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Chapter 10: Revelation of past lies

Allen slowly opened his eyes. Where was he?.. It was a bit dark. And where's Link?

"... Allen," a voice interrupted his thoughts.

Allen got a bit startled by the voice. It came from in front of him. He squinted his eyes and started to see a figure standing there just as his vision adjusted to the darkness. Why does it seem like that voice was familiar?

"Allen," the man repeated.

Allen's eyes widened as he realized who the voice belongs to."M-mana.."

"... I.. I'm sorry, Allen," Mana murmured, it was the first thing that the perriot had wanted to say to Allen.. Especially after what he almost did to him,"... I'm sorry."

"... Why?"

"... I.. I," Mana began, unsure of how to explain it now that Allen was right in front of him.

"Are you really Mana?," the teen suddenly asked him, biting down his lower lip. He was actually hoping that it wasn't him. That it really wasn't Mana that had joined the Noahs. That it was merely an illusion made by Road or the Earl.

Mana glanced down,"... I.. I was the one that bought your jacket. You even complained, saying that you didn't want to wear such childish clothes," the Noah of Grief said,".. You even wanted to become a cool clown."

The white-haired teen was quiet as the man list down the things that only the real Mana would know,"B-but how? I saw you died.. I.. I even turned you into an akuma," he said, letting a few tears fall.

"... Allen," Mana began, he hesitated a bit but he felt that Allen should know.. His adopted son should.. His brother. He took a deep breath,"All of those wasn't real."

".. What.. do you mean?," he demanded.

".. It was..," the pierrot looked away and paused for a while before continuing,"... My 'death'.. and those events after that are... They're just fake memories.."


"You've never turned me into an akuma, Allen.. All those things you've 'witnessed' that night aren't real. They're just a part of a fake memory that the Duke had made up," Mana said in a low voice, carefully avoiding Allen's gaze.

"T-that can't be.. Then w-what about the curse?! I-It's real, right?!," Allen demanded, not bothering to keep his voice low.

Mana nodded,"I did it myself," he murmured,"I wanted you to have a goal in life so you wouldn't throw away your life like you had attempted. To keep on walking forward."

Allen had grown quiet at that, he didn't knew how to react to what he had just discovered... So it was just fake? Then what about-," .. Mana," he stared straightly at his foster father with tear-streaked eyes."When you've said.. that.. That you loved me. Was that real or was it fake too?"

Allen suddenly found himself being hugged by the pierrot,"Allen, those words were real. And they still are," Mana said softly. The albino buried his face at the older man's clothes as he couldn't hold back his tears anymore. The older man's gaze softened as the white-haired youth hugged him back. That was what all the pierrot needed to know that he was forgiven.

"... But why are you with the Noahs now?," Allen asked the question that had been bothering him for a while.

Mana merely brought his pointer finger in front of his lips. The teen recognized that gesture. He had used that when he had told him that he was being chased by the Millenium Earl when they were still at the circus. Being quite a doubtful child, he had thought that Mana was insane.. but now he knew better."I can't tell you that yet but I can assure you that what I'm working on now will help bring an end to the war," he told him then glanced at where the door was located. As much as he wanted Allen to stay longer, he knew that he couldn't risk him getting caught by the Earl. He turned back to Allen, placing his hands on Allen's shoulder."Allen. Please try to find Marian. He'll tell you what you need to-"

"Master's alive?"

Mana nodded,"Yes... He's probably in the White Ark. You should go now better they notice that you're here," he said, referring to the other Noahs. Allen nodded, getting up. He gave the older man another hug. Mana watched as Allen quietly hummed the song that he had grown fond of. Tearing his gaze from the boy, he looked at the man that was accompanying Allen. It seemed like he had woken up at some time during his conversation with Allen. He didn't care that he might had been listening in, he was glad someone was willing to stay with the boy,"... Thank you"

The two disappeared into the Ark's gate. The light dying out as it faded away. Mana left the room quietly, smiling. Talking to Allen had lifted up his mood a bit, he thought then glanced up at the sky as he emerged in a small town.

All of what he's doing now is for his younger brother.

He might had been the one who had always been protected by the Musician due to his past health records... but this time, he'll be the one to protect him.

'... Don't worry, Neah. We're almost done.. You'll finally have a normal life like what you've always wanted.'

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