Nick stayed awake for a while watching Greg snore lightly on his chest.

The Texan didn't trust his young friend to be alone,and he just couldn't go to work and leave Greg in his frightened condition. Therefore,Nick fished his phone out of his pocket as gently as possible to call Grissom, without stirring the sleeping figure lying underneath him.

He had his boss' number on speed-dial, it only took a second to connect to the line before the man in question picked up.


"Oh , hey Griss, its Nick. I need to ask something of you" Nick spoke , in a low hushed voice.

"Nick, Shift starts in an hour, you couldn't wait till then?"

"No Griss, actually it has to be before shift starts. I was wondering if you could give me today off?"

"Why is that?"

"uh, family issues"

"Uh huh. I see"

" don't believe me don't ya?"

"Well, I've known you for a very long time Nick, and I trust that whatever reason you may have is good enough. But, I'll call you in when things get hectic"

"Thank you so much Griss. I really appreciate it"

"You're welcome Nick"

Once Nick hung up the phone, he felt a movement under him and he wasn't surprised to see that Greg had woken up.

"Mornin sunshine. I hope I didn't wake you"

Greg shook his head and mumbled that he should have been awake anyways.

"Who were you talking to?" Greg asked. his eyes were still slightly closed and his curls were draped across his face , making him look way younger than he is.

"just Griss. I asked him to give me today off. I don't think you should be left alone G"

Greg disapproved whilst casting Nick a guilty look.

" You don't have to do that, especially not for me, I'm able to take care of my self .

You still have time to go to work. Save your vacation days for when you really need them, and did you even get some sleep while you're here? I'm pretty much sure that you didn't !

That's really unfair to you Nick. I think you should head back to your house and... "

"easy Greggo" Nick cut through Greg's nervous rambling, chuckling at his friend's funny antics. Greg is acting as if they were strangers, which made sense to Nick considering that they weren't as close as they were back in the day when Greg was still a tech.

" I know you can take care of yourself, but I'd feel better making sure that you're alright, its just for today.

And, Since we both have the day off, what do you say we spend some time together ? Just you and I , a guys night in,Catch up on what we missed for old time's sake?"

A wide smile formed on Greg's face, he really did miss Nick's company. Greg always wished he was as close to Nick as Warrik was, but he didn't seem to find himself interesting enough.

A fact that no one knew about Greg was, underneath all his crazy behavior and confidence was a shy guy who had problems approaching others, and now here was Nick proposing to him that they have a guys night together, and Greg wasn't going to miss it for the world.

"I'll agree to that under one condition" Greg said.

" You , get some shut eye first, and then when you wake up we'll decide on what to do"

Nick lifted both his hands in surrender

"Hey, whatever you say. You're the boss"

Greg wished Nick sweet dreams and then left the room, closing the door behind him.

"What to do, what to do" Greg pondered in his head. He had no plans for his day off other than resting, which he already did, so what was he supposed to do till Nick decided to wake up?

A grumbling noise interrupted Greg's thoughts and he glanced at the source of the sound, which turned out to be his stomach.

"Well I guess that answers my question"

Greg marched to the kitchen and searched through one of the drawers, pulling out the recipe book his mom gave him.

"At least one good thing came out of her pampering" Greg sarcastically commented. He started flipping through the book's pages till he found a recipe that he was satisfied with.

"Aha !" He pointed at the chosen selection. Meat pie, an Australian classic.

"I hope Nick doesn't dislike my choice of food course...well , isn't he a plain Ol Texan?, they love meat! Or at least that's what I think..." Greg's mind wandered while he was reading the page's contents. He scribbled down a list of ingredients he was missing to grab from the grocery store, or in his case order.

He dialed the number stuck on his fridge from the kitchen's phone and requested for puff pastry, because Greg didn't feel like making the pastry dough from scratch.

He already had meat, Greg didn't like to order it, he liked picking it himself to make sure its quality is good. He needed a beef stock though, a few herbs, and lots of tomatoes.

"your groceries will arrive in a few minutes. Thank you and have a nice day MR sanders" a preppy girl replied back to Greg.

After hanging up, Greg prepared a few things while he waited for his groceries to arrive. He took the minced meat and bacon out of the fridge to give them time to melt, then he cranked the oven up to 200•C degrees. 10 minutes later his groceries arrived and he emptied his bags on the counter.

After emptying the bags, Greg put on his cooking apron. He loved the shirt he was wearing and he wasn't going to risk getting it all greased and dumped in the trash can later on!

When the ice somewhat melted off the meat and the bacon, with a little help from the microwave, Greg chopped some onions then pulled out a frying pan. He added some extra virgin olive oil to the pan and adjusted it to a medium to high level of heat.

After the pan was all nice and hot he added the onions and the bacon, stirring them for about 3 minutes. Then he added the meat on top, also stirring it and breaking the meat apart till it was properly cooked.

Next on Greg added tomato paste and flour and mixed everything together till they combined and kept stirring for almost a minute.

The beef stock and thyme was added to the mixture as well and left to boil, then Greg reduced the heat to a medium low.

Greg kept stirring then until the sauce thickened and the meat became tender before pulling the mixture out of the heat.

Then finally Greg wrapped the pastry dough around the pie's mould, added the mixture, and then brushed the top of the pie with egg yolk to give it a nice red color before placing the pie inside the oven.

"Phew" Greg exhaled out of exhaustion, glad to be finally done. He wiped the creased layer of sweat that formed on his forehead then washed his hands in the sink and dried them on his apron.

Greg's face was a furious red color at this point, and his clothes clung to his moist body. Also Parts of his hair stuck out and some were flattened against his temples.

He was leaning on one of the counters, flapping his shirt in an attempt to fan himself before he took it off completely, revealing his well shaped body. Greg did have muscles, just not as big as the ones those bad boys had. Scars marred his back from the dreadful lab explosion, and other things no one knew about except Greg himself.

"I better clean this mess." Greg told himself. The kitchen looked like a tornado had struck and flipped everything upside down.

"Mmmm , somethin smells good" the ex lab rat turned around to see Nick standing in his hallway.

"Nick ? Why are you up ? You need to get some sleep !" Argued the shorter man, pointing a spatula in Nick's direction with his right arm, while his left arm was placed on his hip.

" I had some good rest when I first dropped you here and a few more when I was laying next to you in your bed"

Greg still didn't look convinced , Nick chuckled and assured his little buddy that he really does feel well rested.

" You know Greggo, you scared me for a minute there, standing in the middle of the kitchen looking like an angry house wife, especially with that spatula"

"Ha ha , very funny Nick" Greg mocked and went back to cleaning. that's when Nick noticed the massive destruction left all around the place.

"What the hell happened in here man ?"

Greg faced Nick and shrugged

"I cooked"

"Makes sense".

After 30 minutes the meat pie was finally ready and Greg took it out of the oven, then he set the table so that he and Nick can enjoy the home cooked meal.

"This is really good G" Nick said with a mouthful of food while speaking. Greg was trying to keep himself from giggling, but he couldn't succeed.

Nick was literally swallowing his food and digging in like he never ate before in his life. His chin had a smear of sauce on it and the pie was almost half gone.

"What's so funny ?" Nick asked . Greg continued laughing, not really answering the other man's question.

"Come on Greg ! If I'm being laughed at , I have the right to know why"

Greg managed to control his laughter and looked straight into Nick's eyes, feeling pretty much amused.

"You blew away half of the pie faster than I can blink, your face is smudged , your side of the table is a complete wreck, and you look like a hamster with the amount of food you have stuffed in your mouth.

I always figured you out to be the very well mannered kinda guy, so you can imagine my shock of seeing you like this "

Nick swallowed whatever food he had left in his mouth and gave Greg an irritated look before he started explaining himself.

"First of all , Greg , I'm your buddy , I'm not obligated to act 'well mannered' in front of you. Best friends don't do that polite kinda shit in front of each other.

Second, I am well mannered on most occasions , but hell hath no fury than a man who had been pulling double and triple shifts, had been surviving on coffee and lucky charms for days! and then someone places real food in front of him. So you'll have to excuse me if I seem a little...barbaric."

The blonde CSI couldn't help but chuckle at Nick's little confession

"Lucky charms huh ? And I always thought he was a health freak"

"Anything else you wanna add?" Nick interrupted his thought.

Greg just casted a genuine smile towards Nick that the Texan couldn't help but feel his heart warm up to.

"I'm really glad you feel comfortable enough to act the way you want around me, Nicky. It was just the total opposite of you,and it was funny.

And, let's just say I learned not to stand in the face of a food deprived man "

Nick laughed and punched Greg's shoulder from across the table

"You're a tease sanders"

"You're a mess stokes"

Nick blushed a deep red, slightly embarrassed by his disheveled appearance.

"I'll go wash up"

"Yeah , ok , and once you're done maybe we can figure out what to do next"

Nick gave Greg a wink before heading to the bathroom. Meanwhile , the dishes were washed and the remaining pieces of the pie were covered and staffed in the fridge by the blonde norwegian.

"So" Nick came back , his face was all clean and he smelled of sandle wood soap.


" Thought of anything interesting?"

Greg shrugged

" Not really"

"Movie sounds good?"


Greg wanted to watch a sci-fi movie, while Nick wanted some action. They both argued for a while before settling on watching "X-men first class", since It had a little bit of both.

"You see , they call it X-men first class , because , you know , its supposed to be about the very first mutants who formed the X-men team. This movie is not the way its supposed to be though , they got all the facts wrong !

The team should've had Cyclops ,Jean Grey , Angel as in Warren Worthington the third not this fairy , and ice man ! But at least they got beast right ! "

Nick rolled his eyes and sighed patiently. Greg was definitely ruining this movie for him by telling him things he was not interested in the least. He was hardly concentrating on the screen with Greg being all geeky around him.

"Brrrrr" Greg suddenly shivered. The A/C was on and he was still shirtless for some reason. The small action caught Nick's attention, and he covered Greg with the blanket he used when he was sitting on the couch yesterday.

"Why aren't you wearing a shirt ? Trying to flex some muscles eh ?" Nick teased.

" Nah . I was cooking and it was so unbelievably hot , so I took it off.

And , FYI , I'm used to roam around my apartment in my birthday suit, so this is rather decent"

" I see"

Throughout the movie , Greg was unconsciously moving near Nick, drawn to his body heat. Nick also unconsciously wrapped his arm around Greg's shoulder and held him closer to him till Greg's head was resting on the level 3 CSI's chest. It felt like the most natural thing in the world.

"Man if we were telepaths,that would make our jobs way easier, aint that right Greggo?" Nick suddenly blurted , still keeping his eyes on the events playing in front of him on the screen.

When he didn't get a response from Greg though, he looked down and found the young man fast asleep. Soon after Nick started yawning himself and his head lulled to the side, resting on top of Greg's.


In another part of the city of sin , a married couple were discussing a very important ordeal over dinner in their well furnished and seemingly expensive hotel room.

The wife held her husband's hand in a comforting manner to deliver the disturbing news she had to bear.

she told him about an incident that took place not too long ago.

"I mean , it obviously isn't true , is it?"

she watched her husband's facial expressions right after she told him what happened , and he wasn't giving away any emotions.

"Honey ?" She looked at him , waiting for a response .

suddenly , a stony demeanor was etched across his features, which shook his wife to the core.

"Darling , talk to me , please"

But the man did not respond to her request. Instead , he stood up with ease heading towards one of the drawers in the room he pulled an object out of it, then he walked back slowly to where his wife was, revealing the shiny object to her.

"What are you doing !" She yelled , panicked when she saw her husband coming towards her with a knife in his hand.

These were the last words she uttered before he lunged at her until he saw the lights dim behind her eyes.

He stood right next to her body , giving his fake and hollow apologies.

" Sorry doll , seems like someone couldn't keep their mouth shut "

He kicked her arm out of his way and headed towards the door.

"And you had to pay for it " he said one last time before leaving his lavish hotel room behind.