I haven't written anything in a really long time, and im sorry. So I was going through my Docs and I found this, just sitting there. And truthfully I don't even recall writing this, ever.

I don't own Big Time Rush.

Logan felt hands wrap around his face, long fingers gripping his soft skin firmly. A loud thud was the result from his back being slammed against the bedroom wall rather violently. But when Logan opens his eyes and stares into those sultry emrald ones, flickering with want, lust, and love...

he knows he's completely safe. And ready for Kendall.

Lips press possesivley against lips, sliding between and across one another with familiar passion. Logan's spine is stiff, yet sinking back as Kendall's body is bearing down against his, a smile playing on his thin lips as he kisses his friend.

"Tell me what you want Logan," Kendall whispers huskily into the brunette's mouth, deffering his responce with his skilled tonuge. Logan's hands grip Kendall's hair, his fingers tangled in a mess of ruffled gold.

"Your mouth on my cock," Logan groaned desperately as he feels Kendall's fingers running down his shirtless form, pushing against his confined groin. The fabric of his jeans are pressuring his hard on, making him painfully more aroused. The blonde giggled lowly, his signature smirk stuck to his face.

"Anything for you Logie," he breathed, pressing one last kiss onto the shorter boy's mouth before sliding down, coming to a rest on his shins. Logan would never admit it, but he adored how Kendall looked up at him while he undid his pants, having a slutty essence about him. It was sexy, dirty, and filthy.

Just how Logan liked it.

Kendall hooked his fingers into Logan's beltloops, pulling his pants and boxers down haltingly, revealing the pelvic lines he had grown to revere, the dark trail of hair beginning at his navel and traveling down.

Kendall's lips connected with skin, sucking languidly on Logan's hip, making his way down with small, lasting nips. The brunette rolled his waist forward, his jeans falling lower on his legs. Kendall got the idea, and tugged them all the way down.