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Jesse POV

Why the hell am I wondering what to wear? I thought that was a chick thing. Tie? Or no tie? No tie.

Violet and I have been talking every night since we met. And, I guess I may be, maybe falling for her. She is funny, smart and strangest of all, beautiful. I had always seen girls as sexy, fuckable... but never beautiful. She had an innocence about her and I had long since realised, it wasn't submissiveness in her eyes... it was purity, and yet, still strong. Strong willed, strong minded and as i recognised by the pain in my balls that lasted a week after she kneed me.. Strong physically.

We had finally agreed to have dinner tonight. I would pick her up at 7. Oh, shit. 6:35, I wonder if being early would put me in her parents' good books? Too bad. I'm going.

I was at her house by 6:45. I walked along the path to her front where i heard Bruno Mars blaring out from the second story window. Not knowing if anyone could hear me, I rang the doorbell, I guess it accommodated for the sound system since i could hear it over the music. The sound system died off and Violets' head popped out of the second story window

"crap. Is it seven already?" she called down

"no, i'm early. It's six forty five"

"oh, then just come in! My parents aren't home so just take a seat in the living room. I'll be down in ten" and with that, her head popped back in the window. I hesitantly twisted the doorknob and entered her house.

Art. Everywhere. Every wall. Most artistically done, but other ones were edgy, not perfect like the art. Some of streetscapes, some landscapes, but every one was framed in the same modern silver frame, with a platinum-type metal name plates. Hundreds of names. But only one name stood out...

lights are dirty in the night. A streetscape by Violet Amaria.

The sketch was of a city. One quarter of it bathed in sunlight. The rest in moonlight. It was mesmerising

"The sunlight represents acceptance and diversity. The moonlight... means the opposite. It highlights that we aren't as accepting as we think we are" Violet came up behind me. I turned around.

"wow." She the most beautiful person I had ever seen. Her hair was in loose curls, framing her face, which was a perfect ivory. She wore a little black flowy dress that went down just above her knees and shoes that made her way taller.. up to my shoulders now.

"hello to you too" she giggled

"hi" I said stupidly

"hi" she laughed

"should we go?" I asked


We walked hand in hand down the path to my car.

We sat down at our reserved table at breadsticks, ordered drinks and started to talk.

"so you're a singer.. pretty brave don't you think?" Violet started.

"I think I stopped being nervous junior year-"

"No, I mean don't all of the jocks beat the shit out of you or something?"

"well, our show choir are kind of the jocks..." I said, hoping her not to think less of me.

"oh. That really smashes my stereotype" she laughed, I admired the way her eyes sparkled in the candlelight

"what kind of stereotype?"

"well, I think of the glee club as like the losers, the bottom rung of the ladder, if you will, because I mostly fall for the broody artist, or writer, or musician... the outcast. you get the picture"

"yeah. I'm kind of the opposite right?"

"yeah, but your kind, and thoughtful, and, contrary to my first impression, not a douche and really cute as well" she giggled

"you are so adorable" I laughed

"and confident.. and amazing..." she blushed at my words.

our tender moment was rudely interrupted by a clunky waitress wearing to much makeup plodding up to our table and asking for our order

"hmm, I'll have... the beef ravioli with heaps of cheese and a garden salad on the side, thanks" Violet chimed

"and I'll have the chorizo sauce on penne" the waitress scribble our orders on her pad

"oh, and bread, lots of bread" Violet added. The waitress clunked away.

"why bread? I questioned

"my parents are on the no white diet, no white rice, pasta, sugar, bread.. it goes on, so if I have the chance, I stock up on white" she said.

A few minuted later our food arrived and we talked more, about school, family, art and I got a chance to study her face, how one eye had a greener tinge than the other, how the three freckles on her upper cheek made the shape of a triangle, how her dimples showed when she laughed, she was stunning.

"oh god, that was the best thing I've eaten in ages! And, you're very gentlemanly taking me out tonight after the other day.."

"oh, believe me, this is the best date I've been on in a long time"

"should we pick up the cheque?" Violet suggested

"sure." I said, flagging down the waiter.

As the cheque arrived, we both went for our wallets.

"no way. I'm paying." I said firmly

" nuh uh I'll pay"

"No I'll p-"


"if it makes you happy."

We ended up going in halves .

Back in the car, I turned the lights and heat on and helped Violet into the car

"hey Jesse.."


"remember that text I sent you?"

"yeah.." of course I remembered, how could I not? She smiled at me, silently giving permission. I leaned forward and pressed my lips softly to hers, she fisted her hands in my hair, pulling me closer

"more?" I whispered in her ear


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