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A large defeaning ring brought me out of my slumber. I looked around groggiley before finding the ringing object. I glared at it before swiping it with the back of my hand. It made a few more rings before i smashed it...with my foot.

I sat up picking up the scattered bits of alarm clock in my hands then promptly throwing in the trash. I moved across the room to see my room mate still fast asleep. A smirk flashed across my usually stoic features before dissapearing.

I wasnt much of a prankster but I had my moments. I went to our little mini fridge and grabbed some whip cream. I just took off the cap when someone knocked on our door. It was only the second day of the year, classes didn't start till tommorow.

With a sigh I threw the whip cream back into the fridge and opened the door. When i opened my eyes i saw a petite girl standing in my doorway looking down at a peice of paper.

"Oh H-Hello-" she stopped when she looked up at me. Pale lavender eyes met in and identical stare. "OH! S-S-Sorry...I m-mu-must h-have t-the wrong d-dorm" she stuttered out turning her head away from mine a blush spreading across her face. She began poking her small fingers together unconciously.

"What dorm are you looking for?"

"O-Oh! U-um...hold o-on" I saw her eyes scan the page wildly looking for her dorm. After a minute of this i snatched the paper away from her. I skimmed my eyes over it quickly "

Your in the Yin dorm...This is the Yang dorm" I met her gaze again and her blush intensified

"G-Gomenasai Senpai..." she said bowing her head.

I shrugged and looked at the paper one more time to see her name. My heart stopped and my breath hitched when i saw her name. "Hinata Hyuuga?" her head shot up at her name "Um...H-Hai?". I shook my head in disbelief no way it could be her. "Does your farther by any chance own a large hardwood company?"


"Well this is an odd arrangement"

"W-What do you mean?"

"I am Neji Hyuuga son of the owner of the company who wishes to make your father very wealthy by letting him join our company"

"N-Neji H-Hy-Hyuuga?"

"Yes.". The girl merely blinked several times before bowing in appreciation and leaving shaking slightly as she walked.

I raised an elegant eyebrow at this but paid no mind. I walked back into the room to see my room mate stir and sit up. I sighed "so much for my prank" I thought grugdingly. He looked up at me and smiled "Morning Neji!"

"Hm. Lee." It bothered me that he never used a honorific on my name. It was suppose to be a sign of respect but he never ever has once called me "Neji-san" or "Neji-sama" ... Okay Neji-sama is a bit dramatic but you get the point.

He smiled brightly and shoke his head his black hair falling in front on his eyes. He had shortish black hair that flopped downwards. A pretty short boy but very athletic.

"So Neji what are you doing today?"

"Nothing that involves you"

"Ouch Neji. How about we go to the field?"

"I have to study we start college tommorow"

"Aaah...stuck a stick in the mud"


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