The sun filtered through her curtains like a ray of pure honey, dancing across her eyelids playfully. Rosa stirred slightly as she adjusted to the sudden light, then slowly opened and blinked her gummy eyes. Looking around, she noticed she felt very odd. As though something were missing, or had been drastically changed. However as the haze of sleepy slowly rose from her senses, she saw that everything was just as she'd left it. She was in her new room in Seta, the one she'd already customized with tattered journals and stories, several pouches and daggers, and even her ratty old cap sat on the dresser to her right. So what was wrong?

Shrugging, Rosa decided she'd think about it after she'd had breakfast. She pushed back the thin covers and slid out of bed, the sun warming her bare legs as she stood by the window.

Suddenly, a cry rang out through the palazzo, shaking the thief considerably. However it was not a cry of pain or surprise, but- one of pure happiness…

Her curious green eyes scanned the courtyard through the window suspiciously as the source of the sound made itself known. Another shriek of mirth erupted as a tall figure danced its way into view. Peering at it in amazement, Rosa watched the man as he ran around Seta's grand palazzo, jumping for joy. There was something disturbingly familiar about his face, though, and for the life of her, Rosa was sure something was-

Suddenly it hit her.

Rosa gasped and her eyes widened until she felt they would fall out. She brought her hands to her face- her callused, pale, petite hands. She looked down at her legs and was overwhelmed to find them long and slender. Finally she simply looked down her shirt and heaved a sigh of relief.

It was over! They were back!

Now Rosa understood what Ezio was screaming about. And it took her all of thirty seconds to get downstairs and join him.

"Rosa!" Ezio shouted breathlessly upon seeing her, "ROSA!"

"EZIO!" She screamed back, as though saying his name brought her all the joy in the universe.

The two ran to each other and embraced, laughing hysterically. For a few minutes they simply gripped each other's arms and danced around, unable to control their relief in the slightest.

"It's over!" She cried, "It's all over! We're done!"

"caro Dio," Ezio moaned, "How I have missed my six feet!"

Rosa responded by passionately kissing him on the lips- where Ezio didn't waste a second.

Admittedly, it was a nice scene for Antonio to wake up to. The drowsy thief opened his window and watched over the two lovingly. Now it seemed they finally understood, he mused. Antonio shook his head, grinning. Slowly, his eyes travelled to his desk drawers…Yes, no one would suspect the strange powder he'd found in there. How it found its way into their drinks that night, no one would ever know.

If anyone asked, it was coffee.

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