Characters: Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Team-gen, NO Pairings, Reid-centric.
Ratings: R or M (for language and adult stuff)
Warnings/Spoilers: Post Season Five.
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Angst/Friendship/
Disclaimer: I own nothing and nothing from Criminal Minds, it belongs to their respective owners. No money is made from this, it is just for fun. What I do own is my cat named Fluffy-kins, she's gray with green eyes and is adorable I might add.
Summary: Spencer Reid is known for his endless rants and love of talking. What happens when he is seriously injured and his ability to speak is ripped away? Will it be permanent and can Morgan be there to help him recover? GEN, No pairing.
A/N: This is my second fanfic, I'm going to show the struggles for Reid and his recovery. I'm a sucker for major whumpage. This will be showing brotherly love between Reid and Morgan.



His Voice Resides

Chapter One

Diamonds in the Sky

Spencer Reid arrives into the F.B.I.'s building his favorite coffee blend in hand and walks his signature (not so graceful but skip like) walk, and hops in the elevator to the B.A.U. floor level. Rocking on the back of his heels with his free hand shoved in his pocket, he pushes his lips together as he watches the numbers on the panel blink alerting its occupants of their destined floor. All the while going through elevator related statistics in his mind, not really calming in some of its facts but the math and information recalling in his mind is distracting enough to be comforting to him. He loves knowledge and numbers. Reid zones back in enough to catch the number four circle on the panel blinking signaling to Reid it's his turn to depart, and go to the job that he loves and does so well.

Reid walks out of the elevator and through those glass double doors into the busy bullpen. Stopping quickly at his desk he pulls his messenger bag off his shoulder and lays it on his desk as he takes his seat and places his coffee in its usual spot. Far right corner passed his pencil holders, separate pen holders, and stapler. Near enough to reach, but far enough out of spill range of his keyboard. He lifts the flap on his messenger back to reach for the new book he bought yesterday at Barnes and Noble called Complete Japanese and placed it on his desk for later to read. He has always been curious about languages, he already knows a couple besides English. Even though speaking them isn't his forte, he is pretty good at reading and sometimes even writing it.

He was wanted something new and challenging to learn. He thought about picking up Chinese but decided to upon this instead; especially after hearing Garcia go on and on about anime and hooking him further into the craze as well. Anime buddies they are as she put it. He also has a new copy of Football for Dummies stored in his bag. Morgan mentioned there was going to a game on this coming Monday night, and said he should come over and learn how to loosen up and learn about the sport. So just in case he does get properly invited or kidnapped to go he wants to be prepared. Reid never likes being confused or out of his depth, makes him nervous.

Reid just put his messenger bag neatly on the floor under his desk near his chair when Morgan and Prentiss walk into the bullpen area talking about something that made them both laugh with Garcia following slightly at their heels grinning.

"Hey Pretty Boy." Morgan greets as he leans up against Prentiss's desk.

"Morning Reid," Prentiss smiles as she sits down in her chair and swivels it around to face them all.

Garcia comes over near Reid's desk and pets his hair softly, "Hey there sunshine."

"Morning," Reid gives them a smile grabbing his drink and taking a sip as he leans back in his chair slightly, "What you guys smiling about may I inquire?"

Morgan tilts his head to the side while still grinning. "We were talking about summer vacations. Our team still hasn't taken one yet."

"We were discussing some ways of relaxing and where we would go." Prentiss comments with her elbows on her desk looking dreamily into the air, "I would so want to go to the beach, doesn't matter where as long as I get a great tan."

"Anywhere you say?" Reid sits up straighter in his chair as he waves his free hand erratically through the air as he states matter-of-factly, "Well Washington, DC is a few hours' drive away from several beaches. Destinations along the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean offer the region a wide selection of beach activities including everything from swimming to boating to crabbing to viewing wildlife. Whether you prefer a quiet getaway or an active beach vacation, you can find it all at the beaches near Washington, DC." He says excitedly taking a deep breath at the end of his rant.

The group is looking at his with exasperation and bemusement, and Reid feels a tint of pink color his face as he bites his lower lip and lowers his eyes briefly. Reid always does that, feels out of place like he did something wrong but they don't seem mad but instead usually smile at him and accepted him. He gets infuriated at times with himself for not always understanding what they mean or understanding social situations as easily as others do. It's a work in progress.

"Do you need air with that speech genius?" Morgan ask teasing him while reaching out to ruffle up Reid's brown hazelnut hair.

Reid tries to dodge it but fails and tries to smooth his hair back down.

"I was thinking somewhere further than a few hours Reid, but thanks I will keep that in mind." Prentiss says.

"Oh." Reid says while nodding his head.

"I found that interesting baby genius." Garcia says sweetly to him petting his head softly, and then chirps in, "I want to go to Italy."

Reid held his tongue from wanting to sprout off information about that as well but thought better of it and kept quiet and listened to the others.

"I'd just be happy hanging out at the house and spending some quality time with Clooney and the club. That or try another vacation in the Bahamas that doesn't end in a serial killer investigation." Morgan declared crossing his arms over his chest. "What about you kid? Anything you would want to do for a whole week?"

Reid thinks about it, putting on a thoughtful expression pulling his lips to the side.

"Don't over think it sweet cheeks." Garcia says with a smile.

"Sleep, and catch up on some papers." Reid answers seriously and takes another sip of his drink.

The group exchange glances and Morgan shakes his head, "And that is why I'm making you watch football with me Monday night kid. We need to let you out of your cage and change things up a bit, who knows maybe you'll enjoy it."

"Ha, ha, Morgan," Reid gives him a mock glare the girls call his 'kitten glower' and pouts slightly.

The others laugh softly at that and Reid just gives a small smile, then JJ walks across the hallway to the conference room. "Guys, we got a case, come on."

It was a nice late evening in early September in Ohio, the sun was going to set soon and they were running out of day light. It was pretty warm there, no rain or extreme heat beating the team down, just a stressing case.

The team had been chasing a psychopathic unsub and finally deducted he was working with a partner. They had already killed ten men and all in broad day light. All seemly random attacks and all full of rage and organized. They were confident and arrogant, and brilliant. No clues left behind except a accidental witness who gave the sketch artist enough info on one of them, who got spotted by a nosy neighbor watching the news caught running into a house of a couple who were thankfully at work at the time.

Hotch, Rossi, Prentiss, and Morgan plus some spare officers were already on the scene. They were near the area looking at crime scenes and got there pretty quickly, they called Reid at the police station who was working on the geographical profile at the time and relayed the information to him and they were going to infiltrate the house with S.W.A.T. soon. Reid insistent on being there, being off field duty for so long from his injured leg and always being left behind safely at the police department was leaving Reid restless and a little irritated. Hotch was debating the idea, Reid wasn't necessarily needed at this moment.

"Let him come Hotch, the kid's restless. Let him have fun and play in the sand box." Morgan's teasing voice interrupts Hotch's phone call with the stubborn Reid.

Morgan could hear the faint squawking of Reid to his comment through the cell phone on Hotch's ear, and laughs.

"Okay Reid, but hurry. S.W.A.T. should be in position soon. No we don't know if both are in there or not, we only know of one." Hotch hangs up the phone and starts walking towards the officers and set up a plan of action.

Morgan already has his vest on and gun double checked as he leans up against one of the standard F.B.I. SUVs, waiting for Reid to show up. He has a vest ready to hand the kid when he arrives and is already getting restless and wants to bust that door open and just drag the unsub out the door and give him a kicking he deserves.

Excited, Reid jumped in his SUV and starts the engine and drives off as fast as the speed limit allows because if he gets into a wreck he would never hear the end of it from Morgan and his teasing. Reid smiles at that thought, he makes another turn down the street. He doesn't need a map to know where he is going; he already memorized it earlier when they arrived two days ago. He's surprised they caught a break this early in the case, and it was just by sheer luck to. Checking the clock on the radio to make sure he is going to make good time and looks back to the road biting his lip. He starts to have a bad feeling in his gut, not really sure why. Maybe because they still haven't found the partner yet, Reid hopes it's not a trap.

Morgan was pacing watching the front of the house with unease. S.W.A.T. was already in place and waiting for a command, they had to be careful. They haven't heard of any gun shots, calls for demands or anything. The whole place was surrounded, and nowhere for the culprit to go. The unsub had to be sweating and looking for an endgame, and possibly nothing to lose which means highly dangerous.

The street near the house was fairly empty at this time of hour, so when they heard the SUV carrying Reid not too far away Morgan turns to look.

Reid was paying attention to the road only to hear one second later the sound of screeching metal over flying glass. He blinks as he gasps out to open his eyes to find his view of the road has been warped and feels himself being hit with something hard. He is squished up on his right side and no longer had sitting straight and feels pressed up against something. His head feels like someone slammed a rock, or more like a boulder into his head. It hurt so bad, worse than getting shot in the knee did.

It was like time frozen, and his vision went black. He doesn't think the hit even knock him unconscious. Although, he can't seem to think straight, he doesn't feel like he is in much pain, but it was like the air was sucked out of his lungs and he wasn't really sure what happened. Dazed and confused, he feels like needles are pricking him, that's when he starts noticing the glass embedded in his skin and the warm blood along with it. It was like someone set his vision to static and blurry, zoning in and out of focus. Reid was starting to felt numb but then the mercilessly the pain started to increase.

His chest seized with a terrible spasm that made him want to scream, but nothing came out, that or he forgot how to. His left leg hurt immensely and he was vaguely aware of the distant voices. Maybe he hit his head so hard he can hear voices now like his mother. Were they from the radio? Because the voices' volume was coming in and out, loud then soft and it kept repeating. Reid licked his lips and was now aware of the blood on it or in his mouth, still not sure anymore but it did taste metallic and salty so it might be blood. He wanted to lift his wrist up this his mouth but found that it wouldn't obey. Reid tried to tilt his head to see it but doing that hurt to bad, so he stopped so quickly it might have seemed he didn't move at all.

Was he hit by a car? Is the question Reid's intelligent mind finally, finally, comes up with along with is he going to die here? He is in so much pain, surely someone in so much pain can't have good chances, but a dead man doesn't feel pain so he takes that as he is alive at least. As his vision starts to warp and turn dark, the little white dots in his vision turn sparkly bright and he wonders when they put such pretty diamonds in the sky and wants to reach out and touch them as he closes his eyes.

Morgan was watching the kid drive closer as Prentiss approached him from behind to stand beside him. She must have gotten bored or needed a distraction from the chaos to join him awaiting their genius.

That's when it happened. The scene before them unfolded so quickly it was hard to even watch and say what truly happened.

Reid was driving straight towards them one second, then the next at a stop sign on the adjacent road a white van rams straight into Reid's SUV and is seen being pushed feet away on impact with loud crashing noises that chilled them all to the bones. There was smoke from the engine and eerie silence that followed.

Morgan and Prentiss's jaws dropped and everyone else's attention that was present, including the rest of the B.A.U. team got diverted to the scene not just a few yards away from them.

To Morgan it was as if a horrible dream came to him while he was conscious, and time froze and he couldn't breathe, or didn't dare to breathe, because that would make it real but it was real. He opens his mouth only to have nothing come out and he tries again and his voice finally arrives.

"No." he breathes eyes becoming impossibly wide.

He makes a run towards the vehicle Reid was in, and screams with all his might holding back tears.

"REID! REID! KID!" he screams with panic laced in every word.

"REID!" Prentiss screams and runs after him, stumbling somewhat still shocked and scared as to what she will find when she gets to the SUV.

Rossi and Hotch who were talking to other officers and S.W.A.T. leaders heard the noise and were instantly alert as to what happened. They turn their heads towards the noise only to see Prentiss and Morgan in horror filled shock and then screaming a name that sent a chill of dreaded cold through their bodies, Reid.

After Morgan and Prentiss start running they followed suit after screaming for the police to call an ambulance.

Morgan gets to the scene first and heads straight towards Reid's direction but the van's front end is still smashed into the driver side, so he goes to the passenger side of Reid's SUV.

The driver was already out of his vehicle and staggering away from the scene but collapses to ground and starts moaning in pain. Prentiss gets to him first and starts asking him questions as the others approach.

Morgan rips the door open on the passenger side to see a bloody and dazed if not unconscious looking Reid sitting looking so fragile and small.

"Reid? Reid? Can you hear me, can you open your eyes for me pretty boy? Please?"

Reid groans and his eye lids flutter open slowly, painfully slow as if it was taking every ounce of his strength just to do that for Morgan.

"That's it, there are those brown eyes. You're doing great kid, okay? Just try to stay awake with me. Can you tell me where it hurts?" Morgan's voice pleads and is trying to calm the quaking fear inside of him.

Reid is trying with all his might to do what Morgan is requesting, but it's so hard and he hurts all over. He's not sure how much longer he can hold out. He opens his mouth to speak but nothing comes out, it hurts just to swallow.

Morgan's eyes sweep over Reid's figure and is trying to judge the damage. He wants to get him out of the car but knows he might do more harm than good, and has to pray the paramedics get there soon.

"Help is on the way Reid, don't worry! You're going to be fine; you're so strong you know that? You got to stay awake for me though, alright?" Morgan asked, swallowing tightly and runs his fingers over the boy's forehead to push the hair out of his face as soothingly as possible.

Hotch is behind Morgan now with a worried expression face, he seems to be holding his own panic at bay for the moment. They can hear the sirens coming closer and after what seems to be hours, which was only possibly four minutes they finally arrive to help their youngest. Who was taking struggling wheezing breaths, pain evident on his face.

The paramedics yell for Morgan to move out of the way but their voices barely register and Hotch has to pull him away. They start doing the basic treatments as fast as possible while the rescue workers are moving the van out of the way.

"Sir, can you hear me?" One of the E.M.T.s asks as Reid blinks slowly and closes his eyes and squeezes them shut in pain.

"What's his name?" The second E.M.T asks Morgan and Hotch.

"Dr. Spencer Reid." Hotch answers with a frown and stares at the scene before him.

Morgan was trying to take deep breaths and not let the worst case scenario pop in his head and just think of the now. Willing the E.M.T.s to hurry up and get Spencer to the hospital as fast as possible.

"Spencer, can you squeeze my hand?" She puts her hand in his right one, but he barely twitches his fingers. "Okay good, that's good."

They start an IV and check his vitals and start screaming medical jargon and the only couple of things Morgan can catch are, "His pulse is dropping, he's losing blood fast….. he's in respiratory distress, we need to do an emergency intubation now!"

The next few minutes go by like a blur for the team as they watch the crumbled door to the vehicle be opened and releasing the bloody broken body of their beloved friend, youngest, brother, and colleague onto a stretcher.

"I want to ride with him!" Morgan jogs up beside them and gives them a pleading look. They were going to tell him no but the look in his eyes told them he wasn't going to back down.

"Okay but don't get in the way, every second counts!" The E.M.T. tells him as they load into the awaiting ambulance.

Reid was in and out of painful consciousness and was trying to concentrate on his surroundings. He thought he heard Morgan's voice and tried to pay attention to it, and his blurry face came into focus soon after, as well as a couple of other faces that were strangers to him. Must be the help Morgan spoke of. He felt his eye lids grow heavy and against his will and the advices of Morgan and the others strange faces they finally fell of their own accord, and Reid hoped it wouldn't be the last time.

The trip to the hospital was not an easy one, every second felt like hours and not fast enough for Reid to get the proper help he needed. He was barely breathing and bleeding heavily. They wouldn't let him go any further and made him wait in the waiting room. Not long after he punched a wall, scared a few other people, and he sank down into a hard chair.

Soon later the rest of a warily and stressed looking team flows in. Morgan quickly tells them he doesn't know anything. After that, they all resume their pacing, silent prayers and thoughts to themselves, and leaning on each other randomly for support. When a hour and a half passed, Hotch and Morgan started badgering the nurses for information but still no news came in about their precious friend.

After almost four hours a tired looking doctor in mildly bloody scrubs comes out with a chart in hand. The team looks up towards him holding their breath wondering.

"Spencer Reid?"

The team is instantly alert and out of their chairs and from leaning on the walls, to staring at the doctor as if he holds the key to the universe with worried and anxious expressions.

"Are you his family?" the man asks.

"We're his colleagues; he was on duty when the accident happened." Hotch answers swiftly.

"How is he?" Morgan asks with tight voice.

"My name is Dr. Rolls," The man addresses them after briefly looking at his chart in hand, "Your colleague is alive and stable. We had some complications but he is a fighter. The extents of his injuries contain a deep laceration on his neck, broken left leg, sprained right wrist, both a punctured and collapsed lung, a fractured left hip, and I'm afraid he suffered some traumatic brain injury."

The group's faces fall at this, stunned silence. No not Reid, the smartest person in the world, his mind is his world. It all sounded so horrible. How can Reid still be alive through all that?

"The E.M.T.s was able to get him intubated quickly enough that it saved his life at the scene. We have him on a ventilator to help him breathe as we speak. He will need physical therapy for both his lungs and his leg in the future. His overall surgeries went fine. Although it will be quite some time before he can breathe or walk properly. Because of his brain injury the swelling was extensive, so to help him recover faster we've placed him in a medically induced coma. He may look worse for wear but he is alive and doing well."

Morgan's stomach feels like it has plummeted, freezing into a block of ice with his head feeling so heavy with this knowledge.

"Brain injury, how serious?" Prentiss asks holding her hands together.

"Nothing that should impair his judgment or coordination from what the CT scans has shown. Although, there is likelihood that he might have minor seizures. We'll know more once he wakes up and is well enough to do extensive testing. But I remain optimistic." Dr. Rolls finishes with a weak smile.

"Can we see him?" Morgan steps forward urgently.

"Yes you may, a nurse at the front desk will take you to his room in the ICU. If there aren't any more questions I need to be off."

The group looks around still not sure of what to do or say.

"No, but thank you." Hotch replies shaking the man's hand.

The doctor nods once before leaving back through those doors. The group is still silent till Morgan yells out in frustration wanting to hit something but nothing within hitting range and runs his hand over his face and lets his fists curl in at his sides. JJ looks near tears, and Prentiss looks shaken and wanting to cry, Rossi has a hand on beard his usual calm replaced by anxiousness, Hotch's usual stoic frown replaced by a frozen frown of worry.

"Someone needs to call Garcia." Hotch states softly crossing his arms over his chest.

They all look towards Morgan to do it but he doesn't seem to even register the conversation so JJ pipes in, "I'll do it."

"Tell her not to come just yet though." Hotch orders.

JJ walks out the doors to the outside world that is now dark, as Morgan ran up the desk to demand Reid's room number and directions to there.

After a few minutes of waiting JJ walks back in.

"Good, let's go see Reid." Rossi declares rising out of a chair.

They approach Reid's room with caution, almost scared of what they might see. The kid was surrounded by machines, one breathing for him and the others showing proof that he was truly alive. Damaged and in pain, but alive.

"Damn." Morgan breathes.

Taking in the sight of their youngest, what was visible over the too big gown he was swimming in and the blankets covering his fragile pale body was decorated in bruises and shallow cuts. His right wrist in a black splint, left leg covered in a long cast raised by wires holding it suspended over a pillow, and bandages wrapped heavily around his neck and head.

Morgan walks up to the bed slowly staring down at his best friend, the one he thinks of as a little brother, and wishes there was some way he could have prevented this or trade places with the kid.

"Hey there Spence, we need you to get better for us okay?" JJ says with watery eyes as she runs a feather light touch to brush back the hair on his forehead.

Morgan takes the seat next to Reid's bed and lifts his hand to lightly rest it on top of Reid's bandaged left one. "Hey kid, get better okay. We'll be here when you wake up, you're not alone you hear me?"

The others exchange small words to Reid as he sleeps his deep sleep. After thirty minutes the team reluctantly has to leave.

"We still have a case to solve, Reid would want us to." Hotch's solemn voice is heard over the beeping of the machines and silent tears.

Rossi nods his head along, but the rest of team doesn't exactly agree or say anything.

"We can't leave him Hotch." JJ says over her sniffles.

"I know, none of us does. But we all know Reid and he wouldn't want to be a bother, and the one of the first few things he'll probably ask when he wakes up is about the case." Hotch says with his lips curling slightly at the sides.

This gets a round of small smiles and they do they understand that perfectly, but doesn't make it any easier.

Morgan turns his head towards the bed to stare at his thin sleeping friend and says confidently, "I'm not leaving; you have Prentiss and Rossi to finish the profile. I'm not leaving the kid alone in this."

Hotch nods his head understanding, "I figured, I'm not even going to try and talk you out of it. Call us with updates."

Morgan is eventually left alone in the room with his broken friend watching the slow and steady rise and fall of his chest and says softly, "Hey there kid. We're so glad you're okay. You really know how to give us a scare don't ya? Full of surprises all the time, a true magician you are." Morgan gives a small laugh and shakes his head, rubbing a hand from scalp to chin letting it drop to his lap, "But honestly, we could live without these tricks. Next time you end up in the hospital I'm kicking your ass." He says sternly and then his eyes soften and frowns leaning back in his chair to get as comfortable as possible, "I'll be here when you wake up, so just try to rest and heal that body of yours."

And Morgan stands guard over his fallen friend and waits.




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