Summary: Bella has nothing, while he has everything. She was kicked out of the place she called home to live on the streets. Without love, without people who care, she is reduced to believing everyone will hurt her given the chance. He is her polar opposite. She is poor, he is rich. She lives in a a small corner underground near a subway station, he lives in a mansion-like home. He has friends who he trusts. She wears a small padlock around her neck. A/H.

Pairing: Bella/Jasper

Will the story be a happy or dark one? Definitely dark. May add a pinch of humor, and Jasper may bring light to the story.

Why do I write stories where the guy is always good and the girl is bad?

I find it's over used. Bad guy turns good because of good girls. It's like, Come the fuck on! It isn't just guys suffering in the world. There are girls that live on the streets, there are girls that have killed people, there are girls that live a fucking dark life because they have been traumatised. Well, this is my story. So we'll spice it up by playing with my rules.

All my loyal reviewers - I love you. Excuse my little bitch fit lol.

Oh, I forgot to warn you!

This story involves drug abuse! Abuse forms may vary.. I'm not sure about lemons.. DO you want lemons? I pretty much suck at them.

Oh and YES! This will be a Bella/Jasper romance.


Stop, he's just trying to get in your head.

"I have nothing against the girl. She reminds me so much of my late wife," He sighed, and for once a real emotion of pure agony crossed his face. I felt no sympathy, my only emotions travelling to Bella.

The man shook himself out of his daydream. His grip was released and he stumbled back. His face was shocked, lik he was remembering something.

"No.." He muttered quietly. He turned to me seriously. "This was a set up. They lied. She's gone." He told me, his voice wavering. His eyes found mine. I fought back the gasp. He had no eyes. Simply holes in his skull. The bird screeched again.

The two were connected. The bird was his eyes.

"I am truly sorry." He bowed low at the waist, and I didn't know what to do. "I offer you this as the only advice: Do not believe them. It's not what it seems." He took the gun from his hip, pointing it toward his head, he pulled the trigger.

"Caw!" The bird shrieked, before falling from the roof, to the ground, right beside the man. It's head bleeding.

"It's not what it seems?" I repeated in question. How would that help?

"Fuck!" I hissed, punching the cement wall.

Cut my life into pieces,
This is my last resort.
Suffocation. No breathing,
Don't give a fuck if I cut my arm bleeding.

Third Person POV. It'll be much easier for you to understand.

He had searched. Everywhere.

He tore his mind to pieces searching for this 'Dawn Corp.', but couldn't find a single fucking thing.

A gentle hand placed on his shoulder, "We'll find her."

He just couldn't find it in himself to believe.




3 months. She wasn't back.

The wound was still fresh, and every memory plagued him.

Salt rubbed in his wounds.




11 months. Still no word.

But Jasper refused to give up. He trained himself hard, silently swearing he would someday find her.

But that day.. it just wouldn't come fast enough.




Two years.

Jasper was now 21 years old.

And that flicker of hope was slowly fading.




Two years, 3 months, 2 weeks.

He had all but removed himself from his group of friends.

They found him too emotionless.

They didn't understand. They couldn't.




"Jasper, I think it's time to give up." Rose's voice was pained.

Fake, Jasper thought. She doesn't understand.

"Yeah dude! It's been like, years! She's probably dead." Emmett wasn't meant to sound so harsh, his voice was slow, sympathetic.

But Jasper was a ticking time bomb.

Standing swiftly, he exited the lounge.

Some training was in order.




Laying in the middle of a field, fists bloodied and fingers more than likely shattered, Jasper closed his eyes.

Images of her flitted through his mind.

I wonder what she looks like now.

She wasn't dead, he knew it. She couldn't be dead.

If she was dead, he knew for certain that he would be too.

One half of a soul simply couldn't handle living without the other.




Exhausted. Every limb felt as though it had been set on fire, but he found no reason to stop.

Another punch, another kick. Dodge to the left. Right hook. Duck.




Standing beside a river, he practiced with his power. Manipulating the water into different areas, forcing it into shapes.

A water image of Bella stared back at him.

Wide eyed at what he had done, he immediately lost concentration, the water faling back against the surface with a loud splash.

Something clicked in his mind.

She wasn't coming back, was she?




It took the death of hope to realise.




A small figure was curled in a fetal position in a water tank, the water tinged green, wires connected into her body.

Where was she?

More importantly, who?

"She's awake!" Footsteps. Fast and hard.

"Let her out." This time it was a calm voice.

"Hai." She didn't recognize the foreign language.

Something was draining around her, her balance was being lost. In fear, she frantically ripped away the wires. Something warm encircling her aound the shoulders.

"Here." She recognized this as the calm voice, though his words still didn't make sense, just like the other language.

The man wrapped a white coat around her, tying it at the front.

"Hello, Bella." Bella? "Do you remember anything?" She stared at him confused. Holding up a pen he had pulled from his pocket, he introduced it. "Pen."

"P-p-p" She stared shaking. Convulsing. Memories flitting through her brain.

Jasper, Ben, Ben's death, being caught. Everything.

But her vision, it was better than before. But, tinted red. She could see the mans full name and the number of days he had to live. Daniel Tamagachi. 40 years, 2 months, 3 weeks, 5 days, 33 minutes and 2 seconds.

But it suddenly dropped.

0 years, 0 months, 0 weeks, 0 days, 0 minutes, 5 seconds.

And that was when she lashed out.

Electrical energy even more enhanced, vision still red, she jumped, higher than any human could, and started attacking the people along the top railing.

They shot at her, but the bullets didn't seem to affect her.

Once they were all dead, her vision flickered, losing the red tinge, but she could still see further, better than before.

Just what the fuck had they done to her?

So, just when Jasper was starting to except that she may never come back, she did. Well, he doesn't know that yet.

And, she isn't a vampire.