This new bit of information really threw a wrench in her theory, unless Seven had a thing for her too, but, then again . . . she didn't want to think about it.

"I'll be down there shortly, Doctor."

"Understood, sickbay out."

As Kathryn entered sickbay, she noticed that it was beginning to look more like a boarding house than a medical bay. Three of her finest officers were laying in comas, and she was really helpless to do anything about it.


"Once again, our assailant with the vast knowledge of unknown chemical substances has struck again. This time they didn't even bother to cover up the fact that this chemical was used. So far, I haven't come up with anything to counteract it."

"I see, keep me informed, Doctor." She turned to leave. "Janeway to Tuvok."

"Yes, Captain."

"Tuvok, assemble what is left of the senior staff and have them waiting for me in the conference room."

"Aye, Captain."

There were now three empty seats in the conference room, and the spaces were almost enough to make Kathryn want to cry. What remained of her senior staff – Tuvok, B'Elanna, Tom, and the Doctor – were not the ideal team to figure this mystery out, but she'd been in worse situations.

"I called you here to inform you of some information that I've come across thanks to the Doctor's help." All sat attentively quiet. "The Doctor has been able to identify an unknown chemical in each of the three people who've been attacked and placed in a coma."

"Yes, it has been the underlying reason for everyone's condition. I also checked Crewman Jacob's last scans. The substance was also present in his bloodstream. However, I have been unable to find any way to counteract the drug or any evidence of what it might be."

"I can shed some light on that, Doctor." The Captain sat down to gain some stability. "The chemical is a classified, level 10 substance known only to three members of this crew, one of which isn't even aware that they know." She looked at the Doctor. "Doctor, access your medical database to classified materials alpha 1-1-9 authorization Janeway Phi 1-1-Zero."

"Captain, why didn't you tell me of this before?" The Doctor was clearly upset. "I might have been able to cure them before."

"Because, it is classified, and there are other ways of bringing them around, which I'll tell you about after this meeting. The other two people are Seven of Nine and myself."

"Seven? Why would she know?"

"For the same reason she knew about the Omega Directive, through assimilation, Lt. Paris."

"But, if the chemical is stored in the Doctor's database, then it's possible that anyone with the right access codes could get to it."

"That's right, B'Elanna. That's why it's imperative that we find out who that encryption code belongs to and crack it. Whoever is doing this is a bigger security threat than we had originally thought."


"Yes, Tom?"

"Have you given any more thought to possible motives?"

"I have, but since Seven has been attacked, I'm not sure if mine now hold solid grounds for consideration. Why? Have you come up with something else?"

"Well," he hesitated, "no. It's just that, well, I think that, if you're thinking what I'm still thinking, then what you're thinking may have solid ground after all, I think."

"Lt., could you please say that statement in a rational manner?"

"Sorry, Tuvok, I just don't want to offend the Captain."

"Go ahead, Tom. I don't think my sensibilities are likely to be crushed any more than they already have been."

He sighed. "There were rumors going around the ship that Seven had a thing for you too and that the only reason she and the Commander were dating was because neither one of them could have you. It was kind of like they couldn't do any better, and both of them knew how the other was feeling, so they just got together."

Once again, Janeway could feel a headache forming in the front of her head.

"Captain?" Paris waited. "Captain? I'm just telling you what I've heard. Captain?"

"Yes, Mr. Paris, I realize that, but this information only complicates matters more." She shook her head. "Doctor, it will take several days for the Commander, Seven, and Harry to come out of the coma, but I want you to start working on it as soon as possible. Everyone else, I want working on that encryption code. Dismissed."

Janeway followed her crew to Astrometrics to look at the encryption code for herself. She'd been searching for the lost data for days, but she still hadn't actually looked at the code, which was odd. Normally, that would have been the first thing she looked at.

"This is the last place Seven and I stopped before she was attacked." Tuvok pulled up a display of the encryption code for the Captain. "Is there something wrong, Captain?"

"Yes, Tuvok, I believe there is." This couldn't be happening. What she saw on the display screen wasn't possible, but it was there all the same. "We need to go to the brig, Lt."

"Is there something there that you believe may be of some help?"

"No, because you have to place me in holding."

"Captain?" Silence filled the Astrometrics lab.

"I'll explain it all once we're there, Commander."

Jaws dropped and eyebrows raised as Captain Kathryn Janeway was escorted by her Chief of Security, three armed guards, Chief Engineer, and Pilot to the brig. By the time they arrived, the corridors were lined with unbelieving eyes.

"Janeway to the Doctor." She hailed him just before walking behind the force field.

"Go ahead."

"Please come to the brig and bring a med kit."

"Is some one injured?"

"I don't know. Just come down, Doctor."

"I'm on my way."

Janeway stepped into the cell and ordered it to be engaged.

"Captain, would you please explain your actions?" Tuvok was concerned and confused, as was the rest of the crew.

"The encryption code is mine. Use the authorization code Zero-1-1 Phi Janeway."

Tuvok did as he was instructed. "According to these records, you were present at each incident including shortly before Crewman Jacob's death."

"Keep checking, Tuvok."

"It also shows evidence that you were the one that replicated the 'unknown' substance along with one hypodermic needle, a hypospray, a small amount of arsenic, and a small amount of Codeine."

"What does it say about Lt. Torres and Paris's quarters and the dagger taken from there?"

"There is evidence here that places you in their quarters shortly before Ensign Kim was attacked."

"Search my quarters and look for that hypospray. I don't know where it is in the room, but I'm positive that it is there somewhere."

"I don't understand, Captain." The Doctor had entered the brig sometime during Tuvok's reading of 'the lost sensor logs'. "There was no evidence, not a trace of your DNA on anything. How is that possible?"

"That's another level 10, top secret device that only captain's and their chiefs of security are privy to. Suffice it to say, it is possible." Tuvok nodded in silent agreement.

"Why?" B'Elanna couldn't believe this was happening. "What reason do you have for it?"

"I don't know, Lt. I don't even recall the attacks because, as far as I'm concerned, I was asleep. Think about, all of the attacks occurred when I was suppose to be asleep."

"The internal sensor logs do uphold that theory," Tuvok added with a sad dryness.

"I can't give you a reason. Maybe, somewhere in my subconscious I wanted these people out of the way because they were a distraction or an unwelcome intrusion on my personal life, so my subconscious was only doing what my conscious mind could not. I was slightly aware that Jacobs had a thing for me, and I never liked his girlfriend. Maybe I was trying to protect him from her, but messed things up some how. Maybe I was jealous of Chakotay and Seven, or Seven and Chakotay. Maybe I wanted to put Harry out of his misery because I know he'll never be promoted on this ship. Maybe I've been brainwashed or there's an alien influence at work. I don't know. I don't have an answer expect to say that I am responsible for what has transpired on this ship."

One of Tuvok's people, Ensign Taylor, entered the brig with a hypospray in her hand. "We found this in the Captain's quarters, sir."

Tuvok took it looking to see what it contained. "This does contain the substance used to place the victims in their present state." Tuvok turned to face his Captain. "It would appear, Captain, that you are, indeed, the assailant. I am afraid, that as the only able body to do so at this time, I must revoke your command of this ship. From here until such time as Commander Chakotay is fully recovered, I am the acting captain of this ship. You are hereby confined to the brig until such time as a hearing can be held for your crimes and a suitable reason found for your actions."

Hushed whispers and silent cries could be heard from the crewmembers as what had just happened sank in. Their worst nightmare had come true. Captain Janeway - guardian angel of the ship, mother to all, counselor, confidant, heroine figure, and sometimes sex symbol – was the enemy. It couldn't be real. What would they do? Could they go on knowing their Captain was going to be charged with murder? The end of Voyager was drawing near, and the sadness and silent wails of a mourning crew were the only things that could be heard as the ship hovered in the middle of space waiting for her judgment day to come.


The Doctor found upon completing several complicated scans of Captain Janeway's brain that, during an away mission, she had contracted a disease that caused her to sleepwalk. However, the reasons for the attacks, he determined, were not so simple. It appeared that the sleepwalking gave her ample ability to, as one of her theories had suggested, act out what her subconscious mind wanted to do. He had cured her of the sleepwalking, but there was nothing he could do for the charge of murder.

During one of the contacts with Starfleet Command, Tuvok defended Janeway to a Starfleet Tribunal after Chakotay took over as acting captain. The Doctor had managed to revive all of the crewmembers. In the end, the Captain was suspended from duty for six weeks and confined to her quarters. However, the charge of murder was dropped.