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Mana had always been the only person that Allen trusted deeply. What if Mana came back... But as a noah? It's now a question between trust and doubt. Why did Mana join the Millenium Earl's side?

"You better do this right, Moyashi", Kanda warned. He unsheathed mugen and pointed it at Allen Walker."Don't waste my time..."

"Didn't I tell you that my name is Allen? A-L-L-E-N", Allen said."Is that too hard for your small brain to understand?"

"Hey, Allen! Yuu!", Lavi called."Just get on with it!"

"Don't call me that, Baka Usagi", Kanda growled. He placed two of his fingers on the dull blade, going from the end of the blade to its tip."Innocence Activate!"

"Activate!", Allen left hand turned into a large sword. The Sword of Exorcism. He placed the large sword in front of him. During the fight inside the Noah's Ark, Allen had surpassed one hundred percent synchronization rate with his innocence. The critical point. The Sword of Exorcism is said to look like an inverted version of the Millenium Earl's own sword.

Kanda lunged forward, towards Allen. He swung it towards the white-haired exorcist. Allen just kept dodging it, taking a few steps backwards then he blocked Kanda's attack using the Sword of Exorcism. He shifted his weight and leaned forward. He delivered three heavy blows at Kanda, forcing the samurai exorcist to back up a few steps. Kanda leaped backwards, putting some distance between him and Allen.

"First Illusion: Insect of the Underworld!"

"Hey, that's not fair!", Allen complained as he dodged the attack.

Kanda only smirked at him. He ran towards Allen, slashing in front of him. Allen keep moving backwards, dodging the samurai's attacks. As Allen ducked down, he noticed that mugen's blade had cut some of his white hair. That had been too close.

"Woah, I think Yuu's taking this too seriously...", Lavi commented.

"I don't think-", Lenalee began but then saw Kanda's stance.

Lavi saw this too. He grinned."Go Yuu!", he cheered.

"Two Illusion Blades!"

A similar katana appeared on Kanda's other hand. Kanda attacked Allen using both. Allen tried to block it but it was hard blocking two katanas by one sword. He leaped over Kanda and turned around to face him.

Suddenly, Allen felt an intense headache. He fell on his knees, dropping the huge sword on the floor. He saw a hand in front of him. Allen slowly looked up. His eyes widen as he saw the person in front of him.

"It's time to go home now...", the man said,"... Neah."

"Ma-Mana...", Allen said in disbelief. In the back of his mind, Allen wondered who Neah is.

"Oi, Moyashi!"

It was like waking up from a dream. Mana had disappeared and was replaced by Kanda. The exorcist turned his back to him and exited. Lenalee and Lavi approached Allen.

"Are you alright?", Lenalee asked.

Allen forced out a weak smile and deactivated his innocence."I'm probably just tired...", he said as he stood up. He retreated to his room and lie on his bed. He just gazed at the ceiling. He didn't know what he had seen back there but it seemed too real...


"Now, where would he be?", Tyki said to himself.

He walked around the unfamiliar streets of the town he was in. The Millenium Earl had sent him to look for the fifteenth disciple. It seems like the Duke wanted to talk to him about something... Probably concerning the Musician. He turned into a corner and finally found the person he was looking for. The fifteenth was on the bench, happily watching the children play.

"Hey...", Tyki said as he approached the fifteenth.

"What is it?", he asked without looking up.

"The Duke wants to talk to you..."

"Duke Millenium?", the fifteenth repeated. He looked up at Tyki with bright brown eyes.

Tyki nodded. The fifteenth stood up with a sigh. He followed Tyki into a red checkered door. The ninth's disciple's door. At first he was surprised but then he remembered. The Noah's Ark had been taken by the Black Order. The Millenium Earl's currently making a new one to replace the old one. He hadn't been there himself but still...

"Well, this is a surprise...", Sheryl mused as he saw Tyki and the fifteenth came out of Road's door.

"I heard you want to talk to me, Duke Millenium..."

"Ah, of course!", The Millenium Earl exclaimed."But you should sit down first..."

The fifteenth sat across the Millenium Earl. The Duke clasped his hands together, gathering the attention of the other noahs." As you may have already known, it seems like our stray Musician had joined with the Black Order and got them the Noah's Ark. The Musician also possess an innocence within him now...", The Earl paused and turned to look at the Fifteenth."Of course, we want our lost brother to return to us, don't we?"

The fifteenth already guessed why the Millenium Earl had called him."We had a deal, Duke Millenium...", he reminded the Duke.

"I still remember that", The Earl said."But things have gotten out of my grasp..."

"Ne, But won't you like that?", Road Camelot asked."It would be just like before he betrayed the Duke and you'll be reuntited with your brother, Mana..."

Mana just stayed silent. He had seen what happened to Neah upon joining the Noah Clan. He didn't want that to happen again. It was the reason why he had joined the Earl's side. To protect his dearest brother. To protect Neah, who was now Allen.

"Ah, before I forget", The Millenium Earl said, he tossed an envelope to Tyki."I want you to deliver that to the Order..."


Allen snapped out of his thoughts as he heard someone knocking on the door. He got out of the bed and opened the door. Timcanpy flew from the bed and rested on his shoulder. It was Lenalee."Nii-san, wants to see you in his office...", she said.

"Is it a mission?", he asked as they headed towards komui Lee's office.

Lenalee shook her head."I think Nii-san's concern about some letter he received earlier."

"A letter?"

They came into Komui's office. It was still messy as always. He saw Bookman inside the office. Komui was in front of his desk, reading some letter."Komui...", Allen began.

Komui looked up from the letter and gave Allen a smile." Ah, Allen", he greeted. Komui stood up and picked up a sealed brown envelope on his desk. He gave it to Allen."I haven't read this myself... It's for you."

Allen looked at the envelope. It was adressed to him but the sender added the title "The Musician" to his name. Somehow, he already guessed who it might come from. He cautiously opened the envelepe and read it. He felt his hands quiver slightly. It was a vague letter but the meaning can be seen easily.

'... Everything would return just as it was before. The lost one will return... And you, my dearest Musician~, will play your song to me once again...'