Chapter 1

Sari Sumdac, the young Techno-organic child now a teenager due the power of the allspark had asked a question to her Autobot friends that sent chills down one of them.

"What were your fathers's like?" Sari asked finishing wrapping her present for her father with a pretty yellow ribbon. Father's day was in a few days and that got Sari to thinking about what Autobot fathers were like.

Optimus knew that there young friend wouldn't stop asking that question until she got what she wanted.

"My father was a mech that would stand up for what he believed in even if it meant disobeying orders from the higher ups. He taught me that a mech had to do what he thought was right no matter what any body thought. Everyday he would tell me that. He was supported of me no matter what I did. When I got kicked out of the academy he was there for me and was proud of what I did. I lost him just before we found the Allspark." Optimus told Sari. His father had raised him on his own after his mother had died when he was younger. Though they were poor Optimus never wanted for anything and everything that he had he earned.

Prowl was next. "To me my father was Master Yoketron as my own father was a deadbeat and wanted nothing to do with me. I met Yoketron at the tail end of the Great War when I was a draft Dodger. He told me that if I could make it to the door before he caught me I was free to go. Before I was even halfway to the door Yoketron stopped me and told me that I was to become is student. He taught me everything I know. To me a father is someone that raises you not the one that created you. When he was killed I made it a promise to find his killer and avenge his murder. I feel that is my spark that when I got his helmet back that I avenged his death." Prowl said and motioned for the next person to talk which was Bulkhead.

"My father was a energon farmer and taught me the value of days hard work and if you have a dream don't let anyone get you down. He wanted me to follow in his peds and work the farm but I told him that I want to be a Space Bridge worker. There was a fight and we didn't talk much for a while until I told him that it was my dream and he let me go. Before I let he told me follow my dreams to where they lead you." Bulkhead told his story.

Ratchet's turn came and he told his story about his father. "My father was a medic under the command Zion Magnus. The Magnus before Ultra Magnus and was very strict and demanding but at the same time kind and caring. As a medic you had to be demanding to get the job done and he taught me that. He was proud of me for following in his peds and became a medic. He also taught me that war accomplished nothing in life except for more innocent lives being taken before their time. That's way I don't like war that much and try and talk bots out of it." Ratchet said.

It was Bumblebee's turn but when everyone turned to where he was standing they saw that he was gone. He had snuck out sometime during the talking.

"That's weird. Normally that kid can't shut up and now he gone." Ratchet pointed out. He knew that Bumblebee loved to talk but him disappearing like that was strange.

"Let's find him. I want to know what type of father Bee had." Sari said and headed out of the base unaware that she had open a can of worms that would cause a lot of pain for a certain yellow bug.

Bumblebee was crying softly on the roof of the old factory. He had heard what every one had said about their fathers. It hurt him to think that they had such wonderful fathers and in Prowl's case foster father. Bumblebee didn't share much about his life with his teammates and that was fine with them. They knew that when he was ready he would tell them about his life they didn't push him but once sari got something on her mind she wouldn't let it go. How was he to tell his teammates that he didn't have or know who his father was? That he was raised by his mother and her friends on Polarius. That he was the child of an ambassador from Polarius.

"There you are Bumblebee. Come on tell me what your father was like?" Sari asked coming up from behind him with the others.

"I don't want to talk about it Sari." Bumblebee said hoping Sari would get the hint and let the question go but she didn't.

"Come on Bee everyone else has told me about their fathers. Pleasssse tell me." Sari begged using the puppy dog face that always worked on Bee but it wouldn't this time.

Bumblebee stood up and marched over to Sari until he was towering over her. "Sari what part of I Don't want to talk about my life don't you understand. You have to learn that you can't always get your way or what you want in life. When someone tells you that they don't want to talk about something you should learn to respect their wishes. Grow Up and stop acting like the world revolves around you." Bumblebee yelled at the young Techno-organic in a rage. He didn't feel like talking and yet she just wouldn't let anything go.

"Bumblebee that was uncalled for. She only asked you a Question." Optimus told Bumblebee. Bumblebee didn't act like this.

"I gave her an answer. Just not the one she wanted to hear. I don't want to talk about my life so back off and leave me alone." Bumblebee said and headed for the edge of the building and swung his legs over the edge and jump off.

"BUMBLEBEE!" Every one rushed to the side and were shocked to find that Bumblebee had landed on his feet and transformed into his car mode and speed off.

"What I say?" Sari asked. She didn't think that what she asked was such a big deal.

"Sari Bumblebee has never told us anything about his past. All we know is from what he did in Boot Camp. We never pushed him to tell us anything. We felt that if he wanted to tell us anything he would in due time." Prowl told Sari.

"Best let him cool down a bit. He'll be back in while." Ratchet said as he and the others walked back into the factory.

Sari couldn't help but feel that she may have hurt her best friends feelings.

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