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Zabini and Malfoy snorted, making Harry's temper flare and him jump to his feet, "Oh, you think this is funny do you?" he bit, his voice a low icy growl.

Chapter 8: Meeting the Family: Part II

Completely ignoring his boyfriends cease and discist signs Malfoy trudged on, "The Harry Potter's having a queen out over becoming a fairy. What do you expect us to do?" Malfoy snarked with a sneer plastered on his aristocratic face.

Zabini groaned as the bedroom suddenly became all too hot. The furniture began to shake, as a violent wind tore throughout the four walled room and the paint of the walls peeled off with a smoldering sound. The abrupt weather attack seemed to be originating from Harry who stood in the center of it all, neon hair flying crazily in every direction, fiercely glaring at the former Slytherin; emerald eyes blazing in angry flames. He slowly marched to meet the blonde, his stride resembling that of a jaguar about to attack his prey.

"I. Am. Not. A. Fairy."

Every step was enunciated with a ground out word distorted with his fury.

The blonde in question remained unperturbed as the furious fae stood opposite him, all of his anger directed towards him. Zabini on the other hand was shooting glares at his boyfriend for his lack of tact in the current situation.

"Really? Then what are you a leprechaun?" Malfoy deadpanned.

Zabini made a sputtering noise in the back of his throat unknowingly causing him to sound like a dying duck, "Are you crazy Drake?"

Harry roared charging forward hands outreached to grab the veela's neck. Malfoy's eyes widened and he flinched back somehow not expecting the attack.

Zabini cursed masochistic blondes and hormonal faes before snapping out his wand, but it seemed to be in vain for just as Harry managed to wrap his hands around Malfoy's thin neck a flash of white light had Harry flying across the room and banging with a loud thud into the chestnut colored dresser that Zabini's mother had bought during their last trip to Italy. Zabini winced knowing that Zarina Zabini would not be happy when she came back from her impromptu shopping spree in Florence.

"I knew I forgot something," Cadence murmured from the door, Levina standing at his side with an unpleasant frown.

"Really cousin, I know that you just got your inheritance, but do try to reign in your emotions," Levina reprimanded with a stern frown, "it's uncouth to act otherwise."

Harry groaned feeling the dressers knob jutting uncomfortably into his back and agitating his wings, 'the only thing I like rubbing against me are hot guys on a crowded dance floor,' Harry grumbled to himself.

Cadence rushed towards Harry helping him from the floor with an apologetic grin, "Sorry Har I forget to warn you about the mood changes!"

"Why am I even having them?" Harry asked confused and wanting an explanation for almost killing his friend. Though he knew that Zabini would never allow him to actually kill the blonde the thought that he would even try it because of a rush of emotion didn't bode well with him.

"Well because you're a submissive you have the ability to bear a child if you ever were wishing to go down that route. During your inheritance last night you were given hormones to allow you that ability. I forgot that you only technically being a hybrid probably wouldn't know about that. I was supposed to tell you last night so that you would've steered cleared of your friends until you got better control," Cadence stated with an impish smile.

Seeing Harry's horror stricken face Cadence hurried to add, "Don't worry the mood changes aren't permanent they'll be over in a couple weeks, once your bodies accustomed to them they won't have such a control over you. Until then we'll teach you how to keep control over them."

"Are you and Levina going to teach me?" Harry questioned curiously.

"You'll see," Cadence answered cryptically a mischievous smirk appearing on his face.

Harry growled irritably, "You can't just tell me can you?"

Cadence smirked biting his lip to keep from laughing.

"No," Harry whined drawling out the word, "It's you'll see," Harry mimicked Cadence sn.

"Oi! I don't sound like that!" Cadence shrieked shoving Harry with an indignant expression.

"Yes, you do," Levina smirked. "Now come on you two. Grandfather, mum, dad, and Liam are waiting, as is your training Harry."

Harry's eyes flashed in apprehension as he fidgeted nervously with the seam of his baby blue shirt. Harry didn't want to show his new friends and family how much the outcome of this upcoming meeting was putting his nerves in a blender. So, he took a deep breath and put on the mask that he always kept when staying with the Dursley's.

"Let's go then," he said with faux confidence. Levina stared at him with such intensity that it gave Harry pause.

Harry shifted uncomfortable under her powerful stare. "What?" he asked testily.

"We are family little one there is no need to hide behind false pretenses," was all she said before walking to the door Cadence at her heels. Harry blinked and swallowed down the sudden lump in his throat.

Harry made to follow them, but stopped at a shout.

"You're just going to leave us here?"

Harry cocked his head in thought, 'I do feel close to Malfoy and Zabini, but this is my family…'

Levina, however, saved him from making a decision, "The only people allowed in our village who are not blood are Ferrishyn mates. The incubi and veela are neither. They are not allowed to come with us."

Malfoy opened his mouth a furious retort on the tip of his tongue, but was silenced when Zabini dragged the blonde into his chest and placed a kiss on the inside of his lovers neck whispering what they could do once they had the house to themselves, Malfoy's face coloring red.

Harry smirked at the two knowingly, "I'll see you two later. Tell Zarina goodbye for me when you manage to come up for air?"

Zabini flipped him off distractedly; Harry chortled and left the room.

The three had walked out of the house and made their way to the Ibiza beach shore. The waves were calm; the sky was a brilliant purple hue. The beach was as always empty as Harry had learned that Zarina had warded the entire beach off from muggle and magical people alike.

"Hold on to my hands little ones," Levina instructed holding out her hands that Harry noticed was worn with many brightly colored bangles with charms hanging from them.

"You're in for a treat Har," Cadence beamed grabbing hold of Levina's right hand, green eyes twinkling in merriment. Harry briefly wondered if he took lessons to get them to dance that way.

Harry took hold of Levina's left hand just as she whispered, "Ferrishyn Village," and in a swirl of musky emerald green smoke they were gone.

Harry opened his eyes and gaped at the sight before him. Harry thought that Hogwarts had felt that Hogwarts was a personification of a magical dreamland, but this place…This place took the cake for lack of better terms. It was the land that he had been dreaming of for so many nights. It was a vast land with slopping hills and lush green forests surrounding it on every side. Hanging from all the trees were odd shaped fruits (at least that's what Harry assumed they were) in many vast colors some Harry had never seen before. Harry and his newfound cousins were standing by the riverbank that in his dreamland Harry would walk down. Its waters were an unnaturally bright azure blue. Harry figured that everything in this village was bright and colorful it certainly seemed to be an ongoing theme. The only difference from his constant dreams was the lack of people walking about. Cadence seeming to read his expression as he had been quick to do since meeting Harry said that everyone was at the dining hall for lunch as the village liked to eat together.

But, most importantly Harry realized, this place, Ferrishyn village — it felt like home.

"Are you ready to meet our family?" Levina queried a small hopeful smile on her face, Cadence mirroring her action.

Harry nodded faintly, "Yeah, I am," a slow smile sliding onto his face.

Levina and Cadence led him down the riverbank and up a moss covered hill to a tree that eerily reminded him of the tree that the bamboo character from Disney's film the Lion King had drawn sketches of Simba on when he realized that Simba was still alive. They stopped at the base of the tree and simply looked at the trunk of the old oak. Just as Harry was going to broach the awkward question of why they were getting such a kick out of watching a piece of vegetation it… moved?

He wasn't prepared for his wings to instinctually take him up into the air away from the supposed danger. Luckily his wings only took him about three feet high he surmised. Cadence burst out into laughter at his plight while Levina sighed pinching her nose.

"You need to calm down. Once you do your wings will bring you down," she called. Harry sighed from the air his wings drooping slightly in the act and dropping him down a bit. Harry mentally growled in irritation at this whole travesty of a situation. 'I can never just be normal can I?' Taking a deep breath Harry closed his eyes and pitifully slowly he counted to ten. It worked.

He fell on his ass in a crumpled heap.

Harry stood smoothing out the crinkles the fall had made in his shirt grumbling the entire time much to Cadence's amusement.

After getting himself into a manageable look again he took a look at the door that had caused the entire scene. Where the tree trunk had once been now stood a wizened door with withered mahogany wood, in the center of the doorframe a family crest was etched into the frame. The shield was separated into the typical four sections. On the top left was a an angry crashing tide, to its right was a pulsating earthquake, to the lower left was a circling tornado, at the bottom right corner was a roaring fire. Two glittering swords went through the shield inscribed on them in small letters was a saying in a language Harry couldn't read. To the left and right of the shield were two large proud marble black wings in a protective clasp of the shield. On the bottom was a swirling banner that had a name on it in the same language as before.

"This is our family crest," Levina stated proudly. She chanted something in what guessed to be the language on the shield. It was beautiful and sounded like music to Harry's ears.

"What does that mean?"

"Fight with honor till our death. That a true fae you make." Cadence translated.

"It's in our native tongue, Ilicibic," Levina supplied, "Now our family is waiting behind this door so we must hurry along."

She ran her finger down the lining of the tree and the door her finger glowing gold as she did so when she ran the course a third time the door popped open with a light creak revealing a flight of stairs much like the rotating one back in Hogwarts that lead to Dumbledores office. Levina turned her head to Harry and winked with a smile before starting up the staircase.

Harry closed his eyes silently hoping for the best before following after his older cousin, Cadence following behind him.

Harry closed his eyes silently hoping for acceptance from the rest of his new family before following after his older cousin, Cadence following behind him.

If anybody was to ask Harry what the trip up the staircase and through the seemingly hidden miniature mansion was like all Harry would be able to respond with would be one word – foggy. Not foggy as in storm cloud foggy more I don't have the foggiest idea, foggy.

He did remember getting hit over the head by an irritated Levina and receiving one of her frosty glares. Once coming to he found that they were in a circular library with a large table that rivaled that of the rumored round table.

Cadence happily hopped into one of the chairs Levina rolled her eyes at his typical hyper active behavior instead choosing to sit with an elegant grace into the chair next to her exuberant brother gesturing for Harry to comply as well. Harry stiffly sat in the chair to her right, looking around the room at the library that was lined from wall to wall with books made with all different bindings and written in many vast languages. Harry briefly wondered what Hermione would say if he were to show her this library then flinched when he remembered that the Gryffindors had abandoned him for dead when he changed his look and started hanging out with the Slytherins.

'Quit thinking of the past Harry,' Harry mentally berated himself, 'Focus on what's happening right now.' Harry shook his head to pull himself from his thoughts.

Harry whipped his head when he felt a wind go through the room. Next to Levina there was a boy materializing in the middle of a mini tornado of leaves. As the leaves descended to the floor Harry was able to see a tall, tanned man, with short chocolate brown hair and warm amber eyes. He stood bare of any clothing except for the vines crisscrossed around his chest and the leaf encircling his waist to make a sort of skirt. Around his head was a circlet of sorts that was made of wood with leaves sticking out every which way.

Levina beamed shooting up from her chair and flinging herself into the mans arms. The man beamed just as bright back down at her before kissing her hungrily.

Harry turned to Cadence who was picking at his nails uncaring of the scene before him, "I take it that's her mate?"

"Yep, that's Prince Liam of the wood nymphs," Cadence sighed.

"His people are from the Irish midlands so every summer he has to go back to maintain order. Levina stays here because she has her own duties to keep with the village. When they see each other they're like this," he gestured to the lip locked two. "It becomes sickening after a while," he grumbled.

Harry laughed.

When Levina and Liam finally broke apart Levina was blushing. "Harry I'd like you to meet my mate Liam. Liam this is my cousin I told you about, Harry Potter." Harry and Liam shook hands smiling.

"I thought that grandpa and grandma and mum and dad would be coming with you?" Levina questioned her mate.

Liam's eyes widened in realization, "Oh, I forgot! Morgana's water broke so your mum and grandma are taking care of her while your grandpa and dad are trying to calm down Raoul."

Levina squealed much to Harry's amazement while Cadence just rolled his eyes. "Go along then I know you're dying to," Cadence smirked, "I'll introduce Harry to my friends."

Levina nodded still smiling a mile a minute before leaving in an emerald mist with a bemused Liam.

Cadence laughed, "Morgana is Levina's best friend and Levina and Liam are to be their child's godparents."

"Now come on I want you to meet my friends. They'll be going to Moros too," and with that Harry was dragged outside and back along the riverbank.

Harry was introduced to a pair of identical sable haired twins named Cyrus and Cecil, who were both extremely quiet, a blonde named Marcy, who reminded Harry of the gossiping girls back at Hogwarts, and a short brunette named Lucien, who Harry learned was Cryus' intended.

Harry spent the day roaming the village with Cadence and his friends learning about Moros and what was to be expected there from what they'd learned from the older villagers. That was something that Harry had been surprised about, all of the Ferrishyn villagers had all attended Moros. It seemed that the founder of the school had been one of the first Ferrishyn's mates and thus it had become a tradition to send all fae to the school that had full acceptance for their culture and could adequately teach them of their magic.

When the sky began to droop into the clouds Cadence led him back to the tree and through the halls to the library. Waiting for them were Levina and Liam and four people that Harry guessed to be Cadence's parents and their grandparents.

"Hey mum and dad! Grand mum, Grand dad! " Cadence called happily sitting next to his parents and just like earlier dragged Harry with him.

Sitting down he looked to his left and looked at Cadence's mum, his mother's older sister and had to bite back the unbidden sob. She looked so much like the pictures of his mother. She had the same thick dark wavy red hair that hung like a river down her back, the same bright emerald green eyes, and the same facial features.

"Hello," she greeted pleasantly a warm smile on her face. "It is so good to finally meet you little one. I hope you can call me Auntie Rosa. Aunt Rosalia is much too long and sounds so drab"

Harry could only manage a small nod, his emotions already in a mad overdrive.

The man sitting next to her, her mate and his uncle his mind finished for him had dark blonde hair and cloudy blue eyes. "Your aura speaks of calmness, but you have such inner turmoil that you seem to be doubting yourself."

Harry blinked.

"Your Uncle Elrick is a seer," Rosalia informed with a proud smile.

"Harry," an older man with long white hair pulled back in a braid and crystal blue eyes said, "I am your Grandpa Arrian."

"And I am you Grandma Issadora," an elegant woman with faded red hair swept over her shoulders and emerald green eyes surrounded by laugh lines said.

"Your mother was unfairly taken from us and because of that we only had a few sweet years with her. We don't want history to repeat itself and rob us of our chance to spend our time with you. We would like for you to spend the rest of your summer with us and to attend Moros as is your birthright," Arrian explained.

Harry paused for only a second before replying, "If I go would I be able to bring two friends?"

Arrian and Issadora shared a smile before turning to Harry, "Yes you may as long as they are of creature heritage or are tolerant of them they are allowed admittance to Moros Academy," Issadora informed Harry.

Harry smirked, "Then I guess I'm going to Moros." Looking around the room Harry's heart swelled. 'This here...This is what family feels like.'


"Tu es à moi jamais," the man growled as he left a trail of bruising kisses down Harry's neck before biting sharply on his jugular, drawing blood.

Harry gasped, "Wait my cousin-," all gasps of protests and even train of thought were wiped away when the man began to lick the blood from the bite on Harry's neck. The man's tongue sent pleasant vibrations racing down Harry's spine and caused Harry to moan loudly in pleasure.

"W-what are you doing?" Harry stammered as the man paused to swirl his tongue erotically around his pulse point in an almost reverent manner.

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