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Chapter 1: The Uncanny Ability to Survive Certain Death

June 1st, 1995

It was a cold and clammy night on Privet Dr. which was unusual for this time of year, but even more so because the days had been so hot. It put an edge of foreboding on what would otherwise be a nice night. Although, Harry Potter wasn't having that great a night to start with, he currently found himself cornered by his cousin Dudley and one of Dudley's friends Piers Polkiss.

"Lookie who we found Big D. reminds me of the good old days, what did we call that game again?" Piers asked snidely.

"Harry Hunting." Dudley was looking increasingly uncomfortable at this point and started shuffling his feet like he wanted to run away. It had been that way from the start of the summer.

Harry sighed to himself, he really didn't want to have to deal with the neighborhood bullies, all he had wanted was a nice walk to clear his head. This summer had been worse than any previously, although the family mostly left Harry alone. When he had gotten back to the house after the train ride his Uncle had tried to lock up his trunk and Hedwig, tried being the key word. Harry turned on his Uncle with a Snape glare in his eye and though he was a good head shorter than his Uncle he had something that added to his intimidation factor. He had seen something that no other person in the house had ever come close to seeing, the murder of a friend and the rising of the greatest Dark Lord in the last century.

His Uncle had mostly left him alone after that look still scared of his magic and his bad temper. Harry had taken out his sadness before he left Hogwarts, Hermione and Ron had helped enormously with that, but he still had a heart full of anger at the man who killed his parents and the newest friend he had made.

Cedric was a good person and a better Hufflepuff, after the hint that Harry had given him before the first task they started talking more. Cedric was one of the only people to believe him when he first said that he didn't put his name in the Goblet. Cedric had helped him study for the next two tasks and the two had helped each other though the rough time both of them had. When it had been the two of them at the end of the third task Harry thought it would be fitting to give the two Hogwarts champions a joint win when they had both done the work.

When the portkey activated and both Harry and Cedric were sent to that graveyard Harry was scared and nervous, but was glad that he had someone he could trust beside him. When the portkey had activated for the second time bringing Harry and the dead body back Harry had felt he lost a part of himself that day. He had never wished more in his life to be more Slytherin and had been ambitious enough to take the cup for himself.

Later that night after the debacle with fake Mad-eye and the Ministry, Hermione and Ron secreted Harry back to the common room and sat with him. They didn't force him to explain what happened, they just sat, listened, and comforted him. It was then that he knew that he wouldn't have made it through the years without the help of the two friends at his side.

Now though he couldn't think of that, he had to deal with the bullies in front of him. The worry had been eating up at him all summer about what was going on back in the wizarding world. Hermione and Ron hadn't written him once since the start. It wasn't that strange, but it felt off somehow. It had already been three weeks, but still no word from anyone including Sirius.

"Really, Dudley? Big D, isn't that just as bad as…?" Harry didn't get any farther because of the fist that hit him in the stomach. Piers had apparently learned to hit in Harry's time away from the bullies. Now Harry was mad. He drew his wand and although Dudley looked like he was about to piss himself, Piers couldn't have cared less.

"Oh, big bad Potter out to get us with his tiny stick, what you gonna do? Poke me in the eye?" Piers was laughing at his own terrible joke now, it was the kind of sound that made babies cry. He jabbed Dudley in the stomach when he realized he wasn't laughing either. He gave a shiver though as an unnatural breeze ran through the alley way.

Harry was suddenly far away, he had remembered this feeling. There was something about it that was so familiar to him, like he had felt it before, not that long ago either. Harry's eyes widened he remembered this feeling; he didn't know how he ever could have forgotten. Just as he raised his wand he was reminded of the two muggles that were in his line of sight.

"Dudley, Piers you have to get out of here, now." He was scared now the cold was starting to creep in and there was only one thing that could mean.

"Now look here, Potty I'm not going anywhere until you're bloody." Piers laughed at his scared look and in one move that doomed them all he grabbed Harry's wand. "Look now, not such a tough guy without you stick to protect you." And before Harry could grab it back or Dudley could yell for his friend to stop Piers had the wand across his knee and in one swift move he broke it in two.

Harry couldn't hear them anymore, he couldn't feel the Dementors approach, and he couldn't think, his chest hurt, it hurt so much. Harry was gasping and clutching his chest, this was worse than Voldemort's Cruico. He felt as though a piece of his self had been broken, a vital piece, a piece that could have saved them from the encroaching coldness.

Piers and Dudley were shivering outright now without a clue as to what they had done or how they had cursed themselves with a fate of becoming a human vegetable. Piers dropped the broken wand to the ground. Harry went with it, his hands grabbing the two pieces of wand. The wood was completely gone, it had splintered itself and was now giving off sparks like a muggle electronic thrown into water. Although the wood was a goner, the phoenix feather inside looked fine. Harry touched it softly and gasped when the sparks flew higher. He tugged the feather out of the broken wand and clenched it in his hand.

They didn't have any time left, Harry could now see the Dementors taking shape in the entrance to the alley way, there were two of them and they were swiftly making their way to the cowering muggles and Harry. He didn't know what to do, without his wand they were pretty much helpless to the Dementors. Before he could do anything but look on with horror the Dementors were upon them. Harry was finally taken over by the screams of his late mother and the green flashes that followed him his entire life.

He could no longer see anything but the black behind his own eyes. He could feel icicles start to form on his fingertips and the sweat that had covered him for most of the day had frozen on his body. There was nothing to do anymore but wait. He could barely feel the skeletal hands as they grabbed at him and pulled him close, he was too lost in the screams and cries of his bad memories. Then with as much strength as he could muster her cracked an eyelid and immediately wished he hadn't. The Skeleton face of the Dementor was by far the most hideous thing e had ever seen. It looked blackened and rotted like there still a kind of flesh on top, but it would only take a scratch to reach the disgusting inside.

What a way to die, looking at the face of the thing that was going to suck out your soul. He had cursed himself but opening his eyes, so he quickly shut them again and tried to remember the faces of the people he loved that would be sad to see him go. It was too hard and eventually Harry gave into the feelings of despair and sadness, he hoped it would be quick that way he didn't have to deal with the pain anymore.

Then just like a flip had been switched he went from freezing cold to burning hot. It was painful, so very painful. It was supposed t be nice and calming like going to sleep but it wasn't like that, it was like… getting your soul ripped from your chest. He was screaming, crying in agony, this was way worse than getting his wand broken, but it hurt more because it came right after. Getting hit while your down is never fun, take it from someone who spent half of his life on the ground getting beat.

He did wonder if it was supposed to hurt this much though, Dudley and Piers were no longer crying or screaming, but it could be because their Dementor was already done. Then as quickly as the pain came, it left, leaving behind nothingness.







Harry couldn't feel his body anymore maybe that was the reason there was no longer any pain. Now though it was cold, icy even, like being in a blizzard without any snow. Harry let the feeling over take him, there was no use fighting anymore the battle had already been lost.

He wondered why he still had some form of consciousness, wasn't he suppose to be dead? He let out a sort of pulse trying to find where he was. His best guess was the belly of the beast, so to say. He felt something, it was like a tug. A link, it had to lead somewhere. He followed where it dragged him for a while and then stopped for a second. Though he didn't have sight he could still feel something in the corner of his eye. There. The best way Harry could describe it would be like some kind of orb. It was a grayish color and it seemed to be getting more and more blackened as time went on like something was eating at it and digesting it. Oh dear, that was exactly it, the Dementor was eating away at a soul.

Harry suddenly felt a very real urge to get out of the stomach as quickly as he possibly could. He grabbed the link again and pulled. He tugged and tugged, pulling himself out. He could feel it out there, his body. He knew what it felt like, how he moved in it and he wanted it back, he wanted it so much that it hurt…wait that was it, the hurt just like it had been before.

He pulled harder this time, something was going to break and it wasn't going to be him. It was so close if, he could just break though this little wall. He stopped slowly; he could feel something else, a shadow. He turned around, it was an orb, but not like the other orb he had seen turning grey this one was black already. It was smaller than his orb and it looked sickly and torn like someone had taken a piece of their soul and torn it off, but why would anyone do such a thing. He looked pityingly at the thing but, there was nothing else that could be done.

He turned away from the broken soul and back to his pulling. He was so close he could already feel the barrier between the two entities breaking down. He gave his link one last great pull and he was free, oh wow, he didn't think…he couldn't think…he was no longer pulling the cord the cord was pulling him. It was dragging his little orb back into itself and oh did it feel right like everything was finally back into place, but what was that thing still following him for?

The sick little piece of soul was following him, what did it think it was doing, this was his body thank you very much. The little piece was flying faster than him now, just a little, but still, no way his body was going to accept some outside soul. Not if he had anything to say about it.

He pulled on the link that was connecting him to his body. He realized what it was, his magic, his great and wonderful magic that was coursing through that body of his. He grabbed the string and without even thinking about it he cast the shield charm. He magic was working and though it was weird he could see the air harden around his body. The soul was stopped by the shield, but Harry doubted that would be the end of it. The little black orb was now floating around the body trying to get in. At certain points he felt his magic almost give into what the orb wanted like it knew it somehow, but Harry held firm. That orb was not getting close to his body.

Harry could no longer resist the urge to join his body and didn't really want to. He let the pull of his magic bring him home. It was good; great actually, it was like the first time he got hugged by Mrs. Weasley, like going back to Hogwarts after a summer with the Dursleys. All warm and fuzzy and magical, but it was better than that, it was like getting back a piece of yourself that you didn't even know you had lost along the way. Only an instant after that was he gasping, the pain in his chest was back, but this time it was a very real, physical pain.

He was gasping again and the pain from being back in his body was almost enough to knock him out, but he held on, he knew he had to. He let himself rest for a little while and composed himself. He was lying there for at least 15 minutes before he realized that he hadn't checked on Dudley or Piers. He also still had his shield at full blast, he didn't know what to do, but he knew he couldn't take down the shield just yet the sickly soul might still be trying to get in.

Harry gathered himself and pushed of the ground, or at least tried to push off the ground, his arms and legs were weak. He got to a kneeling position and from there he managed to crawl over to the first body, it was Piers. The body was no longer shivering and didn't have any identifiers of life except for the steady rise and fall of his chest. Harry gave a heaving breath and had to stop from crying, he had never liked Piers, hadn't known anyone besides Dudley who did, but no one deserved this. He managed to gather enough will power to close Pier's eyelids and then crawled over to Dudley prepared for the worst.

It wasn't any better than Piers, the steady rise and fall of the chest, but vacant look in his eyes that have away that Dudley was no longer in there. Like Piers Harry had never really liked Dudley, but family was family and they had grown up in the same house for 10 years.

Harry held it together long enough to close Dudley's eyes and crawl over to the bush and throw up the last very small meal he had. Harry dry heaved into the bushes after he was done and lay crying on the sidewalk. It was all happening too fast; his cousin had just been kissed by Dementors in Little Wingling how likely was that to happen?

Except, Hermione had told him and Ron in 3rd year, when everyone was worried about Dementors, that they were controlled by the Ministry. Did that mean that Ministry didn't have complete control over the monsters and had so little control that some went to get a midnight snack in the middle of Surrey suburbs. Or did that mean that someone in the Ministry sent them after Harry directly? At this point Harry wasn't sure which was scarier.

"Come on, get a hold of yourself Harry, you can't let this break you. Get up." Harry spent the next 5 minutes on the ground giving his self this pep talk until he could finally move from that spot. He was very slow, but he did manage to get to his feet and stagger to the wall for support.

Harry remembered why he was shielded, he could no longer put off dealing with the sickly soul that was around him, even though Harry couldn't see it anymore he still got the feeling that it was around somewhere. Harry closed his eyes and tried to remember what he had done while in the Dementor's stomach. He thought about it for awhile and then he remembered. The pulse, or was it a pulse? It was something like a sensor; he had let out a sensor.

Harry tried to remember the feeling it gave him when without warning it happened again. His magic let out a small pulse and within a second of it happening Harry got a headache. He got an overload of information, so much that he didn't want to know. He could tell that the air had drops of moisture in it from the rain earlier that day, he could tell that the ant pile 2 feet to his right hand over 3,000 of the little buggers crawling around in it, he could tell that the bush he threw up in had a caterpillar on one of its branches. He got information that he hadn't even wanted, that he had no need for, but there it was crowding his mind waiting for him to notice it.

All of that information that he didn't want, but it did give him something that he had been looking for, the most prominent information in the whole of it, was that the sickly soul was still there. It was hovering very close to his forehead, right next to his scar. Harry thought quickly, he had no idea what to do with it or how to get rid of it. He thought back to the Dementor, it had gotten rid of its souls by eating them. Maybe Harry could do something like that, he could absorb the soul into his own, it had looked pretty sickly and small, maybe he could make it better, but it had also looked corrupted.

Black and green, the green was bright almost like an Avada Kedavra or the Slytherin green, but it was darkening, the black was corrupting it. It wasn't like the black of a night sky or dark comfort you could get from bed time, it was gross, mean like black puss that was growing and infecting everything around it. Maybe he could just get the green part, could get rid of the blackness, but how did you…before Harry could even begin to contemplate what to do his magic shot forward again.

Without control Harry felt his magic grab the piece of soul in front of him. It was ripping it, pulling it apart even more than before, Harry could feel more than see what was happening to the little soul that seemed very attracted to him. Harry was gasping again and clutching the wall for support, trying not to fall down again. He could feel it happening, almost like his magic had gotten a mind of its own. He tried to stop it, but it didn't seem to be listening to him anymore, it had to finish what it had started. Then without a second longer the soul was torn into the tiniest of pieces and his magic without giving a pause grabbed the green part and absorbed it. Harry was no longer clutching his chest or the wall, but his head. It was more information than the pulse had given him, but Harry didn't have time to look at it anymore. He cracked his eyes open to see what looked like a burst of black smoke evaporate into the air.

Harry gave himself a minute more of rest before he pushed the rest of the information to the back of his mind. There was something else important, but right now it didn't matter. He couldn't think about it anymore and didn't want to try. He still had to get back to Number 4.

Slowly Harry made his way down the street taking time to stop every few steps to get control of his body. He couldn't keep from shivering though; the cold of the night still affected him. Harry turned the corner to Privet Drive slowly and carefully, making sure not to set in any of the holes that could cause him to trip and fall, because he was sure that if he fell he wouldn't be able to get back up again.

It was only when the house was in sight did he finally stop, realizes then that he had no idea what he was going to tell his relatives. What could he possibly say? That their son was as good as dead because they had taken him in after his parents died? Uncle Vernon would probably kill him for that alone. So Harry stopped and sat on the bus stop bench that that was nearby to think.

"I could just leave, that's it, walk in quickly get my stuff and then walk back out. No need to talk to them or to ever see them again, the police would find the bodies or one of the neighbors would. No need to tell Uncle Vernon if I'm already gone…" Harry nodded to himself and sat still for awhile. He couldn't allow himself to break down yet, the night wasn't even close to being over. He would stop and crash when he could. Harry pushed the bad thoughts to the back of his mind and got back up.

Harry moved quickly to Number 4, he would move as fast as he could not look for his relative's just walk and get his trunk. He would leave without even seeing them that was for the best.

Harry opened the door; it wasn't surprising that it was still open the Dursleys almost never locked the doors anymore because Dudley stayed out at all times of night. Harry didn't look into the living room or kitchen he had no desire to see either of his relatives and didn't want to have to face them before he left.

Harry climbed the stairs carefully, he was almost back to full walking speed but he didn't want to take any chances. Harry opened his room and moved over to his secret floorboard. He grabbed what was inside and turned to where his trunk was. The Dursleys had let him keep it in his room this year as long as he promised not to do any of it in plain sight. But as he turned he realized something was wrong, the trunk was no longer there. He still had his valuables: his cloak, photo album, firebolt, and a bit of money left over from last year.

Harry got up and check in his closet, maybe his relatives had moved it so that no one would see. The closet was empty except for a few shirts. Harry decided he would check down stairs, it might be in his cupboard. As Harry carefully made his way down the stairs he realized something was wrong. The house was too still, even with the Dursleys still asleep something still felt off.

Harry made his way in front of his cupboard, but before he could open it his eye caught something in the kitchen. The door was slightly ajar and something was on the floor… it looked like…a leg. Harry rushed into the room forgetting about the cupboard. There on the ground was his aunt, he face permanently etched in terror. Her body was stiff and Harry knew without even touching her that she had been killed by the green curse that had been Harry's closest friend his entire life.

Harry ran to the sink and dry heaved again, there was nothing in his stomach to throw up, but he was still shocked and horrified and his body wanted him to know it. Harry backed out of the kitchen and sat on the ground, someone had killed his aunt…did that mean…Harry stood up quickly and headed to the living room, there on the couch as he feared was his Uncle's stiff body the same look of horror in his face.

Harry had to get out of there and soon. Harry rushed out the door and down the street. He couldn't stay in that house any longer, he had the only important items on him and if someone killed his aunt and uncle it was likely that they also had taken his trunk, to make it seem like he had killed his relatives and run away. Harry's mind was running at full speed now and nothing was stopping it. He thought about just going to the ministry and telling the truth of what happened tonight, but the Minister hadn't looked too happy with him after the tournament and his story was pretty unbelievable. He even considered Diagon Alley, but last time he went there were Ministry officials waiting for him as he got off the Knight Bus, which he couldn't use anyways because he didn't have a wand.

Harry was very close to just breaking down and letting the chips fall where they may, but something stopped him. He remembered someone saying to him that the best place to go when you were hurting was some place that made you feel safe. The only place that had ever made Harry feel safe was Hogwarts, but the school was closed for the summer and that meant that the wards were probably up and going full blast.

Harry thought some more and he remembered one of the other places that made him feel safe. After the incident at the end of third year the shrieking shack had been empty. During the tournament fourth year, when everyone had turned against him, Harry was looking for a place away from the rest of the school and used the shack as a hideaway for half of the year. Had even cleaned it up a bit and made parts of it livable, he could go there.

Harry sighed he still didn't have a way of getting there and then almost as a reminder his hand started cramping. He had been carrying around his valuables all night, his phoenix feather in one hand and the rest of his stuff in the other. Harry almost smiled when he saw that he had everything he need for a quick getaway, his cloak to make him invisible and his broom for flight.

Harry looked at the sky, he could already see the sun rising and the skies beginning to light up. The sky was free of clouds and the day was already warming up. It would be cold in the sky, but if he didn't take it too fast then he should be okay. Last question, where to go? Harry had a general idea of the direction to take, but no absolute knowledge just a meter off when flying long distances could make Harry end up over an ocean rather than Hogsmeade. Just as he was about to give up again his magic flared up again. He could feel a link like the one he had on his body. He could follow the link to Hogsmeade.

Harry let out a huge sigh and without giving another thought to it he threw the cloak over his shoulders and put the broom between his legs and lifted off.

June 2nd, 1995

It was hard to remember sometimes, but Harry was still 14 and even after all of the hell he had been through in his life he still has the body of a child. He lasted pretty well the first day of flying. He flew slow and study following the link he had. He was cold at first, but then like a switch his magic helped out and he was now pretty toasty. Harry loved flying it was his safety blanket the place he could go not to think about anything and after the night he had yesterday he needed a good dose of not thinking.

After flying through one day with no problems Harry crashed on the ground for a little nights rest and got up in the morning to start again. This is when he realized that he was still in a 14 year old body, he didn't feel as if he could handle much more, but he had soldiered on. He pushed his complaints to the back of his mind and got in the skies again. He was now reaching night of his 2nd day of flight and Harry couldn't keep the grin off his face. He could see the lights of Hogsmeade and he was so close to finally getting some sleep.

His body was crashing and fast, he didn't think he could take much more, he could already feel the blackness at the edges of his vision.

Harry sighed in relief and almost crumbled to the ground in front of the shrieking shack. He slowly and carefully worked the cramps out of his legs and made his way in the house. Harry didn't give much thought to anything else around him. He walked quickly to the only bedroom in the house and fell to the bed. He didn't give another thought except to push off his shoes and curl into the middle of the bed. Then there was darkness.


Dumbledore's eyes had lost their perpetual twinkle. The order members that tiredly made their way around the room could no longer bear to see the sadness that piled itself on their leader's shoulders. It wasn't just him, but no one could afford the time it took to feel dory for themselves. It had been a month of hell for the order and wizarding world, and it wasn't looking promising for anyone anymore.

Dumbledore turned from the room and walked to the study where the leaders of his Order were waiting for him. It had taken only a month, a month. Dumbledore didn't think about what had been lost in that short time, only what still could be helped.

Voldemort hadn't taken long to recover before he was back to terrorizing the wizarding world as a whole and the fact the Ministry did nothing to prepare themselves or their citizens made it easy for Voldemort's men to slip through the ranks of government. Dumbledore didn't dare think about that now, it was too far past to help.

"Now, children, is this really the best time and place to have a slapping match?" Dumbledore smiled softly at the tones of his Deputy Headmistress. Dumbledore didn't have to think twice about who was fighting in there.

"Sirius, please, fighting will get us nowhere and we have to find Harry before they do." The reasoning tones of the soft spoken werewolf floated out of the room.

Dumbledore didn't waste any more time listening and opened the door. Sirius was red faced with a wand in his hand, pointed at Severus Snape who was looking bored and emotionless with a sneer on him face. It was only Dumbledore who knew the boy well enough that could see the anger in the Potion Master's eyes.

"Oh dear, what is it this time?" Dumbledore ignored the two of them and walked between to his chair by the fireplace. Sirius put his wand down and blushed; Severus did the same without blushing. "Now that's settled let's get this started."

Minerva was in the corner next to Moody. Remus was walking Sirius over to a chair on the other side of the room. Severus was casually leaning against a wall. Molly and Arthur were holding hands and sitting at the loveseat on one side of the room. These were his closest friends in this fight and they all looked so young. They all had something to lose by fighting and they were here anyway doing what they believed was right.

"Any news on Harry?" Dumbledore directed this question at Severus, as the only person who had connections to Voldemort in the room he was the most likely to have news. It had been assumed ever since the wards had fallen yesterday that something bad had happened to the family. When the Aurors had investigated they found the Dursley's murderer and Harry's stuff gone. The Ministry was now under the impression that Harry had killed his relatives and then run away. He hadn't been found though. The tracking of underage magics wasn't working on Harry and there were only 3 reasons as to why.

"No, Albus. If the Dark Lord has Potter he is keeping it a secret from everyone. He seems almost pleased that Harry hasn't been found yet. I don't think he has Potter, but he knows why Potter is missing." Severus leading against the wall after saying this. He didn't appear particularly troubled by the fact that Harry was missing, but Dumbledore knew better.

"Thank you, Severus. Does anyone else have news to report about Harry?" Albus asked.

"Hermione and Ron seem to think that the only places that Harry have been are his relative's house, Hogwarts and the Burrow." Molly added. "The Burrow has wards up to inform us if anyone enters the property, but Harry doesn't really know how to get there without our help." She looked down sadly with tears in her eyes. Arthur put his arm around her when she started to cry into his shoulder.

"Okay then, I want to encourage all of you to keep thinking about any place that Harry may go if he is free. There have been no indications that he has been taken and the Ministry doesn't have any new information. All we know is this. Early morning June 1st Harry's wand was activated using magic, shortly after that it disappeared leaving no time to trace where it was. Furthermore, it seems as if the trace signature from the wand has completely disappeared, so either Harry is in a warded area that can hide his wand or somehow the connection between Harry and his wand has been broken." At this the whole room gave a shiver. It was a terrible thing to lose a wand, like a piece of you breaking. It was the one reason that wizards and witches never let go of theirs.

"At 6:00am that morning the Aurors went to Harry's house to search for him. His relatives were found murdered with no magical signature attached and the house had been emptied of Harry's things. Later that day 3 people were found that appeared to have been kissed by Dementors: Dudley Dursley, a muggle neighbor, and a squib Arabella Figg. The Ministry has launched an investigation into the matter but nothing has been found." Dumbledore paused for a break. "Would anyone like some tea?" Most of the room answered no and Severus just glared at him. Albus conjured a nice pot and poured some.

"There have been no efforts to find someone in the Ministry responsible for the attacks on Potter, but at this point they have all but declared that the boy singlehandedly killed everyone in his family and called the Dementors to do his dirty work, but with the way things are going it will only be a matter of time before the entire place is corrupted and Voldemort takes it over." Moody said this as straight faced as possible.

"Thank you, Moody. Let's continue with the rest of this meeting." Albus sat back in his seat and took in the facts of the wizarding worlds falling.

As Albus left late that night he was stopped by two very excited looking teenage students.

"Headmaster, it's good to see you. We need to tell you something, it may be important." Hermione was clearly speaking for the both of them as Ron was nodding eagerly in the back.

"I'm sorry Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley I really don't have the time just now." Albus was turning to go when a hand grabbed the sleeve of his robe.

"Please, sir, we think we know where Harry would go." Hermione looked desperate now, the look of a child who is ignored by their parents even when they have something important to so.

"Alright Ms. Granger you have my attention." Albus knew that these two children knew Harry the best and would probably have the most insight into Harry's decision making.

"Sir, during the 4th year when the school turned against," At this point Ron blushed and looked away, "Harry often disappeared for long periods. He always wanted to get away from the spot light and he found some place that did that for him. During that time he never took me or Ron with him."

"Ms. Granger, as much as I'm enjoying this conversation I really don't have time for this." Albus stared down at the girl.

"Right, sorry sir, after we got back together we asked Harry where he had gone. He told us that he had moved into the shrieking shack for awhile and fixed the place up a little to have more privacy." Hermione looked to the ground at this point, almost relieved to have it out.

Albus nodded to himself, it would make sense for the boy to go there, and he was on his way back to Hogwarts he could check it on the way.

"Thank you, Ms. Granger, Mr. Weasley I will take this into consideration." Albus turned and quickly walked out the door. As soon as he was past the ward he apparated directly into the shrieking shack. He had seen it several times; he had actually helped build it for Remus when he was back in school.

Albus spent no time walking up the stairs and checking the rooms. The shack was definitely less dusty and more put together than the last time he had been in there. Just as he was about to give up he opened the door to the last room. Albus gasped, it was beautiful, and there was no other way to describe it. He had found Harry, but he had found so much more, he learned the reason that no one could him Harry's signature. Just as quickly as the happiness of having found Harry came, it left. Though the sight was beautiful it meant something bad had happened, something very bad. Albus conjured a chair and sat down beside the bed. There was nothing to do, but wait for Harry to wake up.

The golden and green sphere of magic that surrounded Harry wouldn't let anyone touch him, not until he was ready.

June 3rd, 1995

As Harry cracked his eyes open he was met with the sight of stars. It was weird considering he remembered going to bed in the shack and he was pretty sure it was the same bed he was lying on now. Harry turned his he to the side and decided that he must still be in the house, but that didn't explain….

"Oh Harry, your awake." Albus Dumbledore looked like he had been caught off guard, almost as if he had done something he shouldn't. "Do you like the ceiling?"

Harry was about to answer when he was cut off.

"No, don't answer your throat is probably very dry. You've been asleep for about 24 hours I would guess." Dumbledore conjured a glass of water and held it up to Harry's face. As Harry was drinking Dumbledore explained what he was doing. "You see, whenever you become Headmaster you get a certain amount of privileges. One of which is a book by the Founders that explains some of the magics they put on the school. These magic's range from the wards covering the school to the self cleaning that the suits of armor have to the spells which keep boys from going in girls dorms. It is the duty of every Headmaster to look over these magics, repair what has been faded or lost with time, and to add new protections or magics to the school. If I can say so my section is quite big, I have upgraded many of the odd wards and added new ones. Though I do like practicing the great magic that was invented before mine and that includes the great reflecting magic that is on the ceiling of the great hall."

"So only the Headmaster can read this book?" Harry had gathered enough of his voice back to ask the question.

"Oh yes, the book is protected from anyone who seeks to use it for their own goods rather than the goods of the school. Enough about that old thing how are you?" Dumbledore looked at Harry very seriously. He sat down in a chair beside the bed that Harry was sure hadn't been there the night before.

"I…I don't know sir, it just happened so fast and… I couldn't stop it and…" Harry gave deep heaving breaths and suddenly he was in his memories, flipping through the night like something out of a horror film that Dudley used to…used to… Dudley was…and so was…

"Harry….need…calm down….deep breaths. Focus on my voice…" Dumbledore was over him, holding him. Harry tried to forget it, but everything was coming back up refusing to be forgotten. He had almost been di-…been digested by a Dementor. "Please, Harry speak to me, tell me what happened."

"Headmaster, I tried…I really did, but Piers wouldn't leave and…I wasn't focused on him, I was distracted…what could I have." Harry was crying at this point. There was no reason to keep it in at this point. He was sobbing, burying himself into the only grandfather figure he had.

"It's okay, I know you did what you could. You did nothing wrong Harry." Dumbledore didn't seem to mind that his purple and silver robe was getting wet with Harry's tears. It wasn't the first time Harry had broken down, but it was the first time that he had done it in front of his Headmaster.

It was at least 30 minutes until either on was ready to talk again.

"Okay, now that you've gotten a little control for yourself can you tell me what happened?" Dumbledore asked softly. Harry's tears had long since dried up, but he was still feeling sadness for what had happened.

"It all started three nights ago. I went out for a walk. I had been cooped up in the house all day and even though you told me not to leave I felt just one walk around the block would do any harm." Harry breathed deep; this was when the hard part came. "I was cornered in an alley way by my cousin and a friend of his. We were talking when a chill came over us. It took me awhile to remember where I had felt it before, and by the time I remembered it was too late."

"The… the Dementors came so fast… I was preparing to do a Patronus, but I remember that my cousin and his friend were still there. I told them to run but… Piers, my cousin's friend, he grabbed my wand sir. He… he broke it. It felt horrible, sir, worse than the torture curse and it was so intense, every part of me felt like it was breaking…I couldn't…I couldn't think and by that time the Dementors had gotten so close…there was no way we could have escaped… no way." Harry paused again his mind trying to unravel what happened next.

"Harry, you said there was no escape…so how did you get out?" Dumbledore feared the answer he knew it would bring.

"I didn't." Harry gave a deep breath again.

"I couldn't think and the Dementors intensified that…did you know that a Dementor has a sort of skin on its face. You couldn't tell if you just saw the hands because they look so skeletal, but its face… it's so ugly and black and rotted." Harry sighed. "I never wanted to know this, but now I don't think I'll ever be able to forget."

Dumbledore looked really worried. His eyes weren't twinkling anymore and he looked old, really old. "Harry, what happened, my dear boy?"

"I was kissed, by a Dementor…I was…it's hard to explain. I'll tell you one thing, it bloody hurt. I thought it would be smoother than that, but it was like…getting your soul ripped from your chest." Harry gave a sober laugh. "Yeah, exactly like that."

"How did you get back?" Dumbledore looked very worried at this point.

"It's hard to explain, it's sort of fuzzy. I had a sort of consciousness, but not in the way that I would normally think. It was all about emotions in there, sadness felt like coldness, anger like heat. I can't explain it more than that. An out of body experience, I think that is what it's called, except for me it was literal. I have to say that is the worst place I have ever been and frankly I wouldn't wish that on anyone, even Death Eaters."

"Any way, I had this sort of consciousness, I couldn't see, not really, but I could sense. I guess I floated around for a bit, I don't really know how long I was in there; there was no sense of time. I eventually came across something like me. A soul I think. It was… the only words I can use is… getting digested. At that point I realized how much I had to get out of there. There wasn't really any thought involved, just a want…no, need to get out of there. I followed, what I guess you could call a link, or chain, or rope, something. It was attached to me. At the time I didn't really know what it was, but I could guess, my magic or my body or both."

Dumbledore was very involved in the story. He was clutching Harry's hand and rubbing it.

"Anyway, I pulled, and I pulled and I tugged. I did it so long and so hard that something broke. A second later I was flying through the air and without a second thought, I was in my body. It was the greatest feeling at first, but then the pain hit. I don't know how long I spent there, but by the time I was up and moving the sun was already rising."

Harry paused for a moment and took a deep breath.

"Once I got moving, I went over to Piers and Dudley to check and see if somehow they had… I closed their eyes and started heading home. I know it was wrong just to leave them there, but there was no way I could have helped them. I moved slowly down the street, but I got there. While I was walking I decided that I would just grab my things and get out. I didn't want to have to tell my Aunt and Uncle about Dudley. Once I got in the house I headed straight to my room I did even look around much. I expect both Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia to be asleep in their beds."

"I went to my room and got my valuables out of the secret floorboard. I always put it there in the beginning of the summer in case my Uncle decides to change his mind and lock up my trunk. I took it out and was going to put it in my trunk and then leave, but quickly found that it had disappeared. I was thinking that Uncle Vernon had locked it up again somewhere so I went to go look for it. The first place I looked was the cupboard under the stairs, but before I could get there something caught my eye in the kitchen…I found Aunt Petunia first she was lying on the floor in the kitchen. Uncle Vernon was in the living room. I had no idea what happened so I…ran. As fast as I could. I had my stuff with me and at that point the only thing I was thinking of was needing get out of the house. I ran to the park near my house and sat there thinking until I decided to fly here. I think that's all, sir."

Dumbledore sat back in his seat and took a deep breath. "It's amazing that you made it out, my boy. Do you remember anything else? Something that might be important?"

Harry thought back to the sickly soul part that his magic had…his magic. "Sir, after the Dementor something weird was going on with my magic. It was like accidental magic, but not. All I had to do was something and it happened."

"Interesting, very interesting." Dumbledore looked thoughtful. "Harry, may I ask if you kept your broken wand?"

Harry looked surprised for a second before checking around him. He still had his cloak nearby so the phoenix feather must be…there. "Here it is, but…" Harry was holding the feather again, but it was no longer sparking, or doing anything. It didn't even feel like it was magical, just a regular bird feather.

"It is as I thought. Harry, are you sure that you doing remember anything else from that night?" Dumbledore tried to catch Harry's eyes, but Harry looked down, he had already decided not to tell Dumbledore about the soul. Harry shook his head. "Hmm, interesting. My boy, do you know why a wand chooses the wizard?"

"Sir?" Harry asked confused.

"Yes, well, all wands have a bit of a magical beast in them. Unlike a normal animal magical beast can sense things. All have different powers, but they all can sense their surroundings and find out things about it. It might do little things like tell them where their next meal is, but it is very helpful. Even when a piece of these creatures is taken out they are still able to sense their surroundings. Inside the wood of the wand are many runes, they do many different things, but one is to amplify the sensing ability that these animals have. It also focuses this sense into finding similar personalities."

"I don't understand, sir." Harry was trying to figure out where Dumbledore was headed.

"The wand chooses the wizard, because they can tell is most able to use them. Just as ever person is different to is every animals, that's why not every unicorn hair will work for a person that has a unicorn hair wand. The wand core and the wizard have to be compatible in the deepest ways."

"Sir, then why do Voldemort and I have the same core? Aren't phoenix's supposed to be light?" Harry asked.

"Though maybe Fawks did turn out that way that wasn't how he started. All phoenixes are very spirited in their youths. Often times it takes them many century to settle down. The feather that is in Voldemort's wand was taken from Fawks at a very young age, for a phoenix, it has been held by Ollivanders for over 6 centuries. The one that was in your wand is much newer. It was only taken from Fawks in the last 60 or so years. At this point Fawks is over millennia old, he has settled quite a bit. And as much as I hate to admit it, you and Voldemort do share some qualities that a phoenix who place in high regard. You are both stubborn and determined, you will not stop till you reach your goal and you both have the natural ability to draw people to you and lead them."

Dumbledore stopped to let this sink in, and then smiled a little bit.

"You both also have the uncanny ability to survive certain death." Dumbledore finished.

"Sir, this still doesn't explain what's wrong with my feather." Harry stated.

"Right, right, sorry my boy, sometimes this old mind of mine likes to go off on tangents. To understand what happened to your feather I can only give my best guess. Several things must have happened for you to be able to survive a Dementors kiss. You have very strong magic for your age Harry. Even before the Dementors kiss happened, but you also have one of the strangest connects to it that I've ever seen. When wizarding children are very young their magic id very attached to them, what they are thinking or feeling. In essence their magic is attached to their soul. This is why accidental magic is so common; the magic can read what the child wants or needs and gets it for them. As children grow up the magic separates from the soul, it is a slow process, but it allows for control over your powers. The reason wizarding schools start at 11 is because the children have grown up enough to allow for control over their powers." Dumbledore paused to let this sink in then continued.

"You, Harry, are unlike any other student I have because you still have that connection. Your soul is very much attached to your magic, like something has stopped it from progressing its separation. I would guess it has to do with the killing curse at a year old. We still don't know how that affected you. This is part of the reason you were able to escape from the Dementor's grip. Your connection to your magic is probably the link you saw. This isn't the only reason though." Dumbledore gave Harry a second.

"What are the other reasons, sir?" Harry asked.

"When you were getting approached by the Dementor I can guess what you were thinking: the need to escape to get free. Your magic read your intent and wanted to help, but didn't know how. You said you were holding your wand at the time?" Dumbledore asked.

"Yes, but it was broken at that point there was nothing I could do. I took the feather out of the broken wand and I held it in my hand." Harry answered.

"Yes, of course, I would guess that in your magic's search to escape it focused on your wand. Phoenix magic is very comforting. It likely thought that the magic could protect you better if it was in you. That's what happened to your feather Harry, you absorbed it. Not on purpose of course, that would be incredibly hard, but somehow your magic figured out the best way to help you. I would guess that it what allowed you to sense the link while in the Dementors body. That ability to sense your surroundings, the advantage that magical animals have that muggle ones don't." It was Harry's turn to look gob smacked.

"My magic…absorbed the magic of my phoenix feather?" Harry asked slowly.

"Again, this is only a guess, a good one, but still just a guess. If that was the only thing that happened because of this….enough. I think we can finish this conservation once we get you to headquarters. Your friends and godfather have been very worried about you Harry. I fear you will have to deal with a lot of hugging when you get there." Dumbledore stood up and banished the conjured chair.

Harry moved to the side of the bed.

"Sir, did you stay here the entire time I was sleeping?" Harry asked.

"Well, I didn't get here until several hours after you, my boy." Dumbledore said.

"I mean, once you knew I was here, why didn't you leave and get one of my friends to come look over me?" Harry asked softly.

He was surprised when Dumbledore grabbed his chin and forced him to look up.

"Harry Potter, never forget that you are my responsibility, as my student and as your guardian. It's my duty to protect you and I have to admit to doing a terrible job of it. I have let too much slip by me and what happened to you under my watch has been inexcusable. When you disappeared from Privet Drive I feared the worse, if you hadn't been found… and when I found you lying safely and breathing on that bed. I could not find it in my most considerable power to let you go. You are safest with me nearby and I could not lose you so soon after finding you again." Dumbledore gave him a smile and Harry found he let out a breath of satisfaction, everything was right again.

Dumbledore's eyes were twinkling.

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