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Waiting in Darkness

Chapter 4 – What A New Day Brings

The sun woke me up the next morning, it's light filtering through the window, highlighting a square on the wall next to the bed. As I carefully opened my eyes, I was aware of the warm body next to me. Link's arm was draped over my waist as I lay on my back, and his head rested on my shoulder, nuzzled in to my neck. I guess he is wearing his bottoms, I thought, sensing our body contact as my awareness traveled down under the covers, answering the still-lingering question from last night. My face lit up a little, knowing he was lying there and last night hadn't been a dream. I tilted my gaze to his face and softly kissed the top of his head. He stirred a little, which is what I intended, and he rolled back slightly, his strong hand still clutching my side. His eyes opened slowly, revealing their beautiful blue sparkle that glinted in the morning sun. He smiled, then leaned forward to gently grace my neck with his lips. I breathed in deeply, inhaling the sensation fully.

"Good morning, Dark." I smiled up at him, watching his chest rise and fall with the breath. "Did you sleep well last night?"

"It was the best sleep I ever had," He stated innocently, seeing as how it was the only sleep he had ever had, minus our brief interlude in between. "and I don't think I am ready to wake up yet." He rolled onto his side to face me, his arm slipping out from under me. But his hand stopped at the back of my head, cradling it gently toward him as his thumb stroked tenderly over my temple. His other hand slid up my arm that was resting on his hips, until it curled around my back. He pulled me in close as I reciprocated the embrace, and crushed his lips against mine. I leaned into the kiss, tilting my head to deepen it. The tip of his tongue slid slowly across my mouth, and I parted my lips feeling it slide in. As it collided with mine, they writhed around as the friction heightened the sensation flowing between us. With passion seeping in to take control, I rolled him onto his back, and slid my body over his. As we parted briefly for air, I looked into his eyes and slowly pressed my weight down onto his chest. We breathed in a few short gasps before sealing our lips together again.


Link's hair curtained my face from the glaring light as his body pressed down onto mine. There was an intense heat building between us, our bodies moved against each other, matching the friction of our tongues. The world was slowly slipping into the background, all other senses dulled. The only thing perceptible came as a sudden knock on the door. For the Love of Nayru! We were rent apart by it's piercing sharpness, falling to our backs. The door knob turned, and it slowly creaked open, as we gasped a quick breath, holding it tensely. "Oh, I didn't mean to wake you," came a soft, slightly startled voice, thinking she waken us abruptly. "I was just going to see if you wanted some breakfast." In a daze, our heads nodded mechanically with guilt-ridden smiles. "It'll be ready soon." She smiled a bit nervously, and perhaps noticing our blush, that was covering more than our faces, she added "No need to rush." She closed the door slowly, not breaking eye contact until it was blocking her view completely. We both exhaled sharply, then fell limp. My stare drifted off the door toward Link, and we both quietly giggled sheepishly. I finally slid out of bed and stood up, after waiting a long moment for the heat to subside, then darted over to put the crumpled red tunic back on.


By Din's fire, that was close. I hope she didn't see anything, although she sure seemed a little suspicious. I looked over at Dark's slightly panicked face and we both laughed. He hesitantly got up after a while and darted for the red tunic. I decided to wait as well, hopefully cooling off before I stood, without the cover of the sheet. I got up and fetched my green tunic and headed out the door. I cautiously led the way downstairs, Dark following quietly like a shadow. I wasn't sure he was there until I felt a sudden smack on my rear. I startled with a squeak, jumping the last few feet into the kitchen. "Now we're even." He whispered, giving me that grin again before confidently entering the room behind me.

Malon was just cracking some eggs into a pan, when she glanced around at the sudden movement behind her. "Good Morning. I hope the two of you slept well." She smiled at first, but it turned into a knowing smirk when she saw us try to hide the little glances that we darted between us. "Sorry you had to share a room, but I guess you didn't seem to mind." We chuckled nervously, looking back and forth. She finished cooking and dished out the meals. There was an awkward silence as we sat around the table, but then her father came down the stairs. We shared greetings, and he started some welcome conversation as he sat down to eat with us.

After breakfast, we headed back upstairs to pack. "Do you have any other colored tunics in there?" Dark asked, looking down and the still slightly rumpled red one with disappointment.

"I only have green, blue, and red. Wait, let me check... nope, just the three. Sorry." I gave him a little mocking pout, reflecting my tone. "You don't have to wear one, it will be warm enough outside without it." He gave me a not-so-impressed look, perhaps mimicking my tone back.

He picked up his black one, then started to take off the red. As he was about to slip it over his head, he stared back at me, narrowing his eyes. He was suspiciously modest all the sudden, turning to face away from me. I rolled my eyes and went back to my packing. When I was done, he had his black tunic on and was sitting patiently in the chair waiting for me. I assumed he was wearing his gear because I could no longer see it on the floor or anywhere else. I stood up and nodded my readiness, indicating the door with my eyes.

As he walked passed to open it, I leaped at him, tackling him onto the bed. I gazed down at him playfully, as he squirmed a bit. Being the stronger one, I knew he could get up if he really tried, clearly he was not. His arms flopped to his sides, admitting defeat. I lowered my chest on to his and roughly placed my lips over his mouth. He kissed back hard, and wrapped his arms under mine. He scratched down my back with those claws, yet another thing given to him that did not mirror me, but was there purely to add to his image of evil darkness. I let out a sharp gasp with painful delight, arching my head back. Since I was briefly immobilized with the sensually violent shock. He took that opportunity to push me off him, throwing me to the side. I froze in confusion for a moment, in his absence, as he got up off the bed. But before I could even process what had happened, he turned and pounced on me like a feral animal.

I was suddenly pierced by his glowing red eyes, as he grinned down at me, baring those seductively menacing fangs. My breath hitched as that little thought I had stored for so long came crashing into my head and I was suddenly hot with lust. He slowly slid his hands roughly up my chest with, creating a heated friction as he forced my tunic up. He leaned down and faintly traced his lips toward my neck, the hot breath causing the moist trail to tingle unbearably, causing an involuntary shudder to travel down my spine. Those tender lips reached my collar-bone and paused teasingly as I panted. He slowly slid his tongue up my neck and I cringed with anticipation. He nipped teasingly at the muscle running down to my shoulder, before sinking his teeth in. Softly at first, then they lightly pierced the flesh, I grunted as my body jolted with that satisfying pain. He started to grind his hips as he continued to leave his reddening mark on my neck. He slowly kissed his way up, panting with need. He knew my viscous pleasure, that carnal desire that hid deep inside me. "Now you are mine." He breathed into my ear.


Biting his earlobe gently, then sliding down his jawline, I made my way to his hungry lips. His blue eyes glazed with want, I didn't hesitate at all. I pulled my black tunic off and kissed him hard. As we attacked each other with our mouths, our hips grinding in rhythm. He wrapped his legs around me, pulling my weight down harder. He was very close, I could hear it in his silent moans as he gasped for air. Letting him breathe for a moment, I made my way down to his chest. I licked his sensitive nipples, running my tongue across them, ghosting them with my breath. I reached my hand down below his waistband, and gently stroked him. He clenched his teeth and then bit his lower lip. He was trying to focus more, controlling his breathing. He was trying to hold back, so... I stroked harder. It didn't take long to bring him over the edge. He inhaled sharply as his back arched into me. He held there for a few moments as his body racked with the heightened intensity. Then, I could feel the hot fluid running down my stomach. Slowly he exhaled, lowering himself back down to the bed. He lay there for a moment, silent, his breath evening out, then he opened his eyes.

"Does that mean I have to play nice?" He said as he held my head in his hands, gazing into my eyes. I was still hot with need, panting with him. He rolled me over onto my back and slid his hands down to my waist. He kissed my tummy, working his way down. He lingered at my waistband, running his tongue along the curve. His mouth ran down to my groin, rubbing against my hard cock. He worked his way up and down, teasing through the fabric. Then he slipped his fingers under the band and slowly pulled it down, his hot breath hovering just above me. He started at the base and dragged his tongue up the shaft sending a pulsing throb through it. He wrapped his lips around the tip, working it with his tongue, and the sparks of friction jolted through me. He then slid them down the shaft, the wet heat of his mouth tightening around me, all the way to the base. I was already so close and this was totally pushing me over the edge, the sensation like nothing else I had ever known. It was electrifying. After methodically moving up and down the length, I could hold it no longer. I could feel the tingle building up with intensity inside me. He slid his slavering lips fully down, gripping harder with his tongue. My head arched back as I came hard. It was blinding for a moment which lasted forever, yet so brief. I flopped down as he let go, not a trace to be seen. He looked up at me impressed with himself, and I gave a look back to confirm it. We lay there for a while holding each other until the world slowly came back and we decided it was time to go.

We checked the room, made sure we had all our stuff, leaving no signs that we were there. We thanked them for their hospitality, and waved good-bye. Eager to get on the road, there was still a long journey ahead. We didn't know where it would lead, but it wasn't looking so bad now. There were hard times ahead, full of fear and violence. But now, there were good things to look forward to as well. And I couldn't imagine anyone else I would rather share them with.

Just me and Link.

The End

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