(Beginning scene, Angela's office, Hodgins and Angela casually talking about random topics)

Hodgins: So Ange, did you know elementary school is now a conspiracy?

Angela: Oh it is, is it?

Hodgins: Yeah. A good example of what makes it a conspiracy is the flat-Earth myth which is still taught in schools today. The myth states that before Columbus, Europeans believed nearly unanimously in a flat Earth. Washington Irving fabricated evidence for his books on the history of Columbus, which is where this myth comes from. The truth is that it is almost impossible to find an educated person who lived after Aristotle who doubted that Earth was round.

Angela: Well that is very interesting. But, how is elementary school a conspiracy again?

Hodgins: Because they still implant this horrific falsified truth into the minds of helpless children!

Angela: Well in that case I'm very proud that you will be the father of my children. With you around, nothing will get past them.

Hodgins: You know, this kind of reminds me of another conspiracy...

(End scene with Hodgins droning on about his many conspiracies)