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Waiting in Darkness

As I opened the door, I looked into what could not have been possible. All I saw was an endless mist stretching to the horizon all around me, in every direction. The floor looked like an endless glassy lake only reflecting the mist above. I could barely see into the distance, the mist was heavy, like a clingy fog, but not wet. I walked forward only to hear the familiar sound of iron bars sliding down, blocking the door. I knew what that meant. Hesitantly, I took a cautious step forward into the water. It was shallow, only up to my ankle. I noticed a faint silhouette far through the mist. As I approached, I saw a small mound of sand, like a little island in the middle of the lake with a dry, dead tree right in the center. I looked back to the door I came though. It was sitting on a small platform, set into a small tower only a bit bigger than the door, surrounded by the mist beyond. I turned back around to the tree. It was gnarled and dead, not very tall, and had only a few branches overhanging the small island. There were two nondescript rocks far to the sides of the island. I walked forward seeing a structure beyond the island, about as far away as the other door. It was a small rectangular building no bigger than a storage room, that's only purpose seemed to hold the door, which was also barred. I was startled when I heard a small splash behind me, like something stepping into the water. I turned around to face what I knew could not be good. I was shocked to notice that it was a person. Upon getting a bit closer, I realized that this person was very similar in size and stature to myself. He was dressed like me but all in black, with long silvery black hair. What drew my attention most were his piercing crimson eyes, deep and glassy. I starred into the blood red orbs. Then the shadow of myself walked forward from the island, drawing its dark sword.


Startled, I heard the sound of the door opening. Was this it, the time I had been waiting for since as long as I could remember? Was this the Hero I was suppose to defeat? I stood like a shadow behind the tree as he walked closer. I wanted to wait and see what he would do in my surroundings. I had only ever known this room. It looked large and endless but I knew it went nowhere. I sat on my island for eternity, hearing the nagging evil voice in my head telling me to defeat the Hero. When I wasn't practicing, all I did was sit and think, and I had plenty of time to do this. I began to become more aware of myself. Who am I, and why am I waiting here? I was so alone here, in this cold prison. Was this all I was meant to do? So, when I heard the grating of the door opening, I was very apprehensive. The voice came back into my mind full force. As I waited behind the tree for him to explore my prison, I was surprised at what I saw. He looked just like me except he had golden hair, and blue clothing. He carried a shining sword. The evil voice immediately told me to cut him down. I was pulled and felt myself step forward and draw my sword. I am not ready for this. Who is he? Why must I fight him? As my feet hit the water, he swung around from the door, his sword ready. The look on his face told me he was confident and ready. He looked at me with penetrating blue eyes. My eyes flared as the evil voice flooded my senses. We ran at each other, clashing hard. Our blades colliding, sparking as they met. The feel was exhilarating. I mirrored and countered his every move. We had the same skills only I was was stronger, with the dark magic coursing through me.


We slashed, and thrust. There was no defense or offense. Every parry was met and countered. It was endless, and tiring. Suddenly he surged forward like an invisible dark force was pushing him, making him stronger. I was driven back, overbalancing. He swiped with fury and my sword was loosed from my grip. I saw it glint as it arced across the room and cut silently through the water. I was terrified, I had never lost my sword before. As he lunged forward, in what seemed like an eternity, I desperately rolled to the side, just barely missing his blade. It came down and sliced through the water. I pulled out my hook-shot as I ran for my sword. I fired, and was surprised when it pierced his shoulder. I expected it to go right through, like he was only a shadow.


As he rolled right out from under my blade, I was stunned momentarily as I effortlessly cut through the water and struck the floor, hard. That's when I saw it, only too late. I felt the hook bite into my shoulder. There came this pain searing through me. I was shocked, I had never felt anything like this. My mind reeled with this pain, disrupting the incessant evil commanding force. I fully felt the hurt, the pain driving though my heart. I could not focus on anything else. In desperation, I stumbled helplessly back to my little island, scared and confused. He was just standing up after he retrieved his sword. I fell back against the tree stunned, my sword dangling and slowing dropping from my grasp. I slouched, sliding down the tree. I wrapped my arms around my legs, laying my head on my knees, in an attempt to comfort this feeling. I blankly looked up as he slowly stalked towards me. I was in a haze, mired, separated from the drive that forced me to kill. I felt alone again. The prison around me. I want it to end. As he started to walk forward, a determined look on his face, I knew it would be over soon. I tilted my head up, a contented look on my face. His sword tip slowly dipped, dragging through the water.


I could not kill an unarmed person. This was no beast or monster. He was hurt, the evil flames had gone from his eyes. As he sat against the tree, he looked lost and frightened. He slowly tilted his head up to look at me, the most unusual look coming across his face. His crimson eyes were deep and reflective. He looked at me with resolution and acceptance of what he knew was to come. What had happened to him. Seeing myself in him, I knew the face and felt what he must be feeling. My sword became heavy and dipped to the water.


He spoke then. "What... who are you?" I was a bit stunned. I had never heard another voice but the evil one in the back of my mind; it was now quiet. I couldn't speak, I didn't know what to say. I did not have the answer myself. He looked at me more inquisitively. "Are you badly hurt?" Huh! Those words sounded kind and concerned.

"It does hurt, but I do not feel anything." It didn't hurt, and I felt only remorse. "I don't know what I am. I am sorry that I attacked you. That is all I have ever known to do."

"How long have you been here?" He asked.

"For as long as I can remember; since the moment I was created, I have been in this room. This prison. Waiting. Only one purpose, to do the bidding of someone I don't even know. I am expected to do this, yet I don't understand it and was given no choice." His face hung down a bit, in sadness, and understanding.

"I am also made to do something I don't understand, out of duty, not by choice. Although I am doing it for the people, to save them from the evil threat. A long quest that seems to have taken my life along with it. But it is all I know to do." He stepped up closer. He extended his hand out to me. I took it, almost reluctantly, but drawn to it and what it meant to me. He slowly pulled me to my feet. I felt a bit faint as I rose, but steadied myself as I looked evenly level into his eyes. Our gaze lingered a few moments. "What would you do now that your wait is over?" I truly didn't know.

"I don't know if I can leave this place. I feel the pull of the Water Temple's guardian holding me down. Besides, I have no where to go. Just to be free would be enough."

"Well, if you can wait a bit longer, I may be able to free you from the guardian." I didn't know what to say. I only nodded my head, a look of hope crossed my face. "If you can open the door, I can finish this Temple and we can leave." Did he say we?

"The doors will only open if one of us is defeated." I didn't want to say it, but we both knew that this was the only way the bars would recede.

"Do you give up then, Have I defeated you?" It was an odd question, making us both smirk a little. Of course I felt defeated. If only it were that simple.

"I think you actually have to kill me." His face pulled back, horrified. I know he could not do it. He pulled his blade up, looking at it almost with contempt.

"I couldn't. I won't!" He yelled in frustration.

"You must, it is the only way. I promise I will not feel a thing. It would be more painful to stay here. I cannot remain, I have outlived my purpose. Death is all that is left." With a fierce look full of resignation, I reached down and grabbed my sword. I pointed it at him, mustering all the flame I could. He staggered back. I grinned. "You fell for that didn't you" I hated saying it. A crazed look in my eyes. I knew it was the only way. I slashed at him hard. Luckily he brought his sword in front fast, and they clashed anew. I struck out a few more times, trying to be heavy but still holding back. I could not hurt him. It killed me just to attack him like this after what he did for me. We understood each other better than anyone else in our lives, not that I had anyone else. We were all that we knew. I couldn't have him stuck here. I had to do it.

"What are you doing? Stop! You don't have to do this." The frantic sadness was apparent in his voice. He was confused and horrified. I struck harder, forcing him to stagger back. I laughed.

"Ganon will have you, one way or another." I could not show the hurt I felt. The sting of what I was doing. My face an evil mask to hide it. We clashed harder and he become more fierce. I was pushed back. I felt the tree at my back. I gave him the most evil glare I could. I went for a high slash. And then I felt the cold steel run through me. His eyes widened, and I froze. He looked down at the blade, fear and dread in his eyes. I tried to console him. "It had to be this way. You will be able to leave and finish your quest. I am better off now. I am free of this prison. Free of him." My face became soft again. I put my hand gently to his face. He looked up at me again, now sad. I gazed into his beautiful blue eyes and smiled. I staggered a bit from the loss of blood. His hands instantly grabbing my waist to steady me. The pool of blood was now apparent, but it did not hurt. He was there, holding me. I could not have been more happy, to feel another person, warm and caring. I grabbed his shoulders and slid my arms around his back. He smiled, pulling me closer, our foreheads meeting.

"I will come back for you, I promise. I will not leave you in this place."

"I would like that very much." I lifted my head briefly to look into his eyes again. As much as I hated water, his blue eyes were like the ocean, deep cerulean blue. I had to see them one last time. We stared for a moment. Then my head slowly slipped down to his shoulder. The last thing I felt were his tears on the back of my neck.


I held him for a moment, not moving, feeling numb, hurt. A pain in my heart I had never felt before. My head suddenly dropped as he slowly phased out of existence. My sword dropping to the sand. The harsh grating sound of the bars receding tore at my ears, startling me back into reality. I looked down at my sword, it was still covered in blood ironically. I bent down to get it and then dragged it though the water while I let out a piercing scream of frustration and hatred. I stood up, an unmerciful look of determination coming across my face. I would kill the guardian of this Temple. I stepped up to the door, looking back only once. I stared into the room, one last memory. The only person I had been close to since this whole adventure started.

After I defeated the guardian, I stepped into the blue shaft of light and was brought to the Sages as before, the Water Temple now clear of evil. I thought about that, and wondered if he would would have been included, though I know in my heart he couldn't have been evil, only a slave. I wasn't surprised to see Ruto as the Sage of Water. I wanted to ask her what happened to him, but since she thought of me as her childhood love, it was very hard. She saw concern in my face. Now being a Sage, she knew things, and had the knowledge of the larger picture.

"What is it that is bothering you, Link? You are concerned about something... someone. I can feel it in your heart." She looked at me with caring eyes. It was hard to talk about, but he was important to me and I would do everything I could.

"There was... someone, in the Temple. We were both trapped in a prison. He gave his life so I could continue... this quest... for you. I know I do this for the greater good, and I am glad to be of service," trying not to sound selfish, I added "but I would like to know that he is okay. I would very much like to see him again." She looked inward as she thought about what I said. With a glint in her eyes, she looked to have received an answer. For a brief moment, hope flashed across my face.

"There was one other life-force in the Temple before it was cleared. He was tied to it, but he was somehow freed." She raised an eyebrow. "Perhaps someone came and rescued him. The tie was severed then, and he was released. I think you may meet him again in the future. He is with you, following, and watching out for you. Do not worry, Link. All will be well." With that we were enveloped in a bright light and I was given the Water Medallion. They nodded to me with pride, then I felt the familiar pulling force.

When I opened my eyes I was standing on the warp platform. I was on the island, on Lake Hylia. Not unexpectedly, although I still jumped, Sheik jumped down from the tree. He gave me the usual warnings and encouragement. When he disappeared in his usual flash of light, I was left there. Alone. The sun was peering over the horizon, it was early in the morning. I hung my head and looked down at the ground. I wouldn't normally have noticed, but since I was looking at the ground, something seemed different. Everything else cast long shadow's from the sun. But mine was missing. I looked around, for some unknown reason, expecting it to have just been misplaced. I laughed a little at the silliness, and decided to continue on my way. I stepped away from the tree, to head across the bridge, when I heard a very peculiar sound. I turned around and noticed a shadow moving away from the tree. I looked up to see if there was a bird or something else to explain it. I didn't see anything. As I looked back to the tree, there was suddenly a cloud of dark mist materializing in front of me. I stood stunned as I soon found myself looking into familiar crimson eyes. I felt his lips curl into a smile as I leaned in to kiss him.

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