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Chapter I

I've never grasped the concept of fame as one expect from a normal high school student. But my life for the past year, as I would say, is anything but 'normal'. All these trouble began when She was bored.

"Hey Kyon, do you still remember the school festival?" Haruhi said in a bored tone.

"Who would exactly forget the day a bunny girl and a witch played in front of hundreds of

"Shut it! Hey, what instrument can you play?"

"Well, I can play the bass…"

Oh no. Now I've said it. You fool! Now, what have you done!

"Tee hee."

I started to panic as I saw that Now-I-know-what-to-do smile on Haruhi's face.

"Hey Yui, what do you think about going on a tour?"

"Eh, Ricchan? I guess it would be fun!

"You should be worrying about the exams, Ritsu."

"Don't be such a killjoy, Mio. Hehe. I bet fanboys will go crazy over you."

"No! Men are animals! I have no time for such things. Light music is my only lover."

"Eh? But Mio-chan, I would am really curious in seeing you go out with a handsome guy like Ichigo Kurosaki."

"Don't say such things Yui. I would never do such a thing."

"Tea everyone!" Mugi said.

"By the way, Mio-sempai, it would be very nice if we could get more experience playing live."

"Yeah, but, I'm worried about those two over there, Azusa."

"What do you mean go on a tour?"

"You know. Concerts, fans, having fun, music. And maybe, some strange phenomena may show itself." Haruhi blurted.

"Mikuru-chan, do you play any instruments?"

"Eh, I can play the piano, Suzumiya-san."

Before I knew it, Haruhi grabbed Asahina-san from the back.

"Tee hee, you can be our cute mascot pianist! Koizumi-kun, do you know how to play the dums?" Haruhi said as Asahina-san began to squeal cutely as Haruhi began to molest her.

"I can play a little, Suzumiya-san." Koizumi said with that ever-present smile on his face.
"I was in a band in junior high."

"What are you planning now, Haruhi? Don't tell me that you're forming a band?"

"Bingo! You're not as stupid as you look, Kyon."

"Now, wait a sec…"

"It would be a splendid idea, Suzumiya-san." Itsuki interrupted.

Why can't you disagree for once, Koizumi? Seriously, your smile is freaking me out.

"How about you, Yuki?" Haruhi continued. "Are you OK with a band?"


I looked at Nagato, she gave a small nod.

"Now listen here. You can't exactly go on a tour without permission." I retorted.

I was horrified on what she said next.

"It's already been taken care of."