Boilerplate Disclaimer: The various characters from the Kim Possible series are owned by Disney. Cheap shots at celebrities are fair usage. RedBlueGreen sketched out an epic, that I didn't write in the following words. I mean, I wrote the words but didn't write the epic. Oh bother. Well, you know what I mean. AA Milne invented marmalade and breakfast. I think I hit all the elements of the challenge - in a mere five hundred words - with an added small nod to the father of Pooh.

The Queen's Breakfast

"Would you pass the marmalade, Ron?"

"Sure thing, KP," the royal consort answered. As he picked up the jar, however, he paused and stared at the familiar back label with the picture of Shego and the question, 'Have You Seen This Woman?' "We really need to find a better picture of her," he said for the hundredth time.

"That mug shot was the best we had, you know that."

"Just saying, it doesn't flatter her. I wonder where she is?"

"When, Ron. You wonder when she is. In that time vortex she could come out anytime. Maybe she was my great-grandmother. Maybe she shows up in a hundred years. Maybe we come down for breakfast tomorrow and she asks why we didn't use a better picture of her."

"I hope she shows up tomorrow. I want to get back to earth. I don't care how much terra-forming they've done, the cheese here on Mars is terrible."

Kim sighed, "I just want to get back to life as normal. Shego can have this job. It was Drakken who blew up the Lowardian sun and freed half the galaxy. He might have enjoyed being hailed as ruler of the galaxy."

"Yeah, but all the Lowardians weren't on the home world. You and Shego did a heck of a job with-"

"I know Ron, I was there. I thought she was going to be killed in that last fight and die a hero like Drakken, but she escaped in the vortex. I'm turning things over to her whenever she shows up. But you're missing something important."

What's that, KP?"

"I asked for the marmalade for the royal slice of bread."

"Thinly spread," Ron urged. "I, uh, don't want to… Uh, you've picked up a couple pounds since-"

"I've lost weight. Gravity is less here."

"Yeah, but if we get back-"

"When Ron, when. I have faith Shego will figure a way out of the vortex."

"Okay, when we get back to earth you'll have put on a-"

"Ron, I'm God-Empress of the Galaxy. Give me the marmalade or I'll go Queen of Hearts on you."

"Fine, your majesty," Ron grumbled, handing over the royal jar of marmalade.

Kim gave him a wink, "A good consort might think of some special way to help me burn off those extra calories."

Ron grinned, "Boo-yah!"

-The End-