So this is kind of like an alternate dimension of OC characters using Lana who is mine and Aurora who is Becca's.

I don't know what else to say so read on readers…read on.

WARNINGS: Language, Violence, Sensuality



"You are so ridiculous, Winchester." Lana Meckenzie said laughing, pulling out of the kiss and working on getting his buttons undone.

After an entire year of flirting and hunting together sometimes, Lana Meckenzie had found her way into the circle of trust of the one and only Dean Winchester. They had met when he'd tried to take over her hunt with his younger brother, Sam, and since then they'd kept in touch and occasional done a hunt together. She was the first woman Dean seemed to actually talk to on the phone once a week as well, and even though Aurora Sinclair, Sam's ever doting CIA girlfriend, teased him about it, sometimes he could take it just for these little moments.

The four had been at a bar catching up on some information about a potential hunt in the area, when Lana had mentioned that there was a spell book back at the motel in her duffle that she could use. Dean insisted on walking her back, leaving Sam and Aurora the car, not wanting to let her get mugged along the way. Instead of thinking about any kind of research, however, Lana had kissed Dean, laughing a little when he teased her about her lying to Aurora and Sam just to get in some R&R.

"I'm adorable, Meckenzie." Dean responded, going for his belt quickly, sitting on the edge of the motel bed and smirking when Lana immediately straddled his lap and threw her jacket onto the floor.

Lana laughed a little. "You're full of yourself, is what you are."

"Whoa, okay!" Aurora exclaimed as she opened up the door, Sam covering her eyes as Dean tossed his button-up to the ground.

Dean was still wearing his white t-shirt even though his jeans were unfastened, Lana still fully dressed and blushing feverishly. Confident as she was, Lana wasn't really very bold when it came to sexual aspects of relationships no matter how much she was learning from Dean those days. Aurora laughed a little and pushed Sam's hand off of her eyes not even trying to keep her thoughts to herself.

"Well, I didn't know you animals were in heat." Aurora told them laughing.

Lana covered her eyes and laughed a little, Sam shaking his head at them and leaning on the doorframe.

"Spell book, huh?" Sam asked her. "You guys were coming back to get a spell book?"

"We were gonna bring it back." Lana told him shrugging a little, Dean stroking her hair without realizing it.

Aurora nodded slowly. "Yeah…that's what it looks like."

Lana sighed and got off of Dean's lap, running her fingers through her dark locks and then reaching into her front jeans pocket and grabbing a hair band and pulling her hair back. Aurora shook her head shut the motel door behind her and Sam, watching Lana grab the spell book out of her duffle and hand it to Sam after her hair was pulled back. Dean just kept his perch on the motel bed and heaved a sigh, Sam taking the book and heading over to his laptop to cross reference some things.

"What did you learn from Tiny?" Dean asked Aurora.

Aurora glanced at him. "Well nothing as useful as we were hoping, hence the almost practically following you back."

"Well you almost got me out of my pants, Meckenzie." Dean told Lana with a wink.

"You're not funny." Lana responded as she stood next to Sam, looking over his shoulder at the information he was bringing up.

Dean chuckled as he fastened up his pants. "Then why are you smiling?"

"Because Aurora is mocking you and I can see her out of the corner of my eye." Lana responded, turning and making eye contact with Dean a moment, Aurora bursting out into laughter, a grin breaking out across Sam's face as he tried to keep his in.

Dean rolled his eyes but caught a look at Aurora who was rolling her eyes too, still mocking him—he made it all too easy. He went to the mini fridge and got himself a beer, popping off the top and then sitting back on the motel bed, grabbing his father's journal and opening it up, Lana taking the spell book back from Sam and then sitting next to Dean, their legs touching. Lana moved her hair so that it was all draping over the shoulder farthest from Dean and tilting her head so when he glanced at her his eyes went straight to her exposed neck.

"Peacocking." Aurora coughed, laughing a little as she looked through the newspaper they'd picked up when they had arrived in town.

Lana looked up at her. "You're like a natural cock-block."

"Thank you." Aurora said happily, her grin spreading from ear to ear.

"It's just one of the many reasons why I'm glad we met." Lana told her.

"Right back at you—I like that when you're here, Dean's reined in on a leash." Aurora replied, laughing again and then smiling as Sam kissed the top of her head as she and Lana bumped their fists together.

"I am not a dog." Dean mumbled, closing his mouth when Lana looked at him. "So where does our researching lead us to now?"

Sam sat down next to Aurora and casually pulled her closer to him, his hand on the hip of hers farthest from him. She naturally snuggled her body into his and sat there ready to hear Sam's new plan, Lana moving the arm in between her and Dean and placing her palm on a spot on the mattress behind her so she could lean on it and keep her neck exposed to Dean—she liked him distracted when they weren't fighting things. In fact Aurora had quickly noticed that by keeping Dean focused on her, Lana was able to win practically any argument she entered into…all she had to do was angrily remove her jacket or play with her hair and show her collar bone or her neck off like she was moving her hair because she was frustrated and Dean caved like a house of cards.

"I figure two of us need to do a sweep of the house and the other two need to talk to the other victim's family." Sam announced with a soft nod.

Aurora nodded and looked directly at Dean. "I suggest you don't pair up with Lana because I'm pretty sure the only thing you guys will be on top of is each other."

"I concur, so, Lan and I will check out the house." Sam explained, Lana looking at him as Dean glanced at her.

"Why can't I be on Ror's team?" She asked, pouting a little.

Dean chuckled. "Because you're both trouble makers on your own—together you're like a bomb going off."

"Well you can only handle so much pure awesome at once." Lana replied with a smile before looking back at Sam. "So…we doing this now?"

"Yes, you sicko—get up and get moving." Sam responded, smiling a little when Lana looked at Dean and shrugged.

"Master and Commander has laid down the code." She told him, leaning in. "I'm off to hoist the sail."

Dean nodded and let her kiss him swiftly. "Arrrrg."

"You're the worst pirate ever." Aurora told him, laughing when he flipped her off as Lana held her fist out, Lana kissing Dean as Aurora bumped her fist with her own.

Then just like that, Lana was up and grabbing her jacket up off of the floor, putting it on and heading out the door with Sam. Aurora got up and made sure she had her gun, Dean pulling his button-up and his jacket back on, getting into his shoes and checking for the keys to the Impala.

"You're good cop this time," Aurora informed Dean as they locked up their motel room and headed for the Impala, "I kind of want to be the cute one they think will go easy on them but would rather put a bullet in their head."

Dean laughed loudly as they got into the car. "Why, not? I'm game."

Note: There isn't an exact plot yet, but oh well, I have things up my sleeves. I hope you've enjoyed this so far and feedback is always appreciated!