Jesse POV

For the love of fucking god, I can't go anywhere without seeing them, seriously, can't they spend one moment without making out? I am so tired of it. I am THE Jesse St James for fuck sake! Chicks practically fall at my feet! I could have any girl I want and yet I'm stalking (I've finally admitted it) Rachel Berry and It. Well, no more I'll let Rachel know I am fully over her...

I lean against the nearest wall and look for potential candidates; she has to be brunette, into music, sexy and desperate. I have to be sure she'll be up to it.

Bingo. She was standing a few meters away, leaning against the wall like me. She had deep brown hair hanging down to her waist and black earphones hung out of her studded bag. SUPER hot body as well, super long legs, perfect boobs, and the best of all, I could see submissiveness in her eyes. Easy. I stalked over to where she was standing.

"Hey sexy" I said in my most panty dropping voice, she seemed completely unaffected. How odd.

"What do you want?"

Err, um. Shit. Didn't expect her to be so... headstrong, Shit Shit Shit!

I could see Rachel turn the corner, so we were in her range of vision. I grabbed the girls' waist and kissed her deeply. I saw Rachel stare at us in disgust and walk away. Meanwhile, the girl fisted her hands in my hair and yanked my face away from hers

"What the fucking hell was that?"

"Listen, I was trying to prove to my ex girlfriend that I was over her..."

"So you decided to make out with me in front of her to make her jealous." She finished for me

"uh, yeah, kinda.."

"are you really that stupid?"

"Yes. No!. Yes. Probably. And I am so sor-" my apology was cut off by her punching me in the eye and kneeing me in the balls

"If you want to take advantage of me, tell me first and I'll decide."

I was definitely wrong about the submissive part. She turned and walked off, her spike heeled boots clicking against the pavement. I had to follow. I managed to stumble after her

"wait! How can I make it up to you?" she stopped. And walked over to me

"You can start by telling me who you are"

"Jesse St James. I go to Carmel, I sing in Vocal Adrenaline-" she burst into laughter

"sh- sh- show choir?"She managed to choke out.

"yeah... what's wrong with that?" No one had ever dissed Vocal Adrenaline before. They were too afraid of us and what we could do to them socially.

"oh, I just thought that only a football player would so arrogant as to make out with some random chick and just expect her to fawn at his feet for just giving her a shed of his attention. But now, I guess that culture has filed down to show choir."

"you are quite the feminist aren't you?"

"damn straight."

we continued down the street in silence

"Hey, I kept up my side, now you tell me who you are"

"Fine. I'm Violet, I'm home-schooled, so I can spend more time on my art."


"Yeah, I sketch urban landscapes"

Wow. A hot, smart, artistic feminist

"Let me take you to dinner." I blurted out.

"huh?" she looked taken aback

"can I take you to dinner? To y'know make up for earlier" she thought for a moment.

"um, sure give me your phone." She gave an incredulous laugh as I handed my phone to her, and she gave hers to me. We punched our phone numbers in and handed the phones back.

"Call me." She said and gave me an adorable half smile and climbed in to a black Mercedes parked on the curb. After she drove off I made my way to my Range rover. Sitting in the driver's seat, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

Btw, u r not a bad kisser, hope 2 do it again sometime . Vi.

I chuckled. She was so cute, hmm, maybe I was really over Rachel after all...