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Blog 2

Week 1; Day 1

Hello again, readers, Arthur Kirkland here- or Mr. Kirkland to whatever students read this blog. We have just concluded the first day of school! Isn't it thrilling to be back in school again? There is never a dull moment (especially with Mr. Jones as my neighbor) and the new students get more and more interesting with each passing year. To those who are unaware, I teach AP English 11- and my classes this year? Bloody brilliant.

With one minor exception... but when I requested to mention it in this thing, his twin brother actually threatened to poison my tea if I did, and I say, he's lucky I am so lenient or I would have gone straight to the principal!

However, I did manage to get permission from several other students to speak about them in this thing. One being a senior, Mathias, who is my co-producer in all of the plays we put on from theater club. Anyway, he seems to have developed a profound affection for a junior he saw in the hallway, I've never seen him smile brighter in my life (and trust me, that is odd because he is constantly smiling). He had come to see me after his second period English class to tell me how horribly my brother taught compared to me, when this short junior passed us whilst leaving my classroom. Mathias looked utterly lovestruck! Eventually I sent him on his way since it was impossible to get a word out of the boy anymore, but I expect he'll be around again tomorrow to ask for the junior's name.

There is also a boy named Vash in my junior class... and he appears to be smitten for (dare I say it?) ...Gilbert. I do not mean to inflate his ego even more, but since Vash gave me permission (albeit reluctantly... I believe he thinks this will give him extra credit), I would be a fool not to at least mention it. ..Though I will elaborate some, now that I am thinking about it.

Vash sits in the very back row of my classroom, and he is constantly looking out the window. I, of course, insulted by his lack of enthusiasm, asked him questions more frequently than others- he got every single one right! ...In any case, I did not see why I needed to keep him in my class if he already knew all about what I was saying, so when Gilbert came in looking for volunteers (I'm assuming he had a free period... not many people sign up for his course, this is how I separate people with common sense from people with none) to help him carry up a few dozen boxes of books for various teachers (aka Mr. Williams) I sent Vash to help, he looked capable enough.

When I turned to look at him, however, his eyes were as large as tea saucers and he was blushing crimson. Gilbert, of course, noticed nothing and before I could protest he had dragged the boy out of my room and out of my sight, probably eager to please poor Mr. Williams.

So Vash, if you are reading this, I do apologize for volunteering you. Lord knows what you were put through.

The last note-worthy student I was able to get permission from was Mr. Im Yong Soo's nephew, Kaoru. He is in my class this year, and has been friends with senior Sadiq Adnan for the past three years. It seems that Sadiq is spending less time with him, and according to inside sources (thank you, Mr. Braginski) this is because he is currently battling over another junior in my class (can't say any names) with a senior friend of his. Now, the interesting thing about this is- oh bollocks, someone is knocking on the door.

...It was Mr. Braginski. Uh, thank you for the flowers, if you are reading this, Mr. Braginski.

As I was saying, the interesting thing about this love triangle is that the normally stoic Kaoru actually looks a bit jealous. The frequent seething glares he sent toward the other junior were enough indication for me.

Well, this concludes this thing. I am off to go look up crumpet recipes (did you know you can do that on the Internet? It is so convenient!) while I wait for Mr. Jones to respond (since I know he will).

Oh, and by the way Mr. Yao, I saw you and Mr. Yong Soo earlier, and may I say that was highly inappropriate! ..Albeit vastly amusing.

Feel free to criticize.


Ivan Braginski said:

I welcome you for the flowers, Arthur. And please to be calling me just 'Ivan,' 'Mr. Braginski' is sounding too formal.

Also, blogs are meant for to talk about your own self, da? If I am to get others to post other individual blogs on this site detailing their days, will you consider to talking more about you? You are, how you say, button cute.

Alfred F. Jones said:

YEAH! that's more like it!
if you fill your blog with rumors and other cool stuff liek that, then it'll get way more popular! and people will ACTUALLY want to READ it!
BUt who are those ppl, i wonder... i'll have to find out on my own, since im guess you wont tell me huh
...u got flowerz from ivan? ivans been pretty friendly lately. thats good, i guesss...
but he's right. You need to write more about yourself! not school! unless you're writing about interesting rumors and crushes and things like that
EVERYOne will want to read then!
(did ivan just say 'button cute'...)

Arthur Kirkland said:

Ah, sorry, Mr. Braginski... that is a bit too formal for my liking- my apologies.

...All right, I will talk more about myself, I guess... I am quite a boring person though. Also, not to be rude, but I believe the expression is 'cute as a button,' and I am not cute in any way, shape, or form!

Mr. Jones, my goal isn't to get people to actually read the blog, it is to maybe entertain a few people and keep the other teachers updated on our students' relations (since I know you gave the website address to most other teachers).

What, the people who read it? I believe Gilbert reads it, and then there's Mr. Braginski, Mr. Yao, Peter (for some reason), and possibly Mr. Yong Soo- why wouldn't I tell you?

Erm... yes he did give me flowers. It was very thoughtful of him.

Ivan Braginski said:

Oh, it is being perfectly alright, Arthur. But why, may I ask, are you calling Mr. Beilschmidt by his name that comes first?

Alfred F. Jones said:

hey, yeah...
why do you call gil by his first name? EVEN I DON'T CALL HIM BY HIS FIRST NAME!
i just call him gil. because gil reminds me of fish gills, and he's a fish. alls limy and swimmin in the ocean.
are u keeping something fro me? no, wait, i mean us. from your STUDENTS.
I demand you tell us right now!

Arthur Kirkland said:

Erm... well, that is to say... Uh...

...I do not believe this is an appropriate topic of discussion!

Alfred F. Jones said:

I do believe this an appropriate topic of discussion!
Now tell us!
thats how seris ous i am! i used goodly language to prove it!
now tell us or i'll... i'll throw out all your tea in the teacher's longue! i know where you hid it from me from!

-serious face-

Peter Kirkland said:

Yeah! Don't be a jerk, jerk!
Tell us!
[I was lurking this whole time. :D]

Arthur Kirkland said:

No! It is none of your business!

I will change the hiding place!

Peter, go do your homework!

Ivan Braginski said:

It is to be fine if you are not telling us, Arthur. Your business is your business, da? I do not wish to, how you say, sniff my nose in your business.

Peter Kirkland said:

You are SO uncool!

Alfred F. Jones said:

i'll still find it! don't think i wont!
but fine, whatever, don'te tell us. ill get u to spill the beans eventually
also, 'sniff my nose in your business'? LOLOL
speaking of sniff, SMELL YA LATER lol

Gilbert Beilschmidt said:

LOL, aww my fluffy wittle crumpet! Are you embarrassed about our relationship?

Ivan Braginski said:


Alfred F. Jones said:

wat kind of relationship do u and gil have!
is that what youve been hididng!
...everty thing makes sense now...

Arthur Kirkland said:

It is nothing! We do not HAVE a relationship!

Say one more word, Gilbert, and I bloody swear...

Gilbert Beilschmidt said:

Aw, you don't have to be so shy about it! After all, you should be PROUD that you dated the AWESOME ME!

Alfred F. Jones said:


Peter Kirkland said:

Haha! No way!
Gross! Who was on bottom? It was jerk-face, right?
I bet it was! Hahaha!

Arthur Kirkland said:


Peter, that is something you do NOT need to know.

Gilbert Beilschmidt said:

He was on bottom! You think anyone could top me? PSH, I'M FAR TOO AWESOME.

Alfred F. Jones said:


oops srry my capslock was on

Arthur Kirkland said:


Enough with the capital letters, Mr. Jones! Good lord! No, we are not still dating! He broke up with me around the time you and Mr. Williams arrived, I believe his exact words were, "sorry, Arthur, the totally awesome me has some Canadian ass to hunt down! Your Britishness is no match!"

...You would think that I would get a more dignified break-up line after six months...

Gilbert Beilschmidt said:

Hey, you could have at least dignified my break-up line with eye contact, but I think you were too busy staring at Alfred's ass to notice, HAHA!

Alfred F. Jones said:

so now gil has the hots for my little bro?
i guess thats nice, could be worse. gl, gil
now that i think about it, if u 2 were dating so long, that does seem kinda assholeish to just dump you like that...
Oh! but whats this about my ass? does artie like staring at it?
Maybe I should wear some tight, skinny jeans from now on? hm? HMM? ;D

Arthur Kirkland said:

Wh-what? What in the bloody Hell are you talking about, Gilbert? I was doing no such thing! I never have, never will!

...Well, he is an arsehole...

My name is Arthur! Mr. Kirkland to you.

No. You should not.

Gilbert Beilschmidt said:

HELL YEAH, ALFIE. I love me some maple syrup. Goes well with my awesomeness.

And yes, we've established how much of an ass I am, but it's hard to feel bad when the memory of Arty staring at Alfie's ass is still so fresh in my mind.

Alfred F. Jones said:

aw, come on now, artie
if u were interested (wow big word) in me this hole tiem, u should have just said so!
stop being so impersunal (another big word, my brain cramped) and call me alfred!
also, you better bring a camera tomorrow fer skool because I WILL be wearing shortshorts, and then u can take all da piktures you want, so u can stare at my ass when im not around!

Arthur Kirkland said:

What? I am interested in no one! Stop deluding yourself into thinking that I am, Mr. Jones!

...UGH. That is it, I am going to bed. You two have fun being complete wankers while I am not around, you are both very good at it.

Alfred F. Jones said:

oh ho ho, i bet you're going to 'wank it' to me when you get into bed tonight

sweet (wet) dreams, artie!

Gilbert Beilschmidt said:


But Ima hafta hit the hay, too. See ya at school tomorrow, broski.


Only bad things can come from Prussia and America becoming best friends.

And ARTHUR AND GILBERT? WHAT! Yeah, I like PrussiaEngland. SUE ME.

Emma- Ivan, Gilbert, Arthur

Joey- Alfred, Peter

Unfortunately we had to do this without Naomi. Dunno where she is. ;c

Next chapter will probably be out either Saturday or Sunday, depending. Joey is working on a separate fic and school is keeping me real busy. PLUS NAOMI WON'T GET ON GRR.

Also, excuse my failing at Ivan and Gilbert. Good. Lord.

OH. Kaoru is Hong Kong, and Mathias is Denmark for those of you who didn't know.




(Rant says: ...WAT)