closer to see exactly what the doctor was trying to explain. "Yes."

"Well, that is a clear indication that some one besides the Commander injected him. The downward part indicates that the other person was coming down with the needle like this," he demonstrated, "and the position, at the back of his arm, and angle indicate that he was struggling when his attacker finally drugged him, like this," he demonstrated on Tuvok who went along with the demonstration much like a cat does to a bath, "Also, there are bruises and scratches that further indicate that some sort of skirmish occurred."

"A sound deduction, Doctor," that was high praise from a Vulcan. Kathryn almost laughed at the though, but the fact that her first officer was comatose prevented such a thing. "However, why did you not examine the needle end for DNA as well?"

"Ah, but I did, Commander. I thought of that when I was examining the needle to determine what kind of drug was used."

"Just exactly what kind of drug was used, Doctor?" Janeway was becoming irritated. She was growing tired of having to drag all the important information out of the EMH.

"It was a drug called Codeine mixed with a poison known as arsenic. The combination of the two, although arsenic alone is deadly in high doses as well as Codeine, mixed with the Commander's body chemistry caused him to go into a coma. It was really a rather ingenious way to do it if you think about it, using one's own body against one's self. Who would have thought?"

"Is there any way to reverse the effects? Perhaps the Commander could tell us who his assailant was if you are able to revive him." Captain Janeway's mind was right behind her chief security officer's.

"Right now, I'm working on it, but I still haven't come up with anything. Because the attacker used the Commander's chemistry against himself, it's hard to find something that won't further injure him. It might take a while. Meanwhile, I'll have to put him in stasis to prevent brain damage." He looked to Janeway for approval. "I should also point out, since I was slightly side tracked, that I didn't find any DNA on the needle end that didn't belong to Commander Chakotay."

"Do what you must, Doctor, but keep me posted. I want you to run another scan for DNA on the Commander. If there is anyone's DNA on him, I want to know. If there was a struggle, then they had to have had physical contact."

"Indeed. Doctor, I've one more question before we allow you to continue your work."

"Yes, Commander?"

"Why do you suppose the attacker used an antiquated piece of technology to inject Commander Chakotay?"

"I don't know. Maybe they just enjoy the pain it inflicts. It is, after all, much more painful to be injected with a needle than it is a hypospray. Or," the Doctor paused to think about the question more clearly. "It could be that the metal in the needle's end was needed as a sort of catalyst to get the process started."

"You mean that, in order to put him in a coma, these two chemicals needed metal? That's unusual, isn't it, Doctor?" Janeway didn't like where this was going.

"No, not really. Many medications need others to make them effective; that's why, often, we mix them and use them in combinations."

"Yes, I'm well aware of that. What I meant was it was unusual to use metal."

"Well yes, but you forgot to put the Commander's unique chemistry into effect. If this assailant had injected anyone else with the composition as they did with him, the poor soul would have died. It's my guess that whatever it is about the Commander's metabolism that put him in the coma with the mix of meds needed the boost of iron or whatever this needle is made out of."

"Would you mind analyzing that and telling us what it's made out of and if, in fact, the composition of the metal used in the needle was needed to institute the Commander's present state?"

"I'd be happy to, Commander."

"Good. Tuvok and I are going to head back to the bridge and try to work with the rest of the senior staff. We've got to get the bottom of this. Keep me posted doctor."

The Doctor nodded as the two left sickbay headed toward the bridge. This whole thing was getting a little hairy for Kathryn. The way things were working out, she might be next.

As the turbolift doors slid closed, Tuvok finally spoke to Janeway. "Are you certain that you do not require a security detail?"

Sometimes she thought the Vulcan could read her thoughts. "Yes, we'll hold off on it just a little while longer. With any luck," she began as they stepped out of the lift onto the bridge, "I won't need it."

The rest of the senior staff was waiting for the Captain and Commander in the conference room. Seven had not went ahead with the investigation since finding out about Chakotay. She had thought it best to wait for the Captain's approval. Tom and B'Elanna were both edgy. Miral had been up all night, and the fact that there was a killer on the loose wasn't helping their sleeping habits any. Ensign Kim, too, was exhausted but mentally, not physically. He was the one who had found Chakotay passed out in front of his quarters this morning. It had taken a toll on him.

Janeway sat down in her normal spot keenly aware of the empty seat to her right hand. "We have a major problem here and I need some major answers. Let's start with what we know about Crewman Jacobs and Commander Chakotay. From now on, we are to assume that these, the murder and the attack, were intentional and connected. It may be one person or a group. Either way, we've got to find them and stop them before anymore people are harmed on this ship."

It took almost two hours before the officers came up with a connection between the Crewman and the Commander, and it was young Ensign Kim who finally spotted it.

"Wait a minute, I think I've got something, Captain, but it's small."

"Whatever it is, it may be of some help. Let's hear it, Ensign."

"Well, both the Commander and the Ensign were . . . wait, never mind. That's just . . ." he shook his head, "it was a bad idea."

Tuvok spoke his words of encouragement. "Ensign, if there is any connection at all, you must point it out no matter how minute. It is a well known fact that often serial killers pick up on one distinct detail, sometimes as insignificant as the color one wears most often, to determine who they attack."

"Well, that's just it, Tuvok," Harry was trying to get himself out of the mess he'd just created. "the Commander isn't dead, he's just in a coma. Maybe we're off base thinking that the two incidents are related."

"No, I don't think so, Harry." The Captain was growing impatient. "I believe they are linked. I can feel it, and, until I'm proven otherwise, that is exactly how we are going to handle these cases."

"Indeed, it is more likely that we are dealing with one individual than a group. Groups are much more easily identified because there are more individuals to cause a mistake so that they can be so identified. As it stands, we have been unable to find the source of conflict, so it stands to reason that it is one individual." Seven's logic was slightly flawed, but it served Kathryn's point.

"Ok, I'll tell you, Captain, but you have to promise me that you won't get offended or upset."

Janeway was surprised but intrigued. "Ok, I promise. Now what is it?" The others there were beginning to see what Harry had caught.

The Ensign cleared his throat and pooled all of his courage. "Well, you see Captain, it's a well known fact, or at least most of the crew has assumed that, the Commander had a thing for you and may still." He paused to gauge Janeway's reaction and gather more strength. Kathryn's face was emotionless. "Of course, it's really none of our business what you're love life is like, but . . ."

"Get on with it, Harry," Captain Janeway was not liking where this was going either.

"Right, ok, well, it's just that Crewman Jacobs didn't make it a secret that he had a crush on you as well."

"I see. The only connection you can make is that the two men supposedly had 'crushes' on me?" Janeway could feel the headache forming in the back of her head.

"You know, Captain," Tom Paris was desperately trying to help his drowning friend. "It really isn't all that unusual for members of a crew to develop crushes on their soupier officers kind of like some kids do on their teachers."

B'Elanna was trying to hold back a smirk that kept trying to rear it's ugly head. As she spoke, it was clear that this whole idea was funny to her. "If the reason people are being targeted is because they have a thing for the Captain, Harry, then half the crew is going to die before this whole thing is over with." She chuckled then; she couldn't help herself. Then she looked over at her Captain who was none too pleased with this conversation.

Her comment was almost inaudible. "I didn't realize I'd had that kind of affect on my crew." She took a moment to refocus herself. "But, that still isn't a sound reason. Everyone knows that Chakotay and Seven are currently seeing each other." Seven blushed apparently not realizing that she and the Commander were an object of gossip. "And, didn't the Crewman have some one as well?"

"I did see him with a female Ensign on many occasions. They appeared to be 'dating' each other." Seven still had a slight blush.

"So, if the assailant was attacking people because they had a," Kathryn rolled her eyes, "crush on me, why go after people who pose no threat of actually dating me?" She rolled her eyes again, "Not that anyone would."

"You are assuming, of course, Captain that this person is killing and/or injuring due to being enraged at the thought of anyone else getting to you first," Tuvok was beginning to speculate. "What if they are doing so because they aren't with you?"

"What do you mean, Tuvok?"

"What if they are doing so because they didn't have enough 'love' or 'admiration' to wait for you? They, instead, pursued others as opposed to waiting for you."

"They couldn't wait for me, so they weren't good enough for me?"


"Now, there's an interesting thought. As a matter of fact, this whole idea is an interesting thought, but I still don't see it as the best one we can come up with. I want all of you to think of possible reasons and connections for these attacks. You can report back tomorrow at the next officers meeting. You're dismissed."

Her senior officers filed out of the conference room with looks of concern, concentration, fear, and just a hint of bemusement on their faces. Of all the hypotheses out there, why did that have to be one, and why did it have to be one with some good ground? This was going to be a long episode in the lives' of the Voyager crew; Janeway could already see it coming.