"We're on a human trafficking mission. We were told to get information on the ones running the thing and send it back to the Hokage, but I think we've been discovered or something. Earlier today we were walking on the street and some dark haired guy cut some of her hair. I didn't see him do it, but I did feel the air stir around her."

"Your worried that the guy may not be just any sicko."

Kakashi nodded his head. "I think he might try to get to me using her."

Bull bared his teeth and growled low in his throat. "I'll rip out the throat of anyone I don't recognise as a friend of yours." Bull assured the copy nin. Kakashi smiled at him and walked to the door.

"I'll be back in an hour."


Shizu peeked around the corner as the silver haired male slipped out of the hotel room that he shared with the pretty little thing that had caught the mad man's attention. Ah so he was finally leaving her alone. Bout damn time. Shizu thought as he watched the man walk away and waited until he was out of sight before he stepped out into the open. A look of sadistic glee on his face as he checked his small stash of weapons.

He had big, big plans for the woman, and would need her in one piece until he had her broken in properly. He pulled out a needle and checked the dosage of the drug in the syringe and smiled. Pretty girl wasn't going to know what hit her. And by the time the big silver haired nin figured shit out it would be too late to save her.

He'd have broken her in and passed her around then had her a few more times before he slit her throat. Or he could simply keep the girl alive and play with her then sell her to the highest bidder. He'd bet that there were hundreds of stinking rich spoiled men who would love to have the lover of a shinobi at their mercy. Especially if he could figure out who the nin was and tell the men interested in her before he sold her.

If so, he'd make a mint in letting the men get in a few revenge fucks before she died. And then he could send what was left of her back to her lover and let him know that she had died screaming for him to save her. It all sounded so good.

But he liked the keep her and play with her idea the best right now. He'd bet that she was still tight enough to really feel pain since it was obvious that her lover hadn't really touched her. And if he did, he would have to hold back or he might end up killing her himself in the throws of his passion.