A/N: Last part! Who from the other companies came? Who is Number 40? And Who will win The Royal Rumble and get a shot at The World Title at Wrestlemania? Let's find out NOW!

"The time has come." Tarble said.

"Aaaah yeah! This is gonna be good!" Goku excitedly exclaimed.

"Who will be victorious? Let's see now!" even Vegeta was excited.

The bell rings, and Goofy stood square in the middle of the ring. He brought the mic to his mouth, and the crowd hushed itself for the main event.

"The following is The Annual Royal Rumble Match! A-hyuck!"

The crowd, for a second, let out an enourmous cheer for the announcement! They quieted down and let Goofy continue.

"The objective of the match: two men start out, and a new participant is to come in every ninety seconds. The last man in the ring is the winner, and they receive a World Title shot in The Main Event of Wrestlemania 27! A-hyuck!"

The crowd roared with cheers as Goofy exited the ring.

"Let's start the match!" Tarble screamed.

"Heeeere we go!" Goku cheered.

The Flashbeagle Theme plays, bringing out a grumpy Linus as number one.

#1-Linus van Pelt

"And luck was not with Linus here tonight." Vegeta said.

"One...what a bad draw." Goku added in.

"But remember the one boy who did win The Rumble at number one", Tarble mentioned, "Ash Ketchum."

Flashbeagle ends, but The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show Theme plays, and Good 'Ole Charlie Brown walks out, shaking hands with people.

#2-Charlie Brown

"Charlie Brown's used to bad luck, but he gets the chance to face off against his best friend here." Tarble said.

"He's not even going to last five minutes. I see Linus eliminating him." Vegeta predicted.

"I see him lasting a good while! He's pretty skilled!" Goku said otherwise.

"Stop being so damn optimistic all the time, Kakarot..."

The bell finally rings, and Charlie Brown went to shake hands with Linus. Out of respect for his friend, he shook hands with him, and they went into a grapple. Linus gets Charlie Brown into a Headlock, but he got thrown off into the ropes. Linus came back and received a High Kick to his face. The Bald Kid picks Linus up and throws him to the ropes. He began the first elimination process, picking up his leg and trying to throw him over the ropes. Putting all of his weight down, Linus slowly got back onto a vertical basis. He kicked Charlie Brown's leg and bounced off the ropes. Coming back, he took Charlie Brown down with a Front Dropkick. Linus picked CB up and threw him into the corner. He smashed his head onto the turnbuckle and tried to throw him out. Charlie Brown hooked Linus's head with his legs and took him down with a Hurricarana! The two try to get up, and the buzzer rang as the new man walked in.

#3-Jake Long

Jake ran down the ramp, ready for his chance!

"The American Dragon has joined the fray!" Tarble said.

Jake slid in the ring and began trading punches with Brown and Pelt. Long ducked under one punch and gave a Clothesline to Brown. Linus grabbed Jake and threw him to the corner. He began unloading a flurry of punches to the gut of Jake, and gave him a final Clothesline, sending him sitting down in the corner. Linus backed up into the opposite corner and ran full speed at Jake. He went for the Dropkick, but missed it as Jake rolled out the way. Jake stalked Linus, but didn't see Charlie Brown behind him, grabbing his neck and giving him a Saito Suplex. Charlie Brown climbed the tunbuckle and stood up, lookng down on Jake. CB jumped up, but Jake dodged the Homerun Elbow Drop! CB crashed onto the mat, and Jake grabbed him. He attempted to throw CB over, but Linus grabbed him and gave him The L-Swing! Linus picked Jake up and, with Brown's help, began trying to put him over the top rope. Linus backed up, then he ran forward and kicked Jake's back, sending him tumbling over the top rope! CB and Linus then go back to fighting each other. Jake, however, was still hanging onto the ropes! Jake regained his stance, hopped onto the top rope, and gave a surprised Linus and CB a Double Flying Clothesline! The counter and the crowd counts down, and the buzzer rang again. "We Are One" played...

#4-Big Brother

"Oh no...", Tarble said, "Those three are about to experience the 'big one'..."

"Big Brother is here! That big boy's hungry for a Title shot!" Vegeta said.

Big Brother walked over to the apron, and the three boys looked at each other and nodded their heads. Big Brother wasn't even over the ropes yet when the three began beating on him! Linus jumped up and Dropkicked BB's head, while Jake Long Clotheslined his neck. CB hopped on the top rope and jumped off; he gave BB an Enzuguiri, who's impact could be heard throughout the arena.

"OOOOOOH! That sounded painful!" Goku said, cringing.

"BB is hanging on the ropes right now!" Vegeta yelled.

Linus, Charlie Brown, and Jake Long worked together and began trying to push Big Brothef over the ropes. They got his right leg over, and got one arm over. BB used all of his weight and pushed himself up! He pushed all three of them off and finally walked over the ropes! Jake jumped off the ropes, but BB Clotheslined him down! Linus and CB grabbed his legs and tried to take him down. Jake Long went to the top turnbuckle and jumped off, delivering a powerful Forearm Smash to BB that took him down to one knee! All three boys ran over to BB's neck and go for a DDT, but Brother lifted all three of them up and threw them all across the ring! Jake got up and ran at Brother, who caught him and gave Jake a Gorilla Press! CB ran in and tried putting BB in a Sleeper, but he was tossed off. Linus cut BB down with a Chop Block and began beating his head and back. He bounced off the ropes and gave BB a Knee Trembler, followed by a Leg Drop taking him down completely. Linus grabbed BB by the neck and tried lifting him up. He threw him to the ropes and tried to eliminate him. BB put his weight back down and Big Booted Linus back down. The buzzer rang as Big Brother slammed Linus with a Chokebomb! The buzzer rang as The Boondocks theme rang throughout the crowd. Riley ran out and put up his middle fingers, figuring he could do that on PPV.

#5-Riley Freeman

"My dawg! He's back! Riley 'bout to whup sum azz!" Vegeta cheered, bumping his head to the theme. Goku just looked on confused.

"Why is Vegeta spe-"

"Don't...even worry about..." Tarble cut off Goku, not wanting him to strain his brain. "But if anyone knows how to take down a giant, Riley must know! He and his brother beat DJ and Owen, the five hundred plus weighted team, to retain their Tag Titles!"

Riley, brandishing a pair of brass knuckles, jumped onto the ropes and dove off of them. He managed to smack BB in the head with them, taking him down again. Riley smacked Jake Long with them, followed by CB and Linus. Being a bit overzealous, Riley stalked BB a bit and managed to take him down once more with an emphatic Gangsta's Paradise! Riley grabbed his head and tried eliminating the big boy. BB grabbed Riley and gave him a huge chop onto his chest, sending him to his knees. Riley held his chest in pain, but was forcefully yanked up by his cornrows by BB. He was tossed into the corner, and got a Splash from the giant. Riley fell off of the corner and landed on his face. BB grabbed his head and gave Riley a headbutt! Jake Long would come at BB once again and try to land a Dragon Suplex, but BB lifted Jake high into the air and sent him flying over the top rope and onto the hard floor!

"And there goes Jake! Happy trails!" Vegeta teased.

"Big Brother is dominating once again! Even after they all landed finishers onto him, he still wouldn't go down!" Tarble said.

Riley grabbed Big Bro's right leg and tried taking him down. Linus Dropkicked BB's face, but that didn't phase him one bit. CB grabbed Riley's leg and yanked him off of BB, trying to actually eliminate someone.

"The boy is dumb! He should be trying to help take out the largest obstacle! Idiot!" Vegeta scolded.

Riley countered a punch and gave CB a Jawbreaker. He grabbed CB and tried eliminating him. BB grabbed Linus and threw him over the top rope, but Linus kept hold of his neck and tried pulling him over the top rope. Big Brother's feet began hovering off the ground as Linus pulled with all his might! BB's waist was on the other side of the ring!

"Whoa! Linus has the big man hanging on the ropes!" Tarble said excitedly.

"It's been a while since we've heard this crowd cheering for Linus! And it's for good reason!" Goku said.

BB was hanging downward off the ropes! His feet were upward in the air as Linus was pulling BB with all his might! (5!) Linus used the apron as leverage as he laid his back on it, (4!) and pulled back even more. (3!) BB's entire body is outside the ring (2!) and Linus puuuuuuulls! (1!) Buuuuuuzz! The buzzer went off, and it was not what anyone wanted to hear...

..."We Are One" plays, and Brad ran out!

#6-Brad Buttowski

"Great timing for Big Brother!" Goku naïvely said.

"But bad timing for Linus!" rebutted Tarble.

Brad ran down the ramp and slid into the ring! He grabbed BB's legs and pulled him and Linus back into the ring! The crowd booed immensely as Brad grabbed Linus and gave him a Standing Spinebuster. Riley, who left Charlie Brown on the outside of the apron, ran up to Brad, only to get a Clothesline! Brad and Big Brother then look up to the sky to see an airborne Charlie Brown diving right onto them! Big Brother caught him and threw him to Brad, who dropped Brown with The Bully Bomb! (Powerbomb-Driver)

"Straight from the book of Roger Klotz, the Bully Father himself!" Vegeta mentioned.

BB and Brad grabbed the kid and threw him over the top rope!

"And there goes Charlie Brown! The Bullies are this match so far!" Goku said.

"And all before Wolfgang comes in!" Tarble added.

Linus and Riley crawled to separate corners, as only heels occupied the ring. Riley and Linus ran up to Brad and sandwiched him with Clotheslines to his front and back! Big Brother yanked Riley towards him and gave him a Tilt-A-Whirl Side Slam. Linus went for a Neckbreaker on Brad, but it was reversed into a Suplex! Brad picks Linus up, and the buzzer goes off! And...

...The Pokemon Rivals Theme played! The crowd emphatically cheered as out came-

#7-Gary MF'in Oak

"I SAY THIS A LOT, BUT THISl TIME I'M SERIOUS; THERE GOES MY STUDENT GARY OAK!" Vegeta jumped up and down, mimicking a large portion of the crowd.

" If there was ever a time he was needed, it's RIGHT NOW!" Tarble agreed.


"He'll come back, Vegeta! But Oak is about to fight some Bullies off right here!" Goku answered.

Gary flicked his nose with his thumb and pointed at both Bullies, who're challenging him to take them on. Gary shrugged his shoulders and began making a beeline for the ring!

"And here...we...GOOO!" Vegeta screamed!

The crowd went nuts when Gary slid in the ring and ducked a Clothesline from Brad! He went to town on his face, delivering shot after shot to it. Gary Irish Whipped Brad to the ropes and gave him an Arm-Drag! BB comes from behind and tries locking in a Bearhug, but Gary slipped out just in time and took BB on by hitting several jabs to his face. Big Brother staggers back, but comes back with a Clothesline. Gary grabbed BB's large arm and gave it a Falling Double Knees. Gary jumped up and gave BB a kick to his neck. Still wondering why he won't go down, Gary shuffled back and forth in a boxing form. BB ran at him, but Gary dodged it and used BB's force against him, sending him to the ropes. Gary tries throwing BB over, but Brad ran back in and pulled him off. He kicked Gary's gut and set him up for a Wet Willie. Riley grabbed Brad's neck and gave him a Flashback! BB turned around, and Gary was ready for him. He grabbed the massive teenager and lifted him onto his shoulders! The crowd marked out when Gary slammed The massive Big Brother down with The Shellshock! (Think of an F5 that twists you forward and lands your face near the slammer's feet.)

"THAT'S MAH BOY! ATTA BOY GARY!" cheered Vegeta.

"Ash made slamming the big guy popular..." Goku mentioned.

"Either way, Gary is on fire!" Tarble added in.

Gary laughs heartily and exclaims, "SUCK ON THAT ASH!"; when he turns around, he gets a Wheel Kick from Linus! The van Pelt boy looks at Gary and responds, "You can join him in the infirmary!" The buzzer rings as on the other side of the ring, Riley gives Brad a Snake Eyes neck first on the ropes. The music plays..."Arabian Nights" is the song!

#8-DCA: Aladdin

"The DCA representative is running down the ramp!" Goku said. "I remember his WWE stint!"

"While not a Champion DCA-wise, he is a former DCA Intermediate contender. And he is a former Toon Intercontinental Champion from The 90's New Generation." Tarble said. "Remember The Disney Titans?"

"Almost as annoying as The 90's Dynasty..." Vegeta murmured.

Aladdin jumps on the ropes and flies over landing a Double Flying Clothesline on both Gary and Linus! Aladdin grabbed Linus and Irish Whipped him to the ropes. He came back, getting a Heel Kick to the face from Aladdin. Gary grabbed Aladdin from behind and gave him a German Suplex. Aladdin landed on his feet, grabbed Gary, and gave him The Arabian Fright (Half-Nelson Suplex into Cutter)! Riley kneed Aladdin in the gut and bounced off the ropes. He came back, going for a Knee Smash; Aladdin lifted Riley onto his shoulders and Samoan Dropped him! Big Brother grabbed his neck and went for z Chokeslam, but Aladdin gave BB a Tornado DDT!

"Aladdin on fire!" Tarble exclaimed.

"This kid was an exciting feature in WWE in the 90s! Nice to see him come back and try to bring back that excitement!" Goku said.

Gary got up with the help of the ropes, but Brad kicked his gut and tried throwing him over the ropes. Pushing with extreme force, Brad tried to flip Gary over. Meanwhile, Riley was busy trying to eliminate Linus as he gave him multiple Shoulder Thrusts into the turnbuckle. He grabbed the legs of Linus and tried to push him over. Linus punched his face repeatedly and gave him a Wheel Kick after he got back down. The buzzer goes off as Aladdin dove off the turnbuckle and landed a similar Flying Wheel Kick to Big Brother's head, taking him to his knees.

The Evolution Theme plays; Takuya Kanbara struts out, putting on a Ric Flair-esque show on the ramp.

#9-Takuya Kanbara

"The Flair Show-Off of the Digivolution Stable." Tarble commented.

"Most likely holding down the fort for Leader Davis Motomiya." Goku scoffed.

"Oh, like he can't win it?" Vegeta asked, feeling offended.

"Oh no, he could. But that's not what Davis wants him to do." teased Goku.

Takuya rolls in the heel dominated ring and picks a fight with a spritely Aladdin. The Warrior of Fire kicked Aladdin's feet from under him. Next, he planned on working on his legs by locking in a Figure Four. Big Brother would then bounce off the ropes and Splash on top of the smaller Aladdin! The Street Rat held his ribs in pain as BB bounced off the ropes and landed another Splash onto him. He clutched his ribs as he yelled out in excruciating agony. Big Brother bounced off the ropes once more and Splashed onto Aladdin one last time! Aladdin was left coughing hard as Takuya picks him up and slams him back down with a Fire-Spin.

Gary, busy with Linus, grabs his head and gives him a Jawbreaker. The Trainer goes for a Clothesline...and it connects! Linus goes over the ropes!

"Linus is gone! Linus is gone!" screamed Tarble.

"WAIT!" Vegeta said.

Linus held onto the ropes, trying to maintain his composure. He flipped back into the ring and gave a surprised Gary a Security Snap! Linus then grabbed Gary's head and tried tossing him out the ring.

Brad kicked Riley in the face, and followed that up with a Dillweed Chop! Riley stumbled into the ropes, giving the bully an easy shot. Brad went for the Clothesline, but Riley played possum! He ducked the arm, holding the ropes down as well. He then flung the ropes right into Brad's face! Holding his face in pain, Buttowski didn't notice the Chicago Hustler grabbing Brad's neck and giving him a Million Dollar Dream Slam...AKA, The Dreamstreet. The Rumble was in full effect as several sides were fighting in different pockets. The buzzer rang, and we were finally in double digits.

"Break the Walls"...Souichi ran out.

#10-Souichi Sagano

"The TRUTH has infiltrated the Rumble! Souichi has been on a roll as of late, as are his two co-horts, Greg and Rowley." Vegeta praised.

"Souichi is a CAWF import, the first along with AWF's "Best of the Best" Dekisugi Hidetoshi, who is out with a Tricep Tear." Tarble said.

Souichi ran in and picked a fight with Gary, who in turn went to receive Souichi. Souichi went for a Clothesline, but Gary ducked it and caught Sagano on the rebound with a Belly to Belly. Gary bounced off the ropes, and the tables were turned; Souichi picked Gary up and gave him a Flapjack onto the ropes! Souichi grabbed his head and tried to toss him out the ropes. Gary put his foot up to the ropes and used the bouncing force to come back with a Back Elbow to Souichi's face. Gary grabbed Souichi's head and gave him a Face Smash. Souichi would then grab his neck and try to eliminate him. Forty-Five seconds passed as several hits, kicks, slams, and elimination tries were performed. The buzzer rang.

A familiar story is told through song...something about...a boy who was fourteen...parents flipped the switch...molecules re-arranged...ghost boy...He's gonna catch 'em all 'cause he's-

#11-Danny Phantom

"This man, along with Gary, have won Rumbles before. Danny won it...three weeks into his debut in 2004! AND he went on to win the Title at Wrestlemania XX. AAAND he held onto it for basically the rest of the year! He won Fiction Wrestling's Heel of the Year Award from PWI, along with Fictional World Champion of the year!" Tarble said, taking breathers in between sentences.

"Whoa! Slow down Tarble! Don't get so worked up!" Goku exclaimed.

"No, by all means, over work yourself. If you suffocate, more points for you..." Vegeta snidely remarked.

Danny slid in, and immediately went to work trying to take down the big man Big Brother. He pushed Brad away and kicked Big Brother straight into the nads!

"Can he even do that?" Vegeta exclaimed. "That's illegal!"

"Riley used brass knuckles!" Tarble answered. "Danny kicking someone in the midsection is nothing!"

Danny tried going for his WWT signature, The Specter Spike, but couldn't get the big man in position, getting flilled onto his back instead. Danny got up, and received a headbutt to the gut. BB grabbed his neck and pulled him up for a Chokeslam! Danny flipped over BB's head and let gravity finish the Neckbreaker for him!

Riley and Souichi double teamed Gary, kicking him repeatedly in order to wear him down. Gary punched both of them in the guts, alternating between the two. Riley kicked Gary's head, followed by a Codebreaker from Souichi!

Brad fought Linus, busy trying to eliminate him. Linus elbowed Brad and gave him a Savate Kick. Aladdin hit Linus's back and tried throwing him over. Brad grabbed Aladdin and slammed his head onto the turnbuckle. Linus came back and Clotheslined the both of them down. The buzzer range once more.

A TWA Logo flashes on-screen...

"Oh nooo..." Vegeta groaned as he held his head in annoyance.

"What?" Goku asked.

"The TWA entered...", Vegeta said, "Which means that an Armington was picked...and I can't stand Armingtons...smug bastards..."

"They are a very decorated family, and have married a Simpson and...a few animals...into the family, making their stock rise."

"I probably wrestled in TWA once. I don't remember." Goku wondered.

"I did...I can't mention non-kafaybe on here...but I was screwed..." Vegeta shook his head and rolled his eyes as out came-

#11-Scott Armington

"The 'Cowboy' Scott Armington has arrived!" Tarble exclaimed.

"If he's anything like Braden Walker...hehe...I'll let the internet memes speak for themselves..." chuckled Vegeta.

Armington, however, spoke for himself as he jumped onto the ropes and dove onto Big Brother and Danny! He punches Aladdin down, followed by Brad and Riley. He grabbed Gary and went for The Armington Spiral (Downward Spiral), but gets pushed off. Gary gave Scott a kick to his neck, trying to keep him away. BB grabbed him and gave him a Head Chop. Scott sttruggled to get up, as he held his head in pain. Riley took him back down with The Gangsta's Paradise, further adding to the struggle. Souichi stalked him as he got up...and when he did...he went for an Enziguiri...but Armington held onto him. The Cowboy turned the kick into a Powerbomb, and saw Linus diving off the ropes. Scott caught him and threw him off with a Last Call!

"Scott's on a roll here!" Tarble said.

"..." Vegeta just said nothing in response.

"Vegeta, he IS pretty good..." Goku admitted.

Danny grabs Scott from behind, turns him around, and nails a Specter Spike!

"And that fire got put out." Vegeta mocked the Armington. "GOOD ON YA, PUNK!"

"You need to get some issues worked out, brother..."

The buzzer rings once again...

..."Line in the Sand"... And we see The "New Animal", Takato.


"The former Cartoon World Heavyweight Champion, and a former REAL World Heavyweight Champion!" praised Vegeta. "This kid is the real deal! And who knew he was so strong? I've seen him pull off a Sit-Down Powerbomb!"

"He is pretty impressive with his fighting skills. Nice grappler, and his nice surprise speed makes him a threat." Tarble agreed.

"2 out of four for Digivolution...will this help them out in the number game?" Goku added in.

Takato rolls in the ring and helps Takato beat up on Aladdin. He Irish Whips him and catches him on the rebound with a Spinebuster! He picks Aladdin up and bends him over. He lifts him up high and slams him down with The Sit-Down Powerbomb! Takato turns around and Clotheslines Souichi, followed up by landing a Crossbody on Danny! He picks him Danny up and throws him to Takuya, who goes behind him and hits a devastating Fire Spin (Back Suplex turned Cutter)! Takato gets taken down with a Clothesline from Scott, while Aladdin takes Takuya down with a Flying Kick. Both Digivolution members are down as the two outsiders get on the top ropes.

"Risky business here..." Tarble said.

"The tandem is looking for a Double Diving Attack! Will this connect?" Goku said as the two readied themselves.

They both dove off...

...And Aladdin connected with a Splash to Takuya, while Scott connected with a Headbutt to the sternum of Takato!

"OOOOOH! Two devastating attacks!" Tarble cringed as he saw the attacks.

"I'll admit, pretty well executed." Vegeta conceded.

"'Pretty well'? I'd say it was PERFECTLY DONE!" Goku cheered.

Elsewhere in the ring, Big Brother was being attacked by both Danny and Gary. Both kicked him in the gut and hooked his neck. They put his arms over their heads and, with every ounce of strength they had, lifted the big boy over their heads and down for a Suplex!

"And more double team work from two former World Champions!" Tarble said.

"The Royal Rumble is a free for all experience, but the underlying factor that many see is the teamwork factor. You may need to get someone to help you temporarily." Vegeta said.

"You've never asked me for help..." Goku said.

"I never wanted it, you urchin..." The Prince scoffed at the idea.

Riley was busy with Brad, punching him in the face. Brad, however, poked Riley in the eye and went to bounce off the ropes. Riley recovered quickly and gave Brad a surprise Belly to Belly! The buzzer rang, and we await our next competitor...

...A fast paced anime theme from the 90s plays, and Yusuke runs out, ready to fight!

#13-Yusuke Yurameshi

"Former 4x World Champion Yusuke! He hasn't been in the news as much as he was, say, five months ago." Tarble said.

"Itachi pushed him out of his 'most dominant heel' position. But he is still a force to be reckoned with."

"1997 Rumble Winner, he'd go on to win The Title for a second time. And also, his wedding with Keiko is announced to take place at the new PPV, X-Roads." Vegeta said. "I am happy for them!"

Yusuke entered the ring and gave Aladding a vicious Clothesline! He bounced off of the ropes and booted Aladdin in the face! He turned around to meet with another man he once faced off with, Gary Oak. He punched Gary, who returned the strike. Yusuke stumbled back and kiced Gary in his knee. He grabbed Gary and Irish Whipped him to the ropes. Aladdin, at the same time, hopped onto the top rope. Gary came back on the rebound and fell down in order to give Yusuke a strike to the face. Aladdin sized Yusuke up as Gary bounced off the ropes. The Rival came back, but Yusuke recovered and lifted Gary up for a Flapjack! Gary grabbed on to the ropes and bounced them, causing Aladdin to fall on his Arabian Treasures. Yusuke looked behind him and Dropkicked Aladdin off of the turnbuckle and right to the hard floor.

"Buh-Bye, Aladdin." Taunted Vegeta. "See you back on DCA...wait, are you even shown there? HAHAHA!"

"You're a cruel little man, Vegeta..." Tarble said as he looked at his brother timidly.

Danny gave Big Brother a Stunner, sending the big man backwards a bit. Danny bounced off of thee ropes and came back, only to get caught and given a Backbreaker right on the knee of BB. Takato came and hit BB's back, but he only managed to anger the giant teen. He turned around, livid as ever; creating the perfect distraction for Takuya to hit a Chop Block onto him. The Digi-Tag Team beat down on the big boy, keeping him on one knee. Big got up, however, and pushed them both to the ropes and grabbed BOTH of their necks! The buzzer rang as Takato and Takuya kicked BB in his groin and DDT'd him back down!

"The team of Takuya & Takato is dominating the Big Bro right now!" Goku said surprisedly.

"It was a no brainer." Vegeta gloated. "The amount of skill one has is amazing. TWO of them are just deadly!"

"Who's number 14? Let's find out!" Tarble cheered in anticipation.

...The screen flashes another company...CASZ.

"Currently having their own Diva contest called The Diva Birth, CASZ crowned a new Champion in Rocko Wallaby." Tarble said.

The Gundam Zeta Theme played as their newest superstar came out.

#14-CASZ: Kamille Bidan

"We've only seen this guy once. And he never did wrestler." Goku said.

"He must be good; otherwise, that Kazuhiza guy isn't that good with their talent choices." Vegeta rudely remarked. Management later apologized to Jean Kazuhiza.

Kamille walked through the ropes and stared down at each of the wrestlers. He saw Danny and immediately attacked him! He Irish Whipped him, but Danny came back with a Forearm Smash. Danyy picked Kamille up and Irish Whipped him. Kamille used the momentum tongive an unsuspecting Yusuke a Bulldog! Scott Armington grabbed Kamille and kicked his groin. He went for a Suplex, but Bidan floated over and hit a Suplex! Armington got up and was picked up from behind and given a Metal Suit Slam (Inverted Pumphandle Slam)!

"Unique slam from Bidan." Praised Tarble. "You don't see too many Inverted Pumphandle Slams done here in America."

"That's that Japanese background. Be prepared to see a couple of surprise moves from this kid." Said an intrigued Vegeta.

Scott slowly got up and was immediately dove upon by a flying Kamille. He received a Tornado DDT that took him to the apron and sent Scott halfway over the ropes. Kamille struggled to eliminate Scott, but the Armington regained his stature and kicked Bidan in his groin.

"This CASZ-TWA rivalry has been on and off since The days of 'Three Chains of Destiny'." Vegeta said. "I prefer The non-Armington show..."

"Scott freed himself from the predicament and-WAIT, WHOA!" Tarble was cut off by a surprise development.

Scott didn't notice that Takuya and Takato were coming from behind, and they threw him over the top rope; right over Kamille's head!

"And let us all say Bye to the menaces, The Armingtons!" Vegeta gloated as he laughed at him.

"*Sigh*..." Tarble could only sigh.

Kamille walked back in and was subsequently attacked by Riley. The gangsta grabbed Kamille's neck andnran forward for a Bulldog, but was pushed off. Riley turned around right into a Flying Clothesline from Kamille! Kamille picked Riley up as buzzer rang. He carried him over to the ropes...

"I am the stone that the builder refused, the individual, the inspiration, that made lady sing the blues..."

#15-Huey Freeman

"Right on time!" Tarble correctly put.

"The retired domestic terrorist and resident intelectual is coming down to rescue his brother!" Goku said.

Huey ran down as Kamille threw Riley over the top rope...

...But Huey caught him!

"WHOOOA! NICE SAVE!" Tarble praised the boys.

"And Riley did not touch floor! He is still in!" Vegeta cheered. "GET 'EM, SHAWTY!"

"Not again..." groaned Tarble

Huey rolled Riley back into the ring and slid in himself. The Freeman Boiz scouted the ring and attacked Kamille! Riley kicked his leg, and Huey Savate Kicked him afterwards. Kamille was on one knee as Riley bounced off of the ropes and gave the Gundam Suit pilot an Overcastle. Huey followed that up with a Leg Drop to his neck! Huey picked Kamille up and put him on his shoulder. Riley did the same and slammed him down with The Hood-Drop! Riley picked up the remains and threw them over the top rope!

"And that's the end for Bidan!" Tarble said. "But he was pretty impressive in his wrestling debut!"

"Pretty damn good. And I won't be surprised if he became World Champ in CASZ in a year." Vegeta finally had praised someone he never knew.

"Wow Vegeta, you actually PRAISED someone?" Tarble mocked his brother, which earned him a glare.

"Sleep with one eye open, Tarble." The Prince threatened.

Linus, back in action, kicked Danny in the groin and took him down with a DDT. Oak grabbed Linus from behind and tried to lift him up for a Shellshock. Linus got down, and pushed a charging Danny into Gary's chest! The same chest that Itachi elbowed from the top of a ladder!

"That's the chest that Itachi may've injured during their match!" Tarble said.

Linus grabbed Gary and gave him a Double Falling Knee to his chest! Gary stumbled backwards, and Linus Clotheslined Gary over!

"Oh no! Gary!" Vegeta bemoaned the loss his student took.

"Tonight just isn't Gary's night." Tarble said, which earned him a death glare from his brother.

The buzzer went off...

"Who's it gonna be..." Goku eagerly awaited.




A collective groan was let out by the Saiyan Commentating Team as Taiki walked out amongst boos.

#16-Taiki Kudo

"Great...first my protogé gets eliminated...and now the third bane of my existence is here." Vegeta groaned.

"Who's your second and first?" Tarble asked.

"What're your two's names again?"

Taiki ran in and RKO'd Brad! Danny ran up to him, only to get an RKO as well! Linus clubbed Taiki's back and ran the ropes. Taiki ducked a Clothesline and RKO'd Linus! Huey ran at Taiki and received an RKO, as did Riley! Souichi received a push from Takato and a RKO from Taiki! Yusuke dove off of the top rope, but received a special FLYING RKO! Big Brother ran at Taiki, but the General ducked a punch and Takuya Chop Blocked BB just like earlier. Taiki sized up the big man and thunderously RKO'd him down!

"OK, THAT was impressive!" Tarble said as he was amazed at that display of quickness and skill. "Taiki cleared the ring for his Digivolution cohorts as they are the only ones standing!"

"That IS pretty impressive!" Even Goku admitted. "He's pretty good! He knows how to take on multiple opponents with his quick to pull out RKO!"

"Ugh...even I have to admit it...no matter HOW sick it makes me..." Vegeta sounded he was about to throw up."

The buzzer rang as Brad began to rise. BB rose up...

"We walk alone...to the unknown..."

And by the sound of it...so did number 17...


"Oooh, and NOW it's a party!" Goku hyped up.

"I detest The Bullies right now, but now it's time for a showdown!" Vegeta said as he was readynfor a fight. "I don't know who to cheer for. I hate Taiki...but I hate The Bullies for their Anime War."

"I don't care! I just want to see the two big factions on Animated go at it!" Goku said

The three men of Digivolution face off against the three men of The Bully's. Wolfgang punched Taiki, and they got into a brawl. Takato kicked Big Brother, but Big Brother came back with a Chop to his chest. Takuya Speared Brad down, and they began to fight.

Takuya picked Brad up and gave him an Inverted Atomic Drop, and bounced off the ropes. Brad recovered and landed a Powerslam, taking him down.

Taiki went for a Spike DDT, but Wolfgang punched Taiki and got free from the turnbuckle. Taiki stumbled backwards and Wolfgang began getting ready. Taiki turned around into a Wolf's Kick!

Takato had BB on his knees, and the Tamer put him between his legs. He actually tried for a Sit-Down Powerbomb, but BB lifted him over his head and slammed him onto his back.

Elsewhere, Linus got up and grabbed Danny. He kicked his groin once and threw him into a corner. He ran at Danny, but The Phantom jumped up, sending the Linus shoulder first into the corner! Linus turned around as Danny put him on the top turnbuckle. Danny climbed up as well and hooked Linus's arm. He goes for The Ecto-Plex, but Linus punches Danny in his gut and flips Danny over his head and onto the hard floor on the outside!

"OOOH!" Goku cringed at that fall. "That hurt. I could FEEL that!"

"Danny might need some immediate medical attention for that." Tarble observed as Danny...didn't have his feet touching the ground!

"Whoa!" Goku said. "He's not out yet!"

Danny, who landed on his neck, used the strength he had left to acrobatically leap over to the steps! He got his balancem and rolled back into the ring!

"Shades of Kofi Kingston's earlier recovery!" Tarble marveled as The buzzer rang...

...The screen flashed TWE.

"Oh, arguably the greatest Total Drama Fed out there right now?" Tarble said.

"Tarble...it's the ONLY Total Drama Fed out there right now. DWE, WDW, TCW, and the bunches of others all went under..." Vegeta bluntly stated. "TWE may be next..."

"Shutterbug" by Big Boi played...

"TW?" Vegeta looked up in shock.

...and Terry Blake jumped up admist cheering fans!

#18-TWE: Terry Blake

"Close, brother! Terry Blake, member of The Blake Family from DC! This is the newest generation that has broken into the mainstream! Titan, Tariya, Tony, Adrian, Willy, and Brody have each won gold in their companies...well, except for Brody..." Tarble said.

"Terry is a great future prospect! Remember his rivalry with Jonas Lazar?" Goku said.

"You mean the kid who went on to greatness and won a World Title while Terry stayed in the midcard? Yeah, I remember." Vegeta mocked Goku, and Tarble just rolled his eyes.

Terry slid in the ring and cleaned house, kicking Wolfgang down and pushing Brad down. Takuya ran at Terry, who ducked a punch and gave him a Jawbreaker. Taiki went for a RKO, but he was pushed off. He turned around and fell victim to a Superkick! Takuya grabbed Terry from behind and Takato went to town, punching him out and giving him a DDT! Wolfgang picked Terry up and gave him a Pumphandle Slam! Terry was slow to get up and Wolfgang bounced off of the ropes. Terry ducked The Wolf Kick and caught Wolfgang on the rebound for a Samoan Drop! Terry grabbed Wolfgang for a Blake Drop, but Wolfgang pushed him off...and into a Codebreaker from Souichi! Y2S ran to the ropes and jumped off, Lionsaulting Terry! Big Brother looked at Terry and picked him up. He grabbed his neck and lifted him up, but Terry got out of it! He grabbed BB's neck and managed to get lift him off the ground...and slam him with The Blake Drop!

"It may sound cliché, but he just took the big man off his feet!" Tarble exclaimed.

"You're right!..That was cliché." Mocked Vegeta.

The buzzer rang as No. 19 came out...

...Dan Kuso walked out, ready to regain his position in the business.

#19-Dan Kuso

"Dan won the 2009 Rumble and went on to win The World Title from Linus that Wrestlemania. He was injured by Yusuke later that year and was forced to vacate The Title. He's been training ever since to come back and win his Title back. And he has won a couple of matches since returning with the help May's training." Tarble said.

Dan slid into the ring and kicked Linus in the leg. He Irish Whipped him to the ropes and caught him on the rebound with a Free Fall Drop. Dan turned around and punched Souichi, then turned around to punch Brad. Dan grabbed Takato and slammed him down with a Full Nelson Slam. Dan turned around and fell victim to a Clothesline from Wolfgang. The The Alpha Male picked up Dan and threw him over to the ropes. He ran towards Dan, but the Pyrus Brawler put both of his feet up, kicking the bully back. Dan ran towards Wolfgang and gave him a Forearm Smash.

Takato kicked Riley and Irish Whipped him towards Takuya, who lifted him up and slammed him down with a Back Body Drop. Huey got up from a daze and grabbed Takuya from behind and gave him a German Suplex. Huey ran towards Takato, who reversed a Clothesline with a Spinebuster! Big Brother grabbed Huey and saw Riley run at him. He grabbed both of their throats...but the Freemans kicked his legs from under him. On one knee, BB tried to get up. Riley bounced off of the ropes and hit BB with The Gangsta's Paradise! Huey bounced off the opposite side and kicked BB's head and gave him the Black-Breaker! BB struggled to get up as Brad and Wolfgang tried dealing with The Freemans...right before the buzzer rang.

"We've reached the halfway mark! Who's entrant number 20?" Vegeta said with anticipation.



..."Evolution is a mysteryyy..."

#20-Davis Motomiya

"And the leader of Digivolution is the halfway man!" Tarble announced as the crowd booed heavily.

"And he is BOOKING it down here!" Goku observed as Davis rolled into the ring!

The Leader saw a downed BB and swooped down like a hungry vulture! BB tried to get up, but Davis kicked his gut and put his head between his legs. He hooked his arms and downed him with a HUGE Pedigree!

"And THAT'S what he wanted! He was trying to take Big Brother out of the equation!" Goku said.

"The smartness of Davis cannot be argued against! He's come a LONG way since his early days!" Vegeta praised Davis.

Davis grabbed BB, but Wolfgang grabbed him from behind and slapped him! "Anime trash!" He yelled in his face. Davis kicked his gut and went for a DDT, but Davis threw him off and bounced off of the ropes. He kicked Wolfgang's knee, cutting him down. BB is up and Clotheslines Davis! Dan Dropkicked BB into the ropes out of nowhere! BB hung on the ropes...and Dan ran up to the spot, readying himself. With every bit of strength he could muster, he grabbed Big Brother's legs and lifted him off the ground! The crowd cheered as loud as they could as Dan had him high off the ground! The crowd exploded with cheers as Dan actually FLIPPED BIG BROTHER OUT OF THE RING AND ONTO THE FLOOR! The crowd was uproarious with excitement; Dan fell back and stared in amazement at his feat. Even the people in the ring were in shock.

"Oh crap...he...Kuso..." Vegeta was at a loss for words.

"KUSO JUST WENT HULK HOGAN!" Goku nicely put.

"That training was of some good to Dan! He eliminated the biggest man in the ring!" Tarble exclaimed.

"He just won me over...I don't like most of these faces...but that kid is impressive..." Vegeta was just flabbergasted that ONE kid could do this...

Dan turned around and saw Souchi go for an Enzuguiri. Dan threw him off and kicked his groin. Dan let out a primal scream and grabbed his head. He made a dash for the edge of the ring and threw Souichi over! Yusuke kicked Dan and backed up. He ran at Dan and kicked his head, followed by picking him up and bending him over. He went for a Spirit Driver, but Dan reversed it pushed Yusuke to the ropes. Yusuke turned around and was Clotheslined over the ropes by Dan!

"THE BOY'S ON FIRE! THREE PEOPLE IN A ROW!" Tarble was astounded at the domination Dan was showing.

"This kid may become one of my favorites! He's impressive!" Vegeta was impressed.

Dan was finally taken down with a Wet Willie from Brad Buttowski! Brad picked Dan up and threw him over to the ropes...

...But Dan reversed the hold and actually threw BRAD over the ropes!

"Elimination number four!" Goku cheered. "Think he could beat Broly's record?"

"He could...man...I hated that year..." Vegeta was reminded of 1996...very bad year for him. (Read Chapter 22's Rumble Number's Promo)

Dan has the crowd pumped as he hung on the ropes. Wolfgang, angry that his team was thrown out, Wolf Kicked Dan over the ropes!

But Dan held on!

"He still survived!" Tarble cheered.

"Come on, Kuso!" Vegeta cheered as well.

The buzzer rang as Dan flipped back into the ring and kicked Wolfgang in the groin! Danny Phantom looked on confused as the logo said "WWT".

"Oh, the company that seems to have a heel stable every year?" Vegeta teased.

"But remember...Danny usually the leader of those stables..." Tarble said.

"Me Against the World" by Simple Plan plays, bringing out Gaara admist cheers from the crowd!

#21-WWT: Gaara

"Gaara of the Sand is here! And Danny's misdeeds on WWT are now catching up to him!" Goku said.

"Gaara has a kendo stick in hand! He's looking for retribution!" Tarble exclaimed.

"Ugh...F-B-N...who caaaaaares? Danny needs to keep his WWT life separate from his Animated life!" Vegeta complained.

Gaara slid in the ring and went straight for Danny's hurt neck. He smacked the hurt neck of Danny, and then kicked his gut. He hit him in the back, sending Danny to his knees. He then lifts the kendo stick high in the air and smashes it over the head of Danny! Phantom fell to the ground, and Gaara lifted the remains of his stick in the air. He picked Danny up and flipped him over. He screamed "DEATH TO THE F-B-N!", and slammed Danny down with The Sand Whip!

Dan kicked Wolfgang in the gut and ran behind him. He came back and went for an Throwback; Wolfgang caught Dan and gave him an Atomic Drop. Wolfgang grabbed Dan again and slammed him with a Spin-Out Powerbomb! Dan got up and turned around to face Takuya and Takato, who kicked him in the groin. They grabbed his neck and Suplexed Dan over the ropes; Dan kept hold of BOTH of their necks and flipped them over the ropes! The team flew over the top and to the floor!

"Six down!" Tarble exclaimed.

"Eleven more to go!" Goku cheered.

Dan flipped back over the ropes and was met with a Clothesline from Linus!

"Linus with that critical Clothesline!" Tarble said. "He's managed to stay in for almost forty minutes!"

"He knows the avoidance techniques to stay in! Vegeta said.

Huey and Riley, meanwhile, attack Davis while Terry attacked Wolfgang. Wolfgang pushed Terry and grabbed him for a Tilt-A-Whirl Side Slam. Terry got out of the attempt and grabbed Wolfgang's head. He tried to throw him out of the ring, but Wolfgang pushed Terry off. Wolfgang went for a Clothesline, but Terry Superkicked Wolfgang back down! The buzzer rang...

...And some mediocre song by a band called "Sex Bob-Omb" played.

#22-Scott Pilgrim

"The rocker turned fighter! This is an opportunity for Scott to make a huge name for himself!" Goku said.

"It's not every year that a rookie wins the Rumble! Danny Phantom is a big example of Rookie Rumblers winning the Rumble."

Scott rolled into the ring and kicked Wolfgang in the leg. He Dropkicked Wolfgang into Terry, who pushed Wolfgang back into Scott for a European Uppercut. Scott jumped up and gave Linus a Spin Kick from behind, and picked him up a minute later. He Irish Whipped Linus and caught him for an Arm Drag. Linus landed on his feet and reversed the move into an Armdrag of his own.

Gaara grabbed Danny, who punched Gaara and kicked his knees from under him. Danny ran towards Gaara, who jumped up and grabbed Danny. He attempted to flip Danny over the ropes...and Dan flipped them BOTH over the ropes!

"Dan has recorded eight! He is nearly halfway to Broly's record!" Vegeta cheered.

"This kid has recovered from his injury and his training is working!" Goku said.

Terry grabbed Dan by his neck and went for a Blake Drop...Dan got out of it and Wheel Kicked Terry down! Terry got up and pushed Dan away from him; Davis kicked Dan's gut and Pedigreed him down! Davis chuckled for a bit, then turned around into a Hook Shot (Jumping Complete Shot) from Terry! Taiki grabbed Terry's neck and went for an RKO! Terry pushed Taiki into the turnbuckle! Terry grabbed a groggy Taiki and went for a Spinebuster. Davis grabbed Taiki from Terry's grasp and kicked Terry to the ropes. Terry turned around and was Clotheslined out of the ring by Davis!

"Taiki and Davis being a great team here, taking out The DC Demon." Tarble commended.

"He is still my favorite. Davis and Taiki's teamwork will take them to the final two...and then Davis hauls Taiki's ass out of the ring." Vegeta said.

The buzzer rings...

...The screen flashes AWF.

"The all-anime company I see?" Goku said. "I wanted to go there, but I was called 'over-rated'"

"Understatement of the century..." Vegeta quipped.

"Word Life" life played, and Marcus Daimon speed-walked out, looking for Davis.

#23-AWF: Masaru "Marcus" Daimon

"The AWF Doctor of Thuganomics is here in Animated!" Goku said.

"...It's just John Cena...it's just frickin' JOHN CENA! What, he RAPS too?" Vegeta argued. "And besides...he can't be a Digi-Leader...he has no goggles."

"But he punched a Digimon. And he seems to still be upset over the incident during The Clash..." Tarble said.

Tarble slid in the ring and immediately earned himself a beatdown from Davis and Taiki. Davis picked Marcus up and Irish Whipped him. Marcus ducked a Clotheline and gave Davis a Lariat. Marcus turned around and kicked Taiki. He threw him to the ropes, but Taiki caught himself and turned around. Marcus went for a Flying Shoulder Block, but Taiki ducked it. Marcus hopped on the top rope as a reflex and dove off...landing a Double Axe Handle onto Taiki and Davis! Davis got up and was hoisted onto Marcus's shoulders. He was lifted...and thrown off for an FU!

"Haven't called it that since 2008!" Vegeta said.

Scott picked Huey up and slammed him down with a Standing Spinebuster. Riley dove off the top rope...and thrown away with a Last Call. Huey turned Scott around and punched his face. Huey punched Scott in the nose and Flying Spin Kicked Scott into a Dropkick to his back from Riley.

Linus lied in the corner, just surveying the field. Wolfgang walked up to him and kicked him into the corner repeatedly. He backed up a bit and stalked Linus. He runned at him and MISSES THE KNEE! Linus rolled out of the way as the buzzer rang...

...The CAWF Logo flashes on-screen.

"A company that hasn't hit it's major popular stride yet, but has MAJOR potential!" Goku said.

"Speaking of CAWF; The Prince shall face Ben Ten for The CAWF Heavyweight Title!" Vegeta gloated. "Prepare to see a NEW Championship on my table!"


#24-CAWF: Diego Marquez

Diego runs out and high-fives the crowd as he runs down the ramp.

"The Latino with heart!" Tarble cheered.

"Former CAWF Champion and a fan favorite in CAWF!" Goku said.

"Meh..." Vegeta plainly put.

Diego hopped on the top rope and dove off the ropes, diving onto Linus and Wolfgang. Marcus turns around and faces off with Diego. Marcus tried to lift him for a FU, but Diego wigglesd out and Bulldoged Marcus.

Several insignificant brawls happened in the course of forty more seconds. Afterwards, Scott Clotheslined both Huey and Riley. Dan was kicked by Diego and given one Suplex...two Suplex...and A THIRD ROLLING SUPLEX! Diego hopped on the top turnbuckle and readied himself for a Frog Splash. He dove off...and GOT CAUGHT WITH A WOLF'S KICK! Diego fell on his face as Linus looked at him. He bounced off the ropes and gave Diego a L-Swing! The buzzer rang...

...and 6Teen's theme played. Jude walked out amongst cheers as Scott greeted his friend.


"The Laid-Back Jude has entered the fray!" Tarble said.

"Jude has gained many fans recently due to partying with many of the fans! He seems really cool!" Goku said.

"Rumor has it that Scott and Jude have formed a Tag Team together. That could help them during this match." Vegeta said.

Jude rolled in the ring and saluted Scott. They ran at The Freemans and Clotheslined them. Huey grabbed onto the ropes and tried to get up, but Scott Dropkicked Huey in the head. Jude Irish Whipped Riley towards Scott, who grabbed The Gangsta and gave him an elbow. Jude jumped onto Scott's shoulders and dove off of them, landing a Splash onto both Freemans.

Wolfgang was on the ground while Diego was on the top rope. He rose up...but Dan ran up the corner and gave Diego an Enzuguiri! Diego fell off the corner to the outside!

"Number nine! And I think he's going for ten!" Tarble announced.

Dan grabbed Marcus and tried to eliminate him; Marcus grabbed Dan and gave him a Spin-Out Powerbomb! He raised his hand and bounced off the-DAVIS CLOTHESLINED MARCUS OUT THE RING!

"Davis is also smoking right now!" Vegeta said. "Davisnis dominating the match as well!"

The buzzer rang...

...Ranma jumps out amongst boos.

#26-Ranma Saotome

"The former King of the Ring is running down the ring." Tarble said.

"The 90's Dynasty hasn't done so well to-WHAT THE HELL?" Vegeta was cut-off when Ranma walked into the ring and was ELIMINATED IN A SECOND FLAT BY DAN!


The crowd burst into laughter as Ranma screamed in embarassment. Dan laughed as well as he went back to the match.

...Nothing of significance happens..

...after 90 seconds, the buzzer rang...

...A chopped and screwed version of The Metal Fusion Theme played. Gingka walked out.

#27-Gingka Hagane

"The US Champion wanting to propel himself to the next level of stardom." Goku said.

"'The Fallen Hero' has been at a bit of odds with GB. He feels that GB made Dokuro and his friends betray him. GB has not been that nice to him either..." Tarble said.

Gingka ran in the ring and and Wheel Kicked Davis. Gingka bent Taiki over and DDT'd him as the action began to fall into a lull. The Canadians double teamed Wolfgang, lifting him up and slamming him with an Impaler DDT. Linus tried eliminating Dan, but the brawler kicked Linus away and tried eliminating him. After sixty more seconds, the buzzer rang.

"With the action falling into a lull, the next person might just shake things up a bit..." Tarble said.



"While still banged up from his earlier match, TD is still ready for another shot at The World Title!" Goku said.

"TD...so close...yet...he let rookie mistakes mar his first World Title Match." Vegeta said.

TD rolled into the ring and Double Clotheslined The Canadians. He turned around and Savate Kicked Wolfgang, followed by bending over Gingka and giving him a Famousser. He kicked Taiki and gave him a Famousser. He backed up and gave Davis a Seated Senton. He turned around and saw Scott Pilgrim going for a Wheel Kick, but TD ducked the attack and gave him a Sit-Out Spinebuster. Jude grabbed onto TD for a Sleeper, and Scott kicked TD in the gut repeatedly. TD turned Jude around and had him get the brunt of the attack. Scott was then given a kick to the temple from TD. TD stalked Scott for Famousser...but Wolfgang Wolf Kicked TD as he ran forward!

"OOOOH! TD FELL RIGHT ON HIS FACE AFTER A 360° SPIN!" Tarble exclaimed as TD lied on his face.

"Wolfgang trying to gain back control since his crew had been eliminated. TD still reeling from the thumbtacks and abuse." Goku said.

Brawls went on for another minute; Wolfgang was almost eliminated by The Freemans, but Wolfgang elbowed them backwards; Dan Dropkicked Taiki and was Speared by Davis. The buzzer rang as Linus tried eliminating Scott. Jude beat on him and kicked him away.

...The Last Airbender floated out admist a few cheers, running down the ring for a fight.


"The Last Airbender, former World Champion in his own right, seems ready now. He got a nice little spot here in the Rumble." Tarble said.

"Aang is a high-flying master! But when you're an Airbender AND The Avatar, you know how to use te air to your advantage!" Goku said.

"He hasn't done much in almost a year, but his Rumble could put him back on that track to the World Title!" Vegeta said. "Hey, remember when Aang turned into ABL...hehe...weird stuff..."

"Let's not be reminded of that..." Tarble said.

Aang floated over the ropes and ducked under a punch from Wolfgang. He bounced off of the ropes and hit the bully with a Flying Forearm Smash! Wolfgang stumbled over to the ropes and Aang got ready. He ran over to Wolfgang and went for a Clothesline, but Wolfgang caught him on his shoulders and gave him The Wasteland! Wolfgang picked Aang up and hit him against the ropes. He tried eliminating him, but Aang put up a fight, trying to kick Wolfgang off of him. Aang finally got Wolfgang off of him and High Kneed him in the face! Aang jumped up and gave Wolfgang a Hurricarana towards the ropes. Aang tried to eliminate Wolfgang, but Wolfgang pushed Aang off.

TD fought the Freemans off along with Dan; TD kicked Huey in the gut at the same time Dan did the same to Riley. The two boys then slammed the two brother's heads together! Huey stumbled into a Famousser while Riley felt the wrath of a Drago-Drop (New Finisher; Elevated Impaler DDT with a hook)!

Davis and Taiki attacked the two Canadians, trying to eliminate Scott while Jude is down. Scott kicked the Leaders off and began alternating punches between them. Taiki finally countered one and gave Scott's arm Falling Double Knees. Scott grabber his arm in pain and stumbled around into a Knee Smash! Scott turned around again into a Dropkick from Taiki! Jude was busy with Linus attacking him. Linus picked Jude up and put him on the ropes. Linus went for a Superplex, but Jude pushed him off! Jude stood up and dove off...into a Headbutt from Linus to the gut! Both men fell to the ground in pain! The buzzer rang again, signaling #30...

..."Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley perfectly described this man's personality...


"This guy is a psycho bastard...and yet, he knows what he's doing..." Vegeta said, awfully confused.

"The current Hardcore Champion has been embroiled in a massive feud with XCW's Claude Speed. This all is scheduled to come to an end this Saturday when the two men face off in a Falls Count Anywhere Match." Tarble said.

"In the meantime, can he earn a MAJOR edge with this Rumble win?" Goku said.

"Three-fourths of the competitors have come...and gone! And Linus, number one, has stuck through the entire time! We're coming onto the home-stretch!" Tarble said.

Deadpool rolled into the ring and fought with TD. TD kicked Deadpool and grabbed his neck. He lifted him up...but Deadpool floated over and gave TD a Neckbreaker. Deadpool ran over to Scott and Clotheslined him, followed by a Savate Kick to Davis's neck. Taiki went for a Neckbreaker, but Deadpool tossed Taiki over his shoulder and gave him a Facesmash. DP ducked a Double Clothesline from the Freemans and bumped their heads together. Deadpool was oblivious to Gingka on the top rope stalking him. Deadpool turned around and CAUGHT GINGKA!

"Gingka going for that Fallen Star Spear, but was caught in mid-attempt! And Deadpool..."

...Tossed Gingka over the ropes!

"The Merc with the Mouth just eliminated a man!" Tarble said.

"But the Fallen Hero is...a bit angry..." Goku said.

Gingka screamed in absolute anger towards "Those damn Immortals!"

"He may have some more issues to bring up with GB...but that all may come back to bite him..." Vegeta said.

Deadpool Suplexed Wolfgang and then kicked Davis in the gut. He attempted to throw him over, but Davis got out of that predicament and gave Deadpool a Back Suplex.

"Who remembers the rivalry between Deadpool and Davis late last year? And the Survivor Series Match that ended the rivalry but was the genesis of The Immortals?" Tarble said.

"Davis seems to have taken control of that conflict right now. He took Deadpool down and now he's going for the Pedigree." Vegeta said.

Davis went for the Pedigree, but DP lifted Davis up and slammed him with an Alabama Slam! Deadpool let out a "WOO-HOO!" as the buzzer rang...

...XCW's Logo flashed onto the screen...

"The home of Champion Mario and Deadpool's rival Claude Speed..." Tarble said.

"Does this mean..." Goku was cut off when...

..."Wayfarer" by Kavinsky plays! The crowd erupts into cheers as rumbling from the backstage can be heard. Out from the back rolled out an ATV. The man riding out was...

#31-XCW: Tommy Vercetti

"The Harwood Butcher is rolling into the ring! And he has his eyes set on Deadpool!" Tarble said.

"Vercetti must be here to send a message to Deadpool!" Goku exclaimed.

"The guy is a brutal son of a bitch! He's going to try to soften 'Pool up!" Vegeta said.

Tommy pulled out a metal pipe and pointed at DP, announcing "THIS IS WHAT'S COMIN' TO YA, DEADPOOL!" He slid in the ring and ran towards Deadpool, who ducked a shot and kicked Tommy in the back. Deadpool picked him up and Irish Whipped him to the ropes. Tommy reversed a Clothesline into a Reverse DDT! Tommy grabbed his pipe and whacked Deadpool over the head with it! Deadpool stumbled over towards the ropes and Tommy walked over to him. DP kicked his legs and Speared Tommy down! DP picked Tommy up...who turned DP around and lifts him onto his back! Tommy slam DP down with a Vertabreaker! DP stumbled up, and Tommy kicked him through the ropes!

"Deadpool on the outside floor! Tommy has been taking it to him!" Tarble said as the buzzer rang. The lights went red as the vampire Alucard walked out. The inside competitors looked on as Alucard walked over the ropes.


"But Alucard may just end all that!" Vegeta said.

Alucard walked over to Vercetti, who readied his pipe and rushed over to the vampire. He hit Alucard in the gut and hit his legs! He bounced off of the ropes INTO A VICIOUS BOOT FROM ALUCARD! Alucard grabbed Tommy's head and yanked him up. Tommy punched Alucard in the gut and began to repeatedly send blow after blow to Alucard's stomach. He got the big man on his knees and began punching his head as well. Tommy hooked Alucard's arms and went for a Double Arm DDT. Alucard got up and lifted him HIGH into the air...and threw him over the ropes!

"Alucard is a BEAST! He has just put everyone on watch!" Vegeta said.

Huey and Riley had Dan dazed on the ropes and held arms. They ran for a Reinforced Clothesline...

...and were flipped over the top by Dan!

"And Dan has done the same!" Tarble exclaimed. "Number 12!"

"Five more to go in order to break Broly's record!" Goku cheered.

A few battles lasted for a few more seconds...and then the buzzer rang.

...The Second DBZ US Theme played as Trunks walked out.


"My boy got a nice spot! He has a nice chance of winning!" Vegeta said.

"Yes, my nephew got a nice number. He has been seemingly trying to break free of his 90's Dynasty mold." Tarble said.

"He's also been slowly gaining the fan's respect back. A nice move there." Goku said.

Trunks rolled in he ring and fought the Airbender. He Irish Whipped Aang, who jumped over Trunks and jumped off the ropes for a Moonsault. Trunks caught Aang and slammed him down with an Oklahoma Slam! Trunks turned around and fought Scott, who punched Trunks and Dropkicked his leg. Scott backed up and went for a Bulldog. Trunks lifted himself up and slammed Scott down with a Scoop Slam!

A few brawls went on. Jude kicked Linus and tried eliminating him. Dan grabbed Alucard's arm, but was pushed off and Clotheslined Dan. Davis and Taiki Double Reverse Suplex TD. The buzzer rang...

...Binky Barnes walks out at a nice little spot.

#34-Binky Barnes

"The former Bully and Tough Customer says that THIS is his chance! Will he prove his true single's dominance tonight?" Vegeta said.

"Binky has never won a singles Title in his career" Tarble said, "This Rumble would put him on the road to the biggest single's Title in this business-The Toon World Title!"

Binky walked through the ropes, but TD came over and attacked him! TD went for a Famousser, but Binky threw TD off and rushed at him with a Shoulder Tackle! With TD writhing in pain, Binky grabbed him by his shirt and threw him into the corner. Binky ran at TD, but got two feet to the face! Binky stumbled backwards a TD hopped onto the top rope. He dove off INTO A CHOKE FROM ALUCARD! Alucard lifted him up and slammed him down with a Chokeslam!

"Alucard is in total control right now! He has everyone on lock right now!" Tarble said as the countdown started.

Alucard Chokeslammed the Canadian team at the same time and Booted Trunks in the face. Aang got up and was Chokeslammed out of the ring!

"No one in that ring can stop him!" Goku exclaimed as the buzzer rang!

"Yeah...no one in that ring..." Vegeta said.

We waited for a second...


...until we heard the 2nd DBZ US Theme! The crowd cheered as they knew a Z Fighter was going to come in. Taiki shook his head an as he waited for someone to come out.

...Vegeta got up from his table and the crowd, seeing this, erupted into cheers! He took off his tie and suit to reveal his blue leotard and white boots. He put on his white gloves and walked over to the ropes.


"My brother is making an appearance in The Rumble for the first time since 2000!" Tarble said.

"Vegeta go!" Cheered Goku.

Vegeta rolled into the ring and faced off against Alucard

He said "Hey, vampire...let's go. You've got a real challenge now..." and walked towards him. He went for the first hit, but the bigger vampire blocked one hit and pushed him onto his back. He grabbed Vegeta and Irish Whipped him. Vegeta ducked a Big Boot and began throwing punch after punch at the face of the vampire. Vegeta bounced off of the ropes and hit a Flying Clothesline. Alucard fell onto the ropes and stalked Alucard and grabbed his neck! The crowd cheered as Vegeta tried to go for a Chokeslam; Alucard broke free and Chokeslammed Vegeta! Alucard was caught off guard as TD dove off of the top and Missile Dropkicked Alucard! Linus took advantage and gave Alucard an L-Swing! The entire ring attacked Alucard and tried to take him down...but the vampire got up and pushed them all away! Alucard got up and stalked TD for a Chokeslam. Tommy Vercetti ran back down and hopped onto the apron! Alucard turned around and was struck down with a metal pipe! Alucard fell on one knee and was grabbed by Vercetti. He gave Alucard one final smack to his gut...and Vegeta, recovered, Clotheslined Alucard out of the ring! Vercetti grinned like a cheshire cat as Alucard scowled at him and Vegeta cheered!

"Albeit with some help, my brother eliminated the unstoppable Alucard!" Tarble cheered.

"Alucard might get some revenge at some point later on...I feel..." Goku said.

The buzzer rang...

...And PCUW flashed on the screen.

"The Ed-controlled PCUW is a major ally of Animated." Tarble said. "Who have they chosen to participate?"

...Sting's Theme played...and the crowd erupted into cheers as Ed walked out!

#36-PCUW: Ed

"While a member of the EPA on Animated, Ed is especially well-known as the Undefeated PCUW World Champion!" Tarble said.

"I've heard Vegeta isn't a big Ed fan." Goku said.

"He seems to hate his whole 'hero' status. He thinks Ed is a screem hog and needs to stop being so 'good and perfect'...though he seems a bit misguided in his philosophies..." Tarble said.

Ed came into the ring and immediately went face to face with The Saiyan Prince. Vegeta said "Bring it..." as Ed cracked his knuckles. The Champ ran at Vegeta, who received him and began trading punches with him. Ed kicked Vegeta and Irish Whipped him. Vegeta came back and Heel Kicked Ed! Vegeta picked Ed up and DDT'd him! Vegeta stalked Ed as he got up and raised his arm. Taiki turned him around and went for an RKO...Vegeta threw him off! Vegeta turned around for a WOLF'S KICK! Wolfgang laughed and went to pick Ed up. The Champ kicked Wolfgang and drove him to the ground with a Lump Drop! Davis came at Ed and Spinebustered Ed! The buzzer rang...

...And Ben Tennyson walked out!

#37-Ben Tennyson

"Ben will face Vegeta in CAWF for The Heavyweight Title! And they'll face off here in a pre-fight!" Tarble said.

"Ben could be a Dual-Champion after Wrestlemania if he retains his CAWF Heavyweight Title." Goku said.

Ben slid into the ring and attacked Vegeta. Ben went for an Omni-Drop (Vertabreaker), but Vegeta got out of it. He grabbed Ben and flipped him with an Inverted Exploder Suplex. Vegeta grabbed Ben for a Big Bang Chokeslam, but the Alien Hero gave Vegeta Falling Knees to the face! Vegeta stumbled backwards and was about to be Powerslammed by Wolfgang. Vegeta landed on his feet and Chokeslammed Wolfgang!

Ben grabs Davis for an Omni-Lock, but Davis got up and gave Ben a Piledriver! Elsewhere, Linus gave Dan a Security Snap, followed by a neck grab and a Gutwrench! The buzzer rang...

...And "Rock the Dragon" played! The crowd and fighters looked around...

...and Binky didn't notice GOKU enter the ring and throw him over the top rope!


"AND GOKU HAS FINALLY RETURNED! GOKU IS IN THE RING!" Tarble marked out as Goku met eyes with Taiki.

The Xros General crossed his arms and laughed. Goku looked on confused and fell victim to a Spinebuster from Davis! Taiki laughed as he stalked Goku. The Saiyan got up and Taiki went for an RKO...but Vegeta Booted him in the face! Goku turned around and went face to face with Vegeta...his old rival...the two men went face to face...

"These two age old rivals...face to face for the first time since 2006...they still have that bad-OH!" A lone Tarble was cut-off when Jude and Scott Dropkicked them both to the ropes! The two Canadians gave each other a high-five as the buzzer rang!

...Raimundo with lots of energy bounced out to cheers!


"The High-Flying Brazilian has gained a nearly FAVORABLE spot here! He has one of the best chances here!" Tarble said.

Raimundo jumped onto the top turnbuckle and dove off, hitting Wolfgang and

Davis. Rai picked Davis up and gave him a Neckbreaker. He then grabbed

Wolfgang and went for a DDT, but the Alpha Male lifted Rai up and threw him

off. Rai landed on his feet and began kicking Wolfgang's legs and knees. He

grabbed Wolfgang's neck, but was driven back-first into the corner.

Wolfgang backed up and Clotheslined Rai into the corner. The High Flyer

crumpled to his knees as Wolfgang backed up. He went for a Wolf's Kick, but

Rai ducked and grabbed Wolfgang's leg. He took him down and grabbed both of

his legs for an Ankle Lock. Wolfgang kicked Rai off and got up. He ran at

Rai once more, but the Brazilian Dropkicked Wolfgang back down!

TD went for a Famousser on Vegeta, but the legend pushed TD off. Vegeta

bounced off the ropes and went for a Big Boot, but Taiki caught him off

guard with a Shoulder Block. Taiki went for an Impaler DDT on Vegeta, but

Goku came in and Clotheslined Taiki back down! Vegeta got up and saw Trunks

behind him. He snickered and said "Come on, son...you have a chance to shut

up your old man...make it worthwhile...". Trunks smiled and went into a

tie-up, with Vegeta pushing Trunks down. Trunks got up and went behind his

dad. He grabbed his waist and gave him a German Suplex. Trunks waited for

his dad to get up and bounced off of the ropes. Vegeta came back and

slammed Trunks down with a Powerslam. Vegeta and Trunks get up and chuckle

a bit as they go at it again. Vegeta went for a Chokeslam, but Trunks got

out and jumped off the ropes for a Moonsault. He flipped Vegeta over onto

his head, but the Prince got onto his feet again and gave Trunks an

Oklahoma Slam.

"This father and son match-up is a first ever for those two. Vegeta seems

to be enjoying this...and so does Trunks." Tarble said.


GB busted down the door into a dark room that supposedly housed the

mysterious Number Forty. GB looked around, but couldn't find him in the

room. He figured he must be making his way to the ring now. He got on his

knees and shook his head.

"No...everyone in that Rumble is doomed now...he's going to ruin


GB looked up and clenched his fists.

"But hopefully I'm not too late. I have one more plan I can execute to stop


GB got up and went out of the room.


The competitors continued fighting as the countdown started.





"We're about to see who this Number Forty is..." Tarble said in

anticipation, "I would love to see who this is..."

The Saiyan duo face off once again and talk to each other. Goku and Vegeta

get in each other's faces...





The crowd cheers in eagerness as the fighters continued. The Saiyans were

about to fight...


...when the lights went out...


...a slow strumming played...


..."Enter Sandman" by Metallica played...Vegeta and Goku stopped dead in

their tracks. Tarble froze in place as well.

"No...it can't be...it's...it's" Tarble stuttered as Number Forty walked

out. With his long, greenish-yellow hair and built muscles, the opponent

looked on and yelled out, exciting the crowd.

"Number Forty is..." Tarble started to say.


The crowd went out of control as Broly walked down the ramp. The Legend

raised his fist and got onto the apron.

"This man is a threat to everyone in that ring. He could destroy each one

of them and win this Rumble." Tarble said.

Broly climbed onto the apron, signifying the people in the ring to attack

him immediately. Broly walked into the ring, still under attack. He,

however, overpowered each and every one of them! He grabbed Scott and threw

him out of the ring, and grabbed Jude and did the same to him! Trunks

bounced off of the ropes and gave Broly a Chop Block. He bounced off the

ropes again, but was caught and thrown out of the ring! Broly grabbed

Wolfgang and gave him a Press Slam in the ring. He was double-teamed by

Taiki and Davis, but they were grabbed and both given Standing

Spinebusters. Dan tried grabbing Broly, but he was thrown off and tossed

into the turnbuckle. Raimundo dove off of the turnbuckle, but was caught

and given a Last Call! Linus grabbed Broly's foot, but was thrown off. TD

was given a Clothesline and laughed heartily as the entire ring was

down...except for Ed.

"Oh no...Ed...don't do it!" Tarble warned as Ed tried to take on Broly.

He went for a right, but the Legendary Super Saiyan caught it and bent it

backwards, sending the PCUW Word Champ to his knees. Broly lifted Ed up

high off the ground and slammed him with a Hard Scoop Slam. Ed got up, and

Broly walked towards him. Ed put up a fight, landing shot after shot to

Broly's gut. The Legend threw him to the ropes, but Ed came back with a

Knee Smash. he tried for a Lump Drop...

...but Broly lifted Ed up high and threw him to the outside!

"Oh my...The PCUW World Champ has been eliminated with ease. Broly is now

the SOLE standing man in this match!" Tarble exclaimed.

Goku and Vegeta got up and went on opposite sides of Broly, who yelled

"KAKAROOOT!" before attacking Goku. Broly went for a Suplex, but Vegeta

pulled Goku back down and gave Broly a kick to his knee. The Saiyans went

for a Suplex themselves...but Broly lifted them both up and SUPLEXED THEM!

Broly then picked Vegeta up and lifted him high over his head...before

dropping him onto his knee with The Gigantic Press (Gorilla Press

Gutbuster)! He grabbed Goku and gave him a Gigantic Spike (Grabs his

opponent's face and drives them head first into the ground)! Broly let out

a primal scream before GB walked out.


YOU!" GB yelled in frustration. "Y'see, I had promised the Number Forty to

someone else...someone who I believed deserved it more. Edge got to be the

last man when he returned, and so did Cena. So why can't this man? But you

screwed him out of it. But jokes on you; he's the SURPRISE Number

Forty-ONE! Broly, meet one of the BEST of ALL TIME!"

GB pointed to the ramp as the buzzer rang. The crowd waited with eagerness

while Broly just motioned "Bring on the newcomer". It was silent...

...Until "Just Close Your Eyes" by Waterproof Blond played.

"Dekisugi Hidetoshi! Returned from his muscle tear! What a surprise!"

GB stood on the ramp and clapped, and the crowd began to cheer louder than

before! GB clapped as a boy in a orange vest jumped onto the ramp and went

wild for the first time in over a year...


#41-Henry Wong



RING!" Tarble lost it as Henry ran down the ramp and slid into the ring!


Henry slid into the ring and ducked under a Clothesline from Broly. He came

back and gave Broly a Flying Shoulder Block, sending the big man backwards

an inch. He bounced off the ropes and landed another FSB, sending Broly to

one knee. Henry began beating Broly's head in, trying to knock him out.

Henry hopped onto the top rope and waited for Broly to get up. He dove off,

but Broly caught him and gave Henry a Samoan Drop! The big man grabbed

Henry and bounced off the ropes. Henry dodged a Clothesline, and Broly ran

straight into Goku's DRILL KICK (Spinning Dropkick)! Broly finally went

down as Henry stalked Broly. he signaled for an H-Bomb (99 Crusher), and

waited for Broly to get up. Taiki turned Henry around and RKO'd him down!

Wanting Broly for himself, he attempted to pick up the big man. Broly

pushed Taiki off and gave him HUGE Boot to the face! Vegeta and Goku kicked

Broly's gut and went for a Double Suplex. They finally managed to hit it

this time and then picked Broly up. Broly pushed them all off and gave them

all Clotheslines. Raimundo, back up, grabbed a pair of brass knuckles Riley

left and punched Broly in the face! He repeatedly punched him, but Broly

pushed Rai off and lifted him high into the air. He then threw Rai out of




Wolfgang went on the offensive, grabbing Broly's legs. Linus Dropkicked

Broly with great elevation on the attack, but the big man never didn't go

down. Broly grabbed Wolfgang lifted him up by his hair. Wolfgang kicked

Broly and went for a Wolf's Kick. Broly reversed the Wolf's Kick and lifted

him up before slamming him down with a Powerbomb! Henry Wong came back with

a Dropkick to Broly's back, pushing him towards the ropes. Meanwhile, Dan,

resting on the ropes, noticed Rai crawling to the apron. He slid the brass

knuckles back into the ring and gave Dan a thumbs up before falling back

down. In front of Dan, Henry attempted to lift Broly out of the ring. He

grabbed his legs and lifted with all of his strength! He had his feet off

the ground and parallel with his body as he had him halfway over the ropes!


Broly, however, put all of his weight down and kicked Henry off! Broly


fell onto the ropes in a daze as Dan bounced off of the ropes and punched

Broly in the head once more! Dan hopped onto the top turnbuckle once more

and dove off the top, hitting Broly in the head again! Broly fell onto his

legs, almost out of it. Dan continued the assault on Broly, punching his

head with the brass time after time. Broly, busted open after fifteen shots

to the head, put his arms up and pushed Dan away. Broly tried to recover,

but Dan and Henry teamed up. They both went for a Clothesline and

connected, CLOTHESLINING BROLY OUT OF THE RING! NO! Broly landed on the

apron in a daze! He began trying to get up and Dan and Henry tried to kick

him off the apron. Broly grabbed both of their heads and banged them

together! With the two boys down, Broly walked back into the ring. Goku and

Vegeta ran over and began trying to force Broly over the ropes again. They

had him halfway over...when TAIKI ran over and tried eliminating THEM!

"Taiki's about to eliminate all THREE of the Saiyans!" Tarble exclaimed.

Taiki had them over the ropes...

...until Dan ran over with Henry and lifted all FOUR of them over the top

and onto the floor! Dan cheered as he reached sixteen eliminations, while

Vegeta looked on stunned. Goku laughed heartily while Taiki yells in anger

before stomping his way to the back. Broly looked on at Dan silently but

furiously as he walked to the back. The other two Saiyans walked back to

their table and put their headphones back on.

"So, how you feel, brother?" Tarble teased Vegeta.

"I hate Kuso now." Vegeta bluntly stated.

"Haha! I haven't had THAT much fun in a while! Man, I miss being in that

ring! But man, I wish Broly didn't have to come back...that was a pain."

Goku said.

"Yeah...but Kuso is ONE more person away from breaking Broly's own record!

He's matched him with sixteen! He needs just ONE more!" Tarble said.

Wolfgang, Davis, Linus (Number One might I add), Dan, TD, and Henry were

the ones in the ring. Henry eyed Wolfgang down...the man who injured him.

He ran at him and attacked him, while TD faced Davis and Dan faced Linus.

Henry, after furiously punching Wolfgang in the gut, lifted him up and

slammed him down with a Scoop Slam. He picked Wolfgang up and tried

eliminating him, but he got a kick to his gut for his troubles. Wolfgang

threw Henry into a corner and began Shoulder Thrusting his gut into it. He

grabbed Henry's head and threw him away with a Biel Bump, before bouncing

off the ropes and Headbutting Henry in the chest! He grabbed Henry by his

hair and lifted him over the ropes. Henry landed on the apron and flipped

Wolfgang over onto the ring floor!

"Henry finally got his revenge! Wolfgang is OUT!" Tarble said.

Wolfgang grabbed Henry by his legs and yanked him off the apron,

eliminating him!

"WHAT? NO! THAT'S NOT FAIR!" Goku screamed.


POURING OUT!" Vegeta exclaimed as the two got into a brawl.

Wolfgang threw Henry into the barricade and went to knee his head into it;

Henry rolled out of the way and drove Wolfgang back first into the corner

post! The security broke the two up and tried escorting them peacefully

into the back, but each one would break free and beat on the other! Henry

got out and jumped on top of Wolfgang, elbowing his head repeatedly. The

security restrained him, but Wolfgang got out a second later and Wolf

Kicked Henry! The security finally managed to keep them both in check long

enough to take them to their dressing rooms.

"OH MAN! Henry was waiting for that since late 2009! Those two will NOT end

their feud here! This is going to be a long running war!" Tarble said.

"Tarble, shut-up. Anyway, those two are going to kill one another soon

enough; but look here!"

Linus went for a Clothesline, but TD reversed it and threw Linus over the

top rope! The boy fell over as the last three faced each other.

"Linus is out! The 'Great Pumpkin' or whatever didn't help him this time.

And now we have the final three about to battle it out!" Goku said.

TD ran towards Davis and went for a Famousser, but Davis caught him and

slammed him face first into the turnbuckle! Dan ran up to him, and was

taken down with a Spinebuster! Davis grabbed TD's head and threw him into a

corner. Dan grabbed Davis from behind and locked him in a Full Nelson. TD

ran up and gave Davis a Savate Kick! With the Digi-Leader down, TD grabbed

Dan and tossed him into the ropes. He tried eliminating Dan, but got

punched in the face. Dan grabbed TD and lifted him up by his feet in an

effort to throw him out. TD Mule Kicked Dan off of him and got back down to

his feet. TD ran towards Dan, who lifted him for a Back Body Drop. TD

landed on his feet and went for another Savate Kick. Dan caught his foot

and threw it away...but it came back with a Dragon Whip! TD stalked Dan for

a Spinebuster...TD caught him...and Davis grabbed TD slammed him down with

a Spinebuster while sandwiching Dan between them!

"Impressive from Davis! That impromptu Spinebuster took out two birds with

one stone!" Praised Vegeta.

"I have to admit; it was pretty impressive. Davis has a good chance

here..." Tarble admitted.

TD got up and Davis kicked TD's groin and went for a Pedigree. It

connected! The Leader then climbed the top turnbuckle. He stood tall for a

Guillotine Leg Drop...he jumped off...and MISSED! TD rolled out of the way

and jumped up! He grabbed Davis and gave gave him a Famousser! TD grabbed

Dan, who kicked his gut and gave TD a DDT! Dan picked TD up and lifted him

up high in the air. Dan then dropped him down with a Drago-Drop (Elevated

Impaler DDT with a hook)! Dan picked TD up and placed him on the ropes. He

tried eliminating TD, but the IC Champ kicked Dan away. Dan turned around

and got a Dropkick to the face! TD then climbed the top turnbuckle. He

stalked Dan as he tried to get up...but Davis ran towards the corner and

pushed a precariously perched TD off and onto the hard floor!

"Ooooh! Man!" Vegeta even cringed. "We've seen a LOT of nasty falls during

this Rumble! These guys WANT that match at Wrestlemania! They WANT that


"Vegeta, it's OK; these two young guys are the future! And we are only ONE

elimination away from seeing a winner folks! Davis Motomiya! Dan Kuso! Two

animes with one goal; WRESTLEMANIA!" Goku cheered.

"And if Dan wins, not only does he get a Wrestlemania Match; he gets the

record of the MOST eliminations at Wrestlemania!" Tarble pointed out.

Dan and Davis circled each other and walked up to each other. Both pointed

to the Wrestlemania sign and began trading punches! Dan blocked one punch

and pushed Davis to the ropes. The Leader came back and felt the full force

of a Discus Lariat! Dan picked Davis up and Irish Whipped him. Davis

reversed the Powerslam and gave Dan a Rib Breaker. Davis hopped onto the

top turnbuckle and raised his arms. He dove off and LANDED THE GUILLOTINE

LEG DROP! Davis raised his fists in the air and picked Dan up. he Irish

Whipped him and went for a Spinebuster. Dan reversed the Spinebuster into a

DDT! The Pyrus Brawler then waited for Davis to stand up. As he stood up,

Dan bounced off of the ropes. He came back, but Davis lifted him into the

air and tried throwing him over the ropes!

"This is a dangerous position! Dan is almost out!" Tarble said.

"Davis is almost the winner here! He's got the shot now!" Vegeta cheered.

Dan grabbed Davis's head and began punching it, trying to make Davis let

go. He did let go, and Dan tried throwing Davis out the ring. Davis kicked

Dan's legs and gave him an elbow to the face. Dan held his nose in pain

while Davis jumped up and took Dan down with a Jumping Elbow to his back!

The Digi-Leader grabbed Dan by his head and went for a Bulldog. Dan lifted

Davis up and tried throwing him over! Davis, realizing the Bulldog was a

bad idea, flipped over and pushed Dan into the ropes!

"Amazing recovery from Davis! He's in a great position right now!" Tarble


"But Dan is unaware of Davis right now!" Goku added.

Dan turned around and saw Davis. Davis ran at him for a Clothesline, but

Dan lifted Davis OVER THE ROPES!

...But Davis landed on the apron! Dan turned around into a Hurricarana to

the ropes! Dan tried to get up, but Davis kicked him down. Davis went for a

Clothesline while Dan got up...




"CRAP! DAMMIT DAVIS!" Vegeta screamed.


DA-WHAT?" Tarble was interrupted by Broly entering the ring and

Clotheslining Dan straight to hell! He picked Dan up and gave him a

Gigantic Spike, and then picked up his hurt and limp body. He held him HIGH

over his head, and DROPPED him with the Gigantic Press! Broly left the

ring with a smirk, while Dan lied there in pain.

DEADPOOL rolled in a second later!

"WHAT?" All three gasped at this revelation!

"I thought Tommy Vercetti eliminated him!" Goku exclaimed.

"Actually, look at the footage!" Vegeta said. The replay showed Tommy

Vercetti kicked Deadpool THROUGH the ropes, not OVER the ropes.

"So...DEADPOOL IS STILL IN!" Tarble screamed. "NO! NO! NO!"

Deadpool sized Dan up as he tried to get up. Dan was up, and DP ran towards


...but Dan threw DP into the turnbuckle! The crowd cheered as Dan lifted

DP up for the Drago-Drop, but DP put his weight down and tried to throw Dan

over the top! Dan landed on the apron and poked DP's eyes! DP turned

around, and reached into his suit while Dan tried to get back in the ring.

Broly saw this and ran back down the ramp! He grabbed Dan's leg and held

onto it tightly as the brawler tried to break free! Dan kicked Broly off of

him and turned around INTO A PISTOL WHIP FROM DEADPOOL! Dan fell off of

the apron and onto the hard floor back first!

"DAMMIT! THE IMMORTALS STOLE ONE!" Tarble screamed as the bell rung.

Broly grabbed Dan and threw him into the barricade HARD! Broly backed up

and ran towards him. He tackled Dan THROUGH THE BARRICADE! Broly, seeing

his work done, left the ring with a satisfied grimace as paramedics came

out to check on Dan. In the ring, Deadpool had a party, celebrating his win.

"Here is your winner of the 2011 Royal Rumble Match; Deadpool!" Goofy

exclaimed as boos filled the arena, drowning out Goofy's voice. The rest of

the Immortals ran out to celebrate with Deadpool, while GB stayed in the

back, smiling.

"And your SURPRISE winner, Deadpool!" Vegeta exclaimed. "I never thought

I'd see the day...DEADPOOL: Royal Rumble winner...that's just a big




RIDICULOUS! THIS IS A DAMN TRAVESTY! DAN WORKED HARD! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! THIS IS JUST A CROCK!" Screamed a livid Tarble, who put his face in his hands and tried to calm down.

"Tarble...you...you...YOU BROKE YOUR RAGE! I'M SO PROUD!" Veeta cheered.

"Tarble...you okay?" Goku asked.

"Yes...I...I'm sorry. I just couldn't stand this travesty! Deadpool in NO form or way WORKED for this win! He let OTHERS work for him! Alucard did more! But Deadpool...he just hid under the ring!" Tarble said.

"But he was smart enough to do it! He won it!" Vegeta said. "And that's all the time we have tonight folks! I really wonder what will happen in the backlash? And Dan and Broly...what will happen now? We are the Saiyan Princes... with the Saiyan Goof...and we'll see you on Saturday Night Animated!" Vegeta said.

"Glad I got to commentate with you guys!" Goku said. "See you soon! And I'll see Taiki soon as well. Bet on it..."

"*Sigh*...We will see you this Saturday...We are the Saiyan Princes and Goku, and we are signing off..." Tarble moaned.

The show ended with the last shot being Deadpool pointing to the WM sign while Itachi looks on from the backstage as he's having his wounds tended to.


Davis deaf. Johnny Test (retained Toon Cruiserweight Title)

Freeman Boiz deaf. OD (retained Toon Tag Titles)

Sailor Moon deaf. Misty (retained Toon Women's Title)

Gwen wins Women's Rumble (Shot at Women's Title at WM)

Taiki deaf. Piccolo

Itachi deaf. Gary Oak, Alucard, Thresh Crash, & TD Kenelly (retained Toon World Title)

Deadpool wins Cartoon Royal Rumble (Shot at World Title at Wrestlemania)

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