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Summary: After his godfather's death Harry begins to rebel against the people of Hogwarts leading to a friendship with a supposed enemy, family he never knew, new powers, a new look, a new school, and a possessive veela. SLASH, H/OMC, creature!Harry

Chapter One: Confessions of a Hogwarts Student

Gloomily tracing designs into his syrup-suffocated pancakes, Harry didn't notice when Hermione gave a meaningful look to Ron who sat to Harry's left. He did notice though when his plate was pushed away from him, causing his silver fork he'd been holding to clatter to the floor. Harry turned silently to Ron who just sighed at his stoic expression. Ron shook his head, red hair flying angrily, eyebrows furrowed, and usually calm blue eyes now washed in pain, "No. Absolutely no. I can't do this," he directed to Hermione before giving one final disgruntled look to Harry before leaving the Great Hall.

Hermione whimpered at the now closed Great Hall doors before turning to Harry who sat across from her, "Oh, Harry…" she murmured looking crestfallenly at his still vacant eyes staring lifelessly at the wall behind the Slytherin table. She sighed brokenly with tears in her eyes before continuing, "I've tried I really have. I've done everything I know to try to make you feel better after-" she paused reconsidering her words, "but nothing's worked and Ronald and I are just so tired of having to try to make you happy again. We miss the old you, Harry" Harry gave no reply. Hermione in a last ditch effort grabbed hold of Harry's hand, "Please Harry look at me…Please for me just look at me," Hermione begged. When Harry turned his now dull green eyes on her she gave him a weak smile, her tears now falling freely down her heart shaped face she reached over the table to cup his face in her hands, "I don't want to give up on you Harry but you need to try to show that you can get better."

"I can't Hermione," Harry rasped due to only using his voice in lessons (McGonagall blew a fuse when Harry had refused to speak in Transfiguration so now Harry spoke when needed to in lessons.)

"I don't want to get better." Hermione gasped abruptly removing her now shaking hands. Harry closed his eyes hanging his head, "I can't live without him 'Mione."

Hermione blinked back the new tears that were threatening to fall and shakily replied, "Yes, you can Harry," before hurriedly making her way to Ancient Runes.

'They don't get it,' Harry thought as he made his way up the now unmoving stairs, 'they both have family to lean on but I don't Sirius was the closet I had to one. He loved me like I was his own. He loved me enough to want to take me away from the Dursley's. Now that he's gone I don't have anyone. Remus is always scared of hurting me so he's never here, Ron and Hermione are clueless to my feelings, Dumbledore just wants me for an end to Voldemort, the Dursley's never cared, who else do I have?'

Opening the abandoned room on the fifth floor that had quickly become his refuge from when his friends tried to became too 'helpful' or when he wanted to ditch his classes, Harry sunk into the old weatherworn dusty sofa and quickly left all of his concerns and guilt themed thoughts to gladly cross into the land of unconsciousness.

/~/~/~2 classes later~/~/~/

Groggily opening his eyes it took Harry only three seconds to realize he was in his sanctuary that had been the professors staff room before the magical fire that had taken Professor Binns life had made it no longer useful as any spell used to make it take its pre-fire look flew back at the caster as proven by Professor Grubbly-Plank's week in the hospital wing. Casting a tempus charm Harry winced when realizing that he'd been out of it for three hours meaning he'd missed Transfiguration and was late for Potions, 'Minnie and Snape are going to be after my head' he mused getting up from the plush fire stained sofa.

Stuffing his hands into the folds of his pockets Harry made his way to dreaded double period potions, he would've skipped it but he already had a detention for skipping it the Tuesday and he was planning on going to sneaking out to the muggle world on Friday.

"You're 15 minutes late Potter," Snape drawled pausing in his lecture on the correct way to make a wit-sharpening potion.

"I know sir," Harry sarcastically replied costing Gryffindor 10 points for cheek, glancing across the room Harry saw that his 'friends' had saved him a seat at their desk at the back of the room. Not wanting to sit with them and practically not wanting to sit in the middle of them when they were in their Harry coddling mood he sat in the only other free seat, next to Malfoy, on the Slytherin section. Feeling at least twenty different set of eyes on him Harry's irritability began to raise. He tried to ignore it but it felt like someone had grabbed a fire poker and decided to brand him with a sign that said in neon green, 'Look this way! It's a freak in Gryffindor clothing!'

"Get the ingredients I'll set up the potion," Malfoy said not looking up from his notes.

A month ago Harry would've questioned Malfoy on who he thought he was ordering him about now he merely didn't care. Harry just wanted to finish the day and maybe find the time to sneak into Honeyduke's to steal some firewiskey from Billy, the owners, secret vault. So instead of getting into an argument with the platinum blonde Slytherin Harry grabbed the ingredient list from the table and went into Snape's ingredient closet, to his dissatisfaction Ron and Seamus were also there. Immediately upon entering the closet they stopped talking and looked at him, Ron in anger and Seamus with a curious expression.

"So you can't talk to us but you can talk to the slimy Slytherin ferret?" Ron yelled.

"Did you see us talking?" Harry simply asked wondering how red Ron's could get.

"You know what Harry?" Harry raised an eyebrow in question, "If you want to be a silent pathetic excuse of a person then fine do it! But don't do it with me!" With that Ron grabbed his ingredients and the back of a confused Seamus' cloak that began to furiously protest, 'Oi! I ain't going to be manhandled by a bloody PMSing Gingervitis!' and angrily marched his way out the door.

After finding the correct ingredients Harry sat back down putting the ingredients on the table. Malfoy glared, "What bloody well took you so long?"

"An angry Ron," Harry surprised himself answering truthfully. Malfoy snorted as he began to crush the scarab beetle causing Harry to slowly smile his first real smile as he cut the ginger into small pieces.

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