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Because I was born to tell you I love you (Dolohov love story)

Name: Aphrodite Malfoy

Age: 17 (04/13/1978)

House: Slytherin (last year "7º")

Personality: Lady-like, health, lovely, sexy, smart, powerful, caring, cruel, pure-blood.

Like: Smart people, pure-blood, money, power, sex, love, secret, Antonin D, Avery, her father (Lucius - 41) and her brother (Draco - 15).

Hate: muggles, muggle things, Mudbloods, Potters, Weasleys, disrespect, weak, stupid people, loud people and anyone that judge her.

-Photos in my profile-.(5 years old"1983").(11 years old"1989").(17 years old"1995")

Aphrodite is a perfect lady and is respect by all pure-bloods in Hogwarts and Death Eaters, her father is proud of her, her mother is too but Aphrodite don't really like her mother (Narcissa - 40) she says that she is weak (and because she wants Aphrodite marred with some pure-blood boy), and that her father deserve much more, but never said it to anyone, and probably never will. She is protective with her young brother and with her father; she is easy anger if someone talk bad about the Malfoy Family. Aphrodite has been in love with Antonin since hers 15 years, but she knew that he wouldn't give her a chance at that age so she waited till hers 17 to make a move.

Name: Antonin Dolohov

Age: 43 (10/19/1952)

Death Eater

Personality: Expert Duellist, one of the most dangerous and skilled Death Eaters, Nonverbal Magic, Smart, Proud, pure-blood, sexy, slow patience, mostly cool/cold, protective, easy anger and intuitive.

Like: be a death eater, pure-bloods, smart people, respect, wine, kill muggles, "little Aphros" (he knows her since hers 5 years old), Avery, Mulciber, Nott, Lucius and Rosier.

Hate: low life people, muggles, Mudbloods, disrespect, mans around Aphrodite, annoying and loud people, Dumbledore and Aurors.

-Photos in my profile-.(31 years old "1983").(37 years old "1989").(43 years old "1995")

Others info:

Aphrodite ( Etymology) : Gk. goddess of love and beauty; by the ancients, her name was derived from Gk. Aphros "foam," from the story of her birth, but perhaps it is ult. from PhoenicianAshtaroth.

Antonin (Etymology): Dolohov is a surname of Russian origin. It is the name of a minor character in War and Peace, by Leo Tolstoy. This Dolohov is brave, but cruel and vindictive, though he is caring toward his mother and sisters. Antonin is the French or Czech version of the name "Anthony." The name is derived from the Latin Antonius, the name of a prominent Roman family whose members included soldier and politician Mark Antony. They claimed to descend from Anton, a son of the Greek god Hercules.

Lucius loves her – proud of her/protective

Draco loves her – adore his big sister/protective

Narcissa "loves" her – don't like the way she has all the attention / negligent

Antonin loves/adore her – the sentiment change from adore to love with the time/really protective

Potter is afraid of her – really afraid

Weasleys are afraid of her – afraid

Severus respect her – he is awe with hers abilities

Pansy wants to be like her – "adores" her

Blaise likes to talk with her – like smart people

Slytherin respect her – she is the "Queen"

Ravenclaw respect her – She is smart

Gryffindor "hate" her – she is a Slytherin

Hufflepuff is "ok" with her – She is "ok" for some of them

You know, but here my family:

-Photos in my profile -Lucius Malfoy (41).Narcissa Malfoy (40).Draco Malfoy (15)

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