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Alice Red Riding Hood

Pairing: Halice (Tarrant [Mad Hatter] X Alice)

Rating: T (for horrible blood/death/killing/gore writing and minor language and maybe some future romance. MAYBE.)

Genre: Romance (when HAVEN'T I not done romance?)

Summary: The Tulgey Wood is a dangerous place. Full of lions, and tigers, and bears, and... Mad Hatters...

Author's Begining Note: Hope you enjoy. Sorry if the writing is bad; I just started grade 9 and I suck at writing but I love it. Please, if you think I'm being an ass to myself, leave a comment. And read "Beauty and the Beast". It's good. 'Nuff said.


As every fairytale must begin with... Once apon a time there was a young girl by the name of Alice. Her eyes were a ripe shade of brown, her hair were long golden locks and her skin was fair, for a woman who only went outside to have tea with her few friends and, at times, shop with her father.

Alice was a very beautiful girl for her young age. Everyman, to the town's fool to the richest men (beside her father), wanted her as their wife. Yet no man could ever see what she truely was. Artistic, imangintive, brave, courageous, intelligant, witty, and absolutely, positively wonderful. Yes, Alice was quite a catch, if you could ever find the right bait.

And to hid her beauty, Alice wore a red hood. It covered everything. There was no Alice left to be shone, just the hem of her dress and her boots. She wore it everywhere she went and everywhere she was. Only showing herself to her father and her two closest friends, which happened to be the chattesist of the bunch.

She didn't have a big family. No brothers, or sisters. Not even a mother. Alice only had her father named Charles Kingsleigh. He was a man whose wife died at the birth of his only child. Charles owned the small town that they lived in. And Alice had a aunt. A widow who soon grew sick and, since she lived in the wood that surrounded the town, could no longer get the medicine she needed. Alice loved her aunt dearly, she was the mother Alice never had. But noone entered Tulgey Wood alone.

Rumor has it that the Tulgey Wood was occupated by a madman, a hatter to be exact. Electric orange hair that curled upwards; skin so white it resembled the moon; cherry pink lips; big lime green eyes; white eyelashes; purple cheek bones; bright color around his eyes; orange fingertips; green nails, people believed was mold; a top hat always on his head. He was a very strange looking man. Of course looks could be deceiving. Infact this man may have looked odd but he was very kind. Too kind that one man came up to him and stole that beloved hat. He chased that man into the wood in attempt to get his hat back. But never found him, and was forever lost in the wood.

That's when his madness let lose. His eyes turned into fire, the color turned to the coal that made the fire brighter. Wolf-like features appeared onto his face and body, like a tail longer than a horse's. That man would be the last thing you see if you enter the Tulgey Wood. That is, if you ever see him. He'll attack from infront, behind, and even from up in the trees. When he catches you he will murder you in ways not even young minds could dream of. He could skin you alive, slowly so you can feel every ounce of pain; rip your head off and burn your body at the stake; pull your eyeballs out; stick a sharp peice of lumber down your throat. Sometimes, when he was in one of his 'better' moods, he would send the body back to their family. And watch in the shadows on how they react of the sight.

There was always one rule because of this rumor: no man would ever go about in Tulgey Wood.

Late summer was a beautiful time to be outside. The leaves were gently falling down, like a blanket over the ground. The air was such the pefect temperature that it was pleasurable to be running around and such. Families were having picnics weekly. Children were outside all the time. Just enjoying the feel of being outside and not inside to do their awful lessons. Ladies loved having tea with their friends. Alice was defiantly one of those ladies.

Speaking of the hooded gal of our tale, there she was. Sitting comftorably with her two close friends, Faith and Fiona Chattaway, under their favorite tea-time spot. The apple tree in Alice's backyard that they had grown together as children. They just loved sitting in the backyard. Many patches of roses, red and white, were planted everywhere. Fruit trees planted by the maze. The maze didn't have an exit. It was only there for games. Though Alice couldn't brag and say she one every single game as a child. That would be rude.

"Oh, Alice, don't you think this tea is marvelous?" Fiona asked, giddy about something Alice knew she didn't want to know. Or maybe she was hyped up on the tea Alice had prepared.

"Isn't the tea always marvelous when I make it?" Alice asked back. She took a little sip of her tea, happy that her hood hid her suppressed smile. Fiona rolled her eyes, ignoring the un-lady-like-ness she had just displayed. Faith giggled girlishly, covering her mouth while doing so. At least she had some class. "But yes, it is. Father had brought some exoctic tea back from his visit from the town a ways down."

Faith placed her elbow on the table, resting her face in her palm. She smiled widely at Alice. "You're very lucky to have a father who actually leaves you alone." she confessed to her friend. The Chattaway's father never let them be ever since the day they turned fourteen. That was five years ago! Infact, he was probally watching over them somewhere in the garden.

The girls bursted out into a fit of giggles.

Fiona stopped abruptly. "Speaking of men, didn't you hear-?"

Faith's eyes widened. "Oh dear, I did hear. I mean-"

"I know, it's terrible!"

"What are you speaking off?" Alice asked. She was never around to hear the latest gossip, since she was indoors all the time. At least these two ladies still kept their friendship up with the poor girl. Yes, never a dull moment with the Chattaways.

The two sisters looked uneasy. Which was never a good sign. The last time they had those faces, Alice had found out she had a man who was going to propose to her. She felt her palms sweat. It wouldn't be a good thing if that happened again. That poor man was still missing. And it's been almost two years.

"Well, you know Mary-Ann, the tailor?" Faith began. Alice nodded. "Her husband is still missing." Fiona continued. Alice's eyes widened. She knew Mary-Ann very well, and her husband Bill. Mary-Ann had made her hood and every single one of her dresses. And Bill was a very kind man who worked as a chimney sweep. She heard that Bill went missing a week ago, from her father when he was talking to Mary-Ann. One of his co-workers had told her that Bill was cleaning the last chimney of the night when they all left home for the night. Mary-Ann was still upset about the loss of her husband.

"You think Bill is all right, don't you?" Alice questioned her friends. The two gave each other a worried glance. Whenever Alice asked something like that, they knew whatever answer she got, she would do something to help.

Before they could answer, a scream came. They all sat up straight, looking around everywhere to see where it came from. Alice stood when a bush shook. "Where do you think that came from?" she asked Faith and Fiona, who sat there terrified at what was happening. They all moved their heads when the leaves of the apple tree above shook, then another bush shook soon after. Alice swore she saw a flash of orange. Suddenly Fiona screamed. Alice jolted her body towards her, seeing that Faith was gone. "Go get help." Alice ordered the lone sister before running into the forest.

Which was a thing she shouldn't have done.

"Faith!" Alice called as she ran, her eyes searching. "Faith, answer me! Please! Faith!"

Alice turned when she heard light moans of pain. She ran after it. Low tree branches scratched her face as she ran, finally finding the source. A man was lying in the middle of a burnt meadow. Alice's eyes widened before she ran over to the man.

He was all black, his skin burnt to a crisp. His finer nails were torn out, and some fingers were missing. Skin peeled from his face and hands. A crunching sound was made whenever he moved. His left cheek was gone, showing his jaw bone and skin tissue. An eyeball was missing. Holes, punctured by a dull object, were at his heels, ankles and behind his knee caps. A duster, the ones that they used to sweep chinmeys with, was deep in his back. Blood oozed from his fingers and eye socket. A pleading look was on his face.

"Please...Alice...rid of this pain..." he begged, half moaning, half sobbing. Alice, even though the voice sounded similar, did not regonize the man.

She cupped his face, ignoring the fact that the crunching sound of his skin made her feel like vomiting. She looked straight into his eye. "Who did this to you?" she ordered. "Tell me."

His eye moved vigorously as he searched her face. "Tell my wife I love her."

"No! Tell me who did this to you!"

"He's coming to finish." he whispered, moving his eye away from her view. He looked back at Alice a second later. "Don't ever enter Tulgey Wood again, Alice. He will get you."

Alice felt tears streaming down her face. "Who is 'he'? Please, tell me!" she cried, bringing the crisp man's face closer to her. He was forced to look into her eyes and struggled a gasp.

"You're next."

Alice's eyes widened in fear.

"Run." was the next thing he spoke.

"No! I'm not leaving without you!" she told the man. Alice had forgot the real reason she came into this forbidden forest yet she didn't care. Infact, she didn't care if she was tortured like the poor, dying man infront of her. She couldn't leave him in that state, no matter how scared she was. "I can't leave-!"

"Leave Tulgey Wood!" A Scottish brogue screamed, somewhere from the trees. "Or ye will die as well, lassie!"

She knew for a fact that the voice belonged to the murderer of the poor, crispy man.

Alice shut her eyes tightly in fear. "No!" she screamed back. She regretted the words. Why was she so stubborn? "I am not leaving this man alone with a murderer like you! So, if you want to kill him, go through me first!"

A hot hand gracefully grabbed her neck, calloused skin resting against her smooth neck. The thumb, the most calloused feeling skin, was on her sensitive peice of skin on her neck. Her scar she had since a little girl. Warm breath tingled her ear in heavy breaths. Sending goosebumps down her back and shivers up her spine. Her eyes widened when she realised she brought herself to her end.

"Aye'm not gonna hurt such ah tendah, little creature...yet." the Scottish brogue whispered darkly into her ear. She could feel him smile devilishly. "G'night, Luv."

Her eyes widned when she felt a small pain. And slowly she faded into darkness; complete, udder darkness, while screams of pain were heard and the Scottish brogue laughed in pleasure. And, as she fell onto the deceased grass of the meadow, two words passed through her mind.

You're next...