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Alice Red Riding Hood

Pairing: Halice (Tarrant [Mad Hatter] X Alice)

Rating: T (for horrible blood/death/killing/gore writing and minor language and maybe some future romance. MAYBE.)

Genre: Romance (when HAVEN'T I not done romance?)

Summary: The Tulgey Wood is a dangerous place. Full of lions, and tigers, and bears, and... Mad Hatters...

I DO NOT own Alice in Wonderland, or any characters, just this story and what happens in it.


It was around midnight when she saw her aunt's cottage again. Or atleast, she thought it was around midnight. It was hard to tell, since throughout the whole day the trees covered the skies. The woods were dark, and more horrifying, than when she first entered. It was like it was reflecting someone's mood. But...

Oh, she didn't have time to think about this! She needed to find Tarrant, needed to tell him.

Alice's feet didn't need to be told twice to what to do. They made her run for the small cottage. Her face even grew a smile at the thought of seeing her beast again. To hold him, to confess her feelings, to kiss. She needed to be with him. And in the back of her mind, she knew he needed her too.

The door was brutally pushed opened, and the golden haired girl came to an abrupt stop when she saw the house was dead. No one was there. Not a living soul.

"Tarrant?" she called out. Her answer was met with silence. "Aunt Imogene? Hello, is anyone here?"

"He is gone." a voice suddenly spoke. The sudden sound made Alice jump in surprise and turn towards the source. Her eyes widened.

It was her ill aunt. And she did look very ill at the moment. Her face was sagging and practically grey, Alice now knew what the 'valley of death' looked like, and her once loving eyes were filled with sorrow and...was that hatred? She wore her nightgown and a shawl over it. She was standing in the kitchen, a knife in her hands. It was a very terrifying sight.

"Where is he?" Alice asked, ignoring her aunt's appearance, and the knife, for the moment.

Imogene's eyes downcasted to the floor before gazing into the forest out her window. "He is gone..." she repeated. Her eyes flashed full hatred for a second. "...searching for you."

Alice stepped back when he aunt started walking towards her, the knife aiming for her throat. She didn't dare speak. "You little prat! You took my only friend during your damned birth, you sent me to this...this hell hole and you took the one I loved!"

The blonde's brow furrowed. "What are you talking about, Aunt Imogene? You always said you were waiting for your prince to come for you-"

"Tarrant is my prince!"

The outburst caught Alice of gaurd and Imogene sliced her arm. She hissed in pain, falling to the floor. Her aunt towered over her now, glaring. Alice flinched back at the look. She never knew her aunt could have such a harsh look. All she ever got from her aunt was smiles and kisses. How could her loving aunt...snap? Did love do this to people? Oh, dear lord, she hoped not.

The knife, stained with her blood, came down again. Alice rolled out of the way before kicking her aunt off her feet. The ill, yet psychotic, Imogene fell down to the hardwood with the sound of her back cracking filling the room. Alice crawled over to her aunt and tried to take the knife away from her. The two women fought and stuggled, the knife and life as their prize. Harsh words, very harsh words, were thrown at Alice and tears almost came out from them. But she wouldn't cry.

Alice was finally able to grab the knife from her aunt's hands and she sat ontop of her, keeping her hands away from the sharp object.

"You bitch, get off of me!" Imogene screamed, thrashing around. "Go back to your demon of a father and leave me and my love-"

"Shut. Up!" Alice screamed back, glaring hard. She was having enough of her ramblings. 'Tarrant is mine', 'Me and Tarrant were made for eachother', 'You stole him away from me, you bitch'... They were all wrong, and they were making the usual good-nature Alice very angry. Because Tarrant was hers, her and Tarrant were made for eachother and Alice never stole something that was not her aunt's in the begining. "You crazy old spinster, you need to shut up and start thinking correctly!"

"Crazy old spinster? Just wait until my love hears about that! His hands will soon be stained with your blood, that they will! And, finally, my love and I can live in peace-"

"Stop with your delluded fantasies!" Alice told her, screaming at the top of her lungs. Her eyes narrowed and she brought the knife down into her aunt's heart. Blood ran out from the wound and starting flowing and staining both women's dresses and the floor. But Alice didn't stop there. She brought the knife out and dug it right back in to another part of the old woman's chest, bringing it back out, then back in, back out and back in...

Blood was everywhere. It was on the floor, on the furniture, on the walls and ceiling, on Imogene, and of course all over Alice. Blood lust was in her eyes, and she did not stop stabbing her aunt until blood stop coming and there was a pool of red around her.

She panted, wiping her face with the back of her hand. Blood smeared over her forehead and hand, but she didn't care. She glanced at the knife...

"Oh, dear lord, what have I done...?" she whispered in horror, after seeing the pure satisfaction that was on her face a second ago. She threw the knife away from herself and looked down at her aunt.

It was not a pretty sight.

Her face, still sagging and grey, was wide-eyed in horror with blood droplets in random places. Imogene's mouth was open, two lines of blood staining the sides of lips. Her neck was bleeding heavily, two knife stabs in her neck. Her chest... Who was Alice kidding? Her aunt's chest wasn't even there anymore, blood and cut-up organs strewing all over her murdered aunt. Her arms showed a struggle, but they weren't as bad as the rest of her upper torso. The floor around her was stained with the blood, mini rivers of red flowed through the cracks in the wood.

Alice heard a chuckle. "Yus, yus, cricket... whut 'ave ye dun?"

The blonde gave a silent gasp, turning towards the source of the Scottish brogue. There was the madman of the forest, dressed in rags with spots of fresh blood on them, his pale skin dirty and stained. His hair even more orange and electrified with torn wolfen ears on top, his eyes a mixture of bright red and deep blue. A evil, mad smile was on his face. His figure was leaning against the wall, his tail twitching.

"T-T-Tarrant," she stuttered, ashamed and scared that he found her like this. When she said his name, he started strutting towards her. "I...I did not mean to do this- it was horrible what I did, I know- but... but I do not know how to explain-"

She was silenced by his lips crushing against hers, demanding and wanting . Her eyes widened and, although it was covered with red in the first place, her face exploded red.

Tarrant pulled back, smirking devilishly. "Lass, ye dun't undurrstand whut ye do to Aye, do ye?" he chuckled, something that sent his body to shake. "Well...why dun't Aye show ye?"

What happened next, Alice would still be blushing today.

Tarrant took her hand and guided it down his chest, towards his manhood. Her face was even more red when she felt how hard and ready it was. She blushed even deeper when a low pleasure-filled growl came from the back of his throat. Oh, the indecency..!

His free hand cupped her face and brought it closer to him. For a second, she thought he was going to kiss her, but his lips ended up on her neck. Biting, licking, and sucking at every inch of skin that made her neck. Alice felt her skin heat up, and a very new warm feeling in her stomach.

His lips traveled up her jaw and towards her ear. His nibbled on the lobe before his tounge flashed out. It got a moan out of her.

"Why dun we hed to teh behdrum, eh, Lassie?"