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"Yes mom ... no nothing happened. ...I was tired! ...Jesus mom! I won't forget, ever again alright?...I'm sorry ...yes I know mom ...love you too , bye"

"That sounded like a pretty intense thing going on right there "Sara said, she walked in on Greg while he was on his cell phone talking to his mother. Whenever Greg was annoyed, Sara would know that he just got his daily phone call from his possessive, overprotective, meddling mother. Greg's words, not hers. She thought it was cute that his mother wouldn't stop babysitting him even though he's almost 33 years old now. Sara couldn't help but feel a tinge of jealousy from Greg for having such loving parents. Sara talked to her mother every now and then, she couldn't possibly be angry from her. If it wasn't for her, her father would've kept terrorising them in their own home. Somehow, her mother killing her dad was her way of protecting her, even if it led her into living in foster homes. She was 16 anyways; she was old enough to take care of herself.

"You won't believe what this was all about! I forgot to lock the door to my house! "Greg shrieked, throwing his cell phone on the table in the break room. He headed towards the coffee machine, knowing that a nice cup of blue Hawaiian coffee would do the trick to relax his mind a little bit.

"I hate to disappoint you Greg, but your mom's got a point there. How did she know you forgot to lock up your door anyways? "

Greg sipped his coffee, lingering the taste in his mouth. he threw himself on the couch and stretched his legs , allowing his muscles to relax . He hated arguing with his mother, and it seems to be that it's all they've been doing lately. And the fannysmackin incident didn't exactly make things easier. After taking a deep breath, he started explaining the whole thing to Sara, who was currently running out of patience.

"Well, Marty came to Vegas for a vacation ..."

"Who's Marty? "Sara interrupted, as she recalled, Greg didn't have any siblings or any relatives for that matter, other than his parents and his grandparents who were back in Norway.

"He's one of my friends back at high school. I believe he's the only thing keeping my mother sane; she lost it when I moved to Las Vegas. Marty loves my mother so much; she gives him a lot of attention, even more than me sometimes! He always visits her, and she always bakes him cookies! Sometimes we joke about it, that we want to trade mothers. Mine for being over protective and his for being so easy going that she doesn't know what's happening in the world. My mom always keeps telling me about how much of a bad son I am, and she keeps comparing me to Marty! puh lease ! He's probably showing up at her door steps to nibble on my favourite animal shaped cookies every day! And she never turns him down! "

Sara couldn't help but a be a little bit amused about Greg's rambling , but she knew if she didn't act now , he wouldn't stop .

"Ok ok, back to how your mom figured out you forgot to lock your apartment "

Greg took another sip from his coffee, and then he picked up from where stopped last time

"Right, as I was saying. Marty came to Vegas, and my mom gave him a package to deliver to me. She gave him the address to my apartment. So he shows up at my door step, rings the bell, and finds no answer. Mom definitely told him it was my day off and that I would probably be home at that time, I forgot to tell her that I got called out. Then he pushes the door, finds it open, and he steps inside and sees the mess in my apartment. Marty doesn't know that its a normal Greg sanders kind of mess so he assumes that I got kidnapped and instead of calling me , he calls my mom ! "

Sara just acted the way she always does after hearing one of Greg's quirky stories. Raising her eye brows in surprise along with a small grin appearing alongside her face. No matter how strict or uptight people were, she was sure they wouldn't help not to smile around Greg; it was his sort of thing to make people feel good. Minutes later, Sara found herself yawning. She glanced at her watch at it singled that it was the end of their shift.

"Aren't you gonna get home Greg? Shift's over "

Greg suddenly shot up from the couch, making Sara jump slightly. Shift was finally over! He couldn't wait till he got back home to his nice comfy bed and his fluffy pillow. He headed towards the locker room, grabbing a set of clothes that needed to be taken to laundry, then he placed his badge and his vest and closed his locker.

When he got back home, he found Marty fast asleep on his couch. "Mom must've told him to secure the house while I'm gone "Greg thought, mentally laughing at how extreme his mother got sometimes. He pushed himself towards his bedroom and crashed on his bed, not bothering to change out of his clothes. Just as his body collided with his bed, he was out cold in matter of seconds.

"Greg? Greggy? Sweet heart? Open up your eyes "

Greg heard someone calling him in the distance. He turned on his side and grabbed his pillow and wrapped it over his head, shutting out whoever was calling his name. This seemed to be working; the voice disappeared for a while. Minutes later Greg felt the pillow being snatched out from his hands. He moaned and mentally cursed at this person who wouldn't leave him alone, he'd just had one of the most exhausting shifts in the history of his career as a CSI.

Greg slowly opened his eyes that were still heavy from the lack of sleep. He was met with a blurry image of a person standing right on top of his head. He rubbed his eyes furiously, trying to shake off the blur to determine who's this annoying person that insisted on depriving him from his much needed rest. " hell no ! " Greg thought , suddenly panicking and trying to cover himself with his bed sheets seeing as he was in his bed with only his boxers on . "MOM! " Greg yelled at her. "Oh shut up! Are you covering up from me? I changed your diapers boy! "She scolded him. "No mom, Marty is still out there! I don't want him walking in on me like this! Besides, I'm pretty sure I slept with my clothes yesterday. Did you undress me! " . His mother wore an innocent expression on her face and came and sat right next to Greg on the bed, taking one of her brown locks and twirling it with her finger. "You didn't seem comfortable with your clothes on dear. But you just slept right away because you were tired "

Greg just sighed then slowly rose out of his bed, yawning and stretching his sore muscles. "I must've slept in a wrong angle "Greg told himself, walking towards the bathroom, popping some aspirin into his mouth to help reduce his terrible headache. Greg looked at himself in the mirror, he was paler than usual, and he knew the reason. "No, don't think about that right now "he told himself, then he glanced towards his mother from the bathroom door. "Is that why she's here? I mean, she was always miserable on that day but she handled herself ". Greg soon got back to the sink washing away his troubled thoughts.

After grabbing a towel and drying his face, he saw that he had only one hour left till his shift starts again. "Wow, have I really slept that much? ". He asked himself, pulling one of his crazy shirts and some worn out jeans. "Mom, if you don't mind, I wanna change into my clothes "his mother just rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath about how much of a brat he was. Greg put on his clothes then went to the bathroom again to do his hair. After finishing everything up, he saw that if he didn't get going now, he'll be late for his shift. Greg started frantically searching his room for his keys; he stumbled upon his shoes that were hidden under a pile of dirty clothes. "Looking for these? "His mother asked, shaking the car keys in her hand. Greg immediately grabbed the keys and broke into a run towards the door , reaching his car and fumbling with his keys , Ecklie's words still burned into his memory " this is the third time this month sanders ! I knew Grissom shouldn't have hired a kid in the team! But would anyone listen to me? Of course not. Make yourself useful and try to be on time Sanders! "

Greg drove as fast as he could to the LVPD building, surprised that he didn't break any speed limits. He made his way to the break room where he knew everybody would be. "You look terrible "Sara simply said. "Thanks. I woke up into a nightmare! "Greg replied. "Oh, and what could it possibly be? "She prepared herself for a weird answer, as to be expected from Greg. "I just opened my eyes and found my mother hovering over my bed "Sara laughed and Greg just glared at her. "It's not funny! She's gonna make my life a living hell while she's here! "

"Come on Greggo , it can't be that bad " Nick joined in , patting Greg on his shoulder . " oh trust me, it is that bad ! " . "Alright team, gather around, hopefully today is much less stressful than yesterday was "Grissom's voice broke into the air. Soon everybody was gathered around him. After discussing their assignments, each of them headed to work on their cases. Greg was teamed up with Nick, which he was thankful for. He couldn't put up with Sara's constant burning questions about Grissom . "Excuse me; do you know where can I find Greg Sanders? He's my son "Greg heard someone saying. He grabbed nick's arm and started dragging him to the exit "quick! Let's get out of here ". Nick pulled his arm away from Greg and held him down by his shoulders "whoa! Greggo. What the... "

"No time to explain! Let's just get out of here before she sees me! "Greg nervously said. "Oh there he is. Thank you dear "Greg's mother said to the receptionist, making her way towards her son. "Greg! "She called out after him. Greg closed his eyes, embracing himself to be embarrassed in front of the entire lab. "Honey, I made you breakfast. Cherry pie, your favourite! I threw in some cookies in there too, just because I love you so much. I made sure the dolphin shaped ones are there. You shouldn't go to work with an empty stomach sweet heart, I don't want you to pass out in front of everybody "

Greg grabbed the plastic container from his mother thanking her. Then she suddenly came close and started fixing his collar.

"Mom, cut it out! "

"Stand still and stop complaining! You look ridiculous ". Greg just huffed and rolled his eyes. He could tell nick was clearly enjoying this, as he was barely holding his laughter. "Oh, and I also hired someone to clean up your place, I don't know if you noticed, but your place is pig's pen "Nick laughed when he saw Greg's eyes grow as big as saucers . It was priceless! He was sure Sara and Catherine would've enjoyed it as much as he did.

"And what will you be doing mom? " Greg asked, dreading what was about to come next. "I'm here to talk to your boss "

"About what! "

"About cutting you guys some slack! My handsome little boy shouldn't look like a dead mummy! No wonder you haven't had a date in ages! "

"Mom, everybody in here is treated the same "

"It's time for some change then "

Greg started rubbing his temples; his headache from this morning was getting more intense. He was shutting out everything his mother was saying, he wished she would stop already. Nick sensed Greg's growing anger and decided to step in. "MRS sanders , I'll make sure to talk to my boss about it , it's just that sometimes things can get out of hand and they really need all the help they can get "

"That's not enough for me, I need to make sure that my Greggy will be ok! Keeping this up is really bad for his health! "

"ENOUGH! "Both Nick and Cassandra, Greg's mother. Both were startled at Greg's sudden outburst. "Mom, I have a job to do. So if you excuse us, we will be leaving. And please just get back home! You embarrassed me enough as it is! Or just wait for me till I finish my shift. I'll talk to you once we get back, this has to stop! "

Cassandra just nodded, clearly shocked that her son would snap at her like that. "Let's go Nick "Greg said, Nick followed him towards the garage. "Don't you think you were a little bit harsh in there Greggo ? I mean, she's just looking for you "Nick asked, trying to reason with him a little bit. "You don't know anything nick! Just, please, let's not talk about this anymore ". Nick just nodded and they soon after drove to the crime scene.

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