I know that I sound like a broken record here, but this idea occured to me last night and I was trying to figure out some things before typing it out. Also i've been gorging myself on my brother's birthday cake and ice cream. We got into a fight earlier over who got the biggest steak-I won that battle, but i didn't win the war.

He emberassed me at target when he made me ask if they had The Lion King dvd.

After that...

I pushed him in front of a truck and we spent four hours in the hospital patching him up.

Happy Birthday baby bro!

Consider it revenge for waking me up at 5 this morning. Nine times.

Okay, all that crap aside, this is my new story -Mizunderstood- and i need all of you who read it to think carefully and give me some things to work with. Any suggestions you can give me would be fucking awesome.

Now on to the story.


It was five thirty seven a.m on a Thursday morning, the temputure was just a little nippy for mid summer, mostly because the wind was blowing and a lone figure was once again seen by some annonomous passer-by's that had managed to drag themselves from their nice warm beds at such an ungodly hour. The figure had been seen standing in front of the memorial stone every morning, some after noons and every night. The person didn't really do anything, just stood there staring at the stone's glittering glossy white marbel surface.

Unknowing to everyone around him/her, the figure was silently memorizing the five thousand eight hundred and sixty six names of the Kyubbi attack victims.

At first glace from the few people passing by training ground seven-they thought that the figure was Hatake Kakashi; the copy cat nin. But those who knew the man personally knew that he would rather deal with the devil himself than drag himself out of bed at such an ungodly hour in the morning.

No. The figure was too short, too much on the thin side, and didn't command as much attention as the former Anbu captian. The figure was more child like and delicate, though said person looked more than just a bit threatening in his/her black hooded jacket, and pants.

The hood pulled up over the head, hiding the face.

Some got the impression that the person was mourning some one lost to them, and others got the impression that the person was hiding themselves from the world.

Whatever the reason the figure was there for, he/she could be found standing there each day, at random hours of every day. Looking like a dark shadow.

So many names. Five thousand, eight hundred and sixty six. It was such a staggering number. So many lives lost, so many hopes dashed, and dreams shattered.

Was their deaths really my fault? The figure wondered sadly. Part of her didn't think like to think it was so. But it was hard to change facts, that if she had been born just a few minutes earlier...they might still be alive. Maybe.

No. You were born the exact moment that you were meant too. Your birth could not have saved them because their time was simply up. The more rational part of her mind said. She mulled over the words, ran a few scenario's and cringed. No that was wrong.

While it was true that she might not have been able to save them even if she had been born earlier-it didn't change the fact that technically their deaths were her fault. The Kyubbi had been sealed inside of her to preserve the lives of the ones around her, her life was their sheild yet-

She felt like an utter failure. A monster in human skin.

The people of the village recognised the demon lurking behind her eyes, it's power, tightly leashed under her skin and lashed out accordingly. She didn't really blame them for it, she often found herself cutting into her flesh in a panicked effort to carve out to very thing that had stolen so much.

She was innocent. And yet guilty.

Responsible for their pain. Yet at the same time, not.

She looked human, acted like a human. Laughed and cried like one, yet felt like a demon in her own right. Not a destroyer, but a demon never the less. She sighed and pulled one of her hands from her jacket pocket and pinched the bridge of her nose when she felt the beginnings of a head ache behind her eyes. The dull throb quickly becomeing something that she was unable to ignore, she sighed tiredly and tried to recall how long it had been since she had slept.

One week? No wait, it was closer to two thanks to the chunin exames that had been taken two weeks ago, and she was running on fumes now. Too exhausted to think right, much less function. I need to go home and rest. She thought tiredly as she gave the memorial stone one last sorrowful look.

She needed to rest, and hopefully later on she would be able to go and visit Lee, Hinata, and Kiba and check up on them. She just hoped that she was able to rest peacefully for once. She doubted that she would with so many angry villagers running around everywhere.

But she could hope...