At the start of this story, it has been afficially four years after Kaname, Yuuki, Aido, Kain, Shiki, Rima, and Ruka left Cross Academy. They are all adults, while Yuuki is just starting her adulthood. 19...pfft. Not much a difference is their? XD Anyways, I was kind of getting tired of reading other stories that have her as still being 15. Though they were great, I got to tell you. But I always imagened Yuuki as an adult next to Kaname.

'I feel so lonely' Yuuki looked at the papers that were either on the floor or thrashed around on Kaname's mohagony table. She was currently residing in hers and Kaname's chamber. Kaname had left over two weeks were exactly, she had no idea.

Realization suddenly struck her, what if Kaname...?

'No I can't feel that way, Kaname can protect himself on his own,' she looked out the window, 'but still, I can't help but worry'



"Yes Kaname?" Yuuki currently found herself lying in bed looking through a bridals magazine, while Kaname sat in his victorian chair reading some documents.

"I will be leaving at a moments notice" he replied, looking at her

Surpise crossed Yuuki's face, "What?, when?" she got up from the bed and sat beside her betrothed

His face became serene as he pulled her body towards his, kissing her head.

"Something has transpired that needs to be taken care of thouroughly"

"It's seems as if you don't want me to find out what that something is, Kaname"

"It is nothing that you should worry about, I approximately knew it was going to have to be delt with soon enough," He dislodged his hand from her head and put it in one of her own, "nothing of importance" he turned my face towards his

"Just promise me something Yuuki" He looked passive now, while she looked at him exasperatedly

"I know what you're going to say Kaname and you know I always see through to it" she was now looking at his lap. She always had to promise him to stay indoors while he was out of Kuran mansion.

Kaname lifted his hand to her chin so she would look him in the eye, he looked deep into her ruby colored pools for a moment.

"You are displeased?" She looked at him with a shocked expression

"No!, how can you say that!" she got up from the chair and went over to the window and sat on the ledge, just looking at the sun blazing down on her.

"Step out of the light, you will hurt yourself" (Talking about her eyes, people) Kaname stood up from his chair and walked over to Yuuki. Grabbing her lightly from both her wrists with one hand and pulling her to his chest. He used his other to close the curtains making it dark in the room. To any human in their, they surely would have been blinded. But to both of them was a different story.

"What is it that ail's you?"

"The thought of you saying I am not happy here Kaname," she pulled out of his arms just enough to see his face.

Yuuki took a hold of his cheek," I chose to be with you because I love you, not because it is my duty. I just feel lonely at times when you have to leave"

He looked understandingly at her. He knew what it felt like to be alone. In a sense of the word, people would be around him any chance they could get, but that was never enought for the blood prince. He had needed his light centuries ago without even noticing it. Though he hates Rido Kuran with a passion that burns soo deep. He actually had to gratify him. Because if it wasn't for him, he never would have been re-awakened and never would have met Yuuki. His soul-mate, his love, his life. Before she, nothing mattered, he killed needlessly without a second thought. Alone in the world. Time flew by him like a breeze.

With women flaunting themselves at him aswell. He didn't care. Women meant nothing to him if they were not Yuuki. Humans, meant nothing. They were fodder. Nobles, for manipulation. What else was their? Looking into those ruby orbs now, made his heart soar. When he was with Yuuki, he felt whole. Nothing else mattered in the world except for her safety and happiness.

"Forgive me, I've indeed been gone too long haven't I?" he brushed his hand across her now rosy cheek

"I just wish you were home often," she leaned into his touch,"I understand that what your doing is to insure our future, but I rarely see you anymore"

Kaname sighed and she looked up at him

"I'm sorry, im being selfish aren't I?" She had a small smile on her face

"No, not at all," he looked down at her with amused eyes, "would it be selfish of I to want to be here aswell?"

"No, as a matter of fact I would enjoy that very much" Her face gleemed with joy, but that doesn't mean it reached her eyes. Kaname knew she wasn't as happy as she was playing out to be. He knew her better than that. They were nothing without the other.

"Yuuki, believe me when I convey this to you, if it wasn't so imperative, I would never leave your side once," They walked back to the Victorian chair and sat on it, but this time with Yuuki on his lap and her head resting into crook of his neck, "I need to illustrate that the vigorous Kuran clan is still exceptional, now that the nobles and hunters know of your existence we must be more cautious of our situtation."

Kaname took her hand in his and gave it an encouraging squeeze,

"We cannot afford to confide in just anyone. We musn't lie in a sea of doubt, not once. The nobles will try to use anything and everything to get us to waver at any given moment. We may be high and respected, but they're are still predators out their who wish to do us harm. We have been rulers for centuries and will continue to do so at any price."

"Their was once a time were, humans were on the brink of extinction and vampires came to be in this world. It got to the phases were their were to many to control and their was a leader needed during such times. The Kurans were chosen. Now we must carry out the deed, just like Juuri and Haruka did." (Kind of got this from the actual show)

"I understand" she brought his hand up to her lips and her eyes glowed a magnificent red

"Drink, my love" he tugged his cravat off and pulled at his collar when she reached up to his neck. Yuuki gave it a swift flick of her tongue before sinking her fangs into him.

Kaname rested his body against the back of the chair and pulled Yuuki with him. He closed his eyes in passion. Their was nobody else important in this world to him, than Yuuki. Nobody, that can make him feel the way she did.

"Yuuki" at that given moment she read every thought coursing through his head. Although she was happy he thought that. Their was something nagging at her. She could tell he was trying to cover up something, but what, she didn't know?

Yuuki will not bother to question his judgement, for she trusted Kaname with her life.

~~~~~End of Flashback~~~~

***Yuuki POV***

'Two damn weeks and already I thirst for him!' How beguile of Kaname, making me suffer like this! It was already past noon, making our room dark, just like I liked it. Yet, I still felt irritated.

"What a cruel thing you do to me Kaname Kuran" I muttered under my breath

"What cruel thing do you speak of Yuuki?" I completly froze,

"Please tell me it's not who I think it is and that im just imagining things" I said mostly to myself

"You are not imagining me" I felt his hot breath by my ear. Great, he was right behind me.

He spun me around so fast I had no idea what hit me.

"You don't know what cruel thing you do to me, love" Kaname brushed my hair back, touching my neck on the way through that process.

His eyes glowed a bright red. Just with that little notion, caused me to thirst for his blood aswell.

"Kaname" I whispered, he grabbed the back of my neck and pushed my head foward towards his.

"My blood is yours for the taking, Yuuki" I heard him whisper before I went into an all out frenzy, reading his thoughts. Again, he was hiding something, and he was doing a damn well good enough job of it too. After I pulled back, I licked whatever remnants of blood from my lips and lowered my neck towards his mouth. I felt him lick the narrow part of my neck and I gave out a low mew. Then, he sunk his fangs in me ever so gently, I closed my eyes, getting lost in the ecstasy for a while. I soon collected my thoughts and made sure he knew that I was on to him. I felt him smile into my neck.

"Ya, you know...," I moaned,"I'll find out sooner or...," I breathed the last word,"later"

After detaching his tusks from my neck, licking my wound

"I exceedingly wish you wouldn't try" he finally said, heading over to his Victorian chair and straightening out his papers that were left on the floor.

"You know I never ask anything of you Kaname," I walked behind the chair and grabbed a hold of his shoulders, massaging them lightly. I felt him tense at first, then relax instantly, "Im just worried"

"You shouldn't need to be, love, I have everything under control" he dropped the papers on the table and leaned back.

"I know you do, but hey, can't a woman worry about the love of her life once in a while?" I leaned down, resting my head on his shoulder and giving his cheek a kiss. He turned his body towards me and took ahold of my right cheek.

"I can take care of myself"

This irritated me.

"Of course you can Kaname, your the most strongest pureblood known to man, I get it" I sighed, giving up and just walked into the dimly lit Porcelean tiled floor and wall bathroom. Their bathtub was on the far right corner. On the left of it you found a small brownish-black bench. Behind the bathtub, were two glass swans, and centered right infront of those two was a Wrought Iron Fence candle holder with five vanilla scented candles lit. In the middle of the room hung a beautiful brown candle chandelier with Chinese Crystals at the ends. The atmosphere of it was scerene.

I really need to cool off. To say I was mad, not really, just annoyed.

'It's as if he's being callous towards me,' sure he ads the occasional, "my love", and all but,

' what happened while you were gone Kaname?' I looked towards the closed door, waiting to see if he would try to open it so we could make up, like we always do. But he never did. I really wanted to cry then and their. For some reason I felt rejected. Why though? Kaname didn't do anything wrong. What he said is true. He doesn't need anyone's protection.

'So then why do I still feel like this?'

I took off my clothes and just dropped them on the floor. I stepped into the big porcelean bathtub for two and let the hot water with rose pedals floating around, consume me.

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