Chapter 30!

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(Neji POV)

I felt imaginary wings beat against my stomach. I placed a pale hand over the expensive tuxedo jacket to try and calm them. They didn't let up. I heard a light chuckle behind me and spun around to glare at the other two occupants of the room. Sasuke was leaning back against the wall and Gaara had taken residence on the couch; sprawled out over the cream coloured cushions. It was Sasuke who was chuckling.

"Imagine the day, Neji Hyuuga nervous"

I simply continued to glare,

"I'm immune, got one of my own and I grew up with Itachi"

I winced and stopped glaring. Sasuke was right…Itachi had the worst, most evil, terrifying glare ever. I shuddered at the thought. Though…apparently…Emiko was immune to all glares. I suppose it would be could for her when she met Fugaku…and god forbid…Madara. I shivered. The man was ruthless. He could make you cry simply by asking how you were. I remember he had done that when Sasuke had brought home somebody once. Sasuke and Itachi's uncle was a truly terrifying man.

"Neji, relax"

I looked over at Gaara who stared back until it broke when he closed his eyes with a yawn. I narrowed my eyes…had Yuuki really found a way to make Gaara fall asleep? It amazed me; she had known him only a few months and she was able to do what his sister or his friends were unable to do. He opened his eyes back up again and looked up at the clock.

"Time to go Neji"

I looked up and nodded, the wings in my stomach beating faster.

I stood beside the alter. I wouldn't admit this to anybody but my palms were sweating. I cleared my throat lightly. Gaara and Sasuke both looked over at me. Sasuke was my best man and Gaara was beside him and beside Gaara was Lee. The music began to play and all the heads shifted to wear Hinata and her father would enter. My breath caught in my throat as the seconds seemed to take forever to go by. I knew in precisely ten seconds the doors would open and Hinata would walk out. We practiced it so many times at rehearsal that I knew what would happen and how long it would take to happen. I looked over to the place where Hinata would be when she got here. Hanabi stood by the empty spot, Emiko, and then Yuuki. Sasuke and Gaara weren't too impressed that they didn't get to walk in with their respective girls.

I hit ten and turned my head back to the large doors. When they swung open I stopped breathing. I knew that Hinata would look ravishing in anything that she wore. But…this…this was. I forced myself to breathe out. The dress was strapless and the top of the dress hugged her chest, the top of it shaped like the beginning of a heart. The dress got tighter around her small torso and then it fanned out and flowed down to the ground. She blushed when she saw me. She looked over at her father who had her arm looped around his. He smiled back faintly, his eyes creasing with happiness. Her hair was pinned up in a complicated bun with strands of hair falling out from the front. A veil partially covered her face. I could see the blush and smile on her face through the thin white material.

Finally, they both made it to the alter. Hinata hugged her father lightly before pulling away. He smiled faintly again and walked off to sit in the front row beside my own father. They smiled at each other. I turned my attention to Hinata. She lifted up the blusher (A/N: The thing that covers their face…I had to look it up :S) and smiled shyly up at me. I smiled back, a genuine smile, not a smirk. The priest cleared his throat and glanced at both of us,

"Welcome dearly beloved…"

I droned him out as I scanned Hinata's eyes for any regret…anything negative or anything that would suggest she didn't want to be here. If I saw one thing I wouldn't go through with this. She looked directly into my eyes, showing me everything that I needed to see. I saw love, nervousness, anticipation, and overall trust. I reached out my hand and she placed her dainty hand in mine. The touch sent a spark of warmth up my arm and I closed my eyes to relish the feeling. I slowly came back to reality as the priest began to get close to saying I do.

"Neji…do you take Hinata to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and health? For richer or poor? For better or for worse?" (A/N: Im so sorry if that's wrong. I had to ask my dad XD)

"I do"

"Hinata….do you take Neji to be your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and health? For richer or poor? For better or for worse?"

"I do"

She blushed and looked up at me.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride"

The blush deepened and I placed my hand on her cheek. I leaned in slowly and pressed my lips against hers. The crowd hooted and hollered. I pulled away and looked down into lavender eyes

"I love you"

"I love you too Neji"

She tilted her head to the right a bit and smiled beautifully. I gasped lightly and kissed her again. Claps rang out from the audience.

Emiko came running up to us. Sasuke was beside her and they were holding what appeared to be a large square, it was covered by a cloth.

"This our wedding gift to you"

They set it on the ground and Emiko ripped off the cover to reveal a painting…of me and Hinata. It was beautiful. I was sitting in a tree in a dark brown yukata lined with white and my hair was down. I was reaching down to Hinata who had her arm raised so our hands brushed. She was wearing a soft purple yukata lined with white. Her hair was unbound as well. A small stream was in the front of the picture, and a meadow in the back.

"Emiko…Sasuke…its …its…beautiful"

I nodded dumbly. Hinata had said it. Where did they find somebody to do this?

"Thanks, we did it ourselves…toke us a whole week, we just finished last night"

I looked up in awe. I knew Sasuke was good everything but I didn't think he was this good. Though, I suppose it was him and Emiko. Suddenly, Yuuki and Gaara appeared beside us. Yuuki grinned at us…I swallowed…it looked positively feral. She handed me a box and I was frightened to open it. I did so however and Hinata looked over my shoulder at that exact moment and she flushed then promptly…fainted.

Inside the box was…ahem…protection devices. Yuuki looked a lot like the cat who had swallowed the canary. I coughed and closed the lid, helping Hinata back up and fanned her face. She opened her eyes and looked at Yuuki awkwardly. Gaara simply shrugged and wrapped an arm around Yuuki's waist. I rolled my eyes and threw the box onto a nearby table. Clearing my throat and I turned and looked at Hinata. She was still blushing heavily but seemed to have calmed down a bit.

I wrapped my arms around her and bent down to whisper something in her ear.

"Hinata…guess what?"


"We're married."

I pulled away to see her beam at me and nod happily. I kissed her lightly before leading her to the reception room. As I looked over and saw her in all her beauty I knew that life was going to be good.


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