A/n: I've been in a writing mood lately, and this was born out of insomnia and boredom. I also wrote it one day after I read part of a book detailing body language. Forgive me if this sucks. :)

I almost forgot, since pretty much the only stories I read are older humour fics, I've modeled this more like an older story that you might find around season 2 or 3.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bones.

(Scene, Angela's office, enter Hodgins)

Hodgins: I've decided that psychology is a conspiracy.

Angela: Oh really?

Hodgins: Yes. And it's completely wrong. So I'm going to defy all its rules. When I'm remembering a picture, I will tilt my head and look to the side. When I remember a sound, I will look down. When I remember a feeling, I will look up and keep my head normally elevated. And when someone complements something of mine that is physical and see-able, I will not look at or touch that object before replying 'Thank you'.

Angela: Impressive. By the way, You're looking good in those tighter jeans I picked out for you.

Hodgins: *without looking down* Thank you.

Angela: And I love your blue shirt, it really brings out your eyes. And that 5 o'clock shadow is so hot!

Hodgins: Uh huh.

Angela: And your lab station looks so clean!

Hodgins: *closes eyes* I'm not looking!

Angela: Hey Jack.. I LOVE the inside of your eyelids.

Hodgins: *with eyes still closed* You don't know what the inside of my eyelids look like. In theory, everyone's inner eyelids look exactly alike, so therefore you like everyone's inner eyelids. So I will speak for the world and say 'Thank you and goodnight'.

(Hodgins turns around and attempts walking out the door, but since his eyes are still closed he runs into the door frame. Angela laughs while Hodgins glares and leaves with what little dignity he has left.)

Hodgins: *mumbling* Well at least I proved my point...

(End scene)