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Chapter Two

Waiting and Drowning

To Reid it felt like years have gone by since he has been in this deep, suffocating deep dream that is allowing him to have this outer body experience around him. Because he swears he hears Morgan's voice constantly talking to him, not making out exactly everything he says but bits and pieces. But in his haze of sleep and whatever black abyss he is in, he never sees him. It feels like some is pushing him hard into ground, or is it a mattress he is lying on? He isn't sure.

When it isn't dark it's bright and scary. Pieces of memories attack him and make him want to wake up but it doesn't end. Sometimes it's peaceful nothingness though, but the nothingness scares him because he doesn't know what's going on.

Oh, there it is again. That feeling of someone touching his head, but it's so dark and he just wants to wake up and know why. Because wasn't he just awake and alert yesterday and went to sleep like usual, and heard his teams' voices talking and laughing? Something from yesterday, it calls him but he doesn't want to read the message there because he fears something bad happened.

Four days, that's how long it's been since Reid has been in the hospital. Morgan has been restless and uneasy ever since. He's so relieved Reid is alive, but he still can't help but worry. He's already had a fever twice and they had to give him medication and ice packs to treat to lower it down. He's scared of the reaction Reid will have once he finds out he was given morphine. He'll just have to wait to cross that bridge later when it comes he supposes.

The man who hit Reid was going to be fine in the sense of physical injuries at the present moment that is, until Morgan gets his hands on him. Hotch won't let him near the guy, not since the man's story of hitting Reid wasn't adding up. They don't have much of any evidence on him but the team is trying everything in their power to find out more. The unsub in the house tried to make a getaway while the accident unfolded but was caught by the local PD. Neither has confessed but Hotch and Rossi were wearing them down. Morgan wanted them to confess but at the same time it gave them longer time to stay with Reid.

The nurse walked into the room holding out a tray of food and placed it on the side table giving Morgan a warm smile, "There you go honey."

He smiles back, "Thanks Annie."

"Not a problem," She says as she checks Reid's vitals and writes something on his chart then leaves the room.

After around 4 P.M. Reid's primary doctor strides into the room with two other nurses and starts looking over his chart and moves over to check his wounds for infection and his overall progress.

"Everything is looking good Agent Morgan," Dr. Rolls says with a smile towards the worried agent.

"Do you think he is well enough to be transported to another hospital closer to Quantico?" Morgan asks standing up near Reid's bed with one hand resting on the railing.

"Possibly, we would have to see how well he is doing before hand to say for sure." The doctor states calmly as he writes on the chart some more.

"Okay, thank you. Agent Hotchner would be the best to talk to about the details handling that." Morgan says looking at Reid.

The doctor nods and walks out of the room with the nurses, leaving Morgan and Reid to themselves once more.

The next day later Rossi finally got the unsub who tried to escape to confess, but the accomplice still didn't have enough evidence against him to be charged with the murder so the team charged him with assaulting a federal officer till the local police gathered more to pin against him.

Hotch got the team an extra couple of days to stay and 'clean up' the case mess. Although in actuality it was just him trying to give Reid as much time as possible to heal enough to ride home and not stay in Ohio by himself.

After two more days the doctor cleared Reid for medevac helicopter travel. While in the jet everyone was restless and uneasy, scared of the worst case scenario that could happen while in the air for Reid without proper treatment.

When the team landed on Virginia ground Hotch informed them they have received a few days off to recuperate from the whole ordeal. As everyone was exhausted and beyond tired they retreated towards their homes and families.

Morgan picked up some Chinese food on his way home. When he got to his house he was immediately greeted by his dog Clooney, he feed him and let him outside before eating his meal and grabbing a hot shower.

Afterwards he decided to go check on Reid and see how he was doing after his flight. Walking to his front door he gave it some thought and just in case he repacked his to-go-bag. Bag in hand he drove off towards the hospital that he was informed his friend would be staying at and hoped everything was okay.

Arriving at the hospital Reid was no longer in ICU and moved into a private room. It was a decent size with a comfortable looking chair near the bed, a bathroom, television, and sink on the wall to the side. Reid looked the same as he did a few hours ago. Morgan walked further into the room and sits slowly in the chair and places his bag on the floor.

The morning nurse accidently woke Morgan up with checking the machine next to him, giving him a start. Feeling a bit embarrassed he apologized to her and checking to make sure Reid was fine he left to get some breakfast but eating quickly eager to get back to his friend.

When he came back he was told the doctors felt it would be safe to administer the medicine to help Reid wake up from his coma, feeling that his head injury was showing promised recovery. Morgan quickly phoned the team and told them of the news but that Reid hadn't woken up just yet.

When 3 P.M. came around Morgan was left with his thoughts in the cold machine filled room, he pulled the blankets up higher on Reid figuring the kid might be cold. The kid was always cold, wearing sweaters all year round.

Morgan was watching a football game on ESPN when the machine monitoring Reid's heartbeats started to beep a little faster, he started to panic at the noise but then saw was the best sight he'd seen in days, which was Reid's eyes behind his lids fluttering.

Reid was in the black nothingness again, till he felt something tugging at the back of his mind telling him there was something he should do. He heard a voice talking to him, so he held onto that, used it as a rope and lifeline to drawl him from the darkness that was his mind. He was becoming more aware to the numbness he was accustomed to growing into painful throbs in multiple areas. The heaviness was leaving his body and he felt like he could breathe easier. Like he was drowning and he didn't even know it till this moment, so he held on to that rope with all his might. He realized it was Morgan's voice, Morgan his best friend and the person Reid always thought of as a big brother.

Morgan's eyes grew wider and rushed up out of his chair to stand over Reid's bed. "Hey there kid, that's it. You can do it, wake up Reid." He said with a smile evident in his voice.

Reid tried a couple of times but didn't succeed, it was so hard. He felt like he should get a medal for the effort he was putting into it, but he tries again. Once his eyes open fully he had to close them abruptly the light was too bright. So bright it hurt.

"There you go, come on."

Reid blinks a few times through half-lid opened eyes till they finally open all the way after getting adjusted but everything was still sort of blurry from sleep.

"Hey, you gave us all a scare back there." Morgan says softly, relief and a huge smile painting his face.

Reid blinks slowly a couple of more times and Morgan finally comes into focus a bit better as he squints at him.

"Oh here, I bet you want these don't ya." Morgan turns around and ruffles through a bag placed on the side table to take out Reid's glass's case and removes the item out to place them on Reid's face.

Reid tries to open his mouth but then realizes there is a tube down his throat. He starts to panic and his left hand rises up to his throat touching the wires and tube.

"Reid, no don't touch that! It's alright. Everything is fine." Morgan says quickly grabbing a hold of Reid's failing hand, "Don't rip that out, you'll do more damage. I'll get the doctor later and ask him to remove it okay? He wanted to make sure you were awake first. But you need to calm down."

Reid was trying to but he couldn't stop the slight shaking that had overcome him. What had happened?

Reid closes his eyes and takes in the air pumping into him and letting out slow exhales through his nose to calm him down. After a few long moments he finally looks up towards Morgan with pleading eyes.

Morgan could tell the kid was confused and scared and probably wanted answers, "You were in a car accident. The unsub's unsaid partner rammed his van into your SUV on your drive over to the house. He saw his partner was in trouble and figured an accident would be enough to distract us for them to get away. It wasn't, we got the bastards Reid, we got them." He said with barely controlled anger in his voice, then softens to finish, "You were hurt pretty bad, don't worry nothing too major though, you will be fine you hear me? You've got a broken leg, sprained wrist, fractured left hip, some cuts, you had a punctured and collapsed lung but they fixed you right up, that's why you are on the ventilator Reid. There was some minor head trauma and had to put you into an induced coma to help the swelling. But you're alive and they say you've been progressing greatly and are doing so well. You'll be having to sit in a wheelchair and eventually crutches all over again but I'm just so glad you're alive and that's what matters."

Morgan was hoping he wasn't putting the kid through too much hearing it all at once, but figured he'd find out eventually and wanted to be the one to put a positive spin on it.

Reid's eyebrows contort into a frown while listening to his friend's speech and closed his eyes for a few moments till Morgan mentioned brain injury then his eyes shot open in panic but then instantly lessened the more Morgan spoke. Right now he just wanted off this machine so he could ask more questions and feel more normal. Reid hated the idea of being in a wheelchair again and then those horrible crutches that always got in the way. He was just off them not to long ago, evil things they are.

"I know, I know you just got rid of those crutches. At least you can hit people with them." Morgan says with a grin at the look in Reid's eyes when he mentioned the crutches, "But 'those people' does not include me."

Reid gives him a mock glare.

"I'm going to go call the team and tell them you are awake and ask the doctors about the ventilator okay kid?" Morgan said hastily then realized Reid couldn't answer him, "Hmm, how about one blink for 'yes' and two for 'no'."

Reid quirks an eyebrow slightly at Morgan then finally blinks once for 'yes' resisting the urge to roll his eyes at the man. He was grateful to not wake up alone, that would have been too scary to handle in this situation.

Ten minutes later a tired looking but happy Morgan walks back into Reid's room, "Called the gang, they are on their way over as we speak."

Reid's eyes lit up at that, but at the same time he was not super happy about being the center of attention while in his weak state but figured they probably already have seen him.

Morgan sensed this in his young friend and added with a grin, "Hey, they just want to make sure you're okay. It's for our sanity, we love you kid get used to it."

Reid's face relaxes at this and moves his head around side to side to get more comfortable, while distantly eyeing the said broken leg. He bet Garcia was going to color it sooner or later and could already see the pinks and unicorns or something embarrassing on it, and betting Morgan wouldn't even defend him would probably add something to it as well.

Sometime later the team filed into Reid's room. He tried his best to his ability to smile at them while feeling himself fidget somewhat.

Garcia came busting through the door as fast as her pink pumps allowed only to halt next to his bed and holding back sniffles reaches around to lightly hug him. "Oh sweet cheeks, you gave us such a scare. Don't ever do that again or I will have to spank you." She says sternly wagging a finger at him as she rises up to stand near his bed.

Reid blushes and lowers his eyes to look at the bed as the others laugh and are interrupted by a knock at the door exposing his doctor.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Willis. I heard someone wanted to be taken off their ventilator." The doctor says looking towards Reid who gives hopeful look.

"Can you step back over there, I need some room." Dr. Willis says to the group, and they move away from the bed some.

Hotch and Rossi lean closer to the wall as the girls hover in the middle and Morgan is standing close to the machines on the other side of Reid's bed.

"Dr. Reid I'm going to turn the machine off and take the intubation tube out and I know it might seem like you can't breathe but you need to take deep breathes with all your might. You're body needs to relearn how to breathe again on its own. Ready?"

Reid blinks once not sure if Morgan told him about their blinking code or not, and nods his head slightly which was hard with that thing in his throat and closes his eyes preparing for it.

The doctor turns the machine off and quickly and efficiently takes the tube out of Reid's throat. Reid neck arches as he coughs and gags a little. Hints of saliva running from his mouth and starts gasping. It hurt and felt very weird. Then suddenly he feels like he is drowning, and has to tell his body to take deep breathes.




Over and over again his mind kept telling his body, it was so hard though, he felt like it was impossible for a few moments till the drowning feeling start to subside. Opening his eyes he feels the presence of a hand on his and a cloth wiping his mouth, looking up to see Garcia had moved back over and smiling down at him.

"Good job my Junior G-man."

He tried to offer her a smile but it didn't quite manage it since he was still trying to breathe calmly and felt tired all of a sudden, too tired to feel embarrassed also.

His mouth feels dry and throat aches with a irritated burn, but then magically a cup of water with a straw shows up in front of him and he gives a thankful glance to JJ and takes some tentative sips at first and then some stronger ones. Leaning back into the bed further he lets out a heavy sigh and JJ puts the cup back down on the table.

"Better?" Hotch asks from near the door.

Licking his dry lips he opens his mouth to talk but no sound comes out. He swallows hard and tries again but nothing happens. He reaches out towards the water as he tries to sit up, Morgan takes the cup off the table and helps Reid sit up and raises it to his lips and Reid's left hand reaches out to hold it as he takes a few sips.

Morgan puts it back on the table and watching his friend's panic rising with a concerned expression, "Everything okay?"

Reid opens his mouth to talk or even cough to clear his throat but nothing happens. His eyes wide and chest tightening, he looks towards the doctor and then to Morgan who is right beside him holding his arm.

He lifts his hand towards his throat and closes his eyes tightly as he feels tears threatening to fall. His heart feels like its running a marathon and his fingers are starting to tingle from the panic that is unleashing itself.

"Can you breathe okay?" Doctor Willis asks checking Reid's vitals.

Reid replies with a frantic nod, and contorts his face as he seemly tries to clear his throat while opening and closing his mouth.

"Reid?" Rossi voice is heard over the drumming in Reid's ears.

"Can you talk?" Hotch asks.

Tears trickle silently down Reid's face as he opens his eyes to shake his head 'no'.



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