A/N: I don't own the characters, just the poem.

Those scars are from the pain

The times you felt weak

So you carved them

Bit by bit ripripripping apart your flesh

Shredding your flawless skin

Bleeding out the anger


Let me see those scars,


I won't judge you for them

I know you feel guilty

I know you feel hurt

But let me see you as you are

Let me prove to you that I love you

Jagged lines and all


Because those scars are never going to heal

With perfect symmetry

And you're never going to be perfect

But, baby,

Let me kiss them

Let me make it better


You're weary

Aren't you?

All this fighting is wearing you down

Taking you apart

Brick by brick

Until you are standing there


Naked in my eyes

Because your shield isn't up

I'm seeing you just the way you are

And I love you for having the courage to show me

Y o u r s e l f


I'm trying to carve into you

To leave an imprint

But on your heart, honey

I want to brand love into your heart

So with every beat

Every pump that sustains your life

You remember me


You cut yourself to take away the pain

But the scarlet your arms weep isn't helping

Is it?

So try something new

Try me

Because I'll hold you tightly

And I'll pry your fingers away from the knife

And I'll love you like nobody else ever could

And I'll be there