Burden or Better

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

Note: The Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not to me. This pairing is a Mew and Mor's Weird Pairing, which you may find in the M&MWP forum (see my profile for details). Check out and join the forum FUN! Read, review, and enjoy!


"In your room

Where time stands still

Or moves at your will

Will you let the morning come soon

Or will you leave me lying here

In your favourite darkness

Your favourite half-light

Your favourite consciousness

Your favourite slave"

Depeche Mode, "In Your Room"


Somehow, somehow, s-o-m-e-h-o-w

Daphne never felt more


Back then

(back in the good ol' days)

She was


(many Slytherins command some power)

&& he was


a little mouse

amidst lions

(& she hateshateshates the same old comparison, but—really—it's what suits them best)

But now—

It's come down to










(&& she can only sound it out, for fear of making all of it

R—E—A—L—I—T—Y if she doesn't)

Worse yet, he doesn't seem to

c a r e

Maybe he does, but he won't show it

For her, that matters

because she needs to know if he's in it for the long haul

(she is)

&& she wishes he wouldn't look at her with distaste

a split-second

after eyeing her lovingly

Because she's not some beast to be tamed or branded

If anything, she wishes she could brand his


(just so he'd finally forget Hannah)


I don't really like Hannah. I guess that comes across,*lol*. However, I love Neville and all the ladies that fall for him. There are so many of us, right? Anyway… XD

Thanks for reading, and please review!

-mew-tsubaki :)

Thanks as always to Morghen for beta'ing! ;P

2017 note: Okay, I think I ought to clarify my 2010 A/N—It's not that I hate Hannah, but I've never been supportive of Hannah/Neville. I love Hannah as a charrie and also with Ernie. But, eh, I think my hatred for Nevannah came across easily in my early Neville/X ships. :P