Summary: Gabriel and Raphael think Dean Winchester is a bad influence on Michael after they see Michael's current girlfriend. The Prophet Chuck gave me this transcript of the intervention they staged on Michael's behalf.

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Gabriel: Uh, Mike?

Michael: Hey, Gabe. Raphael. All right, what's going on here?

Raphael: We need to talk.

Michael: You think so, huh?

Raphael: Yes. You have been tainted. Even your speech patterns have been altered. You sound like him.

Michael: No shit, Sherlock.

Raphael: You're carousing around with human women all the time now. This is most unseemly behavior for God's Sword. I believe this Dean Winchester vessel is having a negative effect on you. We must take steps to correct that, and return to you your purity and grace. I can help you with that, Michael.

Michael: Wait a minute. You two jackasses are having an intervention? For me? Geez...

Raphael: Yes.

Michael: Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Gabe.

Gabriel: Yeah, I know. Uh, Mike? Who was that woman I saw you with last night?

Michael: Last night? Who - oh! Dark Phoenix.

Gabriel (awed): Really?

Raphael (shocked): She is The End of All There Is. The Dark Angel. The Chaos Bringer.

Michael: Heh heh heh. Bad girl.

Gabriel: Wow.

Raphael: This is a sad day for all of us.

Michael: Skintight red and gold outfit, fire in her eyes, hey, what's not to like? I have my own nickname for her, but I'm not gonna tell you what that is.

Gabriel: Uh, you're not going dark on us, are ya?

Michael: Me? Nah. Jean and I have a good time together, that's all. She's partial to my massive wingspan, if you get my drift.

Gabriel: Damn!

Raphael: This is most undignified behavior -

Michael: Raphael, this was all your idea, wasn't it? I'm in a mood to do some smiting. Guess who's made my list?

Raphael: wouldn't dare -

Michael: Try me. Dad never liked you much anyway.

Gabriel (as the light dawns): Mike, you''re shallow.

Michael: Yep.

Gabriel (voice breaking with emotion): I'm-I'm so proud of you!

Michael: Put a sock in it, junior.

Gabriel: All this time I thought you were this high and mighty righteous bastard who judged everyone else. How the heck was I supposed to know that big bro' was a cosmic horndog!

Michael: Hey, Dad knows how I am. Wait a minute. Was that what you really thought of me? I mean the 'high and mighty bastard' part?

Gabriel: Uh huh.

Michael: Wow. That stings. Well, you haven't exactly been around for the last millenia, have you? Oh no, you had to run off and play trickster. How'd that work out? I hear Coyote peed on you. Marked his territory.

Gabriel:'d you find out about that?

Michael: The Old Man posted a vid on YouTube.

Gabriel: That flea bitten mutt-

Michael: Careful. He's Dad's dog.

Gabriel: After all this time...we could have teamed up. I could've been your wingman.

Michael (snorts in derision): Oh yeah, that would have gone over real good with the ladies, dragging my kid brother along on a date. Pass. Why do you think I kept going to those convents over and over again? I was tending to the flock. Nuns need love too.

Gabriel: Uh, Mike? Does Jean have a sister?

Michael: Well, she can duplicate herself like Dr. Manhattan did in "Watchmen" but that's our own private thing. Go get your own bad girl goddess, Gabe. I don't share. Speaking of which...

Dark Phoenix: Did I keep you waiting long?

Michael: Hi, beautiful. Nope.

Dark Phoenix: Hi yourself. I really like the way you look in that black designer suit. Did your wings get bigger?

Michael: Only for you, babe.

Dark Phoenix: You sure know how to sweet talk a girl. Are we still going out to eat?

Michael: Sure. Whatever you want.

Dark Phoenix: I'm in the mood for Chinese.

Michael: Uh, are you talking about the country or the cuisine?

Dark Phoenix: The cuisine, darling. The cuisine.

Michael: Okay. Just checking.

Dark Phoenix: Who are they?

Michael: Ah, just my kid brother Gabe and Raphael. I'm smiting Raphael's ass when I get back.

Dark Phoenix: Really? What's that like? I've never smote an angel before.

Michael: You haven't? I'd like to see that. Hmmm...

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